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tv   Late Night With Seth Meyers  NBC  January 6, 2016 12:37am-1:37am EST

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[ cheers and applause ] >> announcer: from 30 rockefeller plaza in new york, it's "late night with seth meyers." tonight -- samuel l. jackson guest comedy group, the kids in the hall. marvel comics editor, sana amanat. featuring the 8g band with matt sorum. [ cheers and applause ] ladies and gentlemen, seth meyers! >> seth: good evening. i'm seth meyers. this is "late night." how is everybody doing tonight? [ cheers and applause ] so very happy to hear that. let's get to the news. president obama this afternoon said that guns should come with h new safety devices because if a kid can't open aspirin, they shouldn't be able to pull a trigger. and the gun lobby plans to
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bottles easier to open. [ laughter ] fact-checkers are taking issue with donald trump's first campaign ad released yesterday, which uses footage of people storming a border in morocco, not mexico, when discussing illegal immigratatn. trump apologized and re-released the ad with new footage. [ applause ] he doesn't often admit he's wrong. after being confronted yesterday by a homosexual protester on whether being gay is a choice, dr. ben carson said that's a long conversation. of c crse, for him, "hello i'm ben carson" is a long conversation. [ laughter ] hello. [ laughter ] i'm -- [ laughter ] you know the rest. democratic presidential hopeful
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event in iowa last week that had only one person in attendance. and i think we actually have a picture of the attendee. [ laughter ] this is bad form. come on. got to be classier than that. a recent study found that men with erectile dysfunctctn have a 70% increased risk for premature death. said men with erectile dysfunction, "that's fine." [ laughter ] a new company is offering customers a chance to cut their hotel bills in half if they are willing to share their room with a stranger. the company is called "jose cuervo." [ laughter ] [ cheers and applause ] that's right. they'll cut your hotel bills in half if you share your room with a stranger. for more information on the deal, tune into next week's "dateline nbc."
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hotel room. what she got was an early checkout. [ laughter ] and the next night she checked in -- to a coffin. [ laughter ] researchers have recently found that binge watching tv shows can raies the risk of chrinic disease and early death. said binge-watchers, "hey, no spoilers." [ laughter ] electronics company lg has developed a new line of refrigerators that can open automatically. "great!" said dogs. [ laughter ] that's right, they're making refrigerators that can open automatically, just what americans were having trouble with. getting into refrigerators. [ laughter ] video has surfaced of employees of a southern california pizza hut smoking marijuana on the job during new year's eve. which explains why every pizza
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had two slices left. "i don't know what happened. it's not on me. that's how they made the pizza. [ laughter ] do you want it or not? i could go back and get a full pizza. but it's going to take like an hour and forty five minutes." and finally, los angeles is now home to free the nipple yoga, which is a special yoga class that encourages women to go topless and makes it impossible for men to have a downward-facing dog. ladies and gentlemen! we have a great show for you tonight! [ cheers and applause ] from quentin tarantino's new film, "the hateful eight," samuel l. jackson is in the house tonight! [ cheers and applause ] also, this is very exciting for me. the legendary sketch comedy group, "the kids in the hall" is in the house tonight. [ cheers and applause ] when i was in college, i
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19 -- summmm, i want to say, of 1994. and i worked in the on-air promo department, and we got all the dvds or i'm sorry, the cassette tapes. i can't even remember -- the vhss and we would watch -- i watched the whole season -- season five of "the kids in the hall" at work. summer internship watching "the kids in the hall." and i remember this, because when i finished that summer internship, i went to my boss and said, "hey, could i ever come to you as a reference?" and he said, "you could, but what i would tell anyone is that not doing your job, but just watching 'the kids in the hall' episodes." [ laughter ] and i remember saying, "well, [ laughter ] and he said, "yeah, i wouldn't either." [ laughter ] so i do blame them for that. here. and this is really exciting for she is the director of content this is the first time we have had a director of content and character development at our show.
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sana amanat is here tonight. [ cheers and applause ] she is a fascinating person and i can't wait to talk to her. but -- and i do apologize, everybody, i'm still working through my vacation cold. and i know some people watch and go, "wow, that guy must have partied." my wife is pregnant. i did not party. this is just a cold from being around other sick sons of bitches my whole vacation. but here at "late night," we just love slogans. they're so much fun. for example, bounty's slogan is "the quicker picker upper." and believe me we are talking fast when it comes to bounty. kit kat's slogan, "break me off a piece of that kit kat bar." yes, please do. i would loveve piece. but we think why should only products have slogans, everything can benefit from one. so we came up with some for you in a segment we call "new slogans." [ cheers and applause ] >> seth: let's start with a slogan for noise machines. "noise machines: the only choice when you absolutely must fall
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[ laughter ] nothing says sweet dreams like the guttural moans of a whale. next we have the walmart jewelry counter. let's see the slogan. "walmart jewelry counter: this will just make her angrier." [ laughter ] [ applause ] you don't like it? because if you don't like it, i also bought a bucket and some tires. next we have a slogan for subway poles. let's see it. "subway poles: stripper poles for germs." [ laughter ] coming to the stage next is streptococcus. give it up for streptococcus. next we have a slogan for body wash. let's see it. "body wash: now a shampoo." [ laughter ] we just called it body wash, and you put shampoo on your body. for this next slogan, it is important to remember that a doe is a female deer and a buck is a male deer. that's right, a doe is a female deer.
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leles see the slogan for a doe. "doe: bang for the buck." [ laughter ] did you remember? [ laughter ] confident i'm getting you back with this next one. here we go. slogan for magicians. "magicians: show me the bunny!" [ laughter ] from the movie. "jerry maguire." you guys remember it? that was "show me the money." this one's different. this is show me the bunny. you get it. next we have a slogan for skeletons. "skeletons: poles for your skin tent" [ laughter ] and that is actually a medical definition.
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let's see it. "iphone screens: good to the first drop." [ cheers and applause ] are you guys applauding because you just got "show me the bunny?" [ laughter ] no way of knowing. and finally, we have a slogan for the naked guy who lives next door. "naked guy next door: like a good neighbor, albert is bare." this has been "new slogans" and it's brought to you by maybelline whose slogan is "maybelline: maybe she's born with it, but you weren't." we'll be right back with samuel l. jackson!
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[ cheers and applause ] >> seth: welcome back to "late night," everybody! give it up for the 8g band, please. they're right over there. [ cheers and applause ] also back with us tonight on drums, rock 'n roll hall of fame inductee, matt sorum is with us! [ cheers and applause ] we know matt from his drumming with guns-n-roses and velvet revolver. be sure to check out his new
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thank you so much for being here, matt. such an honor. great to be in new york city. [ cheers and applause ] >> seth: this is very exciting. our first guest tonight is an academy award nominated actor and one of hollywood's highest grossing stars who you know from such films as "pulp fiction," "django unchained" and marvel's "the avengers" franchise. you can see him playing a bounty hunter and veteran of the union army in quentin tarantino's latest film entitled "the hateful eight." which is in theaters now. let's take a look. >> you never wait to watch 'em hang? >> my bodies never hang, because i never bring them in alive. >> never? >> never, ever. >> we talked about this in bringing a desperate man in alive is a good way to get yourself dead. >> can't catch em' sleeping if i don't close my eyes. >> i don't want to work that hard. >> no one said a job is supposed to be easy. >> no one said it's supposed to be that hard, neither. take that, little lady. that's why they call him the hanger. when this hand bill says dead or alive, the rest of us shoot you
12:52 am
somewhere and bring you in dead over a saddle. but when john ruth "the hangman" catches you, you ain't got no bullet in the back. uh-uh. when the hangman catches you, you hang. >> seth: please welcome to the show, samuel l. jackson. [ cheers and applause ] >> seth: how are you? >> i'm excellent. >> seth: wonderful, always wonderful to see you in a film. even more excing to see you in a tarantino film. you are a personal favorite of his. this is your sixth tarantino film. >> i keep hearing that, yeah. he keeps giving me jobs. >> seth: he keeps giving you jobs. that's nice. >> we got a little magic working together. >> seth: you have magic working together. and i hear -- is this true? that you guys have a specific greeting that you always give one another? >> i usually see him and it's always, "what's up [ bleep ]?" yeah, you know. [ laughter ]
12:53 am
>> what the [bleep ]? [ laughter ] >> seth: that's nice. both your film dialogue and off-camera dialogue with quentin are very similar. >> very, very copacetic. >> seth: very copacetic. this is a fantastic part. obviously all your parts with him have been great. this is a very unique one. you get to have one of the longest monologues in a film about -- i don't want to give anything away, about what you refer to as black dingus that i think in cinema history. when you first read the script, were you excited? >> yeah. actually, i didn't know whether to be excited or not, because when he called me, the script had been leaked online already. >> seth: right. >> and he was a little upset. and he said, "well, i'm not going to make this movie, but i'm going to send it to you so you can read it and see what i wrote for you." and i was like, "okay." but -- he wasn't mad at me, because he knew i didn't leak it. >> seth: right. >> and then i read it, and i was kind of -- oh, man, he wrote this for me and it's not going to make it? and he said, "don't worry, i'll write you something else." so i was pretty okay with it.
12:54 am
came up. he wanted to do a reading for the film restoration center in hollywood. >> seth: right, so you did a charitable -- >> we did a charity reading and the audience response was amazing. you know? it's like a five-minute standing ovation. so we're all looking at him like you're really not going to make this huh? [ laughter ] and he said, " well, maybe i can rewrite the last act, and we'll make it anyway." and about a month later, he called and said, "okay, it's happening." >> seth: that's great. and now how long did this -- i mean, this is a fascinating movie in that you -- most of it takes place in one location. was it a very long shoot because of that? >> we got to telluride almost to the day last year. we got to telluride to start the exterior. and we had to sit around for five weeks, because it didn't snow. >> seth: that's a bummer. >> we went to a place where it didn't snow and it didn't snow. [ laughter ] but the good news was "the revenant" was shooting in calgary and it wasn't snowing there either. so the rates were cool. so we were still even. finally after about five weeks, it snowed, we got outside, shot
12:55 am
we came back here. i'm sorry, i think i'm in l.a. so we came back to l.a. and went to desilu studios where she shoot the lucille ball show. and quentin refrigerated the stage to about 30 degrees, so we shot in there for 2 1/2, three months. >> seth: that must have been awful. 30 degrees. >> very much so. it was -- yeah, 80 degrees outside. 30 degrees inside. >> seth: that's how you get sick. like, just going from 30 to 80 and back again. >> well, we got in there and we get covered in blood, we don't go outside. >> seth: that's a smart idea. now, i would imagine of your tarantino films, "pulp fiction" is the one that gets quoted back to you the most? >> it's pretty much the one that everybody kind of throws at me. the amazing thing is that every year i get about 10 million new fans because all these teenagers come of age and their parents let them watch it for the first time. they've heard about it. >> seth: right. >> so they think they're the first person to ever say to me, "you know what they call a quarter pounder with cheese in france?" [ laughter ] but it's cool, though, because it keeps regenerating that fan base. it's really great.
12:56 am
me, "what's in your wallet?" [ laughter ] [ applause ] so -- >> seth: they probably think they're the first to come up with that. now, i know you're father. what do you think is the right age to let a kid see "pulp fiction?" because as a parent, that one -- >> 14. >> seth: 14. yeah? >> yeah. >> seth: you're a cool dad. [ laughter ] >> yeah. well, my daughter grew up in a house with -- >> seth: she grew up with you. [ laughter ] for her, there probably wasn't anything where she was like, "oh my god, what are these words?" >> not really. we actually spend a lot of time together. so she started to watch some interesting things at a very early age. and -- it could be a little testy when we're around other people. >> seth: yeah, i would imagine. i would imagine she had an interesting vocabulary. >> she did. >> seth: now, you mentioned "what's in your wallet?" and i want to ask you about something. because, i want to ask you about donald trump. you are in a feud with donald trump right now. did you know this? >> no, i don't. >> seth: because it's very exciting, for me. because he doesn't like me
12:57 am
so any time there is somebody new he doesn't like, i feel a fraternity. you know, a brotherhood with this. >> okay, so we're having beef? >> seth: you're having beef because i guess you said in an interview that you were a better golfer than him and then you told a story -- is this true? that he signed you up for one of your golf clubs and didn't tell you? >> yeah. >> seth: so you had to pay -- >> no, i didn't pay. i got a bill that i didn't pay. [ laughter ] >> seth: oaky. >> so i had no idea. and i had my assistant call, and tell them i don't really belong to that club and i haven't been there in three years. and they go, "well, you are a member. and here's your member number." and they were charging me some pool fee for being -- i hadn't been there. but i did -- somebody did send me something today that said trump said he didn't know me? >> seth: he said he didn't know you. i actually have his tweet right here. >> oh, let me see the tweet. >> seth: this is very exciting. so there you go. it says, "i don't know samuel l. jackson to the best of my knowledge. haven't played golf with him. and i think he has done too many tv commercials. boring. not a fan." >> not a bad thing. >> seth: now, it's very interesting when donald trump says someone is out on tv too
12:58 am
because, you know, he's very -- with exposure, he thinks it's very careful to just barely be on tv. >> barely get yourself out there. >> seth: but is that true? you know, you claim right here you have met him. >> yeah, i met him a lot. >> seth: you played golf with him. >> i played golf with him. >> seth: he claims -- >> i actually played golf with him with anthony anderson one day. >> seth: gotcha. >> and we were all playing together and we clearly saw him hit a ball, hook a ball, into a lake at trump national in jersey. and his caddie told him he found it. [ laughter ] >> seth: was the caddie soaking wet when he said this? >> no, he was not. he just took off running and the next thing we know, "i got it, mr. trump!" and we're like, "did you see a splash? we saw a splash." >> seth: gotcha. >> and he used to call me -- i have another person that can verify that he knows me. he called me one day. i was here in new york. and he always calls and goes, "samuel l! the don." i go, "who?" "the don." "oh, mr. trump, how are you doing?" "are you busy today?" "no." "do you want to play golf?" "sure." "well, i'm not going to play but i have a friend who wants to
12:59 am
my club in --" it was over here. in -- not in manhattan, but -- >> seth: okay. >> the other trump club that's on this side of the bridge. and when i got there, it was president clinton. >> seth: really? >> who could also verify that donald trump knows me. [ laughter ] >> seth: wow. here's the bummer. >> and don did show up and he took bill in and bought him a jacket and gave me nothing. >> seth: i've got bad news for you. the one person that might not back you up right now in this story is bill clinton. because i don't know if he's going to want to say a story he was golfing with donald trump either. [ light laughter ] >> he didn't golf that day. >> seth: he didn't golf that day? >> he did not golf that day. >> seth: so, who did you end up golfing with? >> with mr. clinton. >> seth: okay, gotcha. >> bill and i went out and played, don, don showed up in the middle of the round and we went into the clubhouse and he gave bill a jacket, because it was a little chilly. >> seth: wow. he didn't even ask you if you were cold? >> no. [ light laughter ] i had a jacket on. >> seth: oh, you already had a jacket on. >> i was good. >> seth: i will say, if we can prove that donald trump is lying when he says he doesn't know you, this might be the thing that finally brings down his campaign. [ light laughter ] this might be the thing. [ cheers and applause ]
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[ cheers and applause ] >> seth: welcome back to "late night." we're here with samuel l. jackson. you've obviously had an incredibly long movie career. sometimes you will hear -- i guess what i'm saying is, i imagine you will be flipping through channels and see your films all the time. >> every day. >> seth: are you the kind of actor who doesn't like watching yourself? [ laughter ] >> one of the reasons i got in this business, or was so glad i got in this business, because when i was doing theatre here as a young actor, i always wanted to watch the plays i was in with me in them. so, this is the perfect venue for me. so, when i'm, i'm flipping find anything and i know there's a movie of mine on, i stop and watch it. >> seth: that's great. >> yeah. >> seth: are there any of your films you don't like watching? >> no. >> seth: you like them all. >> yeah. >> seth: that's fantastic. is there any one you like more than others, is there a favorite? >> "long kiss goodnight." >> seth: "long kiss goodnight" with geena davis. >> i'll watch "long kiss goodnight" all day long. >> seth: a very underrated film, i feel like. >> seth: that's a great movie. >> a little ahead of its time, you know. >> seth: yeah. >> everybody wasn't ready for a kick-ass female hero. >> seth: you're right, this is -- >> at the time.
1:05 am
of an anti hero, anyway. >> seth: yeah, that was a very good film. i'm glad you picked that one. that's a winner. >> yeah, and geena's the bomb. >> seth: now, you have, you broke the guinness book of world records being in the most -- your films, when you add them up, highest-grossing films of any actor. obviously been helped -- [ cheers and applause ] "avengers." >> "avengers" helped a lot. >> seth: "avengers" helped a lot, and mace windu in the three "star wars" movies, in the last three. >> for sure. >> seth: what was it like to, i mean, now there's obviously new "star wars" movies. no mace windu. >> there's a new "star wars" movie? >> seth: there's a new "star wars" movie, yeah. [ light laughter ] and it came out, and you know you passed han solo when you broke the record. sorry, not han solo -- >> well, i passed harrison ford. >> seth: harrison ford. >> actually, actually, when i was shooting episode one, george told me that i was going to pass, that when "star wars" came out, i was going to pass harrison ford as the all-time grossing actor in hollywood. i didn't even know they kept that stat. >> seth: right. >> and i said, well, i might pass him before that, because i've got a little film coming out called "the incredibles," like, in two weeks. >> seth: oh, right. >> and it was like -- >> seth: that's really good.
1:06 am
wars" movie to pass somebody, you're doing real good. >> well, "the incredibles" was the bomb. >> seth: that was the bomb, yeah. >> yeah, it was awesome. >> seth: you've been in a lot of the bombs. >> yeah. >> seth: you've done really well. >> yeah. [ cheers and applause ] >> seth: what was your "star wars" experience like? >> my "star wars" experience was most excellent. i mean, first of all, i didn't know what i was doing. i happened to be on a talk show like this one, and somebody asked me if there was a director that i wanted to work with that george lucas, i'd love to be in this new "star wars." and i went out to do "sphere" in vallejo, which is very close to his ranch. and i got a call saying george would like to meet you. so i went to his house, and he hadn't really completed the script. he said, i don't know what you'd do in it, you know. and i'm like, "look, make me a storm trooper. i just want to run across screen. nobody even needs to know. [ laughter ] just let me go." and he was like, "no, we'll find something." so a few months pass, and i got a call, "come to london, george is ready to shoot." i didn't see a script, i didn't >> seth: really? >> i just got on a plane. >> seth: is that very rare for you, in your career? >> totally. >> yeah, so i got there, and
1:07 am
costume fitting." a pair of boots and this girl comes in with these jedi robes you know, somebody else's name on the door, so i figured they were bringing that guy's costume in. then she came in and said, "okay, put the boots on, let's try the robe on." "oh, wait, so i'm a jedi?" she's like, "yeah." and then somebody came in and they gave me some sides. and i go, "who is this?" and they go, "well mace windu is you." "oh, and i'm talking to yoda? [ laughter ] okay, all right, all right." so i'm definitely not dying. so, i'm talking to yoda. and then i get my stuff on, they take me downstairs. i go in the room, i meet frank oz, because yoda was still a puppet then. >> seth: yeah. >> so i meet frank oz and the puppet and all the guys that are working and then somebody came in with a halliburton with eight light saber handles in it. and they go, okay, pick one. and i about died. >> seth: that's pretty great. >> that one, yeah. >> seth: have you kept your light saber? did you get to keep it? >> i have my light saber at home, and the prop department
1:08 am
switch. >> seth: oh, that's great. >> it's awesome. >> seth: that's a really nice thing to have on your light saber. >> yeah, yeah. >> seth: and i read that you pick your movies the way, like you want, when you were a kid consuming films, is that true? >> yeah, i choose a lot of films because they're films i would have gone to see when i was a kid. i mean, why else would you do "snakes on a plane?" [ laughter ] it's true. >> seth: well, keep picking them the way you're picking them. >> yes. >> seth: it's always a delight. samuel l. jackson, everybody. check out "the hateful eight" in theaters now. we'll be right back with "the kids in the hall." thank you, my man. [ cheers and applause ] ohh ah ah aflac! aaaaf-lac! ta-daa! he's not a very good magician. he paid my claim in just one day. one day?! shh! how does he do it? in just one day,
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[ cheers and applause ] >> seth: welcome back to "late night," everybody.
1:13 am
and creators of one of the all-time great sketch comedy shows, "the kids in the hall." the entire series has been remastered in hd and is available exclusively on nbc's new comedy streaming service, seeso. let's take a look. >> mr. rossten? [ gasp ] >> we don't know yet. [ laughter ] she told! >> she's breathing down our necks. [ everyone talking at once ] >> well, that's it for the coffee funds meeting. [ laughter ] >> uh, no. no, i'm, i'm not gay. >> ha ha, so, who cares? [ laughter ] >> it doesn't matter to us at all. >> seth: please welcome to the show. bruce mcculloch, scott thompson, kevin mcdonald, dave foley and mark mckinney.
1:14 am
>> seth: gentlemen, it is so wonderful to have you here. it's such an honor. i'm such a big fan of your work. but the first thing i want to ask you is, your show was, of course, produced by lorne michaels. he was your boss, he was my boss. what was your experience with lorne michaels like when you, i guess you must have first met him in the '80s, yeah? >> well, he's everyone's boss, isn't he? >> we met him in 1980. >> the keeper of years. yeah, the keeper of years, 1984? >> 85. 1985. >> seth: gotcha. was he, did you find him, was he an easy boss for you guys to work for because you were canadian and he was canadian? was he any easier on you than he was on -- >> harder. >> harder. >> you're harder on your own. >> seth: cause he's pretty [ bleep ] hard on americans. i've got to tell you, so. >> he is [ bleep ] hard on us. was more ethereal with us. it would be like, you know, here's a bag of oranges, go figure out your show. >> yeah. >> seth: gotcha. [ laughter ] do you all have a lorne? does everybody here have a
1:15 am
>> we do. >> mark is the lorne. >> my favorite, is the story of him walking on the beach with a young child, and the child says, "look, daddy, the moon."." and he goes, "no, no, no, i know." [ laughter ] [ talking over each other ] >> and then in 1929, sound came into motion pictures and changed the whole affair. [ laughter ] >> that's okay. that's okay. >> and that's why we're not getting any money. [ laughter ] >> seth: so you guys can continue to work together over the years after the show. what is the key, what t s been the key to the success of staying together as a troupe? >> none of us really succeeding. >> yeah, that's the main thing. >> yeah. >> we all killed someone when we were young. >> seth: right. sure, sure, sure. >> and we wrote a sketch about it to cover it up. >> you don't want to have like, an aziz ansari in your group. because then he'll break big and you'll all be left in the dust. >> seth: okay, gotcha. >> you see, a lot of sam l. jackson's stories, are, "and then i picked my own light saber." ours are all, "and then we split a kentucky fried chicken."
1:16 am
>> seth: they're different paths. [ applause ] >> yeah. >> so different. >> little different. >> seth: one of the things i think is, one of the many legacies of your show, is you guys were dealing with a lot of lgbt issues before i feel like a lot of other certainly comedy shows were. a lot of pro gay marriage. was that something at the time you were doing, that you were aware was ahead of the curve? >> well, lgbt used to be a dance, i believe. >> yes. >> did we discover gay people? >> we discovered gay, the pioneers. >> we were the first people -- [ talking over each other ] >> the train station in 1989. >> seth: oh, wow. >> yeah. >> seth: and were they all together? >> yeah. >> they cruised us in the washroom. >> seth: but were you aware at the time, like, oh this is, there are not a lot of people doing this. >> yeah. very aware. hyper aware. >> and also, more scott's legacy, of course, than ours. but for us, it was just you know, here i am a weird heterosexual from calgary. and it's funny, actually before we came out today, kevin said, "should i take a mint in case we do kissing schtick?" [ laughter ] kissing schtick?
1:17 am
>> seth: aww! there you go. it was very nice. >> see? >> but people did always, they got the message wrong. so we do have a sketch called "running [ bleep ]" where the [ bleep ] is like the hero. >> folk hero, yeah. >> and every time, we did it once, was it at ryerson? >> u of t. >> yeah, u of t. and the students, a lot of guys come up to us and said, "yeah, thank god you guys stuck it to the [ bleep ]!" >> and we were like -- >> you know what we should do as an experiment? one of us also say running [ bleep ] and see if they let you say it, then you bleep me saying it. >> seth: oh, that's interesting. that's interesting like, sort of social -- >> oh no, they won't let me say >> seth: no? >> no. >> no. >> actually, it's the gay people who won't let you say it. >> no, the gay people will not. >> seth: they will not let you -- >> it's the new "f" word. >> yeah. >> what was the old one? >> okay great. [ laughter ] >> seth: um -- i have also heard that you guys had a horror story show, which is a shame, because it was charitable. "comic relief." >> oh yeah. >> seth: so this this is radio city? >> yeah. >> radio city, yeah. >> seth: so "comic relief" was, you know, obviously, for those who don't remember, whoopi goldberg, billy crystal, robyn williams, hosting this big night, a lot of different
1:18 am
when you were asked to perform. >> it was. >> of course. >> we were new to show business. >> and, so we bombed for a good cause. >> yeah. >> yeah. >> seth: and did you, was it one started bombing right away? >> yeah, and this was back in the days when there were homeless people. >> oh, yes. >> yeah. >> seth: and you guys fixed it. >> yeah. >> we solved it. >> "comic relief" fixed it. >> yeah, well, we were coming out, and no one really knew who we were, because our show hadn't even, i don't know if we'd even started airing yet. and we decided to do the slowest-paced, saddest -- it's a sketch that literally goes on for a full minute without a single joke, but we're just mourning the death of a friend, in front of thousands of people. >> seth: i should point out, this was mostly a standup night. >> yeah. >> seth: and in general it is a nightmare. >> and we were sitting around. >> there was us sitting around in a tiny campfire. >> fake campfire. >> in the middle of gigantic radio city music hall, and i think the audience literally thought we were janitors cleaning up a mess. [ laughter ] >> they had no idea, they were actually -- >> i wish. [ talking over each other ] >> and they cued us to come on stage like, ten minutes too early. so they gave us the wrong cue,
1:19 am
for our sketch. and then they ran a documentary behind us about homeless people. [ laughter ] >> seth: that is not a good set up. >> and we were in character while we were huddled around a fire, so they thought we were hoholess. >> and not the happy homeless, the cranky homeless. >> seth: and then the lights come up and instead of homeless people, it is your evening's entertainment. >> i don't even know if the lights really ever came up. >> seth: i want to talk about some canadian politics, because you have a new prime minister. >> thank you. >> yes. >> seth: and -- [ cheeee and applause ] >> yeah. >> people are very taken with him. >> seth: and i know you guys want to point out some of the differences between your new prime minister, trudeau, and our potential new president, donald trump. so let's start with a photo of trudeau. >> yeah. >> seth: this is obviously an older photo of him. but this is the old -- >> not that old. >> not that old. >> last year. >> a couple years ago. >> oh my god. >> that was not that long ago. >> that was duringnghe campaign speech. [ laughter ] >> seth: and then, of course, that's the other option. [ laughter ] >> so you can have a hunk or a rooster. >> yeah. >> seth: you guys lucked out, though.
1:20 am
and you're very happy with him? >> very. >> seth: that's good. [ laughter ] >> very. >> very. >> yeah. >> why? >> he's handsome. [ laughter ] and i like his policies. >> yeah. >> and he's going to bring in that pacific trade agreement. >> are you talking, you're talking about trump, though, right? >> absolutely. >> i like that you refer to him as your inevitable president. >> seth: what's that? >> i like that you referred to him as the inevitable president. >> seth: i didn't, i don't think he's inevitable. i actually don't think he has a chance. >> you really don't? >> seth: i really don't. i don't worry about it. >> they said that about trudeau, too. >> seth: what? >> they said trudeau didn't have a chance. >> seth: really? his shirt. >> landslide. >> seth: landslide? this on? this is really that recent? >> a couple of years ago, yeah. >> yeah, a couple years ago. >> this is before a bout where he beat up a canadian senator in a charity boxing match. >> yes, they had a challenge. >> seth: they had a charity boxing match? >> yes. and he pummeled him. >> he knocked him out, he knocked him out in the second round or something. >> seth: really? >> yeah. >> seth: so the other guy still did a little bit better than you guys at your charity. >> yes. >> yes. >> he made it to the second round, yeah. >> seth: i'm very excited that
1:21 am
i think that's great. and i hope that those who loved it as much as i do will find it, and i really hope a new generation of people find the show as well, because it was such a great show. >> thank you so much. >> thank you. "the kids in the hall," everybody. [ cheers and applause ] the fully remastered collection of "kids in the hall" is available on nbc's streaming service, seeso. we'll be right back with sana amanat. [ cheers and applause ] why fit in when you were born to stand out.
1:22 am
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1:27 am
her own comic book series. please welcome to the show sana amanat. [ cheers and applause ] >> seth: how are you? >> i'm good. i'm excited. >> seth: i'm so happy you're here. i want to talk about the current work you're doing at marvel, but i also sort of want to talk about how you first got pulled into a comic when you were young. is it true you were sort of captivated by the "x-men" world? >> yeah, yeah, i'm a really big nerd if you guys can't tell. >> seth: okay. >> probably not, but -- seth: you're not looking full nerd right now, i've got to be honest. >> you should see me in the morning. >> seth: okay, gotcha. >> completely different situation. >> seth: your in the morning is different than your talk show at night? >> very bad. >> seth: gotcha. >> but i actually got into comics through the "x-men." and i think a lot of people can relate to the "x-men" and know who the "x-men" are. but i started watching the saturday morning cartoons of the "x-men" and at a time in my life
1:28 am
myself, the first real show i connected with was a bunch of strange-looking weirdos who happened to have these amazing powers. and it made me feel like, oh, my god, i could also look weird and act weird and still be awesome and amazing. and from there i just totally fell in love. >> seth: and that's such a huge part of what you are bringing to marvel now. >> yeah. >> seth: and i want to talk about "miss marvel," which is just a wonderful comic book. >> yeah. >> seth: and so this is kamala khan and she is the first muslim-american comic book hero. and it's sort of based on your life, yes? her back story. >> there's some similarities. >> seth: because you are not a super hero. >> definitely not a superhero. no one would want me to rescue them from anywhere, except maybe like a cheeseburger or something. [ laughter ] i'll handle it. i've got you. >> seth: i love your help, yeah. >> no, i mean, there was -- the writer, g. willow wilson, and myself went back and forth about who we wanted kamala khan to be
1:29 am
breaking stereotypes and about the idea of changing peoples' perceptions of muslim-americans. but beyond that, we had a very universal approach about the concept of kind of redefining yourself. finding who you are based on your own terms. and not listening to other people's definitions and labels and categories that you belong to. >> seth: a a this has been an incredibly successful book. it sold really well. i mean, do you think that basically with your -- did you come to the understanding of, oh, there's an audience out there that has just been so thirsting for a comic book character who represents them bit better? >> oh, my god, absolutely. i think after this character in particular, people came up to me, came up to willow, and they said finally we have a character out there, not just a super hero, but a character out there that we can connect with, and that my young daughter, my young son can aspire to become one day. you don't have to look a particular way to be powerful and to be a hero. and that's why it was so important. so the underlying meaning, so
1:30 am
i've had people of all backgrounds say that they feel like they are kalma khan, and that's amazing. >> seth: and your job is to make marvel a little bit more representative. is it both in its characters and its creators? because i know it's not just about, obviously the characters, but you brought in a sort of more diverse background of comic book creators. >> yeah. i mean, i think -- i mean, my job is really about looking at our content and our characters and trying to have it -- and find the potential within. find a way to position it so that more people end up coming and becoming comic fans and super hero fans. so that is definitely the larger aspect of it. but with that comes, you know, how do you start attracting newer audiences? how do you start, you know, telling that youngnglack girl that she can also be a superhero? and that really comes with the way that you paint your characters. and that comes -- yes, with diversity, but also with authenticity and by telling stories that are very true to who a human being is. not who a black american is or a muslim-american.
1:31 am
and find out, you know, the heart of those characters. >> seth: now trump has been a bit of a theme tonight. [ laughter ] but miss marvel lives in jersey city. so there is a chance they could cross paths. >> probably, yeah. >> seth: what do you think miss marvel would do or say if she crossed paths with -- >> probably a lot of things. >> seth: yeah. >> you know, a few different things. i feel like the -- the first thing that she would say is, you know, you're -- he's doing such irreparable damage to young americans and minorities everywhere. young americans. [ applause ] voice like what words and images are really powerful and these young kids are actually having a perception of themselves that are not true and that's so dangerous. and then she would probably remind him that his grandfather was an immigrant, i believe. and if he had the same type of vitriolic sentiment being thrown at him, trump would not have the opportunities that he would have
1:32 am
and then she would probably fly off with the avengers and save the world from actual bad guys and prove him wrong about who muslims really are. >> seth: that's great. so overall she would take the high road. [ cheers and applause ] >> totally take the high road. >> seth: totally take the high road. i'm very impressed by this. >> hug the hate out of him. >> seth: now i will be remiss as a lover of comic books to not ask you some sort of like, deep marvel what's going on and with the understanding this will go over a lot of people's head. talk to me about secret wars and what the goal is, not just as sort of telling a story but also sending marvel off into this next chapter. >> yeah, so this is geek speak warning. secret wars is a really big event, where all the different universes of marvel universe smashed together. it's just a big battle royale of sorts. all the different heroes and villains, and now we're in the final chapter where the good guys are basically facing off with the bad guy. and this is really the catalyst for the all-new, all-different marvel universe which is all of our different heroes, really amazing, fabulous titles that we have going on, including "miles
1:33 am
universe with -- >> seth: th new spiderman? >> with the new spiderman. and of course miss marvel and captain marvel. everyone has a new status quo. it is not a reboot. >> seth: okay. >> not a reboot either. these are the same characters. the same history. >> seth: you say that in a way that makes it clear that reboot is a dirty word in a comic book world. >> because we really value our history. >> seth: of course. >> so yes, now this is a whole new different world. it's really amazing. there's something for everyone if you're a comic fan. if you watch movies, read the comics, there is really, truly some fantastic stories. >> seth: that's great. and i i want to ask one more thing about miss marvel as well. when you do this, when you created a muslim-american super hero there were, of course, conspiracy theorists. >> oh yeah. >> seth: they thought you had some sort of nefarious plan. >> yeah. >> seth: what is your best understanding of this plan? >> the nefarious plan is that i infiltrated the government via marvel comics to push the muslim brotherhood mission of propagating islamic sharia law within the land.
1:34 am
wouldndn look like this. >> it wouldn't look like that. >> seth: that's what it would look like. [ laughter ] >> if you touch the comic, you do become muslim. [ laughter ] i'm warning you, wear gloves. >> seth: i read it, and i didn't realize until like the 12th or 13th page, that i was like, this is a trap and i fell for it. >> salama alaykum, brother. [ laughter ] [ cheers and applause ] >> seth: thank you. it's great to be on board. thank you so much for being here. >> thank you. >> seth: sana a anat. we'll be right back.
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