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away according to the legislative let delegations. he served as go, anderson and greenwood counties. he was 77 years old and we will have more information on air and on our mobile app. new at noon, hendersonville police say four people now face charges in connection with the death of a man found alongside a road. police say 24-year-old shawn hall and 31-year-old crystal hernandez face accessory after the fact charges. yesterday, police charged 23-year-old shawn hollifield and 20-year-old savannah walker with murder. police say they found 28-year-old deque taylor's body on ninth avenue back on december 3. that's near hendersonville high school. a this morning around 11:00 ended with a car crash on a.m. interstate 85 around eleven this morning. as you see here, it backed up traffic quite a ways. this is the stretch of 85 in anderson county near exit 27. the sheriff's office says the
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after a car reported stolen from , travelers rest, didn't stop for police. deputies say two people are in custody right now. clemson police say someone vandalized tillman hall overnight. someone spray painted rename tillman hall on the side of the building. police are investigating, and the school is trying to figure out the best way to clean the old brick without damaging it. the school released a statement saying -- we understand that there are strong opinions about tillman, but vandalism of a historic property is a crime and we have to treat it as such. we hope that this incident doesn't take away from the positive work that is being done to better document and tell the full history of clemson university. greenville police tell us an suv rear-ended a bus. the driver of the sb was charged with driving too fast for conditions.
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first told you about this morning. all 17 new york miners who were stuck hundreds of feet below ground have been rescued. they were trapped in an elevator at the deepest salt mine in the western hemisphere. a crane lifted the workers out. they were stuck for nearly ten hours. the company says the crew was never in danger, and no one was injured. south carolina junior linebacker skai moore says he'll stick around for his senior year with the gamecocks. he made the announcement on his instagram. he wrote -- after talking with my family about this big decision, i feel it's only right to go back to school and finish what i started. he had four interceptions last season. let's talk weather as we take a live look from our lake hartwell skycam. if we can, one of dale gilbert favorite places. looking good out there. he is in the weather center with what to expect. dale: wasn't as cold as
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it slowly got warmer, but today we are ready up to 53 degrees in greenville with a light rays out of the east, northeast at six. this is paris mountain -- how did you know i had it lined up? the anderson skycam with lake hartwell -- how did you know i had it lined up? -- it is 49 degrees. we do see a system in the mississippi valley area. about a 40% chance of showers tomorrow and that will increase to 80% as a get to saturday. looks like saturday may be are wet day this weekend. we will talk about sunday and the first of next week in a few minutes. geoff: all right, well the polk , county sheriff's office is looking for a woman after they found dogs in poor health at her home. animal control found dogs without adequate food or water and with extremely matted hair at a home on landrum road in columbus.
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around its leg, causing damage and an infection. deputies are searching for 38-year-old sabrina painter. her last known address is the home where the dogs were found. deputies said they believe painter may be living in the upstate. she faces charges of animal abandonment and animal cruelty. happening today, governor nikki haley is planning to discuss progress on combating domestic violence. haley's office says she's holding a news conference at the statehouse this afternoon with members of the domestic violence task force. prosecutors from around the state are expected to attend as well. a year ago, haley created the task force to combat the problem. nationwide, south carolina consistently ranks among the worst per capita in women killed by men. a north carolina jail is closing one of its wings because they don't have enough inmates to fill it. alamance county has temporarily closed part of its jail annex that used to house 30 women. the sheriff says they have up to 520 inmates a day usually, but
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340. the county credits the hiring of another prosececor to handle more cases. they say it's saved them about $250,000. the dream of winning the powerball jackpot still alive this afternoon. no one won the big prize last night. that means the $500 million jackpot will roll over to about $675 million. the numbers drawn in last night's jackpot were 2, 11, 47, 62 and 63. the powerball number is 17 with a multiplier of 3. the next drawing saturday night. more cases of vandalism been reported in the simpsonville community. the sheriff's office says there are seven or eight potential cases and sled is getting involved. aly myles joins us live with more on the vandalism. aly: this neighborhood is less
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missionary baptist church. this house and this house all reported they had a car window shot sometime early wednesday morning. these are just three of the cases. greenville county says they have had seven or eight, including rocky cross. they had malicious damage and intent to glass windows. this is the damage to one of church. windows shot out. van windows shot out. two other churches also reported window damage outside of greenville county's jurisdiction but still within simpsonville. the churchmembers we spoke to say they are forgiving but want justice. the neighbors we spoke to here say they take this threat very seriously. >> i think police really need to take this seriously and do everything they can and use all means necessary to them to bring these people to justice before
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doing it. aly: reed says his truck will hopefully be fixed in the next couple of days. he says he's had it for about a year. greenville county sheriff's office asks anyone with any information to call 23-crime. they are working with sled. aly myles wyff news 4 in simpsonville. geoff: thank you. our sports team is on their way to arizona to bring you pull coverage of the national championship game. and don't forget, we'll have our night before the game right here on wyff 4. it begins at 7:00 p.m. we'll be live from university of phoenix stadium with everything you need to know before kickoff of the college football playoff national championship between the clemson tigers and the alabama crimson tide. we're also helping you get ready for the game with our live wire again. you see it in this video in the right now bar at the top of our wyff 4 app. it's also on
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championship game. it features everything from throwback videos from the 1981 team to recent interviews with players. >> you will notice that a lot of the issues that the candidates talk about primarily aimed at middle-aged and older people. geoff: coming up this evening, politicians targeting people who are most likely to get and out vote. tonight at 5:00, wyff news 4's tim waller on who votes in south carolina and who doesn't. next, some people will go to any length to get what they want. must see video of this burglary attempt. plus, our phones are smart. straight ahead, how our cars are getting even smarter. dale: weather coming and it will
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announcer: you are watching live, local breaking news with geoff hart, and weather with meteorologist dale gilbert. this is wyff news 4 at noon, in
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looking for five men who tried burglary. security cameras were rolling as five suspects rammed a stolen pick-up into a dallas convenience store early yesterday morning. once inside, the group tried to steal the store safe, but it proves to be too much to handle. after repeatedly trying to lift the safe, the five take off, leaving it behind. those five people suspects remain on the run. there is a new addition at illinois's brookfield zoo. lily the zoo's 11-year-old gray seal gave birth to a female pup on january second. the pup weighs just over 30 pounds. the staff estimates she'll triple or quadruple her weight in the next month. gray seals only nurse for about three weeks and then the pup will be introduced to a fish diet. both mom and her baby will remain out of public view for several weeks to allow them time to bond. a citadel cadet from greenville is making history at the
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cameron massengale lost his right hand in a work accident in 2014. now, he's training to become a member of the prestegious summerall guard with the help of his prosthetic hand. the 20-year-old junior is working with the hanger clinic in greenville to develop the hand he needs. i need it for heavy activity because along with learning these specific drills, i need to do push-ups, i need to run, i need to carry a rifle a couple miles while i am running, i need to be able to hold things above my head, i need to be able to do bear crawls all different physical activities without it failing on me. geoff: he is impressive. weights, does push-ups, even plays guitar all with his artificial hand. the guard selection process resumes when school starts at the citadel monday. let's turn to money matters and see how the numbers are looking again, with what is going on in
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the dow jones down. down 200 points and the nasdaq down considerably, 81, and s&p 500 down 26. off to a rough start. it was just a matter of time and force. "star wars: the force awakens" has become the highest grossing domestic movie of all time. according to disney the movie -- according to disney the movie , earned enough at the box office yesterday to pass "avatar's" $760.5 million lifetime gross. the number one title comes after just 20 days. both "avatar" and "star wars" have earned some $1.6 billion globally. "star wars" could take the number one global title when it opens in china on saturday. just like our phones, cars are getting smarter. now, they have the ability to communicate with stop lights and even other cars and pedestrians on the road. phil lebeau explains.
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phil auto supplier, delphi, says : this is the brains behind the cars and trucks. software and cameras in this test vehicle allows them to not only talk with other cars, so they can avoid collisions at blind intersections, but it also -- we are changing lanes because here. phil but it also goes one step : further communicating with stop lights about changes in traffic and with the smart phones of pedestrians so they can stop or slow down and avoid crashes where pedestrians could be hurt or killed. >> the car has let us know he is right there. >> the opportunity to get that advanced information before the car is there, before anyone is put in danger, it will just be an incredible improvement in safety. phil vehicle to vehicle : communication is a crucial step in the development of autonomous-drive cars and trucks. like the google car, delphi's technology will be in the first gm models with super-cruise control, which come out later this year. the next step for smarter cars,
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fewer people being accidents. phil lebeau in las vegas. >> now, your live super doppler 4 hd forecast. dale: good afternoon. 12:16. we look out from our skycam with woodruff road and 385. a beautiful afternoon. starting to see clouds develop and we will get more tonight ahead of this next front across the mississippi valley. this will be our next rainmaker. a few scattered showers overnight and into tomorrow. by saturday, a good 80% chance of brain and that should taper off saturday night. sunday right now looks ok this coming weekend as far as the upstate. temperatures have already reached into the low 50's from abbeville to greenville to anderson. we are looking at oconee county already at 56 and walhalla i-55,
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pleasant temperatures for this time of the year. average for the upstate's 50 two and 47 for the mountains. we get above that today. five to seven mile breezes are blowing today. last year on this date, five degrees was are low. that was a record low in 2014. today, we have 32 or a low or actually 35 and received 53 or better. asheville normally looks at 27 in the morning, 47 for the afternoon. last year, it was-1. today, we reach into the low georgia. here comes our next weather maker, bringing a sprain for friday into saturday and break. the first of next week will be cooler behind the front. cold for the northern tier of cooler for the first of the week.
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continue into sunday down along the coast. we will see mid 60's saturday and sunday at myrtle beach. for the afternoon, 54 is the projected top for the upstate. the mountains about the same. an afternoon high of 54 dropping into the 30's overnight. tomorrow, 49 for the upstate and the mountains. about 40% chance of showers on friday and increasing the 80% on saturday, and then tapering off by sunday. first up next week, warm coats will be needed. a little cooler than normal to start next week. geoff: thank you. still to come, it is restaurant we. the deals you can find over the next 10 days with michael. coming up later this afternoon on "ellen," queen latifah and marland wayans will stop by.
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we give you your day back. what you do with it is up to you.
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geoff: it is one of the most anticipated culinary events of the year in greenville, restaurant week. joining us is michael heater with the south carolina restaurant and lodging association. great to see you. tell us what's new for
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michael: this is year six and it has grown to a great event. 43 restaurants this year. geoff:? a record? michael: a record. geoff: and you added lunch this year. geoff: michael: several restaurants have added lunch. geoff:tell us some of those restaurants and the bigger names that we would recognize. michael: all of the downtown restaurants, the big tables restaurants and this goes out to the county has well, so simpsonville, greer restaurants. geoff: what makes this unique? is there dinner going to be cheaper, what is it that we will see? michael: normally, it is a three for 30 kind of deal or something that highlights their menu. geoff: anything else going on from one restaurant to another or it is that one particular restaurant?
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have a qr code to enter you to and prizes for restaurant gift certificates as well. geoff: what is it generally about the restaurants that have taken over downtown because there is great food? michael: i members are very -- our members are very well organized, love their menus and it is great to highlight them. geoff: you are part of the lodging association, so does this bring people in? michael: thank you to greenville county and city to market areas like newberry, anderson, spartanburg to bring people and to spend a night in hotel and the at the restaurant. it is a great event. geoff: when it comes to the weekends, is it tough to get into some of the restaurants? michael: this isn't off time generally, s sit is a great time and that we have it in january. geoff: and some of the shops.
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you go into a restaurant and you look at we have some of the finest restaurant to go into. michael: we are so lucky and restaurant we can charleston, we do a lot better than they do sometimes. geoff: it is underway, the sixth beer and 43 restaurants involved. is there somewhere someone pick up to get more information? michael: restaurantweekgreen geoff: thank you. let's take a look outside as we checked the conditions. dale telling us we have party gone to the 50's.
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geoff: taking another look at our top story, governor nikki haley has issued a statement on the death of state senator billy o'dell. billy o'dell worked tirelessly for the people of this district and state, and we are forever grateful for his service. michael and i ask that you lift
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friends, family and constituents during this difficult time. he made south carolina a better place. several others have expressed condolences as well. we will have more tonight at 5:00 and on her mobile app. senator billy o'dell passing away today. traffic note -- all lanes of i-85 are clear now after that crash. if you want more, he will find more on the website. what do we have? dale: beautiful, 10 degrees warmer. we have gotten up to 53, 54 from greenville to anderson and yesterday, 44 was the best. the mountains are pushing 50 in asheville and the 50's in other spots. slight breeze out of the northeast at five to nine. tomorrow, more clouds and there will be a chance of showers in the friday forecast. looks like saturday may be are wet day with an 80% chance of
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temperatures a little cooler by the system that will bring this rain. it clears up for sunday and the first of the week and it will just be in the 40's for highs. geoff: thank you. good to have michael heater with us talking about restaurant week underway in downtown greenville. get out there. thank you for joining us at noon. lights, camera, access. >> this documentary -- >> the sheriff was told by the police, you have the wrong guy. >> i thought to myself, okay. this is just wrong. >> wrongly convicted or justice served? i'm billy bush. both sides are digging in when it comes to the making a murderer docu sesees. so will you side with the former juror or nancy grace? >> are you actually believing netflix? >> i will ask mrs. cosby -- >> what does camille cosby know?
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>> no, i don't agree she could
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