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tv   WYFF News 4 7am Sunday  NBC  January 3, 2016 7:00am-8:00am EST

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pamela: as far as temperatures go, it will look pretty over the next few days. that includes sunday. here we are near freezing at 8:00 in greenville. at noon, 50 degrees. not bad. we will be close to the average high today. 33 in anderson. are near32 in lawrence. boiling springs, 31. simpsonville, you are right there at the freezing mark. hendersonville, 34 this morning. we have go to western sections of north carolina to find the 20's, as we do in waynesville and waterville. rossman, 36. our temperatures will take a
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you will watch some clouds go in and out. we will go with partly sunny first today -- for today. the action is all to ourselves with rain and thunderstorms. showers coming out of the gulf of mexico. those will stay to the south. the clouds will stream through. mid 50's in greenville today. near 50 international today. about 15 degrees cooler for tomorrow. let's talk about the changes for the week ahead. see you in a few. tim: union county authorities say three people have died. this happened yesterday in union.
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as jimmy price and tousha michelle vinson smith the union county coroner says smith was a passenger in price's vehicle. investigators have not said if any charges will be filed in connection with the crash. lawrence county authorities say a teenager has been located, after his parents were charged in his disappearance. deputies say michael hudson ran away from the parent who has custody of him. friday morning, michael steward hudson and kelldon vaughn hudson, both of fountain inn, were arrested and charged with stodial interference and unlawful neglect of a child. deputies have also charged a third person in connection with the case. neves was charged with contributing to the delinquency of a minor. deputies believe hudson was staying with her. investigators are looking into what started a deadly house fire. the fire broke out just before 6:00 along aberdare court in greenville county. according to the coroner, 51-year-old barbara ann kern, became unresponsive at the scene
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the hospital. an autopsy is set for monday. still no word on what started the fire. in north carolina a 48-year-old , gastonia man is accused of shooting his wife in the face and killing his next-door neighbor on new year's day. police say this man shot his neighbor with a shotgun. he also fired shots into a moving vehicle that his wife was driving. he is expected in court tomorrow. covering the historic south carolina flooding. people who suffered damage in october's massive floods have two days left to request federal help. the deadline to apply for "fema" aid ends monday, january 4th. to aid is available in 24 counties including greenville, , spartanburg and greenwood , counties. again this deadline is for
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flooding, not any damage caused by this week's heavy rains. jesse jackson is starting the new year with an effort to get you and others to the voting booth. as corey davis tells us, the deadline to register before the south carolina primaries is approaching. >> reverend jesse jackson says it's a simple thought, but a big task to get young voters to the polls. >> we are spending too much money on weapons and warfare and not enough money on education. young folk have and interest in voting to make our society more civil, more safe, and more secure. >> the civil rights leader announced his goals, with local activists in his hometown of greenville, at the west end community development center. >> we need to really encourage our young people and some of our older people to vote because it does matter. very important because a lot it is of people don't know that if they're 17 years old and they'll be 18 by the election day in november 2016, they can register
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the primary in february. >> your voter registration must be received by january 27th to vote in the upcoming south the republican primary will be held february 20th, with the the following week on february 27th. jackson stressed that voting could help make a difference in communities. he touched on issues he believes are affecting low-income families in south carolina. >> a million people in poverty in our state and 250,000 have no health insurance. we should not turn down the affordable healthcare act and that will enable people to be able to work their way out of poverty. >> jackson says he will continue his push around the south, to encourage and educate, as more primaries approach this year. corey davis, wyff news four, in greenville. tim: as a reminder, you can register to float at your local
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fax, or sending an e-mail. here is a story we talked a little bit about yesterday. travel problems now forced presidential candidate marco rubio to miss a planned stop in the upstate scheduled for the saturday. young senator was still in south carolina though, making stops in hilton head and lexington county, but he was expected at mutt's barbeque in easley, but did not make the event. rubio's campaign says he will reschedule the visit, but so far a new date has not been announced. pamela: good sunday morning. still about 30 minutes until the sun comes up. looking good already in spartanburg this morning. 30 degrees to get you started. let's talk about the temperatures this week in a
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tim: covering the nation this morning. the site of the san bernardino shooting rampage that left 14 debt and 21 injured is set to open on monday. there will be tighter security, as you imagine. the site has been closed ever
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a massive cleanup in oklahoma city after a house exploded. a natural gas crew was apparently working on a home meter. we are hearing for the first time the desperate 911 call h made by a teenager loss for nearly 30 hours in the utah wilderness. >> are you by the barn? , it is hard to explain. branches, lights, cars. tim: a scary moment, but he is now recovering at home. he spent 20 hours lost in four
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ricardo: the tigers and gamecocks get four and five commitments.
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>> live, super doppler four
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pamela: it is almost 7:15. it's in the morning. our weather headlines for the first week of the new year. we will talk about the temperatures taking a dive with the morning lows in the teens and 20's. we need to talk about the wet weather coming back a little later in the week. a little higher, where the camera is, dancing around a bit. the winds have been calm out of the west. 32 degrees in lawrence, where you have mostly clear skies and you are seven degrees colder than you were yesterday morning. fog reported in clemson this morning. anderson, 33. we do find 30's around asheville
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carolina. things starting to brighten up. our winds will pick up tomorrow. you will be especially breezy across the mountains. 45, savanna. 58, orlando. one of the warm spots in the country. anything south of the stationary front, the only areas where you will find warm air in place. areas of low pressure, and with that, a lot of rain across northern florida, and being pumped up out of the gulf of mexico. high pressure around for another day. then, a reinforcing shot of cold air will come down to the day tomorrow. tomorrow morning, temperature wise will feel a lot more like this morning, but we will not warm up whole lot.
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temperatures in the morning. you will see clouds streaming in from time to time today, but the storms state to the south. it will be the second half of the month, if we look at the long-range forecast, before we see a big change in the forecast. the question is if the cold air will be in place with that. we will have a better chance for winter weather after this week. for today, slowly but surely, this relatively heavy cold air continuing to lose move down into the south. chicago will stay in the single digits for the days ahead.
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clouds in and out. a chilly morning tomorrow. much like this morning. what we will see tomorrow morning -- check in with dale -- we could see a few flakes of snow. not adding tog up to much, but it could be interesting. look out nice and clear. monday night, temperatures really plummet. a cold start to our tuesday. on tuesday, we will not get out of the low 40's at all. mid 50's today. tonight, the colder winds blow into the mountains, and we will reach a daytime high early tomorrow. only 34. look at that. 37 on tuesday. only the lower 30's in the upstate as well with morning temps in the 20's.
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tim: the floods that inundated the midwest this week are now starting to receive. cities further south race for what is coming their way. chris has more. >> it is a day for drying out. the town, wedged between the merrimack and the mississippi rivers, inundated. over 50 homes underwater. >> i keep calling it the 10 year flood because it keeps coming around. >> just as we stood together during the response phase, now, we stand ready to work to make
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quickly as possible and families can get back on their feet. , the national guard is ready to help also. . >> we will get through this. we will come out better on the other side than when we started. >> now, focus shifts downstream. >> now, sports. , validation that it is not just a little small school in the south. we are significant football power. we can also validate the coach we have. if you're looking for an opportunity to grow in your life -- spiritually, or in the
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place for you. ricardo: a great week got even better for the clemson tigers when they got commitment from one of the best linebackers in the country. they got that commitment on national tv. the five-star recruit rated as the best linebacker in the country. he said he was all in, choosing clemson over auburn and lsu. >> i loved it from the first time i was there. great coaches. he knows football. ricardo: will mustchamp also getting a big commitment. calvin ridley chooses south carolina over alabama. it is not easy to beat them, on the recruiting trail especially considering that , ridley's brother plays at alabama. he talks about the fact that the coaches committed to rebuilding south carolina, and that is something he wants to be a part
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dell earnhardt junior on hand. check this out. that is a wide receivers linking it to malcolm. they are up 10-3. georgia builds a lead. they are up 24-3. give penn state some credit. the bulldogs managed to knock them down late. the bulldogs beat penn state. let's get to some basketball. michael ferreira leading the first half. he had 16 points. check out the buzzer beater to tie things up. we go to the break, 42-42.
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fouls than basketball. there were a bunch of them. the gamecocks made a school record. 46 free throws. usc beats memphis. finishing out nonconference play , 13-0. it will head to sec play shortly. clemson basketball hosting florida state. roper was fantastic. how about defense into offense. he scores on the lay-up. clemson scores a three point lead. this one here. a career-high.
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state. 84-75. they grab their first sec game of the season. better news as they get rolling into next week. how about the terriers. a great day. 25 points to lead the terriers. also, a good afternoon for junior eric garcia, starting out colorado with 17 points of his own. the final, 87-76. this one was all paladin. kendrick ferreira cleans it up. a double digit lead. they with the by 15 at the break. more of the same in the second half. no problem as they win the
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this coming down to the wire. one under 15 seconds to play. mike cunningham connects. umkc got a chance to tie this game. they could not quite do it. a bit of a struggle. presbyterian playing at campbell. the fighting camels. on the road, winning 70-63. the first road win of the season, and also the first big south win of the season. on the ice, the swap rabbits spending the weekend in new hampshire. a good start that weekend as they win to the manchester monarchs.
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nfl regular season. the atlantic falcons play at 1:00. the carolina panthers play at 4:30. all they have to do is beat the tampa bay buccaneers, and they will wrap up the home field advantage. they can lose and arizona must lose, but if they lose an arizona wins, arizona will have home field advantage. i think they will beat the probably not going to happen. buccaneers. we will have it all coming up tonight. after trying brookside crunchy clusters, @carlybeyar tweeted: at this point, i should just be a brookside chocolate ambassador. well, i am sorry, carly... it's something you earn. brookside.
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approching >> this is wyff news four today in high definition. tim: the date deadline to apply for federal aid is rapidly approaching. good morning. myra taking the day off. pamela: it will be a beautiful day. we have some fog out. a little hazy. nearly 7:30.
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we will break out of that early today. by lunchtime, 50 degrees. not bad, temperature wise, today. nice in spartanburg. clouds around. they will be in and out throughout the morning. winds have been less than three. with a calm winds, a little more low-level moisture in western sections of our area. we are seeing a little bit of fog this morning. 32 in abbeville. anderson, 35. a cold start. here are the clouds that we are watching still in this morning. no rainmakers. we will hold off for a few days, holding onto high-pressure today. that will give us the lighter breezes out of the north and west.
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we won't see that change for another couple of days. between now and then, are temperatures will drop off significantly. in anderson, the sunny skies, reaching mid 50 degrees. pleasant in the 30's for spartanburg with mid 50's for the highs. you will not make it out of the 30's tomorrow. big changes to talk about. i will show you. tim: union county authorities say three people were killed in a two-car collision. the two victims were identified as jimmy price and tousha michelle vinson smith the union county coroner says smith was a passenger in price's vehicle. investigators have not said if any charges will be filed in connection with the crash. authorities in laurens county say a teenager has been located, after his parents were charged in his disappearance.
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away from the parent who has custody of him. friday morning, michael steward hudson and kelldon vaughn hudson, both of fountain inn, were arrested and charged with custodial interference and unlawful neglect of a child. deputies have also charged a third person in connection with the case. neves was charged with contributing to the delinquency of a minor. deputies believe hudson was staying with her. investigators are looking into what started a deadly house fire. the fire broke out just before 6:00 along aberdare court in greenville county. according to the coroner, 51-year-old barbara ann kern, became unresponsive at the scene and died a short time later at the hospital. there is no word on what started the fire. a 48-year-old gastonia man is accused of shooting his wife in the face and killing his
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day. this man went to his neighbors house and shot him with a 12 gauge shotgun. he is also accused of firing shots into a moving vehicle that his wife was driving. a south carolina man is being charged of murder after opening fire on a police officer. the officer was treated for nonlife threatening injuries. covering the historic south carolina flooding now. people who suffered damage have to days left to request federal help. the deadline to apply for "fema" aid ends monday, january 4th. to aid is available in 24 including greenville, counties
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counties. again this deadline is for damage from october's record flooding, not any damage caused by this week's heavy rains. marco rubio was expected to show up in easily, but he did not make it. his campaign says he will reschedule the event but so far , a new date has not been announced. our next guest coming up says that greenville had a very good here last year on the national level. she will share some of the highlights. pamela: are weather, usually one of the highlights. this morning, a bit chilly. 35 in greenville. 38 in charlotte. it is colder, but a beautiful
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tim: it seems like every time you turned on the tv or read the newspaper in 2015, greenville was making like a national top 10 list. pamela: our guest is going to give us a look at some of the rate highlights. good morning. you are with visit greenville sc. >> yes. it is responsible for a lot of this great press and promoting our destinations, and making it a destination. tim: you were loving 2015. >> we had a really good year. we had over 120 mentions and national media. these are positive articles. tim: how to that happen? > it is a conservative> -- a concerted effort. you may be familiar with the hashtag people in your
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come to greenville. that has been happening. now, journalists have been coming without us knowing about it. pamela: what do they want to do here? >> that is the best part. there is something for everyone greenville. we talk about that all the time. it is kind of like a cliche, but it is true. the december issue in "national geographic traveler goes go there is a 12 page story about greenville. tim: that is huge. >> cbs this morning talked about greenville being one of the top six destinations in the world to visit. we were sided with egypt, iceland pamela: they mentioned tim waller. tim: on the back page. >> for outdoor adventures,
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affordability -- there are friday of reasons why people come to greenville, and when they get here, a variety of reasons why they fall in love with it. there is something for everyone. the best part of all of this is in is really working, and bringing people to greenville. people are reading these articles, and coming to visit. the numbers we have so far are only through november, but we have the highest numbers ever reported in occupancy. we were seeing 70% occupancy on the weekends, which is significant. your weekday travelers are business travelers, and we have always done well in that area, but the weekend travelers are surpassing weekday travelers. tim: this is translating to an economic boom. >> it is.
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1%, that translates into $29 million of spending. 60%. at the end of 2015, we were averaging 70.4. that is a significant amount of money staying in our local restaurants, shops, and local economy. all of this press is doing a great thing for greenville. tim: i've lived in greenville for over 20 years, and i always thought, why are they building all these hotels? >> we are doubling the number of hotel rooms downtown alone by next summer. it will be interesting to see if our trends can keep up with that. it is hard to get a hotel room. tim: could miss you set the bar so high in 2015, what
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>> that is the state challenge now. the bar is high. there are still a few places left. oprah sided us as one of her favorite things a few years ago. the bar is high. we are always happy to entertain journalists anytime. tim: thank you for coming in. we appreciate it. our next guest visit has become a new year's tradition right here on wyff is for today. stay with us.
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>> now your live super doppler four hd forecast. pamela: 7:43. a beautiful view of greenville this morning. a little hazy out there. some low-level moisture. even a little bit of patchy fog. that will not last long. clouds will be in and out today.
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spartanburg, looks good this morning. cold. 30 degrees. you will get into the mid-50's for highs. 34 with the patchy fog and clemson. franklin, you were only at 22 this morning. look. 50's today. enjoy that. big changes for all of us. hendersonville, 34 now. for a hike, you will reach the mid-50's today. you will touch it briefly. 30 degrees, as i said, and spartanburg. throughout the southeast, temperatures in the 30's. 39 in new orleans. we have a stalled front. the jet stream adding to instability.
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florida -- this will continue to move off shore, but the storm track will stay off for a couple of days. our high temperatures, very likely will be reached throughout the day, and then the temperatures will go down. look at this. from houston to florida is where the rain is this morning. colder air spilling down from the north. tonight, cold. across the country, quiet, as far as storms go. we could use a break. significantly colder air. you see the peainks. we will find temperatures in the single digits.
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they probably reached their coldest temperature already. tomorrow morning, trying to get back into the school and work routine. if you traveled to tennessee, you could see a few flakes of snow by tomorrow. not much moisture to work with. monday night, check in with john , and we will watch the temperatures drop. expect a very cool start two-year tuesday. tonight, we stay in the mid 20's. the winds will pick up across the mountains. tomorrow, wednesday with temperatures only in the 30's. 46 for us. a very cold tuesday. morning those in the 20's. we will be bundling up once again. tim: commend 2016 this morning.
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back on the trail after taking a break for the holidays. >> it is official. 2016 is here. voting begins now in less than one month with the iowa caucus, on february 1. once again, this week, donald trump made headlines on a stop in south carolina. speaking to a crowded hilton head, trump said he had no choice in bringing up president bill clinton's past infidelities. trump says hillary accused him for having a penchant for sexism. donald trump: nobody respects women more than donald trump. [applause] you know what, when she said that, i had no choice.
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i did have to mention her husband's situation. ok? that is now the biggest story on television by a factor of 10. >> trump said on tuesday that it would be fair for the media or rivals to investigate his background. also, big news in the ben carson cap. there has been a major shakeup after his two top aides resigned. the campaign manager and another have struck down. carson has struggled in the polls since october. he is now in the third-place behind front runner donald trump and ted cruz. tim: thank you. meanwhile, congressman trey gowdy says he is voting for marco rubio. he has been in iowa campaigning with the young senator.
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he is not backing him because he didn't see is perfect, but he thinks he is honest, and the a lot in common when it comes to national security. , we are one month away from the primaries in iowa, and congressman trey gowdy is making his position clear. >> he has a quality that i do not have -- tim scott as a, ronald reagan had it, but he can present our message in a hopeful, aspirational, but principled way. >> the senator has come under fire for being absent from capitol hill at times. >> when i hear marco talk -- and he has talked the same way for the last five years -- he
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military because he thinks the u.s. is stronger when we do that. >> i have had a lot of conversations with senator rubio . i think it is a sign of leadership when you are willing to say, maybe i was wrong. >> donald trump wanting trey gowdy as defense minister, but that has since changed. of course, trump continues to lead the polls. ctrey gowdy says he knows why. >> people are mad. no offense to you, they are about it people in your line of work. >> once again, we are one month away from the iowa caucus.
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releasing tv ads. he is holding a rally in the upstate on friday at winthrop university. when it comes to setting goals, our next guest once people to articulate them. pamela: we welcome deb. welcome back. you always have words to live by. >> i certainly try. this year is interesting. people tell me that i cannot keep a resolution. most people are done after a 15. i have used a quote by margaret atwood. -- of word, a word, a word is our. -- power.
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if you want to lose weight -- by the way, there is no longer a top 10 list for new year's resolution. there are six. number one is live a more healthy lifestyle. number two has to do with eating healthy. three was lose weight. for was spent time with family and friends. five was spend less. six is get out of debt. then, we stop. if you say to me, i want to lose weight -- you cannot say, i want to be thin. that does not work. why don't we choose a word? svelt, powerful -- choose a word. if you want a better love life, don't whine that you are not
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say, i want to be revered, cared for. you know what, you can lean on that word, developed up word, that could be who you are. if you think about someone who wants to lose weight, and then they go by the ice cream section at the grocery store -- i tried to help people choose words that will last, that you can lean on. tim: i like the words. one of my goals is been more quality time with friends and what is my word for that? pamela: balance. tim: nice. good job. >> the other aspect of this is this is the year for you to say
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tim: i want to know t the answer to that. >> you know what people think, but what do you want them to think? you have one year to start being that person. pamela: posse. >> -- bossy. >> i would say direct. i have to encourage people to live their best life ever. i will embody that. when i want to rip somebody on facebook, that will not work. i want to encourage somebody. tim: it is a great, different
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pamela: at 7:56 -- look at that beautiful shot. a beautiful day. chilly start. temperatures near freezing all across the state. at noon, we will be at 50. by tomorrow, we are in the 20's. rain chances pickup, but the windy and cold tomorrow. if santa brought you a scarf or
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tim: a little warm-up today, then -- pamela: the bottom pulls out tomorrow. good luck getting back to school and everything tomorrow. tim: thank you for watching. news continues tonight at 6:00 here have a good day. [captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit] [captioning made possible by
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goo morning. he's back. donald trump returning to the campaign trail with his sights on the clintons. >> the clinton campaign said they'd most like to run against donald trump. they do not want to run against me. >> trump also responding for the first time to the terror recruiting video, which features the billionaire hihielf. embassy burning. angry protesters in iran storm the embassy overnight, setting
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