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allyson: happening today, evangelist in graham begin a tour, urging christians to vote. geoff: also, president obama taking aim at gun violence. today, they share the steps he is taking to reduce gun violence. allyson: it is beginning to look and feel like winter. several students on delayed due to icy roads. geoff: here in the weather center with dale and it is chilly out there. dale: windchill factors coming into play. the two-hour delay avery schools . clear in the southeast and morning temperatures right now in the 20's all across the upstate. teens and 20's in north
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you take a five to 10 to 14 mile per hour breeze and it feels like three in boone, 15 and asheville, 19 in greenville and 18 and spartanburg. dress warmly. by the afternoon, it reaches into the low 40's for the upstate and upper 30's for the mountain. colder than normal day-to-day and tomorrow will be the same and get back to normal by the end of the week. allyson: taking a look at our anderson skycam. no icy roads in the upstate, but be careful in yancy or avery county with the two-hour delay. he will have traffic in a little bit. several students in our area are on delay this morning due to ice on the roads. yancey county schools, avery county schools and tri county christian school in spruce pine will be operating on a two hour delay. geoff: several students in western north carolina were dismissed early yesterday for the first snow of the season. here's a look at some of the snow from haywood county.
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looked like winter at cataloochee ski area. wyff news 4's aly myles joining us by phone this morning. aly: good morning. i can tell you what the drive. we came from greenville to maggie valley and it is a very good thing that it has not rained these last couple of days because i have not seen the temperature in the cargo above freezing at all. it was 25 when we left and currently, 16 degrees. i think we all know how i feel about cold weather if you have watched the show. it is not my favorite, but we just drove past and we are trying to get our equipment to get up and running in the next few minutes. i am looking at snow machines right now. they are making snow, finally cold enough to do it. even though i am not the biggest
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people who will be super excited to see that happen. yesterday, mother nature coming through. listen to this. >> the snow falling frfr the sky makes everything look pretty, but you think it is winter, so we have rd -- so we would have rd had our stuff on the ground of matter what. aly: the cold is expected to stick around for a little while. you heard dale a few minutes ago with temperatures in the lower 20's later on. we will get you some video and show you with the snow makers are looking like. it does look like a winter wonderland. not so much on the roads, but in the places where they like to make snow. live and maggie valley, aly myles and back to you. geoff: you would think she would
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allyson: remember, when the snow does hit, we have the latest updates, including live radar on our wyff 4 app. the app is free to download and available in both apple and android app stores. geoff: president obama is taking aim at gun violence. today, the president is expected to announce that he will bypass congress and take executive action, steps that he believes will curb the problem. allyson: he wants to end the so-called gun-show loophole. the president wants to require background checks be conducted on people who buy weapons at gun shows, and the fbi will hire 230 more examiners to process those extra background checks. the move follows a deadly year of mass shootings across the country. gun rights advocates and republican presidential candidates blasted the president's move. >> we view this as lawless. he's circumventing the congress. he's circumventing the constitution to restrict the rights of law abiding americans. >> he's obsessed with undermining the 2nd amendment. allyson: also under the president's plan, $500 million would go toward mental health care access.
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jail and on house arrest. slager is the former north charleston police officer charged with killing an unarmed black man. allyson: yesterday, a south carolina judge set slager's bond at a half a million dollars. cell phone video showed slager shooting walter scott after he ran from a traffic stop. the judge also set slager's trial to begin october 31. he will remain under house arrest until then. geoff: pickens county is refusing to have coal ash dumped at its landfills. a company called mmr pickens entered into an agreement with the county in 2007. it would allow construction debris to go into a landfill near liberty, but officials learned the company now wants to dump coal ash. county council voted no to it last night. the county will seek legal help to fight it. allyson: commitment 2016, republican presidential candidate donald trump released his first television campaign ad titled "great again." the 30-second clip focuses on islamic terrorists and immigration. for now, it will air in iowa and
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trump has promised he will spend $2 million a week on the t.v. ads. franklin graham will be in iowa today to start his 50 state tour. geoff: he's urging christians to vote. the tour is called decision america. graham has left the republican party. though he wants christians to vote, he says he's not endorsing any candidates. franklin graham is scheduled to make stops in columbia on february 9, and in atlanta, on february 10. for the first time since an october shooting that killed a k9, we are hearing from his handler. allyson: hyco was killed october 21 in the line of duty in anderson county. three people have been charged. his handler deputy brandon surratt had been with hyco for six years. hyco was not only his partner but a member of his family. >> i don't think there is a day that goes by that they don't ask my about hyco. he is the best partner you could ever ask for. they are always there for you
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any hesitation. allyson: surratt says he is in full support of a bill in the works called hyco's and fargo's law. fargo was a k9 killed in richland county in 2011. the law would increase prison time for those who harm police animals from one to five years to a mandatory sentence of two years. as part of the bill, violators could also be charged a 20,000 dollar fine. geoff: we don't really think of them as being a pat, but that family in the picture with his daughter. it brings it all home. allyson: that is hard. geoff: all right, dale. dale: everybody is saying woah as they step out the doors. not as windy as yesterday. today, it is calm in laurens but 20's all across the area. even teens in western north
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let's take a look at live super doppler 4 hd. no precipitation from the mountains all the way down to the coast. we will stay dry. because of slippery spots, we have heard from yancey and avery schools on two-hour delays. 16 to 18 this morning in franklin and andrews. low 20's across the good bit of the upstate. it feels colder when the breeze blows. wind chill for bayonne is eight, greenville and spartanburg deal like they are in the teens. we will stay try through tomorrow. temperatures still below normal, typically low 50's with the upstate and upper 40's for the mountains. we get back to that by thursday. ride it is the best chance for rain, still in the low 50's, -- friday is the best chance for rain, still in the low 50's. sunday, low-to-mid 50 range. a 50-50 chance of rain.
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chris i'm chris jansing at the : white house. a big announcement from the president in the east room today. he's going to be talking about guns and what he plans to do in terms of executive orders to fight gun violence. no approval needed from congress, but it's setting off a political firestorm. there will be much more ahead on
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of pressure on him. crimson tide know who to stop. albama head coach nick saban complemeted deshuan watson, saying he's the best dual threat quarterback they've faced in a long time. meanwhile clemson defensive end , shaq lawson practiced monday, and head coach dabo swinney said he's optimistic the central native will play next monday. lawson sprained his mcl in the first half of the orange bowl against oklahoma. the former daniel high standout leads the nation in tackles for loss. will muschamp's coaching staff is complete at south carolina. the gamecocks officially announcing the hire of kurt roper as co-offensive
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roper served as muschamp's offensive coordinator at florida in 2014 before joining the cleveland browns staff last season. roper and former georiga interim head coach bryan mcclendon will share play calling duties. geoff: thank you. the refrigerator that resembles a smartphone? you will not believe what it is capable of. dale: it feels like a refrigerator outdoors this morning.
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what if the sweet stevia leaf was discovered... ...before the sugarcane. and everything had fewer calories. truvia.
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>> now, your live super doppler 4 hd forecast. dale: good morning. at five: 47, a good bit of traffic inbound on 385. we have clear, cold conditions and no precipitation falling today. late morning yesterday, the snow came down in the mountains and early dismissals occurred in counties because of slippery roads. we have heard from yancey and
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delays on the higher mountain roads. it is 17 and boone, 16 in franklin, 18 and andrews. across ththupstate and piedmont, 23 and greenwood, 25 and greenville. caesar's head at 23, simpsonville and fountain inn at 26. any breeze will make it feel colder. not as windy as yesterday. five to six mile per hour breeze makes the windchill feel like it is in the teens. and feels like eight degrees this morning. -- boone feels like eight degrees this morning. it gets up to 44 today in the upstate. average with the mountains is 47. today, 39 may be the best.
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a few flurries of snow in the rockies, action in canada, but that is all we are seeing in terms of precipitation. cold and clear conditions and high pressure dominates our weather for a couple more days and we start to see clouds return on thursday. low 40's for the upstate, upper 30's for the mountains for highs today. tomorrow, we had a couple of degrees and get into the mid to upper 40's. by thursday, back to normal temperature wise with a slight chance of showers thursday afternoon and that increases to showers likely on friday. a break on saturday and another chance for showers on sunday. geoff: thank you. here are some headlines you'll want to follow today, a gunman remains on the loose in tel aviv. the deadly daytime shooting at a popular bar on a busy street has become among the most unsettling attacks in israel in a three-month wave of violence. plus, no rush to retake the oregon wildlife refuge from armed activists. no one has been hurt in the faceoff, and no one's being held hostage.
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broaden gun background checks today. the initiative is just one of many gun-control measures the president plans to take on in his final year in office. 2015 was a record year for gun background checks. allyson: the fbi says more than 23 million checks were conducted last year. they're done on all gun sales that go through a federally licensed dealer. december was the biggest month ever with more than three million checks. it also happened to be the same month that two terrorists shot and killed 14 people in san bernardino. illinois sheep, who missed seven years of haircuts, finally got sheared. geoff: sheila the sheep escaped from an australian farm seven years ago. she has been roaming forests for years before being captured in tasmania last week. once she was caught, sheila finally got that much-needed and very overdue haircut. the ewe is now almost 50 pounds
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geoff: take a look at this. it's a tablet, it's a giant cell phone. no, it's a refrigerator. this four-door smart fridge is the latest from samsung. the company released photos of its new gadget at the consumer electronics show in las vegas. the family hub fridge includes a nearly two-foot touchscreen. it's equipped with internet-connected cameras that let you view what's inside [laughter] allyson: what? geoff: the concept fridge doesn't have a price-tag yet. i am worn out from opening those doors, and i just look inside? allyson: l.g. will announce the new top of the line t.v. at this week's consumer electronics show. the company says it is about to go into production. l.g. calls it super ultra high definition -- that is not good news for me and you -- and it will have four times the
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geoff: 98 inch television, hello. allyson: this may wipe out your new year's resolution quick. it appears to be a pizza war. pizza hut and papa john's are beginning the new year with new low-priced offers. pizza hut is offering customers the chance to buy a medium pizza with one topping for $5 as long as they buy at least one other item also for $5. papa john's is offering customers who buy a large pizza at regular price the chance to buy a second for only 50 cents. the numbers are in and if there was any doubt, it is official. geoff: adele's album 25 is the biggest seller of 2015. according to billboard, 25 closed out the year with nearly seven 1/2 million copies sold. adele's album was just released on november 20, so it sold all those copies in only six weeks. the british singer starts her world tour in february. the north american tour begins in july. at least eight people were injured during an annual running
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awry in peru. participants and onlookers ran for cover as angry bulls charged at crowds and into the adjacent food stands. people tried to assist the injured as bulls tossed men into the air and against nearby vehicles. the event, where bulls are released into an open field, is part of a four-day religious festival held between december 30 and january 2. that got out of control. allyson: goodness. well, one greenville girl showed that hurt christmas spirit got her much back in return. geoff: new at 6:00 this morning, an update on olympic operations
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when we go to the store, i find my box of honey bunches of oats and i'm checking to see if i packaged it. best cereal in the world right there.
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>> now, your live super doppler
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dale: good morning. we look out back to the city of greenville, clear and cold. 26 degrees in the wind has calmed down. today, it is cold enough without the wind, but we do have flight breezes and it will be -- we do have a light breezes and it will be a few degrees colder than that the monitor. no new precipitation. the couple of counties in north carolina, enc and avery that may be on to our delays. -- yancy and avery that may be on to our delays. eight degrees below normal. 19 this morning in the mountains, climbing to 39. chilly day today for kids waiting at the bus stop. on.
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come down and flurries in north carolina yesterday, the first of the season. geoff: it has arrived. thank you. the christmas season is winding down for many of us, but for a little greenville girl, christmas is a state of mind a time of giving that lasts and lasts. allyson: meet 8-year-old ellery bean owen. her 3-year-old sister shelby has juvenile rheumatoid arthritis and is being helped at shriner's hopsital for children in greenville. this year for christmas, ellery asked for two things. money to donate to shriner's and a sewing machine, but santa had room in his sleigh for just one item. the money and he had a big choice for ellery. >> i could either spend the money for myself, and get a sewing machine, or i could give it to shriners hospital for children. >> so what did you decide? >> to give it to this very hospital. i wanted other kids to be like my sister shelby. i wanted them to run jump and play. allyson: news of ellery's gift has gotten out and people have stepped forward to offer her
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hopes people will do what she did and give the money to the shriners hospital for children in greenville. she says she got her dearest wish. a little sister who could walk and run with her. geoff: what a great story. dale: good for her. allyson: that makes me almost tear up. geoff: kids the out a lot of things it takes adults long time to figure out sometimes. incredible story. let's get to the morning headlines. allyson: ski resorts making snow this morning. on the left, will fridge ski lodge, on the right, sapphire valley. parts of western north carolina some flurries and the potential for icy roads has created some delays. geoff: those include avery and yancey county schools and
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allyson: right now, just playing cold outside in the upstate. dale, 20's? dale: yes, most of the area in the 20's with a few teams. no new precipitation. those cold winds will make it feel chilly. this morning, asheville currently at 23 and it is actually 21. a cold the beginning to the day. low to mid 20's for good bit of the region. by the afternoon, about eight degrees cooler from what we normally see. wind not as strong as yesterday, but a five to nine mile per hour breeze can make it feel like 13 and it feels in the low 20's across the good bit of the upstate. expected highs typically reaching 52, but just getting up to 44.
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rain could come in a few minutes.
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