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tv   WYFF News 4 11pm  NBC  January 6, 2016 11:00pm-11:34pm EST

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fever. plus -- >> when i get frustrated i just think of that, find a new way to do it, keep on keeping on. carol: a citadel cadet battles back from a hand amputation, and is now trying for a prestigious honor at the school. michael: we begin with the weather. john: it is not going to be as cold tonight as in recent nights. we've got these clouds across the western carolinas and northeastern georgia. somewhat warm temperatures this afternoon. we had clear skies, light winds. it is only dropping very slowly right now. it is still cold outside, but certainly not as cold as it was this time last night. 40 in anderson. 30 degrees currently in asheville. your wake-up weather looks like this. mostly sunny to partly sunny skies in the upstate. 23 in the mountains. sunrise still at 7:37.
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system to comes in. michael: it is that time of year to think about keeping the pipes from freezing. every winter, spartanburg water gets at least 200 calls for help from people with frozen pipes. flooding can happen when a oken pipe thaws. so a reminder, in weather below freezing, let your faucets drip, and open cabinets to let warm air reach the pipes. outside, you can use a five dollar faucet cover to shield spigots. >> these can be a little bit aggravating to install, but not as aggravating as having to replace some plumbing or do without water because you have a burst pipe. michael: if your water heater is in your garage, keep the door closed to keep out cold air. a door opened just enough to let pets in and out can let in enough cold air to cause some trouble. let's talk about that powerball. it is now $500 million. do you have the winning numbers?
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carol: 47, 2, 63, 62, 11, 17. once again, 47, 2, 63, 62, 11, and 17. you may be 300 times more likely to get struck by lightning than win this game, but that didn't stop people from the upstate in playing. wyff news 4's liz lohuis spent time at a very busy upstate gas station tonight. she joins us in greenville with more. reporter: with the powerball jackpot being the 6th largest everern the nation, you can imagine the frenzy here in the upstate. people are just hoping they'll by that winning ticket. >> i hope i win. reporter: it may be a long shot. but hope was alive tonight in greenville. >> two lines all the way to the back of the store, basically everyone is getting a ticket. reporter: big lines for the $500 million jackpot and even bigger ideas.
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will tell my friends. i will park a maserati in all the reserved spaces to mess with people. >> get me e house, a nice car, and go on vacation with my family. reporter: you are more likely to get killed by an asteroid or give birth to quadruplets than win the powerball. but hey. there is still a chance. >> a lot of people will say this is the ticket. the carolinas have been lucky in the past. last february you may remember a single mother of four took home a third of the powerball jackpot, $127 million. liz lohuis, wyff news 4 in greenville. michael: and we say thank you liz lohuis, for gracing our newscasts with a caring, creative, rock steady journalism. carol: liz is moving to nashville, but she's always family here.
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turning to other news now. >> south carolina does not plan to stand for vandalism of god's house. carol: senator karl allen of greenville speaking out. this after three churches were vandalized within 24 hours of each other. three simpsonville churches all vandalized. rocky creek missionary baptist church, calvary baptist, and bethlehem baptist church say that people arrived to find this. four of the daycare doors completely shot out, the ground littered with glass. the vandals also tried to shoot out the stained glass windows but a protective plexiglass saved those. the greenville county sheriffs office says, it looks like it was done with a pellet gun. bethlehem baptist church also found pellet holes in a window this morning. the church is not far from rocky creek on harrison bridge road. we learned late today, calvary baptist was also vandalized. members and staff were left
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something like this? ? i mean, why? what is the point of shooting of a church. carol: williams says they're fortunate the pellets only broke the outer pane of the window. michael: a man stands accused of dropping and stepping on his girlfriend's baby daughter. leroy morris faces a slew of charges. toward a child. boyfriend. deputies say he was taking care of the child while the mom was at work. right now, the child is at the greenville health system. she's only 48 days old. no word tonight on her condition. carol: a man charged in the death of two others has died while in police custody. albert bowen stood accused of shooting former pickens high school football coach bill isaacs and dickie stewart back in september. deputies say bowen was flown out of state for a psychological evaluation. he suffered a health issue on the way back to south carolina. he died this morning. two hendersonville, north carolina. police have arrested two people
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they stand accused of killing d'angelo taylor. the pair have been on the run since taylor's body was found on december 3. taylor was found along 9th avenue, near the high school. both suspects are in custody. michael: medshore officials tell us a man stole an ambulance, with a paramedic inside. officials say the ems crew had brought the man to an-med health this morning around 9:00. a paramedic was in the back of the ambulance straightening things up when a different patient hopped into the front seat and took off. medshore says the paramedic was able to gain control of the ambulance and park it before it left hospital grounds. >> it's a very scary moment for the individuals and people in that situation. you don't like to be in that situation and they tried their best to stop the vehicle in motion. michael: investigators have charged 47-year-old lenny ray ware in the case. carol: congress begins the legislative year with a direct challenge to president obama's
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it is also known as obamacare. a gop-led congress sent repeal legislation for health care to the president's desk this evening. despspe dozens of repeal attempts, this is the first time one made it all the way to the white house. president obama has already vowed to veto it. right now in greenville county, a woman needs your help after she says two of her horses were shot and killed. the first horse was found on christmas eve. we are told the second horse was killed on sunday. one of the owners believes the person responsible used a 22 caliber weapon to kill the animals. she's worried for the safety of everyone in the area. do it to them, they would do it to a kid, a grown-up, whatever. carol: the company is working to collect money for a reward for anyone who gets information that leads to an arrest.
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force by police caused him to lose a tooth. williams says he was slammed to the ground while in handcuffs. he was under arrest on a charge of possession of marijuana. he had been in the passenger seat of a car pulled over because of expired tags. according to the police report, williams refused orders to sit down and was cursing at the officer. the report also says williams pushed the officer. williams says the actions of the officer were wrong and he needs dental work. >> they should just admit to what they did. i'm not asking for a lot. i'm not trying to get hundreds of thousands of dollars. i just want my dental work to get paid for at least. michael: police say they plan to release the video. carol: it has been seven months since a girl went missing from her home.
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boea by billboardsr. call crime stoppers at 1-88 8-crime-sc if you know something that could bring her home. michael: chipotle has been served with a federal grand jury subpoena tied to a nora virus outbreak that happened over the summer. the company made the disclosure in the filing with the securities and exchange commission. the subpoena requires it to produce a broad range of documents. last month, a chipotle in boston was shut down. a walmart supplier is recalling nearly 90,000 pounds of product that could be contaminated. the recall involves black angus beef patties. the dates are may 17, 2016 and june 6, 2016.
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carol: a father is upset after his 10-year-old daughter was patted down by tsa while traveling through raleigh-durham international airport. he recorded this video on his cell phone. he says the the pat-down that lasted almost two minutes. it came after an empty juice b b set off security alarms. he says it made his daughter feel uncomfortable and was too ininsive. tsa officials says the process by which the child was patted down followed approved procedures. michael: as we cover clemson on the road, a look back tonight. coach denny ford was just 33 years old when his team won the national championship. >> this is the first time i've seen any of this. >> what do you think about it? >> i didn't know all this happened. michael: from the players and coaches walking off the field to the news conference that winning night. so many memories and ford had never seen video of them.
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>> just unbelievable. i don't believe you could even think about it. it's just an unbelievable dream that came true. michael: ford says he can't lose on monday. he went to alabama and won the national championship at clemson but says the title would mean more to the tigers so says he'll be pulling for clemson. carol: a boy and his parents survived after jumping from a burning apartment. it was all caught on camera. the fire broke out this morning at an apartment building in quebec. the video you see shows a 10-year-old boy dangling from his father's arms outside a window. he then gets dropped to safety. then his mother and father made the jump too. all three landed in snow. they were taken to the hospital. they are expected to be ok. coming up, a young man who is living proof that no matter what life throws at you, your dreams can still come true. michael: an upstate middle school student survived a medical scare that could have killed him. his message of thanks to the
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>> next monday night is the national championship game. perfect football weather.
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has two layers of pain relief. the first is fast. the second lasts all day. we give you your day back. what you do with it is up to you. tylenol . carol: north korea claims to have tested its first hydrogen bomb. north korea announced test results today.
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major advance for it still limited arsenal. u.s. officials say early analysis of activity is not consistent with a successful test. the un security council has promised new sanctions against north korea. he's a young man we can all learn something from. 20-year-old cameron massengale lost his right hand in a work accident. michael: wyff news 4's john lyon says cameron has bounced back. he is now trying to become the elite of the elite at the said adele. >> about a month ago i was having a little trouble with the elbow. reporter: cameron massengale is still trying to work out some kinks with his prosthetic hand. >> challenge myself a lot more than i have in the past because i want to see what i can do. reporter: like wall climbing, weight lifting, doing push-ups even playing the guitar. >> i'm a very active person. i break things, i need stuff repaired. we need to find different materials, different suspension systems, different tools. >> you try to make things light as possible but also as durable as possible and cameron has
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that. reporter: the challenge now is find a way for cameron to hold a rifle. he's trying to earn a spot in the prestigious summerall guard at the citadel. the best of the best at the college. >> i've actually been told i'm trying harder than anybody else in the weight room. i'm in there putting up the same weight as my frienen with two arms and hands. reporter: cameron says he's learned in the last year that life changing, doesn't mmn life ending. cameron's can do attitude is helping those who are trying to help him. >> cameron has taught us to be on top of our game. >> what's your ceiling? >> i don't think there is a ceiling, there is no ceiling. i've got the opportunity to meet people like me, people who are missing more limbs than i am and they are doing even more stuff than i am, so there is no ceiling, there is no such thing. reporter: his quest for the summerall guard continues monday
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john lyon, news 4, greenville. carol: a football player survived a medical scare that could have ended his life. back in september, 13-year-old isaiah custodio got a bad headache while at football practice at mauldin middle school. doctors said isaiah had a ruptured blood vessel in his brain. there had been no signs of trouble. isaiah survived but had to spend 6 weeks in the hospital learng the basics like how to walk and talk. his story spread through social media. people made signs, t-shirts, and bracelets. all of this love worked wonders. >> thank you for everybody. thank you for my football team and thank you for my band and everything. it was so great. carol: isaiah is still out of school. he gets physical therapy three
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john: as you can see, cloudiness continuing to move across our skies. that is keeping the temperature from dropping too quickly. it is still going to the cold tonight. at the international airport, 22 degrees this morning. 10 degrees below average. 44 was our high this afternoon. that is eight degrees below average. at the regional airport, 16 degrees this morning. still far from the record low of minus five. 44 was the high this afternoon. outside right now, partly cloudy skies. in lawrence, current temperature is 38 degrees. we are going to keep it pretty chilly to say the least. seasonably cold. we get some breaks in the clouds. the temperature could drop quicker in some areas.
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34, the cold spot, in gaffney. 36 degrees in union and spartanburg. 40 in anderson. upper 30's into,. 30 in asheville. very little wind except for a northeast breeze at 10 miles per hour in greenville. for the most part, fairly light winds. only 51% in greenville. that is pretty dry air that we've had during the day today. 42 in columbia. upper 40's in charleston. mid 40's along myrtle beach and 41 in atlanta. cold in the deep south. 24 in cincinnati. even chilly in orlando. 65 degrees at this hour. showers and thunderstorms moving through parts of texas. snow moving through parts of the upper midwest, wisconsin,
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this map looks more like early january. storm system offshore is going to stay offshore. partly sunny skies expected throughout the day tomorrow. that will bring us some rain as we get into thursday night, late tomorrow night, and friday. not as cold tonight. low around 30 in the upstate. for tomorrow, mostly sunny to partly sunny skies. seasonably chilly. starting off at 37 degrees, warming up to the upper 40's. in the asheville hendersonville area, mostly sunny skies, light winds, and seasonably chilly. maybe warming into the upper 40's at noon time. rain coming in on thursday, friday, maybe a few leftover showers on sunday. michael: fans, you can send the tigers off in style. we will tell you when and where
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sendoff as they head to arizona to play for the national championship. nick satan, here's his thoughts on dataweeney -- - ck saban,
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>> and here comes cam newton going into the end zone. touchdown, carolina. >> cam newton is the offensive player of the week, collecting the award for the fourth time this season. that ties the record previously set by tom brady. moment. the clemson athletic department says the top ranked tigers will leave for arizona on friday just before noon. players and coaches will load the buses at death valley at. fans are welcome to see the team off. a busy week in tiger town as they prepare to play alabama for the national championship ricardo lecompte has more from clemson. >> monday night's matchup features to shawn watson and a heisman winner. watson says his friendship with henry grew when both were at the heisman trophy ceremony in new
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>> we are cool with each other. making sure that we keep a relationship regardless if we are playing against each other or not, just a great time to learn from each other. that's what we did while we were in new york. reporter: ronson -- watson won't call or text henry, but he did route for the alabama running back in their win over michigan state in the cotton bowl. reporting in clemson, ricardo lecompte. >> today was media day in tuscaloosa, nick saban, and a host of players talked about the national title game, and here is something you may or may not have known. the swinneys and the saban's, have a vacation me in the same area, and actually spend some time together, during the off-season.
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he has a place at boca grand where we have a place, we go for boat rides together, and go out to eat. he has a great family, and his boys play basketbal, and i think everybody has to be who they are. i think his coaches do a great job, he is the leader of the organization. and i think that's a reflection of him. >> saban very complimentary of the way swinney has built clemson's program we will hear from saban again, saturday morning in arizona. join us monday night, right here on wyff 4, 90 minutes before kickoff. we will bring you road to the title, an hour long special, live from university of phoenix stadium. everything you need to know before kickoff of the college football championship game. with cam newton possibly be in on the verge of winning his
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that newton has elevated his game since signing that big contract area -- contract. some players fall off after signing those big-money deals. >> i think he wants to show mr. richardson that it is a great investment. >> carolina will host washington, green bay, or seattle a week from sunday. the carolina panthers will crank it up in the postseason. great time to be in this part of the country. follow along with us on our trip to arizona. we depart tomorrow, headed west. follow along on social media. we will have the facebook life thing. you can have conversations with us. make sure you follow us. carol: another look at tomorrow's weather after the
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morning, 30 in the upstate, 23 in the mountains. high temperature, 51 in the upstate, 49 in the mountains. light winds also make it more comfortable. rain comes in friday night into saturday. showers on sunday and then dry next week. seasonably chilly. carol: it is ok to be normal. michael: it really is. maybe we will get that way. carol: thanks for watching. the news continues at 4:30 in the morning. michael: we are always on carol: good night. [captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit] with a chipotle chicken club combo for $4.99. that combo was the real hero that day. a craveable combo to the rescue. spicy, all-white meat chicken with chipotle sauce on toasted sourdough.
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