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upstate and upper 30's for the mountains. even a five mile per hour breeze makes it feels like 18 in spartanburg and wind chill for greenville is 19 run up your dress warmly. we will talk about how the day gets warmer as the week goes on in the next report. allyson: several students in our area are on delay this morning due to ice on the roads. avery county schools and tri county christian school in spruce pine will be operating on a two hour delay. geoff: the threat of ice, of course. students in western north carolina were dismissed early yesterday for the first snow of the season. here's a look at some of the snow from haywood county. and for the first time, it looked like winter at period cataloochee ski area. this is a drastic change from last week. on friday the ski area was bare, then the chill came ski resorts started making snow. and yesterday so did mother , nature. >> the snow falling from the sky makes everything look pretty, lets you think it's winter. but we've already skied 32 days
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our stuff on the ground and been open for skiing no matter what. geoff: we are in a part of the world where you drive a couple of hours of the conditions are so cold. it is expected to stick around for a little while. dale's forecast calls for temperatures in the lower 20's . remember when snow hits, we have , the latest weather updates including live radar on our wyff 4 app. the app is free to download and available in both apple and android app stores. president barack obama is taking aim at gun violence. today the president will , announce that he is bypassing congress and taking executive action. steps that he believes will curb the problem. allyson: he will end the so-called gun-show loophole. it would require background checks be conducted on people who buy weapons at gun shows. and the fbi will hire 230 more examiners to process those extra background checks. the move follows a deadly year of mass shootings across the country. gun rights advocates and republican presidential
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president's move. >> we view this as lawless. he's circumventing the congress; , he's circumventing the constitution to restrict the rights of law abiding americans. marco rubio: he's obsessed with undermining the 2nd amendment. allyson: and also under president's plan $500 million would go toward mental health care access. geoff: michael slager is out of jail, and on house arrest. he is the former north charleston police officer black man. allyson: yesterday. a south carolina judge set slager's bond at a half a million dollars. cell phone video showed slager shooting walter scott after he ran from a traffic stop. the judge also set slager's trial to begin he will remain october 31. under house arrest until then. pickens county is refusing to have coal ash dumped at its landfills. a company called mmr pickens entered into an agreement with the county in 2007. it would allow construction debris to go into a landfill near liberty. but officials learned the company now wants to dump coal
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county council voted no to it last night. the county will seek legal help, to fight it. geoff: turning to commitment 2016. republican presidential candidate donald trump released his first television campaign ad. titled great again, the 32nd clip focuses on islamic terrorists and immigration. for now. it will air in iowa and new hampshire. trump says he will spend $2 million a week on the t.v. ads. allyson: franklin graham will be in iowa today to start his 50 state tour. he's urging christians to vote. geoff: the tour is called decision america. graham has left the republican party. though he wants christians to vote, he says he's not endorsing any candidates. furman political science professor danielle vinson says graham may be responding to a wide-spread frustration with politics felt among conservative christians. >> i think mostly to remind evangelicals that their votes are important. this has been a tough year for them politically.
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gay marriage and also the planned parenthood videos, with many of them wanting defunding for planned parenthood in this year's budget from congress and it didn't happen. geoff: franklin graham is scheduled to make stops in columbia and south carolina on and in atlanta on february 10. february 9 for the first time since an october shooting that killed a k9 we are hearing from his handler. allyson: hyco was killed october in the line of duty in anderson 21 county. three people have been charged. his handler deputy brandnd surratt had been with hyco for six years. hycocoas not only his partner but a member of his family. >> my 4-year-old made the statement just a couple of weeks ago. she said, daddy i want to throw , a rope up to heaven and i want to pull hyco back downwnere. allyson: surratt says he is in full support of a bill in the law. fargo was a k9 killed in richland county in 2011. the law would increase prison time for those who harm police
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to a mandatory sentence of two years. as part of the bill violators could be charged a $20,000 fine. geoff: it is a tool that could $20 save your life in a flood and an upstate foundation would like to give you one. the alex holmes foundation purchased 600 swiss tech automobile emergency tools and will be giving them out saturday. the 3 inch tools will break car windows, cut seat belts and give you light to escape a vehicle caught in rising water. the foundation was started after alex holmes died in october's flood. >> this tool, like i said we , tested them out and it was easy to use and it shattered the glass. i am confident in saying had she had on of these in her car that she would still be with us. geoff: the giveaway will start saturday morning at 11:00 in the
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allyson: we're just one week away from clemson's chance to win it all so we're going back in time. when the 1981 football team won the national championship. clemson sports information director tim bourret was with the athletic department back then, too. he even kept a memento of the season a ticket from the game. ,the cost back then is $15. now the cheapest ticket we could , find costs for the $50. the size of the press guides has also changed. >> basically, all the info that's in here started out on my electric typewriter and mr. bradley's electric typewriter . allyson: bourret also kept newspapers from the orange bowl win back then. when he looks at them he says he thinks about the excitement everyone felt winning the national championship that first time. geoff: there is a lot of excitement and tell your town. six days away and an opportunity to something you haven't done in over 30 years. it would shock the nation as so
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they have played the underdog role many times the season. dale: they have picked the opponent and every game, haven't they? we are open for that, again. at 5:08, we check out what is going on from our various skycam spirit clear, cold conditions across the area. morning. temperatures have fallen down into the teens in the mountains, 20's across the upstate. the doppler. yesterday afternoon, we were watching flurries of snow in the mountains of north carolina. late morning, school cancellations or closings, sending the kids home early. today, it is just cold and breezy across the region. franklin at 16. andrews, franklin, western north cacolina, see what kinds of conditions we have. 17 in robbinsville, hazel, 16 in bryson city. cold all around the mountains.
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more like single digits at times with those 10 mile-per-hour winds. across the upstate, temperatures in the 20's feel like teens in greenville, spartanburg with a light breeze blowing. nature sure the kids are just warmly as they head off for school here in --. 17 in the mountains, 23 in the upstate. a gets better for 40's for an afternoon high. thursday, we see highs of 53, back to normal. slight chance of showers on thursday. friday could be a rainy day with highs in the low 50's. saturday should be a good day to get outdoors. sunday, a 50/50 chance of rain. no snow, just rain in the forecast by the end of the week. allyson: taking a look at sapphire valley ski resort through they are making the slope available for skiers later today. we will keep you updated on our
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geoff: happening today. a special inspection is scheduled for the oconee nuclear station after degraded power cables were discovered there. the nuclear regulatory committee will examine startup transformers for two of the plant's three units today. officials had determined that cables linked to one of the units were in a degraded condition. all of the cables have now been repaired and the transformers are available for use if needed. the on-site portion of the
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days. allyson: police in myrtle beach are seeking funding to install license plate readers at entrances to the city. the readers would reportedly be in addition to a $2 million project to install 800 traffic cameras around the city. the license plate readers would snap photos of the license plates of passing cars. the system could then alert officers about cars wanted in criminal cases. the city council has asked for more details on the plans. geoff: the department of natural resources has raised money for a new observation deck in the sassafras mountain. there you can find the tallest point in south carolina at feet above sea level. 3553 officials say they've raised about $600,000. to build a 12 foot platform. they say the next step is to bid the construction process.
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in april or may. allyson: we all remember the miss universe mishap. next how the the runner up. miss colombia feels about the blunder. dale: we will talk about how the rest of the week will be like in a few minutes. i get out of work and i go to the store, and somebody's, smellin' around, "mmm! i smell cookies." i say, "oh no, you just smell me. i just got out of work. that's honey bunches of oats, that's all."
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dale: it is 5:17 and cold as we look out from our skycam's this mine. clear conditions, no new precipitation falling. they got exciting with snow that came down in the mountains yesterday causing some slippery road concerns and early dismissals for students and north carolina. temperatures this morning have gotten cold. they have dropped down into the teens and franklin and andrews. it is in the 20's from abbeville to greenville this morning. let's check on some of the communities in anderson, oconee, pickens, see what the temperatures are like. city of pickens just dropped to 21. 23 and easily.
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it is colder in belton, where it is 25, presently. it feels colder with the breeze blowing at 5-6 miles per hour. laurens, spartanburg, asheville, boone, more like 7-10. feeling like 18 and spartanburg. dress warmly as you -- the kids heading out to school, they have to have goes on this morning. by the afternoon, these cold morning temperatures will rebound a little. just getting into the 40's for the upstate, staying in the 30's in the mountains. most of the country is feeling like winter today. we will get back to normal by the end of the week. actually, by thursday, we will be back into the 50's were afternoon highs. if you are heading 10 to the beach, saturday or sunday, a chance of showers both days. temperatures will at least three in the 60's. here is how it will be the rest of the day today. 43, 44 may be the best we get up to between two and five. asheville seeing temperatures cold this morning, reaching upper 30's for the afternoon. in the four-day plus forecast,
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that to normal range on thursday with a slight chance of showers and friday looks to be a best chance for rain this week. saturday looks good, cool in the morning, not as cold is what we will see the next couple of mornings. highs of 58, 61 saturday. another chance of showers on sunday. geoff: yancey county and mitchell county on two-hour delays. it's not the way wall street was hoping to ring in a new year of trading. stocks sank as part of a global sell-off yesterday. the 3 major indices all took significant hits with the dow and the nasdaq slumping by triple digits. that officially is the worst opening day in 84 years. the huge drop is blamed on new signs of weakness in china's economy, and fears the escalating tensions between saudi arabia and iran could bring a spike in oil prices. but yesterday's oil prices actually closed even lower.
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price at the pump will get even lower clacks i'm enjoying it. i always had to get premium so i have to make sure it is as cheap as possible so i can keep writing longer. geoff:allyson: a police-involved shooting on a busy california freeway shutdown all lanes. artyom gasparyan led the los angeles police on a wild chase monday. he is wanted for murder, carjacking, and robbery in two separate california areas. during the chase, gasparyan drove on the wrong side of the interstate and crashed into a car. the suspect was shot and wounded as he ran away from police. many cars are stuck on the freeway as authorities continue to search for the suspect. he is in critical condition. that is incorrect. geoff: right now, armed protestors continue to occupy a remote national wildlife refuge in oregon. this even though the two local
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turned themselves in yesterday. >> the hammonds have turned themselves in, and it's time for you to leave our community. geoff: dwight and steven hammond own land adjacent to the refuge. they were sentenced to federal prison for setting public land on fire. the hammond family has said the group does not speak on their behalf. yesterday the two men reported to prison. meanwhile the occupiers say they , are prepared to stay for months even years. allyson: vandals defaced the graves of several confederate soldiers at a north carolina cemetery. it happened at the oakwood cemetery in raleigh officials say at least nine monuments were vandalized. they say they covered them up to hide the spray-painted messages. officials say the vandals caused about $20,000 worth of damages to the site. allyson: take a look at this. large chunks of snow wounded two people after falling off a mosque in north-eastern turkey.
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the busy streets in a town near the black sea. security camera footage shows snow and ice raining on people below. some were were briefly buried in the snow and had to be rescued. geoff: remarkable that it was only two people. travel troubles in portland. after a weekend of snow. snow and ice piled up over the weekend. making roads slick and sometimes dangerous. conditions were complicated by strong winds. more snow and sleet, along with possible freezing rain is in the forecast for the portland and vancouver metro area. unusual drop-in guest, at a family's home in idaho. allyson: literally a drop in guest. the family was home when this elk showed up inside the basement last week. 600 pounds. apparently, he fell through a window well into the downstairs living room. the elk did suffer a minor cut to the neck. but he was ok. authorities arrived a short time later to coax the elk back into the wilderness. geoff: all's well that ends well. nearly 20,000 people are petitioning the president. to pardon a convicted killer
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documentary series. the show, making a murderer focuses on the trial and , conviction of steven avery and his nephew. a jury found the two guilty of the 2005 murder of. teresa halbach in wisconsin. both men maintain their innocence. the series raises many questions about the evidence used to convict the men. if that petition garners 100,000 signatures by january 19, the white house will have to respond. allyson: chemistry textbooks are officially out of date as four new elements will soon be added to the scientific periodic table. elements 113, 115, 117 and 118 have been formally recognized by the u.s.-based world authority on chemistry. it's the first time the table has been updated since 2011. geoff: 5:23 as we take a look at our news four timeline on this
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on this day in 2002, a 15-year-old student pilot deliberately crashed a small plane into a skyscraper in tampa, florida. the crash came just 4 months after the 9-11 attacks. allyson: charles bishop was flying solo and died in the crash. bishop flew the cessna over the air base that commanded the war on terror, enroute to the skyscraper. geoff: taking a look from our hilton-greenville skycam this morning, dale talking about temperatures in the 20's. when you add in the windchill to that, it is in the teens. more from dell throughout the morning. >> as armed protesters continue to occupy a wildlife refuge in eastern oregon the sheriff here , is sending a stern message saying it is time for them to , leave this community. so what happens next? i'm nbc's joe fryer, we'll have
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morning on today. >> now, your live super doppler 4 hd forecast. dale: good morning. 5:28. we have yancy and avery county confirmed on to our delays as more information comes in. all across the upstate, no problems on the roads. just cold. have a warm coat as you head outdoors. temperatures have dropped down into the 20's. 23 in greenville feels colder with a breeze. it will get up to 44 today, so a good day for a warm jacket. 19 in asheville. by the afternoon, it reaches 30 94. temperatures on the chilly side for today and tomorrow. time for dale's school salute and we have buena vista elementary. mrs. huguet's first grade class came back to school and made
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year. getting back into the swing of things that buena vista elementary. thank you for sending that in. we would love to have a picture from your class, just take the creative photo anytime and send it to us by ulocal and we will share it. geoff: maybe we will have students and classes extending out in snow. in this morning's buzz, we all remember the miss universe blunder. allyson: miss philippines is miss universe 2015, but host steve harvey misnamed the winner as miss colombia. now, miss colombia is speaking publicly about the mishap. >> i'm trying to recall the experience. what it was like for me onstage. i think i had my moment and i'm ok with it. he actually went up to me
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i accept his apology, and i think that speaks very highly of his character. geoff: that is miss philippines who is miss universe now, and she says despite the mishaps she , believes he should return to host the show next year. which is nice to hear. allyson: that is a good nature. geoff: if he had announced miss philippines, then miss colombia, nobody would have even said anything beyond that. it is almost like people recognize her as much as miss philippines. in that way, it worked out well from his columbia. allyson: bottom line, we make mistakes. geoff: we will try not to make any as our news continues. [captioning made possible by wyff-tv] [captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy.
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