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tigers play, but it will cost you. some seats on the 50 yard line are priced at $2400 each. we found seats on the upper deck priced at $612 each. the website college football experiences will take care of your airfare, hotel, and a ticket to the game but it will cost you more than $5,000. >> look at this. you can get a single ticket. it is airfare and a hotel for $5,338 a person. >> that's too bad. that kind of snuffs out the little guy you know. that seems like it's kind of an executive affair. but we'll be watching at home. and pulling just as hard. >> how much would you pay to go to the national championship game? >> a million. >> $1 million? >> his whole account. >> do you know anyone who's going? >> yeah possibly, i've got one friend who may go.
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involved, i'm not sure but. gabrielle: many tiger fans bought tickets to the game long before they knew for sure that the tigers were going. and now they have to figure out how to get there. we checked around and found prices for a round trip ticket from gsp to phoenix leaving on january 10 and returning on january 12, starting at $550. however prices have been , fluctuating throughout the day. and taking a train-bus combo through amtrak cost $356 but you'll have to leave on thursday, january 7 to get there at 2:00 a.m. o ogameday january 11. and remember you'll still have to find a place to stay after that. our search found plenty of hotels in the area with prices ranging from $31-400 $79 a night. nigel: again, the game will be on january 11 at 8:30 p.m. when
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food and beverage will be available for purchase. there will be no charge for admission into the arena for the the game will be broadcast on the large center hung video board. let's talk weather. this is a look outside. it is a beautiful first day of the year. gabrielle: and feeling more like a january, as well. year looking? chris: dry. and it is colder. take a look at the temperature change, we are 10 degrees cooler. and hendersonville. this will continue as temperatures plummet. currently, we are at 41 in downtown asheville. expect temperatures to cool down.
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midnight -- to 42 by minute. over the next few hours, it will be 44 by midnight and 37 by 6:00 a.m. and in been -- boone, look for 20's by the morning. this is the start of a pattern that will continue. as you head out this evening, maybe a date night planned, say goodbye to clouds. a local down -- it will cool down quickly. in asheville, it is already cold. they will be in the 30's by 6:00. more in a few minutes. gabrielle: covering the world, german officials say there are no longer concrete indications of a terror a threat. authorities received a tip hours before midnight yesterday that militants from iraq and syria were planning attacks in munich. the city's main train station and another station were evacuated. police say they have been unable
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country. officials say the tip indicated that isis was behind the planned attacks. tonight officials in munich say the tip is no longer accurate, but they are still warning people to be cautious. today we wake up in 2016, a new year, with new hopes and new goals. nigel: also a new attack, this one in israel. authorities are trying to see if there are connections to isis. nbc news correspondent edward lawrence has more. >> as new york work crews clean up after one of the largest new new year's eve celebrations , look for a gunman. this security camera video shows the gunman first looking at produce, then pulling out an assault rifle and killing two more. in germany authorities evacuated two train stations just hours before the new year.
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stations for a midnight attack. new years day also brought evacuations in ramadi, iraq. iraqi forces pushed isis out of the city and now are helping relieved residents get out from under the terrorist group's control. meanwhile in the united states , emanuel lutchman spends his first full day in jail. the fbi arrested the rochester man, who they say, was poised to commit a new year's eve isis inspired attack in his hometown. >> this is a person who was a muslim, was in the state prison system but then became radical, radicalized through the internet. >> security was tight for all new year's eve celebrations. spectators saw the same level of security at the 127th annual rose bowl parade. >> this is the los angeles unified school district all district h hor band. >> each of the flolos decked out with thousands of flowers. this year along with the floats bomb sniffing dogs, more , uniformed officers, and a police helicopter patrolling. i'm edward lawrence, nbc news, washington. gabrielle: and as we start this presidential election year americans are more concerned about terrorism than ever. nigel: a new gallup poll shows
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terrorism at the number one problem for the u.s. now to an update on the tucker hipps case out of clemson. right now the university is denying claims that in a lawsuit about his death the 19-year-old , died during a fraternity run in september of 2014. no arrests have been made in the case. the school filed documents in the past week answering allegations made by tucker's parents. they say he was forced to walk along a narrow railing of a bridge over lake hartwell. the school says it had no knowledge of the fraternity sigma phi epsilon making pledges jump off that bridge and swim to shore. clemson is hoping to dismiss the lawsuit. gabrielle: the parents of a missing teenager in laurens county have been arrested. while the search continues for their 14-year-old son. deputies said michael hudson ran away earlier this month from his parents' home. michael hudson, senior and kelldon hudson were arrested and charged with custodial interference and unlawful
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this is a picture of the missing teenager. investigators believe he is in the greenville area. nigel: in cherokee county. the coroner says a 20-year-old died when he put a gun to his head while joking with others. witnesses say tezlar ross. and 3 others were in his room looking at the handgun last night. authorities say ross took the clip out of the gun and placed it to his head, joking. that's when it went off. scene. gabrielle: right now in anderson county a teenage boy is being , treated for serious injuries fireworks. wyff news 4's corey davis tells us more about the accident. >> emergency officials say the teenage boy was handling fireworks like this where you put it inside of a tube before shooting it off and they somehow it malfunctioned. an ems supervisor says they were called out to ansel fowler drive in starr around 9:30 on the night of new year's eve. serious injuries to one of his hands. the supervisor described it as
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anything further about the boy's injured hand. the operator of a nearby fireworks stand in anderson says fireworks that are shot out of a tube are the most popular. >> you should never hold this in your hand to shoot it because this will blow up in your hand.. me personally, my kids, i make an adult do it, don't let kids do it by themselves not unless an adult is standing right there with them. >> brenda mitchell demonstrated the process for us. she says the tube must be flat on the ground before you shoot it off. after it's lit be sure to back away several feet. it only took six seconds for the fuse to burn before the firework is launched. right now the boy who was injured is being treated at the augusta burn center. corey davis, wyff news 4, in anderson county. nigel: coming up, a major skyscraper in dubai continues to burn. crews continue to work on taking out the fire that started here last night. gabrielle: and the president obama considers executive action to crack down on who can buy a
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>> i think we are really early on i am not to surprised its , split down the middle. nigel: half talking clemson. half talking alabama. we take you into the social media world of the national championship game. chris: tomorrow morning, the first morning we have in the 30's in quite some time. gabrielle: now here is a look at the winning midday numbers. take three -- pick 3. 0,0,0. nigel: pick 4.
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nigel: hillary clinton's campaign says it raised $37 million over the past 3 months. the campaign says that puts her total raised in 2015 for her presidential campaign at $112 million. clinton's team also says she raised $18 million for the democratic national committee. and state democratic parties nationwide. the clinton campaign says more than 60% of its donors in 2015
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gabrielle: the wife of comedian bill cosby has been ordered to give a deposition in a defamation suit against her husband. a massachusetts court rejected a motion by camille cosby to cancel the deposition order. she is scheduled to testify next week. the defamation case involves seven women who have accused bill cosbyf drugging and sexually assaulting them. bill cosby is also facing felony sexual assault charges in pennsylvlvia over an alleged incicint that happened in 2004. he is free on $1 million bail pending trial, and has denied any wrongdoing. nigel: president obama is taking -- talking about gun violence. he says he plans on meeting with the attorney general to discuss how to make it harder for a dangerous view -- you -- few to get their hands on guns.
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>> tens of thousands of our fellow americans have been mowed down by gun violence. tens of thousands. each time, we're told that commonsense reforms like background checks might not have stopped the last massacre, or the one before that, so we shouldn't do anything. we know that we can't stop every act of violence. but what if we tried to stop even one? what if congress did something , anything to protect our kids from gun violence? the president also spoke about how the third anniversary of the newtown massacre had just passed. nigel: and efforts to change gun laws back then were ultimately blocked by the senate. gabrielle: tonight authorities in dubai are still tryg to figure out what caused a fire inside a 63-story skyscraper. nigel: the building was engulfed by the massive fire yesterday as people were gathering for a fireworks display to mark the start of the new year. chapman bell has more on the investigation. reporter: cooling procedures are still underway in this skies ever that was engulfed in flames
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this was very close to the world tallest building, the center point of the fireworks in dubai. the show didn't go on after authorities -- did go on after authorities brought it under control. >> we were really shocked. it was all the way up the building. we came to see the fireworks and the lights were turned off. we were scared. there were explosions and we didn't know what was happening. reporter: authorities saying that 14 people suffered injuries. one person was moderately a heart attack. in this massive fire, no an investigation is underway to ascertain what the cause of thehe fire was and they will publicly make that available as soon as the investigation is concluded.
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chris: i think it is time to put away short-sleeved and flip-flops you were wearing the past two weeks. it is colder out there and it will stick around. here at home, 12 degrees cooler in asheville and hendersonville. it is a cold night out there. 41 degrees in asheville. 43, hendersonville. lower 50's across the upstate and it will be a cold night. here is a look from the skycam. it is 54 degrees and it continues to go down. there is woodruff and 385. that is a nice shot. low temperatures today were cooler than we have had, 52 the low in anderson.
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asheville dropped to 38 and that cold air is moving down the mountain. we had a cooler afternoon with most of us in the 50's. the cold air is locked in place. we will be even colder tonight. we do not have anything tracking on the radar. and clouds are gone so it will be a cold night. simpsonville, 33. 36 towards linemem. most plalas will be teetering around the freezing mark. getting closer, you can see temperatures dropping. 34 for anderson. the mountains will fall into the 20's. tomorrow will be cold and it will be a chilly day. tomorrow will be colder than today, despite having a lot of sunshine.
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the area. temperatures will be in the 30's for asheville, 40's for downtown hendersonville. if you are heading over to charlotte for the big panthers game, it looks like clear skies and it will be cold. temperatures will go down as the game goes on. we will start at 55 and to be in the 40's by the end of the game. nationally, we have rain south of us and clouds and rain are pushing out to sea as cold air comes across the area. as we go into the next 24-48 hours, it will be chilly and we have another blast of cold air coming next week. on monday and tuesday will be lower 40's. lows will fall into the 20's next week as the cold air stays in place. another blast of cold air is building up back toward the pacific northwest. heading into january, we have
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the northern branch brings the cold air and the southern branch brings the rain. we will have the southern jet bringing us another rainstorm. but since the northern jet is near virginia and the midwest, the so all be liquid precipitation -- this will all be liquid precipitation. and if we get another system likely have had all winter, this little system writing of the southern jet, we could see possibly into february, this pattern. i am not watching particular storms, just an overall pattern that will favor precipitation. over the next seven days, it will be cold and we will see highs in the 50's for this weekend.
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wednesday into friday. it will even be 30's in the mountains byby next friday. congratulations to our umbrella winner, lois. gabrielle: western new york is ringing in the new year with a big snow storm. the buffalo area is under a lake effect snow advisory through today. up to a foot of snow is expected in some areas. this is hamburg just south of buffalo where lightning and thunder snow have been reported. strong wind gusts up to 35 miles-per-hour have reduced visibility and created dangerous driving conditions. i was in that area last week and it did not look like that, thankfully. there are reports of accidents and cars sliding off roads. nigel: coming up, some good news coming out of north carolina this flu season. gabrielle: and one state just
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smoking law. gabrielle: as many of us prepare to shed some pounds this new year, researchers warn eating too much of a healthy food can
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data from 3 new studies show people think healthy foods are less filling, so they tend to order larger portions and eat more than the recommended serving size. food labels using the words 'lite' or 'healthy' also had a significant impact on people's judgment and eating habits. the most recent report from state health officials shows no one has died from the flu this season in north carolina, compared to the 26 deaths at this same time last year. carol: the weekly flu report from the state department of health and human services shows no documented influenza deaths as of december 26. they added it is not spreading as efficiently in a warm weather as a cold. nearly one quarter of teens have been involved in a physical fight in the past year, with
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focus group interviews revealed parents' attitudes about impact on their children's behaviors. crucial to involve families, and especially parents, in violence prevention programs. carol: today, hawaii becomes the first state in the nation to ban the sale or possession of cigarettes and electronic smoking devices for anyone under the age of 21. signs are up letting customers know about the changes that are now in place. a second measure prohibits the restaurants and other places where smoking is banned. governor david ige signed the bill in june. honolulu police won't start to enforce the new law until april 1. during the first three months, authorities will focus on educating retailers, residents and tourists. >> officers will have the discretion of determining whether they want to make it an enforcement or an education incident. the actual protocols haven't been established yet.
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simply turn to the internet to by e-cigarette merchandise. nigel: coming up, we head to clemson's a social media lab to see if the football team is trending online after last night's big win at the orange bowl. gabrielle: plus, a surprise for a group of florida firefighters
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the new year.coming up... we take you to the nigel: coming up, we see who people are talking about the
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gabrielle: and a group of firefighters became on the scene doctors as a woman was ready to give birth right in front of them. chris: and the cold is moving in. we will have that forecast. >> you are watching wyff evening news. this is wyff news 4 at 5:00. gabrielle: across the country everyone is talking about the tigers and alabama. nigel: including on social media. so we wanted to know if one team is getting more hype than another. >> i'm told you can rest assured that this computer has no idea it's a clemson tiger. >> i mean the center is housed at clemson university but we are able to search anything. so the information we are pulling up is not just clemson information, it is information
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