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tv   WYFF News 4 430am  NBC  January 4, 2016 4:30am-5:00am EST

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people say to me we see you at 4:30 in the morning. there are people out there? there are lots of people out whatever. -- on the treadmill. dale: today and tomorrow are the two coldest days of the week. that. we will have wind chill factor both days. no precipitation expected. we are fighting there. as we look at live super doppler 4 hd, it will be clear all the way through wednesday very thursday afternoon, we may see a chance of showers back in the expanding that view, it is all clear from tennessee, the to the coast. look at this developing in the ohio valley area. just enough moisture to pick up snow. the cold wind blowing that we region. from 29 in boone, 32 in 38 in greenville. plus in the mountains. 5-10 plus in the upstate.
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make sure the kids have a warm jacket as they head off to the bus stop. 45, 40 six will be the best the upstate cities. the mountains will stay in the 30's all day today. we will talk more about the rest of the week in a few minutes. geoff: 4:32 now, today is the final day for people who suffered damage in october's historical floods to request federal help. allyson: seem aid is available across the state including greenwood, spartanburg, and greenville county. let's check at one of the hardest areas. wilson creek off of highway 702. you can see as trees and water rushes by. the area is completely flooded. chinquapin subdivision. flood waters overpowered a pond's emergency spillway. this is one of many areas that sparked the federal government to take action. again, today's deadline his only flooding. the show.
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people in missouri are returning to their flood-ravaged homes for the first time in nearly a week. they're assessing the damage. hundreds of structures were damaged when the mississippi river swelled to record flood stage levels after a foot of rain fell in three days. president barack obama approved the goveor's request for federal aid. most of the floodwaters have receded, but residents say the nightmare is just getting started. geoff: greenville police tell us they were searching for an assault suspect early this morning after an attempted car break-in. officers say the -- they caught and confronted the suspect. the suspect ran away and police put up a search permit or along i-85. longer in the area. allyson: activists in greenville are using balloons to put up a teen's unsolved murder, back in the spotlight. geoff: a balloon release in the nicholtown community of greenville, honored cobey smith last night. the teen's mother joined organizers of the put down the group leaders say they will release balloons everyday until
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january 26 hoping someone will come forward with information. cobey smith was shot to death on january 25 2015. the 16-year-old's body was found near a trail that runs along the field behind sterling school. last year after the shooting. a reward was offered for $2000 information that helps solve the case. if you know something call crimestoppers. allyson: a gastonia man who police say, shot his wife in the face and killed his neighbor will be in court today. joseph zinna is facing charges of first-degree murder and attempted murder. police say the 48-year-old went to his neighbor's home on new year's day and shot him with a 12-gauge shotgun. investigators say zinna also shot his wife, while she was in a moving vehicle. investigators are trying to figure out the cause of a deadly house fire that happened over the weekend. geoff: the fire was saturday night on aberdare court in greenville. officials say 51-year-old barbara ann kern became unresponsive at the scene and later died at the hospital.
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flower yesterday at kern's home, on aberdare court. kern's friend says this was the second death in two years in that family. allyson: buncombe county officials are investigating an apartment fire. it started early sunday morning at the rock bridge apartments. firefighters say everyone had gotten out by the time they arrived. three people were taken to the hospital to be treated for burns. first responders say it took two hours to get the fire under control. four apartments were damaged. one was destroyed. geoff: a greenville county council woman is in the hospital recovering from a stroke. the council chairman told wyff news 4, that lottie gibson was hospitalized yesterday after suffering from a stroke. we are told her condition is stable. right now it's too early to tell whether gibson will be able to perform her duties on the council. the next council meeting is tomorrow. evangelist franklin graham hits the road this week for a 50-state tour. he's urging conservative christians to vote this year. multiple media organizations
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report graham starts tomorrow with a rally in des moines, iowa. the iowa caucus takes place next month. graham is scheduled to be in south carolina in february graham says he's encouraging christians to vote for candidates who uphold biblical principles. allyson: the site of the san bernardino shooting rampage that killed 14 people, and hurt 21 others, will re-open today. there will be tighter security as the inland regional center's 600 employees go back to work. the center has been closed since the december second mass shooting. geoff: the carolina panthers have locked up home field advantage in the upcoming playoffs. after their win this weekend against tampa bay. 38 to 10 win. highlights from the game and the playoff implications coming up. allyson: 4:36 now. if you are getting your children up and out the door and ready this morning, it will be cooler? dale: temperatures this morning
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wind, it makes it feel like teens and 20's in the mountains. it will be cold here today and tomorrow. we will see a gradual upturn in most temperatures as the week goes on. we should stay dry all the way through wednesday. a quick look right now, nothing showing in the 150 mile range. we expand that view a little bit. we can see winter weather in the ohio valley area. rainy weather off of the -- western north carolina in the upstate stay dry for the next couple of days. temperatures will drop over the next year hours. 32 in anderson. checking on a few other communities, pickens at 27, salem at 32, easily at 30. dress warmly. in the mountains, upper 20's and 30's. factor in the breeze of 16 miles per hour and it feels like 18 in hendersonville and boone. it feels like 31 in greenwood and lines this morning with breezes blowing.
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highs today and tomorrow in the mid 40's for the upstate. 36 today in the mountains. 40 tomorrow. it gets back to more normal temperatures by thursday. clouds return and a chance of showers late thursday, friday a more likely chance of showers. saturday looks dry and perhaps a chance of showers again on sunday. no winter weather precipitation in our weeks forecast. today and tomorrow, cold as we head back to work and school. geoff: it is now 4:38 on this monday morning. news never sleeps. facing delivery issues boston globe reporters take matters into their own hands. allyson: a man known for keeping his new years resolutions makes
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after trying brookside chocolate, people talk about it online. love at first taste. i would liquefy it and bathe in it. curse you, brookside! your nefarious plans have succeeded. nefarious? are we still talking about chocolate?
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geoff: they to have you with us. a pastor in fayetteville, north carolina a pastor says he protected his congregation from a man who walked into the church with a rifle and a magazine of ammunition. pastor larry wright, who is also a member of the city council there, says he walked up to the man and asked if he could help him. the pastor says he took the gun and hugged the man, who then committed his life to jesus. the pastor says the man told him that he wanted to hurt someone that day, but felt compelled to ask the church for help.
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health facility. allyson: a protest is underway in oregon right now. a group of so-called militia men are occupying a federal building at a wildlife refuge. the stand-off came after the militia members showed up in the small town of burns to support a pair of ranchers convicted for arson. after a march and rally, the small group took over the national wildlife refuge headquarters about 60 miles away. the leader of the protest says they're fighting the government's overreach of taking land and resources away from the people. geoff: also happening today. president barack obama tackles gun control with the attorney general. president obama meets with loretta lynch today to talk about what steps he can take to stem gun violence. it's expected the president will use executive action to strengthen background checks for gun purchases. allyson: a bizarre sighting. a lion taking a dip in the sea. how he was rescued from the
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dale: it is 4:45 as we look out over woodruff roro this morning. traffic is starting to pick up a little bit. we get back into the regular work right again. kids going off to school this morning. cold temperatures have arrived. it will be cold t tay, tomorrow, and then get a little better as the week goes on. we won't see wintry weather in our region. they are in the ohio valley area. parts of virginia, west virginia will get flurries of snow this morning. temperatures ranging from boone, 29, anders at 31, anderson at 32. upper 20's in pickens this my a few more degrees and then slowly climb into the 40's for the afternoon. 10-15 plus mile-per-hour wind makes it feel like 18 in hendersonville, only three in asheville, and across the
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-- 23 in asheville. average this time of year is 32 in the morning, 52 for a high. not today. 46 is the best the upstate will see. look at the record. 80 setback in 1910. we can have unusually warm periods in the winter from time to time. it won't be that way that i. average in the mountains, 47. the record is 71 was set back in 2005. we have seen showers in southern florida, clear skies across the upstate and mountains here mostly sunny today. the next couple of days we stay dry. our next front comes in thursday into friday. we kick up showers then. in the meantime, we have cold mornings and nice, sunny days. if you are heading down to the beach this weekend, both days, saturday and sunday, a chance of afternoon showers. temperatures are warmer in the low 60's. greenville, spartanburg, anderson, an afternoon high
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temperature of 45-46 at best. the mountains see upper 30's. 35-36 for a high today. looking at tomorrow morning, cold once again. teens and 20's early. highs of just 40-44. 47 for a high wednesday. back to 50's for normal range temperatures by thursday. it looks like our best chance of rain this week will be on friday. allyson: in north carolina, police say a man lost control of his car, went airborne, and crashed into a house. this happened near raleigh. investigators say the man was trapped in the car and had to be rescued. the house is vacant, so no one else was hurt. police say the man's speed may have caused the crash. geoff: a three-year-old girl has been found after new mexico police say someone stole her mother's car with the child in the backseat. >> hi sweetheart, you ok? come here. come here. i know, come here. geoff: police say the mother of three-year-old caraline was fifiing up water jugs outside of a gas station saturday.
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when a man stole her car with caraline still inside. the car was found about three miles from the store but with no girl inside. a few hours later, albuquerque police officer chris poccia noticed something or someone huddled in an empty parking lot. caraline was not hurt and was reunited with her mother. the man who stole the car has not been found. allyson: search teams in illinois have found the body of a second teen missing since massive flooding hit the area last week. search crews found the body of 18-year-old brandon mann yesterday. three days ago the body of 18-year-old devan everett was found. mann's body was found northwest of where their vehicle was located on thursday. for six days. geoff: the national transportation safety board has released new underwater images of the sunken el faro. the cargo ship sank last october after getting caught in a hurricane on its way to san juan. it's considered the worst maritime disaster in nearly a half-century.
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all 33 mariners on board died. the ntsb hopes to find the ship's black box, which would contain more information on the fatal incident. allyson: a bizarre season -- seen over the weekend. a lion was spotted floating in the arabian sea off india's western coast. local fishermen spotted the lion sitting on the edge of a rock and then diving into the sea. forest officials were called in to rescue the animal. a rescue team safely lifted the lion from the water, tranquilized it and sent it to an animal care center. after proper treatment the lion will be releleed back into the wild. an investigation is underway to determine how exactly the lion got there. geoff: mark zuckerberg makes a major new year's resolution. the founder of facebook says his goal for 2016 is to create an artificial intelligence system. zuckerberg posted that he wants to build a simple solution to run his home and help him with his work. zuckerberg is known for keeping up with his resolutions. in 2010, he vowed to learn mandarin. and he recently gave a
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20 minute speech in that language. last year, he said he would read a new book every two weeks. one of those i would like to do. allyson: mandarin? geoff: from editors and reporters to photographers and more boston globe employees are delivering newspapers to make news. allyson: customers had complained they were having issues receiving their newspapers last week after a new company was hired to manage delivery. the globe staff took matters into their own hands. employoys worked through the night packaging and delivering papers directly to subscribers. we put so much time into finding -- collects -- >> we put so much time into finding stories, writing stories, reporting them, then our work is lost for those people who wants to read it in the physical paper. >> i started off as a paper boy and i'm probably going to end as a paper boy. allyson: the boston globe says they plan to fully reimburse those who didn't receive a paper during their transition. >> final season of the nfl's season.
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be the buccaneers and you get the number one seed in the end of see playoffs and the home field advantage. to the bank of america stadium for the buccaneers. second quarter, carolina takes the lead. cam newton takes off into the end zone. 7-3, panthers. still in the second quarter, carolina starts to pour it on. cameron artis payne scores the first touchdown of his nfl career. the panthers start to pull away from the buccaneers. more before the break, newton goes to the sky, hits jericho contrary for the touchdown. the panthers are up. one more time edges his name on that ndp trophy for the nfl. carolina takes care of tampa bay panthers earn home field 38-10. advantage throughout the playoffs. finishing the regular season 15-and-1. >> i am proud of who this football team is.
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in the locker room, and the coaches run. i think our players have done in at job. i can't say enough about what dave and his group have done for us in terms of how -- helping us find players and developing them . >> here are how the playoffs look on the nfc side. carolina grabs the top spot, arizona grabs the second seed. next weekend, seattle versus minnesota area green bay travels to washington. on the afc side, a surprise. peyton manning led denver to a comeback win over san diego and new england lost. the broncos grabbed the top spot. the patriots settle for second. wild card game coming out you next weekend. pittsburgh goes to cincinnati, kansas city is at houston. allyson: panthers quarterback cam newton tells the media he's pulling for clemson to win the national championship. newton has been friends with clemson quarterback deshaun watson since watson attended one of newton's camps a few years ago. newton, who won a national championship with auburn in 2010, said he hopes watson
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contacts him before the big game. geoff: he doesn't like alabama. south carolina basketball this morning in the record books. both the men's and women's teams are 13 and oh to start the -- 13-0 to start the season. the best combined start to a season in sec history. the 24th ranked men's team won against memphis saturday night. and you see here the second ranked women's team hosting arkansas in columbia sunday. tina roy had a hot hand, hitting seven threes for a career high 21-points. helping the gamecocks build a 50-point lead. they are pretty good. and beat the razorbacks 85-32. allyson: golly, they crushed them. a frustrating season for buffalo bills punter dan carpenter. a tantrum on the field backfires
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dale: 4:57 is the time. another thing showing anyone hundred 50 mile range as far as precipitation. it is gold. the wind blows this morning and will cut three. dress warmly. we are seeing some winter
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a little off the coast but nothing in the upstate. cold and breezy, low 30's this morning. we will feel colder and only get up to 46 for the ride home from the buses today. the bus stop forecast for the mountains, 20's this morning. reaching 36 for a high today. e wind will make it feel colder. make sure the kids have a warm coat as they wait for the school bus this might. we will stay dry for the first half of the week. by thursday afternoon, a chance of scattered showers in the forecast. geoff: so much for the one temperatures we saw around christmas. in this morning's buzz, helmets are supposed to protect athletes from injuries, right? allyson: tell that to buffalo bills kicker dan carpenter. geoff: a frustrating season for carpenter. you are about to see it got even more frustrating in the game against the jets. on the sideline, missed annexed or point, throws down his helmet , a comes back. right in the nose. that is when you say did anyone
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unfortunately for nfl games, there are a zillion cameras around the stadium. allyson: they put it in super slow motion. it will be replayed on the internet. geoff: he had a frustrating season like many other frustrating seasons they have had. allyson: who knew that helmets bounced? geoff: on turf? if you didn't know, you know now. dale: but they won the game! geoff: they did. there you go. allyson: all for nothing. geoff: i think people will forgive him. our news continues right now. >> live, local, breaking news. this is wyff news 4 today in high definition. geoff: happening today. the site of the san bernardino shooting rampage that killed 14 people, and hurt 21 others, will reopen. allyson: also in this morning's headlines. down to the wire. it's the final day for south
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carolina flood victims to apply for federal aid. geoff: activists realeasing balloons throughout the month of january. to help bring attention to a teen's unsolved murder. allyson: a look at our anderson skycam. it looks a little hazy. mainly, as we check in with dale this morning at 5:00, it is just cold. dale: it is gold. you will need a minute or two to warm up the car before you head off to work and school with temperatures in the 20's and 30's. no precipitation expected. we will see mostly sunny skies across the region for this afternoon. it will just get into the 40's for afternoon highs. 38 in greenville will drop a few more degrees. anderson currently at 31. low 30's, upper 20's in the higher elevations in north carolina. it is a 10-20 mile per hour wind in the mountains that makes it feel like it is 16 in hendersonville this morning. low 30's across the upstate.
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