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tv   WYFF News 4 11pm  NBC  January 1, 2016 11:00pm-11:34pm EST

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tonight, welcomed by a sea of orange. michael: wyff news 4's liz lohuis has more on their homecoming in clemson. liz: thousands lined the streets outside the stadium waiting for their clemson conquering heroes to come home. >> whooo. liz: you saw it. heard it and felt it. tiger pride was very much alive in clemson tonight. this group secured its spot early. many of them have been fans longer than most of the current players have been alive. >> dad brought me to my first ball game when i was 4-years-old. that was in the original stadium here, and as i was interviewing -- stadium here. liz: and as i was interviewing this woman about her love for clemson -- >> you thought i had something
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i do. i have a tiger paw, that's right . liz: her dentist put an orange paw on her tooth. and it's permanent. to show appreciation for all of this some players despite being exhausted took the time to pose for pictures and sign autographs. >> i used to be one of these kids out here and i know how much it means to them. it's a dream come true for just about everyone. >> it felt good. it's something you dream about as a little kid and you talk about it all year and you finally get there and see it done. it is amazing. liz: it may take the weekend before it all starts sinking in. >> you never doubt that you can get there, but when you get there it's like wow, we actually got here. liz: and they've got just one more game to go. there are a couple of different places in the upstate hosting viewing parties for the national championship. you can find that information on our website. michael: there's still time to see the tigers play in arizona if you've got the money to spend. we checked out several websites. some tickets on the 50 yard line are priced at $2400 each.
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deck priced at $612 each. the website college football experiences will take care of your airfare, hotel, and a ticket to the game but it will cost you more than $5,000. many tiger fans planned ahead and bought tickets long before last night's game. but it's a little pricey for some. >> my grandson and his father are going to the game and his dad bought tickets about two weeks ago, i guess. >> i jumped up. i shouted and jumped on the beds. >> we thought they were gonna throw us out of the hotel room. >> look at this. you can get a single ticket and airfare and a hotel for $5,338 a person. >> that's too bad. that kind of snuffs out the little guy, you know. that seems like it's kind of an executive affair.
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michael: as for the championship, we checked around and found prices for a round trip ticket from gsp to phoenix leaving on january 10 and returning on january 12 start at $550. however prices have been going , up and down throughout the day. taking a train/bus combo through amtrak costs $356 but you'll have to leave on thursday, january 7 to get there and you will arrive at 2:00 a.m. on january 11. and remember you'll still have to find a place to stay after that. carol: all the talk from last nights big games is also playing out online. michael: news 4's nigel robertson went to the clemson university social media listening lab, and listened. nigel: it is the day after both big games so we came here to the clemson university social media listening lab and plugged in alabama football clemson championship just to see what people are talking about. you can see the spike last night in online talk about college football, about clemson, about alabama.
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the most chatter and take a look at this, clemson and alabama are pretty much getting the same amount of chatter and you see both are green meaning that that , chatter is positive. take a look. 67.6% positive talk about both teams. both teams pretty much getting the same share of conversation on all things social media. but again we are a week out from the big championship game so this will only keep building. , in clemson, nigel robertson, wyff news 4. carol: the bon secours wellness arena will be hosting a viewing party for the national championship game. again the game will be on january 11 at 8:30 p.m, the tigers will be taking on the alabama crimson tide. doors will open at 7:00. food and drink will be available during the game. officials say it will be free to get into the arena. the game will be broadcast on
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michael: talking about the weather now. meteorologist chris justus is here now. carol: 2016 off to a cool start. chris: it sure is. this is the coldest evening we have had in quite some time. it is 35 in asheville. 34 in hendersonville. this is spreading all away down to spartanburg, 35. 46 in lawrence. we will see clear conditions, you can see it from the skycam, it is drying out and clouds are moving out.. we have a north breeze at seven miles per hour. my money, we will see sunshine in full force. we will start at 35 in greenville. we will see temperatures around 29 there. and as we look ahead into the future, we are talking about two
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i will show you details, coming up. carol: here is a look at some of the new laws that took effect today in north carolina. a photo i.d. is now required to vote. this starts with the march 15 primary. most registered voters will have to show one of several types of photo i.d. to cast a ballot in person. civil rights groups are suing over the mandate and a trial is set for this month. physicians who perform abortions after the 16th week of pregnancy must send data to the state. that includes an ultrasound image of the unborn child. supporters say its designed to ensure doctors comply with the exception, banning abortion after 20 weeks when the life and health of the pregnant woman is at stake. no identifying information about the mother will be sent with the data. fees at the dmv are going up 30%. a private car title will now cost $52, that is a $12 hike. annual registration is now $36 up from and a regular drivers $28.
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$42, and eight dollar increase. michael: meanwhile in south carolina two new laws passed , this year. three new sales tax exemptions have been added to the state's list. it places certain supplies and children's clothes on the list. that is as long as it's being purchased by families in need. the second bill requires doctors and funeral home directors to get on board with an e-filing death certificate system. it also penalizes doctors who do not file a death certificate within five days. carol: laws across the country touch on hot button issues. in texas, you can carry openly in public places. carol: -- michael: and more on the death of a young man that was killed at a local university. they will be answering allegations made by the parents.
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-- walk on a thin railing of a bridge. clemson wants to get the lawsuit dismissed. carol: and a defamation suit against bill cosby. the court has rejected a plea to cancel a deposition order. she is scheduled to testify next week. the defamation case involves seven women. they all have accused bill cosby of drugging and sexually assaulting them. the comedian was arrested in pennsylvania on a sexual assault charge yesterday. he is free on a $1 million bail. that arrest stems from an alleged incident that happened in 2004. the comedian has denied any wrongdoing. michael: a massive manhunt underway in israel after a deadly shooting attack at a popular bar in tel aviv. two people were killed and at least seven others were injured. a gunman used an assault rifle and fired about 30 shots into the crowd. the attack comes amid more than 3 months of almost daily palestinian attacks against israeli civilians and soldiers. carol: right now firefighters are trying to cool down a
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a large cloud of smoke could bee e seen from the hotel. flames ignited last night a couple of hours before new year's eve celebrations were set to take place. the fire could be seen spreading up one side of the 63 floor building last night. everyone got out safely. but 16 people were treated for mostly minor injuries and smoke inhalation. and one person suffered a heart attack. michael: fire also tore through a historic church in new jersey early this morning. officials say the fire caused significant damage to the iglesia de dios pentecostal church. the building's roof has collapsed. no injuries were reported. the structure was originally built in 1827 and housed an episcopal congregation for many years. the church was sold to another religious organization last year. carol: right now in anderson county, a teenage boy is being treated for serious injuries after an accident involving fireworks. an ems supervisor says they were called to ansel fowler drive in starr around 9:30 last night. officials say the boy's hand was seriously injured when a firework malfunctioned. it was the type of firework that is normally launched out of a tube. we spoke with a stand operator who says the tube should always
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fuse is lit. >> you should never hold this in your hand to shoot it because this will blow up in your hand, . carol: right now the teen is being treated at the august burn -- augusta burn center. michael: iconic r&b star natalie cole has died. she is the daughter of the legendary nat king cole. cole died in a l l angeles hospital last night. she had battled drug problems and hepatitis. that forced her to undergo a kidney transplant in 2009. cole hits include this will be, unforgettable and inseparable. she was 65-years-old. her father nat king cole died of lung cancer in 1965. carol: the latest in a series of oklahoma earthquakes hit this morning, measuring 4.2. it hit right in the middle of one station's newscast. >> we're having another earthquake right now. the studio lights are shaking as we speak. we just had a big earthquake. >> that's a big one. >> yeah.
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>> so you saw it here live, another one. carol: there haven't been any reports of injuries or serious damage, although thousands of people lost power. oklahoma registered more than 800 earthquakes this year. michael: new arrivals this year, the babies that arrived as the confetti was falling. carol: some celebrate the new year with champagne on ice. others in icy water. or more like luke warm water. chris: and it will be cold tomorrow, 34 first thing and anderson will start at 38, warming up to only 37.
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days after the paris attacks, senators came together for a top-secret briefing on the terrorist threat... marco rubio was missing - fundraising in california instead. two weeks later, terrorists struck again in san bernardino... and where was marco? fundraising again in new orleans. over the last 3 years, rubio has missed important national security hearings and missed more total votes than any other senator. politics first: that's the rubio way. right to rise usa
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quite a few babies born today in the upstate... but we did get to meet some of the very first michael: quite a few babies born today in the upstate and we did get to meet some of the very first of 2016. coleman andrew zell was born at 12:23 a.m. at spartanburg regional. and at that same time 37 miles away, wyatt raymond wofford was born at greenville memorial. then at 1:17 a.m., kevin and pauline sweetman welcomed jordan ellery at mission hospital in asheville. not just the upstate. kayla and justin southerlin
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at 5:07:00 a.m., rileigh jo-ann miller was born to parents markus and kaitlyn miller at bon secours saint francis eastside. and we received this photo of the first baby born today at an-med. carol: this is a traditional day for polar plunges across the country. they even took the plunge at paris mountain state park after a countdown from a polar bear. dozens ran into the water at one of the park's lakes. waded out to a floating line then waded back. not exactly polar but chilly enough. >> 5, 4, 3, 2, 1. michael: an estimated one million people said goodbye to 2015 and hello to 2016 with the annual ball drop at times square in new york city last night. after the clock struck midnight there were the usual hugs and kisses with confetti flying all over the place. [laughter] carol: of course, somebody had
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and garbage left behind. people were still leaving times square when crews started their work early this morning. authorities say 178 sanitation workers used 26 mechanical sweepers and 25 collection trucks to clear the area by 7:00 seven in the morning. last year crews picked up more , than 48 tons of debris. michael: that is unbelievable. western new york rung in the new year with a big snow storm. the buffalo area was under a lake effect snow advisory through much of the day. up to a foot of snow fell in some areas. strong wind gusts up to 35 miles-per-hour have reduced visibility. doesn't that look fun? the wind gusts created dangerous driving conditions. there were dozens of reports of accidents and cars sliding off roads. >> now your super doppler weather forecast. chris: take a look at this time lapse in spartanburg, it is
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long, but as the evening came you could see clearing and that will be the case overnight. clear skies will prevail and we will see nice conditions by tomorrow morning. that means a cold night. he can see a creeping over the mountains and it is all the way down to lawrence and anderson. all of us will be in the 30's tonight as a cold one is on the way. we are staying dry, nothing to worry about. next thursday we will see rain move in. at low temperatures -- and low temperatures tonight will be on the cold side. 20's from weaverville to asheville. for the greenville, spartanburg area we will be in the middle 30's.
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from taylor's to greer, that will be a colder spot. for tamaqua loads of -- tomorrow, loads of sunshine. we will be in the lower 50's. spartanburg will have sunshine. we will have your skies -- clear skies. been lately. asheville starts in the 20's, warming up only into the 40's. temperatures are closer to where they should be this time of year. upper 40's and it will certainly feel colder. the january pattern icy moving into the area -- i see moving into the area depends on these jet streams. the subtropical jet stream brings and -- in moisture, one of those is coming on thursday and friday. because the northern branch of
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near virginia, this will be all rain. moving forward in time, the pattern will show merging jet streams. that means when some of these low-pressure systems move from the gulf of mexico, cold air will be in place. we will have a winter threat near the end of the month and that could extend into february, depending on what we are looking at. this is a big pattern in the atlantic that allows cold air to come down from canada. we could see a very harsh and two january -- end to january. 53 tamaqua 55 -- 53 tomorrow, 55 on sunday. 39 in the mountains.
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freezing over the weekend, but that can change so we will keep you posted. michael: cold. carol: clemson and alabama will meet in the desert for the national championship game. >> and clemson will be the underdog. the carolina panthers are shorthanded in their season
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alabama bullying the big 10 champions, and booking a spot in the national championship game >> now sports. >> alabama bullying the big 10 champions, and booking a spot in the national championship game opposite clemson in glendale a week from monday. >> from 4, to the final 2. the national championship matchup is set after alabama rolled tide over michigan state in the cotton bowl last night, 38-0. the early line is out for the college football playoff title game in 10 days. and yes, clemson is again an underdog to the crimson tide. alabama a 7-point favorite over the tigers. maybe it's a good omen for the tigers, who were also underdogs to oklahoma. clemson went on to beat the
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yesterday. the offense ran all over ou, to the tune of 312 rushing yards. quarterback deshaun watson pitched in 145 of that total. on his way to orange bowl offensive mvp honors. but, as he's done all year long, he quickly turned the praise to his teammates and credits their team bond as the reason they're 14-0. >> you know, we just serve each other, support each other, and really just love each other and if we do that, no one can break through us. as a unit, it's tough to beat us when we are all on the same page, and have each other's back. >> the heisman trophy finalist will now lead his team against alabama. they game is 10 days away in arizona, kicking off monday night at 8:30 p.m. the site of , january 11. the championship game playing host to the fiesta bowl today. last year's national champ ohio state squaring off with notre dame. third quarter, the buckeyes were
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physical elliott -- elliott had 47 yards for the touchdown. for touchdowns overall. the buckeyes beat the irish the , 44-28. grand daddy of them all, the rose bowl, stanford and iowa. and it was the christian mccaffrey show. the hesiman trophy finalist set a rose bowl record with 368 all-purpose yards. he had a receiving touchdown and this punt return for a touch. the cardinals run past the hawkeyes 45-16. , wrapping up the new year's six bowls with the sugar bowl in the big easy. ole miss just putting it on oklahoma state. they are up in the fourth quarter. and the carolina panthers are playing for the number one seed in the nfc playoffs on and they sunday. won't have the services of running back jonathan stewart for the third straight week. stewart ruled out with a strained foot. mike tolbert will start, and be backed up by rookie cameron
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brandon wegher. the panthers also have a number of players listed as doubtful, including wide receiver ted ginn junior and safety kurt coleman. but head coach ron rivear doesn't want any sympathy. he also doesn't like. what he calls the feeling of despair. the outside world is putting on his team. >> i do not get it. i really do not. it is funny at one point you've , got a 14 game winning streak, and people doubt you, and you lose one game and people doubt you even more, so like i said, we'll just show up on sunday and play. >> and they'll show up against the buccaneers at bank of america stadium. jadeveon clowney will not be able to help the texans try to plant the afc south division title sunday. the former gamecock will miss the contest versus jacksonville with a foot injury. but clowney should be able to return next week, if houston clinches a playoff berth. a busy day on the hardwood saturday in the palmetto state.
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a loss in its opener, while south carolina looks to stay unbeaten on the year. the tigers will host florida state at the well at noon. the 24th ranked gamecocks will host memphis at 6:00. usc seeking a 13 and oh start to -- 13-0 start. furman and wofford open up so, con play on saturday. and if you are a basketball fan, there will be plenty of options. we are talking qubes, -- hoops.
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politics first: that's the rubio way. right to rise usa is responsible for the content of this message. michael: here comes january. chris: you know it had to happen. michael: 70's are gone. chris: let's take a look. 55 this sunday. it will be a gorgeous weekend. in other cold blast on tuesday with 40's.
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rain coming and will stay rain on friday. michael: however, we will have a wintry mix down the line. chris: we will get there. carol: thank you for joining us. michael: connect. -- goodnight. [captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy.
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