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tv   WYFF News 4 5am  NBC  January 6, 2016 5:00am-5:30am EST

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warmer than onormal and colder than normal. we do not have precipitation for the upstate. florida has a little shower activity, but that will not affect us. natural at 17 and boonville at 12 degrees. low 20's in greenville and spartanburg. anderson at 25 degrees. a breeze at 6-7 degrees is enough to make it feel like 15 degrees and 16 degrees for greenville and spartanburg. by the afternoon, temperatures will reach the 40's. that is a good seven degrees cooler thahawhat is normal for this time of year. today, the mountains will reach 42 as a high. midler temperatures are coming. we will talk about that and the best chance for rain this week, coming up. allyson: thank you, dale. it is cold enough that i have a neighbor making snow in his
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geoff: they are diehards, aren't they? aly myles is in downtown greenville this morning. good morning. aly: good morning, guys. it is hard to show people just how cold it is, but if you take a look the hind me at the fountain, you can see just how many icicles are hanging off of it. the icicles are hanging onto the bits there. according to the insurance institute for home safety, these temperatures can possibly freeze your pipes. we are a couple degrees away from the temperature alert threshold. at 20 degrees or below, pipes are vulnerable to freeze. the best way to tell if you have a frozen pipe is if you turn on a faucet and only a trickle comes out. pipes running along exterior
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keeping your faucet on, applying a heated pad or hairdryer to the frozen pipe, and applying heat until full water pressure is restored are the tips they give. do not use a torch to unfreeze the pipe. if you can't unfreeze it, call a licensed plumber. geoff: stay warm oututhere this morning. for the first time, a south carolinian will be giving the gop response to the state of the union address. governor nikki haley will make the speech on january 12. allyson: haley led the fight to remove the confederate flag from the capitol grounds. one political analyst says, not so fsast. >> from her position of growing prominence, i think nationally, could she be a good choice for somebody? absolutely. we don't have a nominee yet, so
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last fall, nikki haley said she ticket, if asked. president obama has called it time in office. geoff: yesterday, president obama issued executive orders to background checks on gun sales in our nation. he got emotional citing the mass shootings at columbine virginia tech, and sandy hook elementary >> if a child can't open a bottle of aspirin, we should make sure they can't pull a trigger on a gun. geoff: he is also calling for a step up in research and technology to make sure triggers aren't pulled accidentally. there would also be a push for expanded treatment for mental illness nationwide. plus, more people would be hired to process paperwork to make the system more efficient. south carolina attorney general alan wilson says president obama is overstepping the power of the presidency. he said yesterday, quote, too
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govern with his pen. presidents do not have the power to trump the rule of law with a signature on a piece of paper. allyson: in afghanistan, a u.s. service member was killed and two others were wounded yesterday. officials say a medical helicopter was hit by a mortar while on the ground. they say it was able to take off. the name of the service member has not been released. geoff: civil rights groups are threatening action now that michael slager is out of jail. slager was charged with kikiing an unarmed black man last april. he was released on bond monday. that is sparked threats of, quote, midnight madness by civil rights groups. >> we are united in this fight and we will fight. we want him back in jail. we demand him being back in jail. geoff: north charleston mayor keith summey said the city will be prepared for whatever that means, but doesn't think it would help the groups gain any support. he says the city locked up
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system that let him out on bond. allyson: a spike in tensions on the korean peninsula. north korea says it has just conducted a successful test of a hydrogen bomb. south korea believes the bomb was atomic and not hydrogen. the un security council has tentatively set an emergency meeting. state-run media released these photos. they show kim jong un signing the order for the test. china opposes the test and is monitoring their border near the test site. geoff: authorities are helping a woman and 11 children find safe housing after they were rescued from a hostage situation in georgia. it happened yesterday morning at a hotel in dekalb county. police responded to a call about a domestic-related assault. they say korrie thomas was holding them hostage at knife point. hours later, a swat team rescued the 12 people. police say thomas stabbed
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he was taken to a local hospital. allyson: a friend of the san bernardino gunman syed farook is set to be arraigned today. geoff: although officials say enrique marquez did not take part in the december 2 mass shooting, he is accused of buying two of the weapons used in the attack. charges against enrique marquez include providing material support to terrorists, making false statements, and marriage fraud. if convicted on all charges, marquez could be sentenced to up to 50 years in prison. allyson: in massachusetts mother is due in court in connection with the death of her two-year-old daughter. rachelle bond is set to be arraigned and charged with being an accessory after the fact to the murder of bella bond. the child's remains were found on a beach near logan airport last june. bond is also being charged with larceny for continuing to accept public assistance benefits for her daughter after the child's death. geoff: checking in with dale again. temperatures are a little bit
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dale: we are talking teens and 20's on this early january morning. these are not record-breaking lows, but they are colder than what we normally expect. grab your warm coat if you are going to be outdoors this morning. we have a 5-7 mile per hour breeze accentuating that cold. there is snow showing up on our doppler map as be look at western missouri and parts of kansas and oklahoma. but we are dry across the region this morning. we have no problems on mountain roads, other than the cold. it just dropped to 18 degrees in asheville. 18 degrees in weaverville. 17 degrees now in asheville. rivard is now at -- brevard is now at 21 degrees. 23 degrees in greenville and spartanburg.
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landrum and travelers rest are in that range as well. we will get in the low 40's to mid 40's at best. that is cooler than normal for this time of year. it does feel colder with even a light breeze. it feels like 11 degrees in boone. temperatures will reach the mid 40's in the upstate and low 40's in the mountains. tomorrow we will return to the 50's. there will be a slight chance of showers tomorrow afternoon. but more so, tomorrow night and friday. there is a chance of showers for the first half of the day. saturday looks good in the mid to upper 50's for highs. we have another chance of showers sunday. we returned to normal for the first of next week. allyson: trouble in the world of hoverboards. this one burst into flames. geoff: get off of facebook and
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the motgeoff: 11 minutes after 5:00 as we cover the nation. the mother of the the so-called affluenza teen appeared in court in los angeles tuesday. tonya couch agreed to be sent to texas to face a felony charge of hindering apprehension. authorities believe she and her son ethan fled to mexico in november. prosecutors were investigating whether he violated his probation.
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probation for a drunk driving crash that killed four people. he blamed his affluent upbringing for his behavior. he remains in mexico and is fighting deportation to the u.s. allyson: in georgia, the governor has rescinded his executive order that barred state agencies from taking syrian refugees. governor nathan deal announced the order monday just days after attorney general sam olens said georgia can't legally stop the resettlement of syrian refugees. in november, following the paris terror attacks, deal joined other governors who halted any involvement in the acceptance of syrian refugees. former clemson tiger william perry is in the hospital. when doctors checked him, they found a leg infection. he was allowed to go to the bears and lions game under the condition that he returned to the hospital after the game.
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geoff: millions across the country are giving lady luck a chance. the powerball jackpot is now an estimated $450 million for today's drawing. that would be the sixth-largest jackpot ever in north america. yesterday people lined up to get lottery tickets. many will be doing that as well today. allyson: a long-awaited day for techies everywhere. a sneak peek at gadgets being revealed. dale: we will talk about the cold temperatures in a few
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announcer: now, your live super doppler 4 hd weather forecast. dale: 5:16 is the time as we look from paris mountain toward greenville. 23 degrees right now with winds out of the northeast at seven miles per hour. as we look at the southeast, no precipitation within our area. we will remain dry today. tomorrow we could see an isolated shower. boone is 11 degrees. 17 degrees in nashville. low-to-mid 20's over most of the upstate and piedmont. we've a light breeze that makes it feel like 16 in greenwood. it feels like 15 degrees in greenville.
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we will reach 45 today in the upstate. the mountains have a 47 as the average but we will reach 42 today. the record is 69 degrees. we can have warm transfer this time of the year obviously, but we have hit a cold front. arts of oklahoma and kansas, as well as nebraska, will receive some snow today. we have got chilly temperatures to start the day. if you are going to the beach this weekend, saturday looks great at 64 degrees. sunday has a 40% chance of rain. we will reach into the mid 40's this afternoon between 2:00 and 4:00. asheville will see the temperatures go from the teens to the low 40's for highs. tomorrow, we have a high of 52 in the upstate.
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we haven't isolated shower tomorrow afternoon. -- we have an isolated shower tomorrow afternoon. friday night through saturday has the best chance for showers. 57 in the upstate and 48 in the mountains. we also have a chance of showers sunday afternoon. monday it clears up and it will be cold in the 30's in the morning at highs in the 40's. geoff: thank you, they'll. health care is back in the headlines. enrollment for the insurance exchange is now underway through the end of january. health care is not just a national issue. it is also local. we sat down with an upstate doctor who says the problem is not just people having insurance, but the cost of insurance and health care. the u.s. census shows the median household income in south carolina from 2009-2014 was just under $45,000 a year. that is about $10,000 less than
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>> if you get appendicitis and you have to go to the hospital, we are going to do surgery and take your appendix out. here in the night it states, that is going to be about $20,000. that is catastrophic. in other parts of the world, it is $2000. allyson: the state reports that nearly one out of every four south carolinians is enrolled in medicaid. the first walk with a doc event of the year at bon secours wellness arena is in the books. geoff: the event will happen once a month. well walkers get the chance to ask a bon secours saint francis health system doctor questions. four people who just want to get outside and walk, they can go to the arena tuesdays and thursdays. next month, you can speak to a cardiologist. the greater green felt sanitation commission is making changes to the sanitation policy. allyson: the bins will be switched to roll parts.
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one time, $25 registration fee. they will the longer be accepting glass for recycling. officials say these changes are necessary to allow them to continue to provide recycling services. geoff: for the second time, the anderson city council has chosen an anderson native to serve as the city's manager. we're told linda mcconnell is the first woman to become city manager of a major south carolina city. >> having the opportunity to hopefully, make a very positive difference in your hometown community is a wonderful place to be right now and having been here for 38 years, i am very proud to see the progress we have made over the years and look forward to continuing that good progress. geoff: here is another change to the office. her predecessor, john moore, was a clemson fan, and mcconnell, is a gamecock.
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they will planned new trees -- they will plant new trees around the library. the old trees have been around since the 1950's. now, many are rotted and dying. >> unfortunately, we happened to be here when they are coming to the end of their life span. we are trying to preserve the beauty and the aesthetic of the future. geoff: the new were trees are expected to live for hundreds of years. the crews plan to replace hundreds of trees during this time every year. the entire process is expected to take about a decade. january 6. on this date in 2004 nasa's rover named spirit released these color photos of the allyson: the photos were the highest-resolution images ever taken on the surface of mars. nasa hoped the images would give
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microscopic life on the planet. taking a look outside from our woodruff road skycam, it is cold. construction could cause some slowdown. i will tell you where, coming up. reporter: the incredible start continues for the gamecocks. 14-02 start the season. the sec opener for the men against auburn. the gamecocks are opening the sec play with a win for the first time since 2011. born well for the layup at the basket. south carolina wins the opener against auburn. still undefeated. 81-69 was the final score. the clemson tigers have a huge
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>> now, your live super doppler 4 hd forecast. dale: quick look at what is going on. temperatures starting out in the teens and low 20's. by the afternoon, low-to-mid 40's but at the bus stop, make sure the kids have a warm caoa -- coat. another cold morning across the region. it time for dale's school salute. we want to salute centerville elementary in anderson. the music class is having rhythm wars to learn about rhythm and study the in music and using light sabers to help with rhythm wars. there you go. kind of fun. they made their own light sabers. geoff: have you seen the star wars movie?
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allyson: you are the only one. was it as good as the height? geoff: i thought it was really good. my son was all about it and he is still all about it. geoff: in this morning's buzz, a concert for your four-legged friends. allyson: laurie anderson put on a show in new york time's square on monday and it makes headlines. dogs are given priority seating and they sat next to the speakers because it was performed at a low dog friendly frequency. anderson performed a similar concert years ago outside australia's sydney opera house. geoff: did we hear howling going on? allyson: i cannot get it together because i heard that. where do you come up with this idea? i am going to perform for dogs that of the frequency -- how do you get that?
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allyson: please. dale: it is funny. you always know there is a siren somewhere in town. the dogs here at first and they start going and you don't know if they are in pain over the new to noise. geoff: it is cold outside and we will get more details in the second. [captioning made possible by wyff-tv] [captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit] geoff: surrounded by the families and victims of mass shootings, president obama announcing actions meant to keep guns out of the wrong hands. allyson: for the first time, a south carolinian will be giving the gop response to the state of the union address. rumors of a new political role soon.
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another cold morning.


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