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this is wyff news 4 today in hd. allyson: happening today, everyone is watching as clemson prepares to enter the orange bowl. >> i don't feel like staying here because i am scared. mike: 18 people displaced by flood water in greenwood. where they took shelter. plus a look at some trouble spots throughout our area. allyson: on this new year's eve, one million people are expected to gather in times square tonight. what the city is doing to protect the visitors. mike: i am mike mccormick allyson: in for geoff hart. allyson: i'm allyson powell. dale is in this morning. dale: we had a lot of rain yesterday. as who look out this morning, a good bit of the upstate does not have rain. there are showers in the piedmont area. we will have areas of patchy fog but will linger until the late morning.
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on in parts of southern greenwood, mccormick, and abbeville. most everything is to the south right now, but this could creep back up into the upstate, bringing a few isolated showers. most of the flood watches are still to the south of us from newberry county into salute a -- and to -- in to saluda. one or two isolated showers and then, dry weather will settle in. cooler temperatures are coming back. we will talk more about that in just a few minutes. mike: parts of our area will clean up today as other parts reopen. allyson: one area is already open. that is in cleveland park. that's where wyff news 4's aly
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aly: those are still currently shut until further notice. we cannot show you much because of where we are gated off. take a look at our video from yesterday. it was too dangerous to drive some roads around cleveland park because of flooding. barricades were put up for most of the day to keep people from driving in potentially dangerous areas. breaks in the rain though , those allowed people to venture out to the reedy river at falls park. the water rose to about seven feet during the day there. that's not flood stage but it is higher than usual. . one of the fewest times i had seen this like this, it's a very beautiful place to come. aly: right now, officials with greenville county emergency management say they don't plan to take emergency action at this time. greenville seems to have avoided much of a lingering issue here after all the rain. allyson: thank you. nearly three inches of rain hit
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once the water began to rise the community had to find somewhere to go. mike: people living in the wilson creek mobile home park dealt with water from the nearby creek flowing into their back yards. backyards were turned to lakes and water almost made it's way into homes. 18 people took shelter for the afternoon with the red cross. >> all of that water floods here to the low spot. this happens to be the low spot. we have had four floods in one year here. mike: just before dark, the water had gone down enough for people to return to their homes. the red cross remains on standby just in case the creek starts rising again. allyson: cherokee county also saw plenty of rain. an apartment complex on brugg street in blacksburg had to be evacuated. rising water forced people out in this part of blacksburg yesterday. mike: in greer, the slick roads there nearly sent an suv over a bridge.
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in greer. witnesses say the suv slid off the road and got stuck. allyson: standing water on the roadways and a river in overflow. in pelzer adger e to flood. in williamston mineral spring park flooded. the holiday light display there was not not spared. people here are trying to make the best of it. >> she had her little raincoat on. it was one of her thinner ones. allyson: on cheddar road in anderson county, and emergency spillway is getting a lot of use. water from highway 29 pouring onto this property. rushing down to watermelon creek which runs beneath the road. mike: rising floodwaters affected a number of creeks and roads in greenville county throughout the day. there were trouble spots off of
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well as suber road in greer. look at this recreation and picnic area in the suburbs. it suddenly had a river turning into a threat. >> if you move the barricades and get caught, you can lose your license for six months. but more importantly, if you move the barricades and someone comes through later when the flood waters start to rise you can cost somebody their life. mike: people in simpsonville say the water ravaged their yards. check out the outside of this home on willowbranch drive. amy baker who lives here says this happens every time there is heavy rain. she says the water is coming from a retention pond in a subdivision behind her home. baker says it's heartbreaking because it seems like her yard never completely dries out. >> it's saturated. they have a trampoline back there and that's the only thing they can do in the backyard. >> i am kind of sad and disappointed because we were hoping to play and we didn't get
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mike: baker says the family has been dealing with the problem for nearly a decade. allyson: some streets in spartanburg had to be shut down because of flood waters. take a look at this video. this is on the corner of burke and carolina streets. you can see how high the water got beneath this bridge. officials say if the rain continues, the water might consume the bridge. all this rain comes more than 2 months after historic flooding hit the region. mike: as you might remember, in october, 19 people died in south carolina. 21 people were killed in both carolinas. they drowned or died in wrecks caused by the weather. authorities say all the deaths happened in or near vehicles. heavy rains and massive flooding began october 2. allyson: shifting to sports now. all eyes this morning are on south florida for the orange bowl between clemson and oklahoma. mike: brad fralick is in south carolina with a head coach, dabbles we need -- the head
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brad: sweeney says his crew is focused and ready to go. >> this is the capital one orange fbowl, final four. everybody earned their way here. we just spent three weeks studying their film and this is an incredibly talented team. brad: the clemson tigers have been here four times. dabo sweeney says if they were to win this one and the national championship, they would be the first team to go 15-0. allyson: as we count you down to the game, don't forget about our live wire on and our wyff app. it is a collection of the latest tweets about the tigers and fun posts from our staff.
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scenes look at what our sports team has been doing in south florida. mike: dale joins us again. dale: we have the floods in october and then we had november. each month we have received twice as much rain as we would normally expect. that leads to the flooding. we still have a few isolated showers in the south. that is affecting parts of greenwood and mccormick and the southern part of piedmont. we will see isolated to scattered showers in the upstate before this finally works its way to the south and out of our weather picture. we have sunny-cooler weather on its way. everybody is ready for sunshine. we just might have to wait one more day. he is how much brain would receive yesterday. the greenwood airport received 2.9 inches of rain. gsp received over 2 inches of rain.
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asheville received a little less than 0.5 inches. it has been a very wet month. we appreciate all the viewers who have sent in rain reports. this viewer received 2 inches of rain in his rain guage. it was 59 in greenville. 60-65 from anderson to abbeville. we turn to that mid 60 range for the afternoon. 64 by 4:00 today in the upstate. the mountains will see mid 50's. we will see it cool down starting tonight. especially over the weekend as well. cold temperatures are back with the 30's. 35 saturday morning in the upstate and 33 sunday morning. in the mountains, it will be in the 20's with highs in the 40's. he will have more typical
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the first of next week. mike: the estimates are in. how much the severe weather cost, in terms of repairs. allyson: floodwaters sweep away
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allyson: the mississippi river is expected to crest today in st. louis, reaching nearly 13 feet above the flood stage. if that happens, it would be the second worst flood on record behind the devastating floods of 1993. 14 people have died in missouri. the state is under a state of emergency right now. the governor has called in the national guard. take a look at this hous floating in the meramac river in fenton, missouri. watch as the house floats into the bridge. the house was swept away by floodwaters. the video was posted to facebook by chris allen. >> damage from this weekend's storms in texas may top a billion dollars. that's a very early estimate from the insurance council of texas. tornadoes and severe weather ravaged the state this past weekend. it hit north texas especially hard. 11 people were killed. another twist in the story of the affluenza teen.
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mexico. dale: just a couple showers left in the region today and then dry
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afafr trying brookside crunchy clusters, @carlybeyar tweeted: at this point, i should just be a brookside chocolate ambassador. well, i am sorry, carly... it's something you earn. brookside. talk about delicious.
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announcer: now, your live super doppler 4 hd weather forecast. dale: good morning, it is 4:47 as we look out from our woodruff road skycam. we see showers in abbeville, greenville county, parts of mccormick. there is still some action going on in parts of georgia and across the southern piedmont into the midlands. we could see an isolated shower in the upstate today. there are still some counties under flood watches this morning, including newberry, mccormick, fairfield county, and saluda. gsp. in greenwood. we are pushing nearly 10 inches of rain for the month in gsp. 4 inches is average.
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59 in greenville currently. that will drop a few degrees and thing climb to the mid-60's. the mid 50's in the mountains will do the same. they will drop a little bit and then returned to the mid to upper 50's. eventually will see winds out of the north. 32 in the morning and 52 in the afternoon. that is typical for this time at the end of december. we are going to see that this weekend and into the first of next week. today, we will get up to 65. the record is 72, set back in 1976. 55 today at the asheville regional airport. the record is 81 degrees, said back in 1951. we can have these unusual patterns from time t ttime. that beats colder than normal and ice. still, some rain in the
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this cooler and drier air makes its way south. here is the future plus. we see a few isolated showers upper parts of the upstate. they clears up by 5:00 this afternoon. the midlands will see some rain today b 5:00. here's a quick look ahead. tomorrow, temperatures are 10 degrees cooler. 46 in the mountains and 55 in the upstate. we have low 30's in the upstate and 20's in the mountains as daytime highs get back to normal. mike: a husband and wife convicted of planning a large-scale bombing in london have been given hefty prison sentences. 25-year-old mohammed rehman and his wife both received life sentences. prosecutors say the couple conspired to attack a subway train or shopping mall this summer on the 10th anniversary of the london bombings. prosecutors say rehman was close to finishing a large bomb when he was arrested.
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of him detonating a smaller device in his backyard. prosecutors say rehman used the name silent bomber on social meadiaiand asked twitter followers to help him select a target for the bombing. allyson: another twist in the story of the texas affluenza teen who was just captured in mexico with his mother. authorities say 18-year-old ethan couch was using a false name in mexico. authorities say couch planned his escape, and even held a farewell party. couch became known as the affluenza teenenuring his trial for a deadly drunk driving accident. his defense had argued that since he was raised with so much wealth, he does not know the difference between right and wrong. couch had been on probation when he fled to mexico. mike: chicago city officials now say that every officer who response to service calls will be" with a taser. they will be properly trained to
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the move comes after growing accusations against the chicago police department. allyson: officials say the woman accused of intentionally driving into a crowd of people on the las vegas strip had marijuana in her system. officials say tests showed 24-year-old lakeisha holloy had more than the state l limit of marijuana in her system when she was arrested. however, officials say the test results wilmot change the charges that she currently faces. her felonies include murder, felony hit and run, and child endangerment. one person was kililed and at least 35 others were wounded when she plowed into the crowd outside the planetetollywood and paris las vegas on december 20 mike: bill cosby is out on bond after being arrested on sexual assault charges in pennsylvania. the comedian has been accused of sexual misconduct by dozens of women, but this is the first time he has been charged with a crime. this case involves a former temple university employee, who
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philadelphia in 2004. ems crews took a one people to hospitals after turbulence on an air canada flight knocked passengers around the cabin. the flight from shanghai, china to toronto was diverted to calgary. an ems spokesman said it appeared that no one had life-threatening injuries. the air canada flight had more than 350 passengers and crew board. allyson: the crystal ball is ready. the confetti is ready. everything is in place for the 11th annual new year's eve with carson daly. here's a live look at times square in new york city. performing tonight, tony bennett, lady gaga, seth macfarlane, blake shelton, gwen stefani and pharrell williams. a crowd of one million people is expected and will start arriving in the next few hours. 6000 police officers will be there to make sure it goes off without a hitch. the ball drops of course, at midnight.
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several nonprofits in spartanburg. the spartanburg county foundation gave two organizations grants as part of their just because ambush philanthropy. the foundation shows up with a big check in hand, and the whole thing is a surprise. the northside developmenengroup received more than $4,000 to work on their documentary series highlighting the north side of spartanburg, and how they're growing. >> this is a great way to do it, to build excitement, to reward these nonprofits for what theyre doing and again, bring awareness. mike: and hope remains youth ranch also received $500, to help pay for hay for their horses. 20 organizations received just because grants this year totaling nearly $50,000 donated. allyson: turning to commitment 2016 coverage now. donald trump says he had no choice in brininng up former president bill clinton's. past infidelities. the republicananresidential candidate spoke about his latest attack on his democratic opponent, hillary clinton, during a rally. trump says hillary accused him of having a quote penchant for
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trump: nobody respects women more than donald trump. nobody. nobody. when she said that, i had no choice. i didn't start it. i had no choice, i had to mention her husband's situation. ok? and that is now the biggest story on television by a factor of 10. allyson: trump said yesterday that the media should investigate his background. anothehehover board wipe out.
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announcer: now, your live super doppler 4 hd. dale: good morning, 4:58. we have isolated showers coming down in mccormick county, southern greenwood county, and into saluda. some of this could drift into the upstate. finally, that front works its way to the south. we still have counties under flood watches this morning
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if you are traveling, be careful in those low lying areas that have experienced flooding. it will be working its way out of here and drier weather comes in. just to give you a few rain totals. asheville received .41 inches. anderson, greenville, spartanburg received over 2 inches. i am sure the rain gauges across the region received over 3 inches in them from the rain yesterday alone. we have a couple days to dry out. it looks good all the way through wednesday of next week after today. allyson: remember, there was a time when we were almost in a drought. dale: we were in a drought. that was until october. allyson: in this morning's buzz. you can add mike tyson to the
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mike: he put this video on his twitter account. you can see him riding his daughter's hoverboard. allyson: he was not seriously hurt and he posted on twitter, it seemed like a good idea. but i guess not. it looks like he had it under control. dale: i don't get it. the board does not hover and when you fall off, you don't cover either. allyson: i struggle with the segues and the dirt bikes. mike: i struggle on a bike sometimes. dale: and when you do master it, it explodes. allyson: will get one later. announcer: live, local, breaking news. this is wyff news 4 today in hd.
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the clemson tigers taking on the oklahoma sooners at thbowl.
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