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tv   WYFF News 4 430am  NBC  January 5, 2016 4:30am-5:00am EST

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head outdoors, grab the warm coat. by the afternoon, temperatures are eight degrees cooler than normal. lots of sunshine, no precipitation expected. temperatures right now range from 17 in franklin and boon to 25 in greenville, greenwood at 24. you factor in a breeze, we are seeing 10-13 mile per hour breezes in the mountains. it feels like for in boone and 11 in asheville. dress warmly. the wind will definitely make you want to run indoors. it will reach into the 40's for the afternoon for the upstate. upper 30's were the mountains. another cold night tonight. we will talk about how the temperatures start to come back to normal in the next few days in our next report. allyson: thank you, dell. several students in our area are on delay this morning due to ice on the roads. avery county schools and tri county christian school in spruce pine will be operating on a two hour delay. geoff: students in western north carolina were dismissed early yesterday for the first snow of the season. here's a look at some of the
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and for the first time, it looked like winter at cataloochee ski area. this is a drastic change from last week. on friday the ski area was bare, nothing but grass. then the chill came ski resorts started making snow. and yesterday so did mother , nature. >> the snow falling from the sky makes everything look pretty, lets you think it's winter. but we've already skied 32 days this year and we would've had our stuff on the ground and been open for skiing no matter what, geoff: the cold is expected to stick around for a little while. more conditions turned out throughout the morning. allyson: remember when snow hits, we have the latest weather updates including live radar on our wyff 4 app. the app is free to download and available in both apple and android app stores. president barack obama is taking aim at gun violence. the president is expected to announce that he will bypass congress and take executive action.
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the problem. geoff: he wants to end the so-called gun-show loophole. the president wants to require background checks be conducted on people who buy weapons at gun shows. and the fbi will hire 230 more examiners to process those extra background checks. also under the president's plan , $500 million would go toward mental health care access. michael slager is out of jail, and on house arrest. slager is the former north charleston police officer charged with killing an unarmed black man. allyson: yesterday a south , carolina judge set slager's bond at a half a million dollars. cell phone video showed slager shooting walter scott after he ran from a traffic stop. the judge also set slager's trial to begin a on he will october 31. remain under house arrest until then. geoff: pickens county is refusing to have coal ash dumped at its landfills. a company called mmr pickens entered into an agreement with the county in 2007. it would allow construction debris to go into a landfill near liberty. but officials learned the
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ash. county council voted no to it last night. the county will seek legal help, to fight it. allyson: to commitment republican presidential 2016, candidate donald trump released his first television campaign ad. titled great again, the 32nd clip focuses on islamic terrorists and immigration. for now it will air in iowa and , new hampshire. trump he has promised he will spend $2 million a week on the tv ads. geoff: graham will be in iowa this week to urge christians to vote. allyson: he wants christians to vote. he says he is not endorsing any candidates. furman political science professor danielle vinson says graham may be responding to a wide-spread frustration with politics felt among conservative christians. >> i think mostly to remind evangelicals that their votes are important. this has been a tough year for them politically.
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gay marriage and also the planned parenthood videos, with many of them wanting defunding for planned parenthood in this year's budget from congress and it didn't happen. allyson: franklin graham is scheduled to make stops in columbia on february 9, and in atlanta on february 10. for the first time since an october shooting that killed a k9 we are hearing from his handler. geoff: hyco was killed october in the line of duty in anderson 21 county. three people have been charged. his handler deputy brandon surratt had been with hyco for six years. hyco was not only his partner but a member of his family. >> he not only protected the community. he protected my kids, my wife. he was their protector. geoff: surratt says he is in full support of a bill in the works called hyco's and fargo's law. fargo was a k9 killed in richland county in 2011. the law would increase prison time for those who harm police animals from one to five years
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years. as part of the bill violators could also be charged a $20,000 fine. it is a $20 tool that could save your life in a flood and an upstate foundation would like to give you one. the alex holmes foundation purchased 600 swiss tech automobile emergency tools and will be giving them out saturday. the 3 inch tools will break car windows, cut seat belts and give you light to escape a vehicle caught in rising water. the foundation was started after alex holmes died in october's flood. >> she was always smiling, she was always happy. at thanksgiving, christmas she's the sister everybody looked forward to seeing because she just lit up the room. geoff: the giveaway will start saturday morning at 11:00 in the olive garden parking lot on laurens road in greenville. i was thinking recently about
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the river and the person of being able to get out. i have to get one of those. allyson: i have one of those, actually. they are very important. you don't realize it. geoff: you can't kick your window out. allyson: if this went -- weather continues, it will all be frozen. dale: isn't that something? we have temperatures in the teens and 20's across the region. it will climb into the 40's for the afternoon and upstate. upper 30's in the mountains. eight degrees below what we normally see this time of year. here is our current temperature from paris mountain. we are looking back to the city of greenville, 25 degrees with a northeast breeze at seven. no precipitation showing or expected today. we are going to stay dry. again, it is called. temperatures are really situated with that northeasterly breeze at 10-plus in the mountains. 23 national, 24 and hendersonville, 24 in greenwood.
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pickens at 24, walhalla at 30. williamston at 28. cold beginning to our day. bone and franklin are both at 17. -- boone at 17. it feels like single digits in boone with the windchill in greenville feels like 17. dress warmly as you head off to work and school. 39 in the upstate. a gradual climb as we get back to normal range by thursday. more clouds thursday, isolated showers possible. rain likely on friday. a good day saturday. another chance of showers on sunday into the weekend. geoff: a break in like n/ other. one family finds an unwanted guest in their basement allyson: a pizza price war is cooking.
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year's resolution. janet? cough if you can hear me. don't even think about it. i took mucinex dm for my phlegmy cough. yeah...but what about mike? it works on his cough too. cough! it works on his cough too. mucinex dm relieves wet and dry coughs for 12 hours. let's end this. allyson: 4:41 happening today. , a special inspection is scheduled for the oconee nuclear station after degraded power cables were discovered there. the nuclear regulatory committee will examine startup
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plant's three units today. officials had determined that cables linked to one of the units were in a degraded condition. all of the cables have now been repaired and the transformers are available for use if needed. the on-site portion of the inspection will take several days. geoff: police in myrtle beach are seeking funding to install license plate readers at entrances to the city. the readers would reportedly be in addition to a $2 million project to install 800 traffic cameras around the city. the license plate readers would snap photos of the license plates of passing cars. the system could then alert officers about cars wanted in criminal cases. the city council has asked for more details on the plans. allyson: the department of natural resources has raised money for a new observation deck in the sassafras mootain. there you can find the tallest point in south carolina at feet above sea level. 3583 officials say they've raised about $600,000.
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they say the next step is to bid the construction process. construction is slated to start in april or may. geoff: we are giving away look from each mountain ski resort where you can see they are making snow to hit the slopes later today. it is beginning to feel all alike winter. they'll will give you his update throughout the morning on conditions. it is really cold out there this morning. dale: the next couple of cold nights will be good for snow making. we will talk about when we see a gradual warm-up in a few minutes. after trying brookside chocolate, people talk about it online. love at first taste. i would liquefy it and bathe in it. curse you, brookside! your nefarious plans have succeeded. nefarious? are we still talking about chocolate? brookside.
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dale: good morning, the time is 4:46 as a lookout from our various skycam's. we have clear, cold conditions as we begin a new day. avery county schools are on a two hour delay because of slippery spots on mountain roads. we saw snow around the tennessee border mountains yesterday. it caused school closings. the delay we are hearing about this one for avery county. clear skies, cool conditions from the mountains to the coast.
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teens in franklin, andrew, and boone. 20's everywhere else. 26 in abbeville. spartanburg county, union, cherokee county, let's check on you. blacksburg at 26, gaffney number 29. 27 in inman. lower 20's from late word to -- lake luer to rutherfordton. we climb into the 30's -- 40's in the upstate but just the 30's in the mountains. that breeze of 10-13 feels colder, five and boone and 11 in asheville. dress warmly as you head outdoors. normally at this time of the year, we see a cold morning at 32 and a high of 52. today, we are a good bit colder for the morning and afternoon. the normal range for the mountains is usually 27-47. today, we are lucky to get up to 49 at the asheville airport. -- 39. called for a couple of days, then we see it warm up again as
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are back to normal temperature wise. as you can see, it is called for a good bit of the country early. the next 12 hours we will see temperatures struggle to get up to 44 for the upstate, 39 anticipated for the asheville-hendersonville area for a high today. as we look at tomorrow morning, very cold once again. teens and low 20's early, highs tomorrow, a couple of degrees better. back to normal on thursday. a slight chance of showers on thursday afternoon. a better chance of rain on friday with 50 -- actually 60, 70 percent chance good temperatures, 51-54, fairly typical at this time of year. saturday looks like a good day to get outdoors. another 50-50 chance on sunday. geoff: you are looking at a time lapse video of pinnacle in. conditions are changing quickly. allyson: 2015 was a record year
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the fbi says more than 23 million checks were conducted last year. they're done on all gun sales that go through a federally licensed dealer. december was the biggest month ever with more than 3 million checks. it also happened to be the same month that two terrorists shot and killed 14 people in san bernardino. >> the hammonds have turn themselves in. it's time for you to leave our community. allyson: dwight and steven hammond own land adjacent to the refuge. they were sentenced to federal prison for setting public land on fire. the hammond family has said the group does not speak on their behalf. yesterday the two men reported , to prison. meanwhile the occupiers say they , are prepared to stay for months, even years. geoff: vandals defaced the graves of several confederate soldiers at a north carolina cemetery. it happened at the oakwood cemetery in raleigh officials say at least nine
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they say they covered them up to hide the spray-painted messages. officials say the vandals caused about $20,000 worth of damages to the site. - next story - allyson, missing country singer craig strickland has been found dead. the 29-year-old and a friend went missing while duck hunting at an oklahoma lake, during a fierce winter storm. strickland's friend, chase morland, was found dead last monday at the lake. strickland was the lead singer in a country rock band called.backroad anthem. before the two left for their hunting trip, moreland tweeted, "in case we don't come back, craig and i are going through winter storm the life to kill ducks. ." geoff: take a look at this. large chunks of snow wounded two people after falling off a mosque in north-eastern turkey. the accident happened on one of the busy streets in a town near
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footage shows snow and ice raining on people below. some were were briefly buried in the snow and had to be rescued. allyson: travel troubles in portland. after a weekend of snow. snow and ice piled up over the weekend. making roads slick and sometimes dangerous. conditions were complicated by strong winds. more snow and sleet, along with possible freezing rain is in the forecast for the portland and vancouver metro area. unusual drop-in guest, at a family's home in idaho. geoff: the family was home when this elk showed up inside the basement last week. 600 pounds. it apparently fell through a window into the downstairs living room. the elk suffered a minor cut to the neck that was ok otherwise. authorities arrived a short time later. did he play a little cool fell? -- did he late -- did he pill a a little geoff: the numbers are now out,
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allyson: adele's album close out the year with nearly 7.5 million copies sold. adele's album was just released on november 20, so it sold all those copies in only six weeks. the british singer starts her world tour in february. the north american tour begins in july. geoff: she is amazing, isn't she? this may wipe out your new year's resolution real quick. it appears to be a pizza war. pizza hut and papa john's are beginning the new year with new low-priced offers. pizza hut is offering customers the chance to buy a medium pizza with one topping for $5 as long as they buy at least one other item also for $5. as long as they buy at least one other item, also for five dollars. papa john's is offering customers who buy a large pizza at regular price the chance to buy a second for only $.50. ricardo: clemson returns to the practice field today as it gets
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championship game against alabama next monday. the tide were on the practice field on monday, and their number one focus right now, is trying to find a way to stop heisman finalist deshaun deshaun watson. >> he is a very athletic quarterback. definitely, again, we're going to look at it and see how we handle situations, we will get a lot of pressure on him. ricardo: the head coach commented him saying he is the they have faced a long time. meanwhile, clemson defensive end shaq lawson practiced monday, and head coach dabo swinney said he's optimistic. next monday. the former daniel high standout loss. will muschamp's coaching staff is complete at south carolina. the gamecocks officially announcing the hire of kurt coordinator and quarterbacks
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roper served as muschamp's in 2014, before joining the season. roper and former georiga interim head coach bryan mcclendon will share play calling duties. allyson: he is a familiar face in the greenville county school district. now,e is heading to the today show.
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dale: good morning to you, 4:57 is the time. here's a look from gibbs field to the city of spartanburg. it is clear, cold, 27 degrees this morning. cold will be the story for everybody heading off to work and school. grab the warm jacket. breeze may not be as stout as it was yesterday. still a 10-15 mile per hour breeze will make it feel colder. greenville, spartanburg, anderson starting out in the 20's. we'll get to 44 for the ride home. still cooler than normal for this time of year. mountains in the teens will reach upper 30's at best for the afternoons. sunny, breezy, chillier than normal day today. we see a gradual warm-up tomorrow and a slight chance of showers thursday. friday may be a rainy day. we don't have to worry about snow. avery county schools on a two
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of slippery roads. geoff: a possibility of ice. period a greenville county schools administrator might be at the golden globes sunday. allyson: but first, he has to win his spot on the today show. he will compete with two others to win a spot at the golden globes for his daughter and him. he will appear on the today show this friday between 7:00 and 9:00. don alewine got the call friday while hiking with his daughter. so how did don make it to the final three? a great picture, and a witty entry. >> they told me i could wear whatever i wanted to. i said one does not go to the golden globes in whatever. so i got a nice tuxedo ready. >> or you taking selfies with everyone? >> yes. because they say go to the bathroom where you meet the most people. geoff: was an opportunity. -- what an opportunity.
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geoff: he sounds like quite a character. we will be following that and tell you how it goes. allyson: wyff news 4 today continues right now. >> live, local, breaking news. high definition. geoff: new this morning. all lanes are back open after a police-involved shooting on a busy california freeway. artyom gasparyan led the los angeles police on a wild chase monday. he is wanted for murder, carjacking, and robbery in two separate california areas. during the chase, gasparyan drove on the wrong side of the interstate and crashed into a car. the suspect was shot and wounded as he ran away from police. he is now in critical condition. allyson: for the first time it's beginning to look and feel like winter. several students are on delay this morning due to ice on the
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geoff: for the first time since a shooting that killed his canine, we are hearing the tragedy from his handler. allyson: let's check in with dale. you set a couple of people on a two hour delay. dale: avery county school. we have had some excitement yesterday. some snowfall in the mountains. it is clear and cool this warning for no precipitation to deal with. watch out for slippery roads in avery county. here is a look at live super doppler 4 hd for the nation. high pressure in control, cold nights, cool days will be the story the next couple of days. teens in boone, franken, angers. look at greenwood, currently 23 degrees. let's check on other communities in the southern piedmont. mourns at 27, abbeville at 26. -- laurens at 27. everyone needs a warm coat early. by the afternoon, we see these temperatures reach low 30's for
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upstate and upper 30's for the mountains.
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