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tv   WYFF News 4 530am  NBC  January 4, 2016 5:30am-6:00am EST

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as you said, it was one of the hardest hit areas here in the upstate. the area pretty calm now, but let's show you some video of the october flooding. you can see trees submerged as the water rushed by. the surrounding area flooded. we also have video from the flood waters overpowered a pond's emergency spillway. this is one of many areas that to take action. fema aid is available in 24 counties across the state, including greenville, spartanburg, and greenwood counties. again, this deadline is only for damage from october's record flooding. aly myles, wyff 4, live in greenwood county. allyson: thank you. people in missouri are returning to their flood-ravaged homes for the first time in nearly a week to assess the damage. in the hardest hit towns, neighborhood streets were littered with piles of debris. hundreds of structures were damaged when the mississippi river swelled to record flood stage levels after a foot of rain fell in three days. president barack obama approved the governor's request for federal aid. most of the floodwaters have
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nightmare is just getting started. activists in greenville are using balloons to put a teen's unsolved murder back in the spotlight. geoff: a balloon release in the nicholtown community of greenville honored cobey smith last night. the teen's mother joined organizers of the put down the guns young people organization. group leaders say they will release balloons every day until january 26, hoping someone will come forward with information. cobey smith was shot to death on january 25, 2015. the 16-year-old's body was found near a trail that runs along the field behind sterling school. last year after the shooting, a $2,000 reward was offered for information that helps solve the is case. if you know something, call crime stoppers. allyson: a gastonia man who police say shot his wife in the face and killed his neighbor will be in court today. joseph zinna is facing charges of first-degree murder and attempted murder. police say the 48-year-old went
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to his neighbor's home on new year's day and shot him with a 12-gauge shotgun. investigators say zinna also shot his wife while she was in a moving vehicle. investigators are trying to figure out the cause of a deadly house fire that happened over the weekend. night on aberdare court in officials say 51-year-old barbara ann kern became unresponsive at the scene and later died at the hospital. a family friend left a card and flower yesterday at kern's home . kern's friend says this was the second death in two years in that family. allyson: buncombe county officials are investigating an apartment fire. it started early sunday morning at the rock bridge apartments. firefighters say everyone had gotten out by the time they arrived. three people were taken to the hospital to be treated for burns. first responders say it took two hours to get the fire under control. four apartments were damaged. one was destroyed. geoff: a greenville county council woman is in the hospital recovering from a stroke.
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the council chairman told wyff news 4 that lottie gibson was hospitalized yesterday after suffering from a stroke. stable. right now, it's too early to tell whether gibson will be able council. the next council meeting is actually tomorrow. evangelist franklin graham hits 50-state tour urging conservative christians to the polls this election year. multiple media organizations report graham starts tomorrow with a rally in des moines, iowa. the iowa caucus takes place next month. graham is scheduled to be in south carolina in february next month in columbia. graham says he's encouraging christians to vote for candidates who uphold biblical principles. allyson: happening today the , site of the san bernardino shooting rampage that killed 14 people and hurt 21 others will reopen today. there will be tighter security as the inland regional center's 600 employees go back to work. the center has been closed since
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geoff: also happening today, president obama tackles gun control with the attorney general. president obama meets with loretta lynch today to talk about what steps he can take to stem gun violence. it's expected the president will use executive action to strengthen background checks for gun purchases. gyms across the area are very popular right now as people promise to get fit in the new year, but many people have a tough time sticking with those to those resolutions. been there, done that. allyson: trainers at the ymca in greenville say it's important to accomplish. sign up at locations in greenville county every january, but trainers say a lot of those people only stick with it for a couple of months. specialists say it's important to find a form of exercise that you like to do and stick with your plan. you can even bring in a workout buddy to help keep you motivated. >> exercise can help you decrease blood pressure, your cholesterol, so it's not only for looks, but it's also for
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your health. allyson: a study shows that 41% of south carolinians are obese and battling many health issues. morning the carolina p pthers , have locked up home field advantage in the upcoming playoffs after their win this weekend against tampa bay 38-10. highlights from the game and the playoff implications, coming up. a little bit later. our anderson skycam, it is hazy and foggy. roads coming up. geoff: what are we seeing this morning? dale: cold. this morning. colder. showed earlier from anderson. not a thing on live super doppler 4 hd.
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virginia or northern kentucky, we are seeing some snow developing there in the ohio valley area. if you are off the coast of the carolinas, you might run into rain in south florida. andrews. greenwood currently at 32. let's check on a few other communities. by the end of the day, we will see a climbed just about 10 degrees and reach into the mid-40 range for the afternoon. the mountains will stay cold and just get into the mid-30's. it is the wind at 10 to 20 plus that makes it feel like 14 and hendersonville and 19 in boone and colder in the upstate even with a light breeze. make sure the kids dress warmly as they wait for the bus.
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gradually, we will see as a couple of degrees colder tomorrow and that will climb to the upper 40's wednesday and back to the low 50's by wednesday. i when it best chance for rain would second be thursday night into friday. >> good morning. so much for post-holiday cheer. a new year, a new intensity on the campaign trail. donald trump looking beyond the primaries, taking aim at hillary clinton's decisions as secretary of state and at her husband bill clinton for his past sexual transgressions. a preemptive strike just as clinton gets set to hit the trail today on behalf of his wife and emphasizing the urgency with just four weeks to iowa and new hampshire, of course, days later. more than 100 campaign events between those two states this week alone. the latest war of words between
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in this morning's headlines.... geoff: in this morning's headlines on this monday morning a protest is underway in oregon , right now. a group of so-called militia men are occupying a federal building at a wildlife refuge. the stand-off came after the militia members showed up in the small town of burns to support a ir of ranchers convicted for arson. after a march and rally, the small group took over the national wildlife refuge headquarters about 60 miles away. the leader of the protest says they're fighting the government's overreach of taking land and resources away from the people. allyson: lawyers for fantasy sports sites draft kings and fan duel head to court today in new
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york. they'll ask an appellate panel to allow the sites to continue to operate in the state while a lawsuit works its way through the courts. new york's attorney general is suing the sites, claiming they're running an illegal gambling operation. geoff: here is some good news for you. those lower prices at the gas pump could be here to stay in the new year. according to estimates from aaa, gas should remain a bargain this year. aaa estimates that the annual average price of gas in 2016 will be between $2.25 and $2.45 per gallon. of course and south carolina, we have seen a lot lower than that. also lower in north carolina. that would be cheaper or at least comparable to the 2015 average of $2.75 per gallon. allyson: tesla sets records for 2015, and they're vowing to ramp it up in the coming year. final sales numbers are in. how the cars compared to others.
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dale: today and tomorrow the coldest days of the week. we will talk about how we eventually warm up in a few
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announcer: now, your live super doppler 4 hd weather forecast. dale: good morning. it is 5:46. thank you for joining us. hope you had a nice weekend area a little bit of traffic this morning on woodruff road and 385. as we look out, no precipitation showing an none expected for the first half of the week. thursday afternoon into friday is when we will have a chance of rain area getting some snow flurries this morning in virginia. that cold air creating a little bit of a wintry mix, but we will stay dry. today and tomorrow will be the coldest mornings. anderson currently at 31. hartwell at 33.
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it is the window this morning that is making it feel 20 to 23 mile per making it feel like 14 and hendersonville and 21 in the greater asheville area. a cold and breezy day ahead today and we will stay dry for the next couple of days. clouds start to build in. friday, we will have a chance of rain. not wintry weather, but just rain. a quick look ahead. if you're heading down to the beach this coming weekend, 64 saturday. 62 sunday. both days, a chance of an afternoon shower. for greenville spartanburg and anderson today, mid 40's are the best we will do. mid 30's for afternoon highs in the mountains today. tomorrow, 40 to 44. on wednesday, 47 for a high. low 50's on thursday.
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that is what we normally expect it to be this time of year. our best chance of rain this week looks to be on friday. geoff: thank you. here are the deadlines in the day ahead. in illinois and missouri, those affected by the flooding are beginning to assess damage. most of the floodwaters have receded, leaving a massive cleanup and recovery effort likely to take weeks. also, at least six people are dead and 50 injured in an earthquake in india's remote northeastern region. the 6.8 magnitude quake caused some buildings to collapse in a city of about 270,000 people. in sports, the carolina panthers have home field advantage for the playoffs after taking out tampa bay yesterday. the game is a rebound after carolina lost to the atlanta falcons last week, ending their undefeated streak. allyson: marc dopher has the highlights this morning from the final day of the nfl's regular season. marc: final week of the nfl's regular season and simple postseason scenario for the panthers on sunday.
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beat the buccaneers, carolina gets the top seed in the nfc playoffs and the home field advantage that goes with it. let's go to bank of america stadium. second quarter we go. 7-3 panthers. still in the second quarter when carolina starts to pour it on. cameron artis payne scores the first touchdown of his nfl career. newton goes to the sky. jerrico cotchery hauls in the touchdown. their foot off the gas. go ahead and engrave that mvp trophy for cam newton. 38-10. advantage throughout the playoffs, finishing the regular >> i am proud of who this foototll team is becoming. they have done a great job. a lot of guys deserve credit
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coaches room. i think our coaches and then an excellent job for us this year. dave has done to help us find players and then what those developing them and then the players accepting coaching. marc: here is how the playoffs look on the nfc side. carolina grabs the top spot. arizona grabs the second spot. seattle at minnesota and green bay against washington. over in the afc, denver and new peyton manning but denver to a win and the patriots lost. wild card games next weekend pittsburgh steelers against the , cincinnati bengals. kansas city is at houston. allyson: thank you, marc:. panthers quarterback cam newton tells the media he's pulling for clemson to win the national championship. newton has been friends with clemson quarterback deshaun watson since watson attended one of newton's camps a few years ago. newton, who won a national
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2010, said he hopes watson contacts him before the big game. geoff: south carolina basketball this morning in the record books. both the men's and women's teams are 13-0 this season the best , combined start to a season in sec history. the 24th ranked men's team won against memphis saturday night. you see here the second ranked women's team hosting arkansas in columbia yesterday. they won in a big way area tina roy had a hot hand, hitting seven threes for a career high 21 points, helping the gamecocks build a 50-point lead and beat the razorbacks 85-32. allyson: in a big way there. from editors and reporters to photographers and more, "boston globe" employees are delivering newswspers to make sure subscribers get their daily news. geoff: customers had complained they were having issues receiving their newspapers this last week after a new company was hired to manage delivery. the globe staff took matters
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into their own hands. employees worked through the night packaging and delivering papers directly to subscribers. >> we put so much time into finding stories, writing stories, reporting stories, but if people can't read them, then our work is lost for those people who wants to read it in the physical paper. >> i started as a paper boy, and i'm probably going to end as a paper boy. geoff: "the boston globe" says they plan to fully reimburse those who didn't receive a paper during their transition. allyson: the powerball jackpot is expected to grow to about $400 million, one of the game's 10 biggest prizes. geoff: be a nice little gift for the new year. lottery officials say no one claimed saturday's $334 million prize. that means the jackpot continues to grow for wednesday night's drawing. the odds of winning the powerball jackpot are one in 292.2 million. don't worry about the odds. at some point, somebody has to win it. mark zuckerberg makes a major new year's resolution. the founder of facebook says his
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goal for 2016 is to create an artificial intelligence system. ithink this guy is smart? zuckerberg posted that he wants to build a simple solution to run his home and help him with his work. zuckerberg is known for keeping up with his resolutions. in 2010, he vowed to learn mandarin. he recently gave a 20-minute speech in that language. last year, he said he would read a new book every two weeks. allyson: i want something to run my home, too. of cars across the country last year. company executives say even more the year ahead. tesla motors is on track to start making more than 200 model x suv's each week. good news for investors after his most recent sales report was released in november. shares in the company rose 11%. your day. it's national spaghetti day.
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there are over 600 known pasta shapes, including spaghetti, lasagna, rotini, and tortellini. spaghetti is the most popular type of pasta. the long, thin strings are made with flour and water. grab some spaghetti for lunch and enjoy. allyson: have you seen this? our morning buzz is coming up. some second graders the say they
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announcer: now, your live super doppler 4 hd weather forecast. dale: good morning. 5:57 the time. we have traffic picking up inbound and outbound on 385 as everybody is heading back to work and school today after a long holiday break. at least we don't have to worry about any precipitation. it is cold.
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plus in the mountains. breezy in the upstate also. we would just like to 46 for the ride home. definitely a warm coat today. the mountains 26 with the wind this morning making it feel active teens will get up to 36 for the ride home. it does get better wednesday and sort of back to normal by thursday, but no precipitation. just chilly and windy conditions to deal with this morning. geoff: question for you this morning. this is a second grade class at i've elementary. -- iva elementary. allyson: they say they realized a pattern when they saw chris justus elegant for you. >> good morning channel 4. mr. gilbert, we recognized you are all on sunny days. we wondered if you use the weather forecast to pick a good day to be off. dale: that is a great question.
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dale: i wish i could say yes, we have to plan so far in advance we have to take our chances like everybody else. if it works out that way, you feel pretty good about it. so often when a weatherman takes the day off, it will rain. allyson: she says her students like to watch the weather and most even like to watch at home before they go to school. geoff: i think pamela helps without process because she says when you are off the weather is nice and you do that. dale: thank you so much for watching. that was great. allyson: let's take a look at the morning headlines. aixa: president obama back to work and ready to take executive action. i'm aixa diaz in washington. the white house meeting today to discuss gun control measures.
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about a cold case in greenville throughout this month. allyson: today is the last day to apply for federal aid for the historic flooding in october. wyff news 4's aly myles is live in greenwood with more. but first at 6:00, take a look outside and over a -- outside an hour anderson skycam. dale: we are seeing rain in southern florida. dry conditions across the carolinas and georgia. maybe some patches of fog this morning, but this wintry weather in kentucky and the virginias will not impact us. but the cold temperatures are. these upper 20's and low 30's across the mountains feel like teens. it feels colder in the upstate with a light breeze. dress warmly as you head off to work and school. hendersonville feels like 14 with the wind. if you have a warm coat for christmas, you get to where it
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