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tv   WYFF News 4 Noon  NBC  January 6, 2016 12:00pm-12:30pm EST

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patient. a discharged patient then hopped into the driver's seat and took off with a paramedic still in the back. officials say the paramedic crawled through the walkway in the ambulance and tried to gain control. the paramedic then pushed the driver against the windshield as the ambulance hit the curb of the helipad and stopped. anderson police arrested the driver. no one was hurt in the incident. two simpsonville churches vandalized within 24 hours. aly myles joins us live to explain what happened. aly: first it was bethlehem baptist church with their windows shot out on tuesday morning. today, not to rocket missionary church down their windows shot out as well. for their daycare doors completely shot out and the ground littered with glass. the vandals try to shoot out there stained-glass windows with a protective plexiglass saved them. they also shot out the glass in the two bands, including ones
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the greenville county sheriff's office says it looks like it was them with a pellet gun. >> we just need to pray because these kind of acts to not reflect good for mankind. >> this will not stop us. we will continue to march on, press forward, and we would live our lives not in fear but know that god is the ultimate protector of our lives. aly: take a look at these. this is from bethlehem baptist church in simpsonville. lashondra williams says these windows were most likely shot out with the public gun. greenville county sheriff's office does say they got multiple calls about malicious damage today, one from rocky creek and others from private property. they say they are investigating. allyson: thank you. 61-year-old dwight ferguson has been arrested after police say he damaged the ceiling of his former girlfriend's home when he
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children. officals say ferguson went to the home sunday and got into an argument with his former girlfriend. that's when the shooting took place. you can read more about this story on our website at also new at noon, a spartanburg woman is accused of trying to kill her daughter with down syndrome and herself. pamela contreras is charged with attempted murder and abuse of a vulnerable adult. officals say officers were called to a home on church street about an attempted suicide. when they arrived, they found contreras' daughter in the kitchen, holding a glass of orange liquid with a white powdery substance on the glass. contreras told officals she was worried that when she died, no one would be able to take care of her daughter. her and her daughter were taken to the hospital. no word yet on her daughter 's condition. in chester county, a teen has been accused of dropping contraband drugs into a trash can at the chester county detention center for her boyfriend, who is an inmate at the jail. a sheriff's report says 18-year-old brianna fry dropped
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eight white pills believed to be loritab and 12 sleep aids wrapped in a paper towel. fry left the pills in the women's restroom for her boyfriend, 26-year-old chaz flecha. both remain in jail at this time. two people have been injured during what is being called a general aviation incident at the savannah hilton head international airport. as you can see, a plane is in a ditch. this happened around 9:00 a.m. the two people on board were taken to a near by hospital, and no word on their condition. a father in san diego is upset by the way tsa agents searched his 10-year-old daughter. the patdown took place last week at raleigh-durham airport in north carolina. agents found a juice box in the girl's carry-on. the juice exceeded the limit of three-ounces of liquids for carry-ons. tsa agents patted down the girl, a process that took nearly two-minutes. kevin payne says the whole situation was uncomfortable. the fbi is looking for a woman
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robberies in the carolinas, georgia, florida and tennessee. here are new photos of the robber. the most recent robbery was monday morning in mebane, north carolina. they say the woman used a gun tied up employees at a jared , vault, then robbed the store. authorities say an unknown man was seen with her during the robberies in florida and georgia. both the man and woman are considered armed and dangerous by the fbi. anyone with information is asked to call the fbi at 800-225-5324. one man is in custody and another is on the run in anderson county after the crash of a stolen vehicle during a police chase. officials say shaqwon geer of anderson was arrested, but the person who was with him got away. officials in anderson county say -- one day after president obama unveiled his gun control plan, ice president joe biden is taking it to the airways. biden will push the plan in communities that have been hit by recent gun violence,
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the president's plan includes tighter regulations on gun purchases online and at gun shows. you may recall president obama announced executive actions to curb gun violence yesterday. the president wiped away tears as he remembered the young victims of the massacre at sandy hook elementary school in connecticut. he announced a 10-point plan that includes several things, one of them requiring all gun overhauling the f.b.i.'s background check system, and increasing the use of mental health information for checks. >> each time this comes up, we are fed the excuse that common sense reforms, like background checks, might not have stopped the last massacre or the one before that or the one before that. so, why bother trying? i reject that thinking. allyson: the national rifle association says the president
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rhetoric instead of offering meaningful solutions. a spokesman says, quote, "the american people do not need more emotional, condescending lectures that are completely devoid of facts." we want to know what you think. take our now poll and let us know if you think the president's executive actions will reduce the number of mass shootings in the united states. the poll is on the wyff facebook, twitter and website home page. here's a look so far at your answers. 22% believe it will and 74% say no. if you vote on twitter, be sure to use the hashtags or your vote won't be counted. president obama will deliver his last state of the union address next week. and right after that, for the first time, a south carolinian will be giving the gop response to the state of the union address. governor nikki haley will make the big speech january 12. house speaker paul ryan made that announcement yesterday. he called haley, quote, "one of the most popular governors in america." she says she's honored to have been chosen. haley was in the national
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helping lead the fight to take down the confederate flag from state house grounds. there have been rumblings that this speech could mean a possible vice presidential run, but one political analyst says not so fast. >> from her position of growing prominence nationally, could she be a good choice for somebody? absolutely. does this mean she is? we don't even have a nominee yet, so we can't be talking about a v.p. allyson: last fall, haley says she would consider joining the gop ticket if asked. as the countdown until the national championship game continues, there is a small matter of classes starting today at clemson. some students spent part of yesterday playing soccer or rugby on campus, but no matter where you turned, football talk was on everyone's mind. each having an opinion of what the tigers need to do to win. >> clemson is going to have to at least hold their own at the line of scrimmage. we're going to have to stop the
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>> i think i'd defense needs to keep playing how they are playing and keep focused. allyson: as of the students cannot focus already espn sports , center has taken over the parking lot of the esso club for broadcasts. the club is open, but as you may guess, parking is a little tougher. wyff news 4 is airing an hour long special covering the clemson playoff appearance. it's called "road to the title." it is airing monday night at 7:00. our sports team will be live from arizona with a preview of the game and a recap of the clemson tigers' undefeated regular season. if you're a tigers fan, this is something you don't want to miss. in order to get you ready for the national championship, we've started up our live wire again. you can find it on or on our mobile app in the right now bar at the top of the app, as you see in this video. the live wire is a collection of tweets about the tigers and championship game. it features everything from throwback videos from the 1981 team, to recent interviews with players. an update now to the story of caitlyn the dog. we've covered her recovery for
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results are out today. last memorial day, caitlyn was found in north charleston, her muzzle bound with electrical tape. her story of recovery has inspired people around the world, and many were curious what breeds she is. the charleston animal society had the test conducted and published the results in "the carolina tails" magazine today. she is part american staffordshire terrier, part border collie, part boxer and part german shepherd dog. caitlyn underwent surgery this summer and now lives with a foster family. we're one day away until foodies gather for the annual restaurant week, showcasing the best acid they has to offer. it runs from thursday, january 7 until sunday, the 17. participating in some places may
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noon, a successful nuclear bomb attack -- test in north korea and how the united states is responding. les, father and daughter deployment. together. dale: we will talk about our
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announcer: you are watching live, local breaking news with geoff hart, and weather with meteorologist dale gilbert. this is wyff news 4 at noon, in high definition. allyson: welcome back. i am allyson powell. north korea is claiming they detonated their first hydrogen bomb. if true, it would mark a advance for north korea. >> a north korean tv and announcer claims the first success. we will not stop our nuclear program, she says, because of what she calls american aggression. they cheered and north korea's they have seen three previous
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the u.s. is waiting to invade our country, this man says, so it is the right thing to do. the hydrogen bomb, he says, is a reliable way of defending ourselves. the tremors from the underground explosion were felt in china and it is a provocation. north korea's leader knows that but signed a test order anyway and japan is a long, too. military planes are taking out to test air samples. the u.s. ambassador racing to ensure residents that it is a serious threat. >> japan, our partners [indiscernible] >> north korea's leader is still consolidating its power. now, flexing his muscles at a world looking at north korea with railing psyd. it may take weeks to work out if this was a hydrogen bomb.
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a viable device, anything that could produce a seismic shock of 5.1 is dangerous, and they will be consequences for north korea. to you and will meet later and may be moved toward tighter sanctions, but north korea's president is likely to be undeterred by that. allyson: that was bill neely. covering the nation, we have new video of severe storms in texas. this was on december 26, but the video was just released. this is interstate 30 in dallas. traffic is moving on the ramps even though a tornado is only a few hundred yards away. you can see debris blowing across the roadway. eight people died in their cars. a maryland flower shop was destroyed and three firefighters were injured after an suv plowed fire. take a look. this happened shortly after midnight. it's not clear what caused the crash, and details are not being released at this time about the conditon of the firefighters or the driver. here is a story we told you about yesterday. this week marks one year since
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and a kosher supermarket, killing 17-people. to honor those who lost their lives, french president francois hollande unveiled a plaque, but france made a huge mistake. one of the victim's name was spelled wrong on a memorial plaque that was unveiled yesterday. the mistake was noticed after the french president unveiled the plaque. it was removed and the name was fixed. a remarkable story here, a new mexico woman is beginning her first military deployment alongside one solider she's known her entire life, her dad. krista and her father lacey macias will go to kuwait together. krista joined the military after she graduated high school and says she jumped at the chance to go with her dad when the opportunity came up. >> it was one of his friends that he actually deployed with. he actually asked me to go. they said that they needed medics to come and they just figured it was a once in a lifetime opportunity to be able to go with my father. allyson: this is krista's first deployment and her father's
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military sererce. they'll be in kuwait together for the next nine months, and -- nine months. 4 hd forecast. 12:17. mountains. the breeze out of the east, north east at seven and it was cold this morning and drop down to 22 and greenville-spartanburg-and asheville has rebounded to the 30's, 35 and mostly sunny skies. tomorrow, afternoon temperatures should rebound a good 10 degrees. we are watching a few showers in florid snow in missouri and tomorrow night, we see isolated showers and a better chance of showers by friday. temperatures around the region
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along the georgia and south carolina border, clayton at 36, hartwell at 40, 43 and temperatures will reach this will see afternoon highs in the mid 40's for the upstate and the wind out of the northeast at eight to 10 and it makes it feel like it is in the low 30's. afternoon, have a warm jacket. these are below normal the year. average is typically 52 at gsp, the average. in the mountains, normally upper 40's are what we expect. today more like 42. 69 set back in 1907, so we can have mild and cold snaps this time of the year. tomorrow, temperatures right about where they should be.
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other parts of the country in the nation's midsection, snow from missouri inside her wet and the northern plains and some flurries of snow in the rockies and it is cold for most of the its way down south. we will be chilly again tomorrow put about 10 degrees better. as we look toward the weekend, saturday is partly cloudy the beach and sending a better chance of showers. for greenville-spartanburg-anderson, 44 to 45 and by midnight, it drops down to low 30's with the asheville and hendersonville area reaching down to low 40's and dropping to upper 20'by midnight. instead of teens and 20's, more like upper 20's to low 40's for typical temperatures. 52. friday, a 70 percent chance of showers and now it looks ago 40% chance for good bit of the area on saturday.
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temperature wise, not bad. we don't have to worry about ice or snow but perhaps rainin on friday into sunday. allyson: ready for the warmer temperatures. check out this cute video trending all over the internet. it is a hilarious first meeting between a yorkie pup and a little lizard. dale: the video was uploaded by the pet collective and has already gotten more than 40,000 views. lizards arar not that scary. snakes are different story. allyson: he looks like he is saying, can i eat? dale: or do you want to play? allyson: cute. coming up, what if traveling could be more comfterable with this a hoodie that turns into a
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we will have more, coming up. many people clean their dentures with toothpaste or plain water. and even though their dentures look clean, in reality they're not. if a denture were to be put under a microscope, we can see all the bacteria that still exists on the denture, and that bacteria multiplies very rapidly. that's why dentists recommend cleaning with polident everyday. polident's unique micro clean formula works in just 3 minutes, killing 99.99% of odor causing bacteria. for a cleaner, fresher,
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allyson: taking a look at money
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the dow jones, nasdaq and s&p 500 all down. what if you could have a pillow everywhere you go? one company is making it possible. hypnos hoodie is a sweatshirt with a hood that inflates into a pillow so you can sleep on the go. the fleece is already pulling in over $100,000 on kickstarter. the goal was $30,000. the sweatshirts are going for $59 on kickstarter. shipment is expected to start in march. twitter may be ready to abandon its decade-old limiit on the length of tweets. reports say it may expand posts from 140 characters to as many as 10,000. twitter ceo jack dorsey isn't confirming the change, but is dropping some pretty strong hints. he s ss many people are already circumventing the limit by taking screenshots of texts and tweeting those. dorsey did exactly that on tuesday, tweeting a shot of a 10-paragraph text, which works out to about 1300 characters. a new survey shows two thirds of
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unexpected expenses, such as a $500 car repair or $1,000 emergency room bill. bankrate says people will try to make ends meet by cutting spending on other things, relying on credit cards or borrowing from family. bankrate says this proves having an emergency savings cushion is more than a personal finance cliche. taking a look outside, it may be sunny but it is cold. we will be back with one more
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allyson: taking another look at our top story, to upstate churches are dealing with the clean up after being vandalized. it was bethlehem baptist church where the windows were shot out yesterday morning. today, rocky mountain missionary baptist church arrived to find their windows shot out as well. you can get updates on the story on air and online at dale: we have a school salute at centerville elementary in anderson. these students in misses the three's second grade was a class are having with the morris, learning about rhythm and steady beat them music, so they made light sabers or things that
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having light sabers and rhythm wars to learn all about it. thank you. he was a pretty picture from lake hartwell. this is the portland shoals marina where it is 38 degrees and a light breeze. we will get into the 40's this afternoon, 44 for the upstate, 42 for the mountains and tomorrow about 10 degrees better to low 50's. allyson: it was a pleasure doing the lunch hour with the end you, as well. check us back out at 5:00. lights, camera, access. >> eject ben, eject. get out of that. >> do we have another glass? >> get to know her better. >> oh, wait a minute. >> might the loose cannon be an early front-runner for bachelor ben? i'm billy bush. putting my finger literally right on the pulse to find out where this is going.
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