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tv   WYFF News 4 6pm  NBC  January 6, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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carol: how long is the weather going to last? john: we will be around the freezing mark and probably in the 20's in the mountains. we warmed up or cooled off into thee low 20's and the teens in the mountains. the clouds coming across our area is a blessing in disguise because that will cap some of the warm we had in some of our areas. i will talk more about that coming up. that will keep us from getting very cold tonight. the -- currently 39 degrees in spartanburg. we will talk more about the storm system arriving later in the week.
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reporter: prevention can be free in some cases or cost as little as five dollars. look at this fountain in downtown spartanburg. if the water here can freeze, soak in the water in your pipes. >> these are dire consequences when a pipe freezes. reporterer a frozen pipe can burst and flood your home when it thoughts. you can get a faucet cover at a hardware store and install it after you disconnect your hose. let your faucet drip and keep cabinet doors opened to let him warm air. if your water heater is in the garage, keep the garage door closed. keep on the heat in vacant homes for sale and rental properties with water service.
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water which is expecting hundreds of calls for help this winter. >> we may get up to 200 calls from people who don't have any water. it's more than likely their pipes have frozen. reporter: make sure your water meter is an blocked by branches. that will make it more accessible if they need to shut off your water in an emergency situation. >> south carolina does not plan to stand for the vandalism of god's house. mike: senator carl allen talking about three churches all vandalized within 24 hours of each other. today, people of the rocky creek
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a protective plexiglass saved the stained-glass windows. they shot out the glass into vans, including one day acquired two weeks ago. >> we just need to pray. these kinds of acts do not reflect good on mankind. >> this will not stop us. we will continue to march on and press forward and we will live our lives not in fear. we know god is the ultimate protector of our lives. carol: bethlehem church also found bullet holes in their window. calvary baptist was also vandalized. members and staff were left wondering who would do something like that. >> what is the coin shooting up a church? we are trying to do god's work. why would you want to do
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patient stole and ambulance with a paramedic inside. the ems crew brought the patient in around 9:00 this morning, unloaded that person into the hospital. the paramedic was straightening things up when the man hopped into the front seat and took off. the paramedic was able to gain control and park it before it left the hospital grounds. investigators have charged one man in the case stop more on this coming up at 11:00. carol: william the refrigerator perry is in the hospital tonight. he was in chicago to attend the bears season finale against the detroit lions on sunday. he went to the hospital to get medication to help control his diabetes. when doctors checked him, they found a leg infection. he was released under the condition he returned to the
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>> i understand. our prayers and thoughts are with him. he has a son playing college football now and doing pretty well. carol: perry retired in 1994 from the nfl. mike: it has been seven months since he be in lyon are right went missing from her home. her family pay state -- placed a teddy bear by one of the billboard looking for help. you can also crime -- call crimestoppers. carol: in greenville county, a woman's is a killer is on the loose after two of her horses were shot and killed.
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shot and killed. the owners say they had to bury one of them right here. >> we feel like we have lost children. we came down to feed on christmas eve night and she was just laying there. we threw it off as an accident. reporter: she says the horse was shot and killed. they called police after they found another horse dead on sunday. >> you can see where he was taking here trying to get up, thrashing his head back and forth trying to get up and kicking back here with his backseat. that's why i say i know for a fact that he suffered. reporter: she believes the shooter used a 22 caliber weapon. >> i'm a firm believer if they'd would do it to them, they would do it to a kid or to a grown-up. reporter: she says the animals
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>> you are a coward. you are not the egg bad. you are not scary. you have not done anything good. you may be working on making yourself famous, but it is not going to end well. reporter: the owners are working to collect money for a reward that could lead to an arrest in this case. mike: next week, governor haley gets the big stage giving the republican response to the state of the union. but that could mean for the governor, coming up. >> and tiger fans, if you are heading out to arizona, temperatures for highs will be below normal and so will the overnight lows. maybe a few showers on sunday.
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next tuesday... governor nikki haley will give the republican response... to president obama's carol: next tuesday, governor nikki haley will give the republican response to president obama passed last state of the union address. reporter: tuesday night will not be her first time on the national stage. in 2012, she spoke at the republican national convention and championed mitt romney for president. after a year that included tragedy and triumph, the governor continue to focus on healing while dismissing the murmurs of's ring morning to vice presidential candidate. she will be the third consecutive woman to deliver the republican response to president obama. >> we hope the president will join us in a year of real action by empowering people, not by making their lives harder with
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>> americans have an hurting. when we have demanded solutions, too often, washington responded with the same stale mindset. mike: in recent years, paul ryan gave the address one year before he was picked as mitt romney plus running mate. senator marco rubio -- marco rubio delivered the 2013 response and is now running for president. mike: we now know the breed that made up caitlin the dog. she was found with her muzzle bound with electrical tape. her story of recovery has gone viral all over the world. many were curious about the breed that make up ground. results show she's a mix of boxer and german shepherd. family. >> what was going through your
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>> unbelievable. carol: tonight, danny ford relives the 81 season. he's never seen it before. mike: the national championship game monday night in glendale, arizona. clear to partly cloudy skies and
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the year was 198 ..the season carol: the year was 1981, when clemson made history.
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at that -- with the man at the helm who has never seen it before. we have an update on the current clemson team. >> we are at village alterations and the van new -- the brand-new clemson jersey came in this afternoon to get these patches sewn on. these jerseys are orange, the same color as the last time clemson played national championship. surrounded by sounds of cheers and the tiger rags, 1981 clemson team celebrated something no other had an the's history -- a national championship with danny ford at the helm. >> we are very proud and glad the game is over. reporter: ford was just 33, the
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now, he's in his 60's and the reporters are back. >> real happy for the fans. reporter: fielding questions again about a national championship. this time, this team just one win away from doing what was done 30 years earlier. >> we should have scored then and we drop that. >> you still remember? >> owed, yes. >> never before has he seen this footage. >> i remember jeff giving me a ride on his shoulder. >> what was going through your mind? >> just unbelievable. just an unbelievable dream that came true. >> she went to alabama and won a national championship. which team will you be pulling for? >> at tough.
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announcer: now, your live super doppler four d doppler -- super doppler four d forecast. john: clouds coming in very quickly from the south. this is just below the base of the clouds. between there and the ground, is very dry air. we talk about this a lot in the winter. these sprinkles are not even reaching the ground. we start off at 22 degrees this morning, far from the record low , but 10 degrees below average. 44 degrees this afternoon. far from the record high. 16 degrees this morning.
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outside right now, a live shot looking at lawrence -- clear desperately cloudy skies, excuse me. because of the clouds moving in, the temperatures are not going to drop as quickly. temperatures will only slowly drop. we've got breaks in the clouds tonight. 40 right now in greenville. 40 in greenwood. 39 degrees in union. cold temperatures across the area but it won't be as cold tonight because of the cloud cover. a northeasterly breeze around five miles an hour. 48 in columbia and 48 along
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cool in orlando, 61 degrees. miami looking nice at 72 degrees. nationally, clouds coming in from the southwest and a lot of snow moving through iowa moving up into parts of minnesota. phoenix at 59 degrees, running a couple of hours early, so it still only 4:00 right now. normally the average temperature would be in the mid-60's. cold high pressure to start with and a mix of clouds and sunshine across the area. the system comes in just in time for friday. some cloudiness and not as cold tonight. tomorrow, partly sunny skies and seasonably chilly.
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in asheville, sunny skies and light winds. we start off at 32 degrees at 9:00. clouds on the increase and a chance of showers coming in with a break friday night. some of the rain may and by sunday. maybe a couple of leftover showers. we could warm temperatures up a little bit during the day. mike: the tigers are making some travel plans. >> clemson just released their departure time for arizona. we will tell you when and where you can give them a send off. the shawn watson talks derrick
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>> here comes cam newton, touchdown, carolina. >> cam newton is the offense of player of the week. he collects the award for the fifth time this season, tying the record previously set by tom brady. hard to see how he wouldn't be the number one player. carolina will host washington, green bay or seattle a week from monday. the tigers will leave friday for arizona just before noon.
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a busy week as they prepare to playay alabama for the national championship. >> it features a heisman winner and watson says his friendship with henry grew while those were at the heisman ceremony in new york city. >> we are good friends and cool with each other, we just make sure we keep our relationship regardless if we are playing against each other or not. it's a great time to learn from each other and the experience of meeting new people. that is what we did. >> watson will call or text henry, but he did root for them in the cotton bowl.
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>> a light night on the college hardwood. longwood plays at tc in clinton. thee clemson basketball team has a little momentum after posting their second consecutive win. clemson up by one with less than five seconds to play. tough test for the tigers with louisville visiting the wellness weekend. south carolina surging toward the best start in school history. usc moved to 144 and oh. frank martin and country -- and company on their way to settinin their most consecutive when to start a season. south carolina looks every bit and ncaa team right now. a great start to the season and frank martin deserves a lot of creditmike:.
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john: i don't think i could use the word warm. seasonably chilly tomorrow. then the rain comes friday, saturday and maybe lingers into sunday morning. carol: our next newscast is at 11:00. we hope you will join us. mike: and we are always on and on the mobile app. carol: have a good night. ficials say a discharged patient drove off with the ambulance. a walmart supplier is recalling nearly 90- thousand pounds of a man stands accused of stealing an ambulan [ scanner beeping ] sir, could you step aside? "sir"? come on. you know who i am. progressive insurance?
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