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tv   WYFF News 4 430am  NBC  January 1, 2016 4:30am-5:00am EST

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allyson: and you're waking up to a new year, january 1st, 2016. some one million people gathered in times square last night to watch the crystal ball drop. patrick: good morning. i'm patrick hussion. allyson: and i'm allyson powell . right? dale: we had so much rain this past year. we have dry weather to take you through thursday next q week. we will be dry today. the rain is impacting the coastal areas and off the coast by tomorrow. temperatures will climb into the 50's for the upstate and upper
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here is a quick look at the temperature right now. 52 in greenville. boone is one of the cooler places. a little wind chill coming into play. 56 for the upstate. 40's in the mountains. cool nights and pleasant days through next week. allyson: thank you. the clemson tigers return to death valley at 5:00 today as orange bowl champs. they'll rest up before playing for a national title against alabama. patrick: we have reaction but first ricardo lemcompte with the orange bowl highlights. richard: despite having the nation's longest win streak at 16 games, clemson came into
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but that is why you play out the game. the majority of the fans wearing clemson orange. second quarter. he did most of the damage on the ground. the game tied at 7-7. third quarter. clemson adds to the lead. he gets in from 34 yards out. 187 yards through the air. the clemson defense pitched a shutout in the second half. the second interception on the quarterback. he was named defensive mvp. the tigers roll. the win street now at 17 straight games.
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now haead to the national championship game. >> it felt like a home game. 75% and the tigers did not disappoint. >> we walked down an entire row of tailgaters. you some more of that tonight. a fantastic win for the clemson tigers. a chance to play for the national championship. it was an excited locker room. this is what it sounded like. >> talked about being ahead. we have done it the right way. it hasn't happened overnight. like the coach said, he said, we are not going anywhere.
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it is here, something we prepare for all year. they put up a fight all year. >> making a lot bigger than it is. [indiscernible] we're going to represent. >> doing it the right way. just really proud for the university, all of our players, coaches. the coach laid the foundation in college football. we're still a work in progress. >> you can look and see there was a little added sparkle. they played their college
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coaching there, leading the tigers to the national championship game. >> he said before the game started it was a spiritual season. the tigers have reeled of 17 consecutive wins and have a chance to win the national championship. back to you. patrick: great job. thank you so much. as we said, clemson will face the alabama crimson tide in the national championship. bama routing michigan state in the cotton bowl last night, 38-0. the national championship game is on january 11th in glendale, arizona. downtown greenville will host a big national championship viewing party at bon secours wellness arena. doors will open at 7:00 and it's free. allyson: i know many people going to that game. don't forget, as you gear up for the championship, you can follow along on twitter through our live wire. it's a collection of the latest tweets about clemson on wyff
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patrick: i still cannot get over it. allyson: i know. patrick: happy new year. some one million people gathered in times square to watch the crystal ball drop to welcome in 2016. allyson: the 1200-pound ball was powered by over 32,000 l.e.d. lights. in bethlehem, pennsylvania, the sight of a giant peeps chick descending from the sky gave hundreds reason to cheer. people in wisconsin rang in the new year with the big cheese drop. hundreds gathered to watch the 80-pound cheese wedge drop about 100 feet. and the georgia peach dropped in atlanta. patrick: there is the cheese. patrick:. extra officers are on the roads. and that'll last through the weekend. the sober or slammer campaign is underway in south carolina right now.
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on south carolina roads. >> when you start to think about lives. that's the size of an average high school in south carolina. that's how many lives we've lost on our roadways this year. patrick: the extra officers on the roads will also look for speeders, distracted drivers, and people not using their seat belts. one of three suspects connected to the death of a former upstate youth pastor's wife now faces more charges. allyson: larry taylor jr. is connected to the death of amanda blackburn. blackburn was married to newspring youth pastor davey blackburn. the murder happened in indianapolis. nbc reports that taylor now faces charges in an unsolved murder of a man who was shot over $10 on november 4th. blackburn was killed after a burglary last month. officials say her death was part of a crime spree that started on november 3rd. patrick: the greenville county sheriff's office traffic unit paid a visit to fellow deputy dave dempsey. you may recall dempsey was shot
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while on the job. the sheriff's office says he's in rehabilitation and has a long road ahead. but they say his progress is "truly a miracle." allyson: damage caused by potholes in spartanburg county is costing drivers hundreds of dollars. in fact, one particular pothole opened up again after it was filled. this is on anderson mill road in front of the londonderry subdivision. several people got flat tires and damaged rims after hitting the pothole. road crews say they had to fill the hole four times this week because the material is being washed away by the rain. >> i think that they could have maybe put up signage just to alert other drivers that that pothole is there. allyson: that woman says she's paying more than $700 in repairs. the department of transportation says you can file a claim on their website to be reimbursed for damages caused by potholes. we're told they typically reimburse drivers if the agency
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patrick: good deal. allyson: where are you? patrick: you saw a lot of rain in those potholes. dale: we typically look at 47 inches of rain per year. we were 12.5 inches above that this year. this fall has really been a wet one for us. we have dry days to look forward to. mostly sunny skies through thursday with chilly nights. we have had some above normal temperatures for a good bit of december. if you're heading to the beach
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36 in boone. it is going to get cold tonight. temperatures into the 60's for the afternoon. here is a quick look at the wind speeds. it will drop down and return to the mid 50's today. mid 50's this weekend for the upstate. morning temperatures in the 20's both mornings in the mountains. as everybody gets back into the swing of things on monday, we will need warm coats early. thank you. with the new year comes new laws. what's changing around the nation and what you need to know starting today. allyson: the iconic ball isn't the only thing dropping on new year's eve.
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ways states are ringing in 2016. patrick: in upstate new york, an ex-convict is under arrest, accused of planning a new year's eve terror attack. federal authorities say emanuel lutchman claimed to have
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overseas member of isis. he planned to carry out the attack last night at a bar in rochester, new york. he's 25 year old. authorites say he bought knives and a machete for the attack. he was caught in an fbi sting operation. allyson: beginning today the state of texas will start allowing some firearm owners to carry handguns openly in public places. under the texas law, guns can only be carried by those with licenses and gun holsters. meanwhile, california has multiple new laws which tighten gun control. one law tightens a ban on firearms in and around schools. another will allow people to request that a judge order weapons be taken away from relatives who are believed to pose a threat. the swollen mississippi river continues to cause widespread destruction throughout missouri and parts of illinois. officials say the river rose nearly 15 feet above flood stage throughout st. louis county. this is forcing backups in the rivers that flow into the
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overflow and flood nearby homes. crews were out draining highways and sandbagging homes to prevent even further damage yesterday. state officials say there are no deaths or injuries reported. several roads are beginning to reopen. patrick: a new year wish to the planet earth. what this astronaut had to say from the international space station. dale: did you get a warm coat for christmas?
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dale: good morning. last couple of days we have seen a lot of green on the screen. now impacting the coast just a bit. if you have beach plans, it will be mostly sunny on saturday and sunday. temperatures in the low 40's. low 50's across the upstate. colder temperatures will be felt tomorrow. the wind 12 to 12 miles per hour in the mountains will make it
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low 30's for lows. today will get up to 56 and tomorrow we will have the cold temperatures to begin the day. the mountains normally see 47. we are projecting 48 for a high today. a bit of cloud cover, but sunday saturday through wednesday. we get a chance to dry out. we're still in the milder section of the country with temperatures early this morning. down to the beach this weekend, low to mid 50's for highs. temperatures will rebound into the mid 50's for the afternoon for the upstate.
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cold mornings, especially with the breeze. low of 27 in the mountains. highs 47 to 54 on sunday. the same with lots of sunshine. patrick: thank you. people and floats are preparing for the 102nd annual new year's day tournament of roses parade. families have been camping out overnight to get prime-time sidewalk spots. officials expect more than 700,000 people to line colorado boulevard to watch the parade . pasadena police say extra officers, surveillance cameras, and other security measures will be in place. the rose bowl game will kick off between the stanford cardinal and iowa hawkeyes at 5:00 p.m. eastern time. allyson: dedicated people.
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now a look at how people across the nation are celebrating the new year. allyson: people in wisconsin are ringing in the new year with the big cheese drop. hundreds gathered at the plymouth arts center for the ninth annual new year's eve celebration. this year, an 80-pound cheese wedge dropped about 100 feet at the family-friendly time of 10:00 p.m. families were treated to free food and entertainment. the cheese capital of the world even offered complimentary wedges to its guests. in bethlehem, pennsylvania, the sight of a giant peeps chick descending from the sky is reason to cheer. patrick: hundreds of people turned out last night for a family-friendly new year's eve festival called peeps-fest. at this celebration, a giant 85-pound peep was lowered after sunset. it was still 2015 when the peeps touched the ground, but no one seemed to care. it was followed by a fireworks celebration. you may ask why bethlehem chose the peep.
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the marshmallow treats are manufactured. that makes sense. in memphis, the tradition is an annual guitar drop. allyson: this year it didn't go off without a hitch. it stalled at midnight. it seemed to be stuck for about 30 seconds, but finally came down. i guess he missed midnight. oh, no. britain's astronaut on board the international space station has sent his new year's greetings from space. in a prerecorded message, major tim peake wished "everybody on our beautiful planet earth" a happy and healthy 2016. >> i would like to wish everybody on our beautiful planet earth a very fun new year's eve and a happy, healthy 2016. happy new year. allyson: the 43-year-old former army helicopter pilot is britain's first publicly funded astronaut. he is the the first britain to visit the space station.
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headlines now. in dubai, a high-rise building caught fire on new year's eve. but the city let the fireworks fly nonetheless. the fire engulfed the 63-story downtown highrise. it's a hotel and apartment building called the address. officials say 14 people suffered minor injuries. about 15 minutes before midnight, large explosions were heard from inside the building. what caused those and the fire is still unclear. paris canceled its usual new year's fireworks display. but crowds turned out for festivities amid heightened security. across the channel, big ben tolled the midnight hour. london had tight security, but held a big fireworks celebration along the thames river. rio de janeiro held a new year's fiesta with 24 tons of fireworks to kick off brazil's olympic
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allyson: president barack obama is expected to announce a new executive order on gun control. white house sources say it's designed to close the so-called gun-show loophole. the loophole allows certain gun sellers to skip the background checks for buyers. gun-control advocates expect the president will reveal the plan in the state of the union address. that's set for january 12th. patrick: many folks met midnight with a kiss.
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eve they'll never forget. >> now your live super doppler 4 hd weather forecast. dale: 4:5 the time8. -- 4:58 the time. we are going to stay dry through thursday of next week. we have had a lot of rain in 2015. a few showers along the coast. sunday and the first of next week -- chilly temperatures are starting to arrive.
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temperatures into the mid 50's for the upstate. upper 40's for the mountains. dry weather with cold days through thursday. that is good news if you have some outdoor plans. now we have to start writing "2106" on the checks. patrick: i do, too. allyson: i will do that at least four times. but i will get there. patrick: in this morning's buzz, here's one way to close out 2015. allyson: a couple from miami got hitched in times square on the countdown stage. >> it is my great pleasure to pronounce you husband and wife. you may now kiss the bride.
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patrick: they won a contest including round-trip tickets and other prizes towards the ceremony, which was seen by millions in the crowd and on tv. allyson: the ceremony was presided over by men's wearhouse ceo george zimmer. the couple says they met through a mutual friend six years ago. as if your wedding day was not memorable enough. patrick: i thought i recognized that voice. that is the men's wearhouse guy. allyson: he did a pretty good job. dale: i didn't know he did that, too. allyson: apparently he does it all. wyff news 4 today continues right now. >> live, local, breaking news. this is wyff news 4 today in high definition. >> 5, 4, 3, 2, 1.
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new year, january 1st, 2016.
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