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sheriff's office, the bomb squad was called to a home last night after a man barricaded himself bomb. the device was located and declared safe by the bomb squad. according to the sheriff's office, a k9 was sent in after him. the man is now in the hospital being treated for a dog bite. bowl champions. clemson tigers off to arizona for the national title. allyson: aly myles will be live in downtown clemson. geoff: i am geoff hart. allyson: i'm allyson powell. behind us, here is clemson university. this is a big morning for them. the clemson tigers are leaving today at 12:30 for arizona and the national title game. you're invited to send off the team at 11:45 this morning. they''ll have a gathering at the westzone on centenial boulevard. geoff: dale, what kind of conditions do he have?
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light rain over the area. as we look out from our skycams, traffic is starting slow on the 385, but will pick up. on the live super doppler 4hd, we can see shower activity in the piedmont and light rain across northwest north carolina. we will see most of this action this morning up until 1:00 today. then, we have scattered showers of this afternoon. another low develops in the gulf rain saturday. rain. we have 41 in asheville and 47 in greenville. 48 in anderson. temperatures range from the upper 40's in salem, 246 in -- to 46 in anderson.
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and mountains today. it is not quite as warm as yesterday. it got up to 60 degrees yesterday, but today we will be in the 50's with light rainfall. allyson: if you are going out the door anytime soon, wet roads are a possibility. be careful on your drive. geoff: officers are investigating a shooting in clinton. clinton public safety officials tell us that a number of people were injured. it happened last night near north broad street. no word on how many or the extent. but officials do not believed any suffered life-threatening injuries. at this time no suspect has been arrested. allyson: an upstate momoer is in trouble with the law after her boyfriend was charged with stepping on her baby daughter. leroy morris faces several charges, including unlawful conduct toward a child. officers say he lives with whitney barnwell. yesterday officers filed similar charges against her. a judge denied bond for leroy morris. the mother's bond was set at
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right now, the child is at the greenville health system. she's only 48-days-old. geoff: in horry county, the cause of death of baby grace cruz has officially been ruled a drowning. as you may remember her body was found in a creek in socastee her mother claimed she lost her in the rushing creek water. a deputy coroner ruled the manner of death was homicide. sarah toney was charged with homicide by child abuse. police in hendersonville say 4 people are facing charges in connection with the death of a man found alongside a road. police say 24-year-old shawn hall and 31-year-old crystal hernandez face accessory after the fact charges. yesterday police charged 23-year-old shawn hollifield and 20-year-old savannah walker with murder. police say they found 28-year-old deque taylor's body on ninth avenue back on december third. allyson: three people were taken into custody, following a police
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yesterday where the chase ended along the i-85. police said the chase started on market street. officers then spotted a car that was reported stolen in travelers rest. the driver faces multiple charges. the passengers face charges of receiving stolen goods. geoff: a long time south carolina senator has died according to the anderson county legislative delegation. senator billy o'dell died in his sleep. the greenwood county coroner believes he died due to heart related issues. he was a businessman who had served as a republican in the south carolina senate since 1989. o'dell served district 4 in abbeville, anderson and greenwood counties. o'dell was the chairman of the general committee. he was also the ceo of o'dell corporation. governor nikki haley also released a statement on o'dell's
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it reads in part, quote, we are forever grateful for his service. michael and i ask that you lift up senator o'dell's wife, gail, and his family, friends and constituents during this difficult time. he made south carolina a better place. allyson: south carolina governor haley is laying out a plan to help fight domestic violence in south carolina. in columbia yesterday she said she is giving her task force more time to continue finding ways to deal with the issue. she also is looking at how domestic violence cases are prosecuted in the state. >> in my executive jet we are putting -- in my executive budget we are putting approximately $19 million, which will take away domestic violence give them to prosecutors. prosecutors. we are going to put three new judges into the circuit court. for public defenders.
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tillman hall once again tagged with graffiti. geoff: this video shows the messages painted on the building, calling for the university to rename the hall. tillman was a white supremacist, which has started a lot of debate on campus. the building was vandalized back in july as well. >> i suppose it is unfortunate that someone felt the need to take that particular course of action. the university spokesperson hopes the crime does not take away from effort to tell the school's full history. the university is looking to find the person responsible. allyson: dale joins us again. i was putting my makeup on very early this morning and i heard
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dale: were you driving as you are doing this? allyson: no, i promise. i wasn't driving. dale: it is a little slippery outside with light rain beginning. most of this action will continue up until noon. and then, we will have another wave of showers late morning into tomorrow. watch out for possible slippery roads. 47 degrees with light rain in greenville as we look out from our paris mountain skycam. we have seen showers and parts of newberry into saluted. also in western north carolina in a couple counties we have seen heavier showers. this is the first wave of action we have seen. another low in the gulf will kick up more showers tomorrow morning into the afternoon. temperatures are 31 degrees in boone. 41 in asheville. upper 40's from greenville to abbeville.
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5-10 miles per hour. here is our future plus forecast. most of this action will be tapering off by lunchtime. and then, an isolated shower is possible overnight. another wave of action starts saturday. we have a 50% chance of rain tomorrow and an 80% chance of rain tomorrow. we have cooler temperatures coming in for the first of next week. we have cold mornings again and daytime highs in the upper 30's and 40's to start next week. geoff: the hottest gifts this holiday season are being put to a stop. allyson: tiger fans are getting
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geoff: the so-called affluenza mom heads to court in texas today allyson: tonya couch, the mother of fugitive teen ethan couch, was jailed in texas yesterday and will be arraigned there this morning. she is being charged with hindering the apprehension of a felon. authorities believe she helped her son flee to mexico while prosecutors were investigating whether he had violated his probation for killing four people in a drunken driving
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bond for tonya couch has been said at $1 million. geoff: in new york, 17 salt miners are safe after spending roughly 10 hours trapped in an elevator hundreds of feet below the earth. thanks to a crane and the efforts of dozens of first responders from across the area, miners emerged from the hole. the miners had fresh air but said they were cold. a representative for cargill salt mine said it appeared a steel beam broke, bringing the elevator to a halt. allyson: sergeant bowe bergdahl will go before a military court on tuesday. he faces charges of desertion and endangering fellow soldiers. bergdahl left his post in afghanistan in 2009. he was held captive i the taliban for five years. -- he was held captive by the taliban and for five years. bergdahl was freed back in may
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geoff: the event has grown. what is new, straight ahead. dale: light rain is falling across the area this morning. we will talk about the weekend
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after trying brookside chocolate, people talk about it online. love at first taste. i would liquefy it and bathe in it. curse you, brookside! your nefarious plans have succeeded. nefarious? are we still talking about chocolate? brookside.
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announcer: now, your live super doppler 4 hd weather forecast. dale: 4:46 and we have made it to friday. we have light rain coming down in parts of spartanburg and laurens. we have light rain across most of the region with heavier downpours to the southwest in georgia. all of this will stream up through the carolinas through lunchtime today. then, we get a break before we see more action tomorrow morning. we have two systems that will impact us today and tomorrow. temperatures are all over the place. 30 degrees in boone and 52 in elberton. we see waynesville and canton at 41 degrees. brevard at 34. greenville is at 37 degrees. read and woodruff are in that
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it is cool, but not as cool as it can before for this time of the year. clouds are giving us insulation this morning. light rain will be the story up until 1:00 today. typically, 32 for the low is average and 52 as the high. yesterday, we approached 60 degrees. today, we will approach the 50's. today in the mountains, we will see about 50 degrees. this is the first system. another low in the gulf will bring us rain late morning saturday. keep that in mind as you make your plans for the weekend. here is our future plus forecast. a good bit of this rain will taper off by lunchtime today, with just an isolated shower tonight.
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for this time of the year, 50 degrees is typical and we will see 49-50 for the upstate. for the mountains, upper 40's are average and we will see that today. we clear up come monday. temperatures are in the upper 30's to around 40's with cool might and cool days next week. today and tomorrow we have chances of rain. geoff: thank you, dale. with the south carolina primary about six weeks away, the greenville tea party is gearing up for a busy political year. members of the group met in downtown greenville last night to talk politics. the tea party doesn't endorse candidates, but tells it's members what to evaluate. >> i am asking people to not look at just the words, but look at their actions through their life. and what they have been doing for liberty the last decade or two, what they have been doing besides what they say.
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are favored by more than half of the republicans in the latest polls. many at this gathering were still trying to decide. allyson: today, donald trump will be in rock hill, south carolina. meanwhile, former florida governor jeb bush will also be in south carolina. he will be in pendleton, the first primary voting starts in 24 days. geoff: in commitment 2016. when it comes to voting in south carolina, we can learn a lot from elections of the past. in the last two primaries, the largest segment of voters were people 45 to 64-years-old. that block of people, cast 44% of all votes in the state. compare that to the youngest segment of voters, ages 18-24. they cast fewer than 5% of votes. white voters outnumbered nonwhite voters more than two to one in the last two primaries. font: even so, there is far less interest in primary elections. only 20% of voters, both democratic and republican, showing up at the polls. experts say knowing the age and backgrounds of likely voters,
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political messages. >> you will notice that a lot of the issues that the candidates talk about are primarily aimed at middle-aged and older people. and so, the candidates talk to issues of the people they think are going to go vote. geoff: she says candidates who fall behind in the polls, often target people with a poor track record of voting, hoping to mobilize those voters on election day. allyson: restaurant week in south carolina is once again underway here in the upstate. some of the best and most popular restaurants are offering hot deals for lunch and dinner over the next 11 days. the event has also grown to include something new. >> we are marketing to outside greenville now and bringing people in to spend the night in a hotel and have dinner several times. allyson: to see if a full list of participating restaurants, go
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carolina has banned a popular that is the hoverboard. usc officials say the ban went into effect january 1. it banned the device from all campus housing buildings. an official issued the following statement saying in part quote, the safety of students is a primary concern of the university and hoverboards, like any motorized vehicle used indoors, pose a risk to both the riders and bystanders end quote. allyson: we are now just three days away from the national championship game for the clemson football came. into a reality. time to make memories. geoff: 384 tiger band students and staff, and the cheerleaders and the mascot, will go to the afternoon. randy jones remembers the last national championship.
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tiger band that season. >> they will make memories that are second to none. geoff: the band will have a few more rehearsals before boarding two charter jets at gsp loaded with luggage, instruments, and all of their equipment. allyson: george is to an a half years old and is seen outside of the school building. the royal couple announced he would be attending school in norfolk. that's close to where the family lives. geoff: the clemson tigers will leave from death valley at about noon today. they are going to arizona for the national championship game. but our wyff 4 sports team has already landed in the desert. sports director brad fralick found himself dodging cacti. brad: welcome to the desert. this is the site of the national championship game.
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the clemson tigers will arrive for the game. this is not like a bowl game. there are not many activities for the team to participate in. they will arrive on friday. they will practice on saturday. then, there is a game on monday. follow us on social media. we will have stuff all day, every day we are here. in arizona, brad fralick. allyson: thank you, brad.
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dale: him -- am i on? we have rain falling and a temperature of 46 degrees. we will see shower activity until noon today. through. another system is developing in at the gulf and will bring us more rain tomorrow. will be showers of this morning as you go to school.
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around 50 for the high today. the mountains will go from 36 degrees to about 50 degrees today. we have some rain to start the weekend. we will get more rain late morning to the afternoon again. geoff: glad to see that you are here. in this morning's buzz. chick fil a is getting in on the excitement for monday's national championship game. allyson: the chick fil a restaurant in clemson will serve tiger paw biscuits on january 11 , the day of the title game. the restaurant tweeted this picture. geoff: the biscuits will be available from 6:00 until 10:30 in the morning. allyson: do you think they have a tiger cookie cutter? geoff: i think so. that will be a big hit, monday. allyson: i think it already is on social media. geoff: i am going to arizona
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coverage sunday, monday, and tuesday. i am looking forward to being out there in the desert with our sports guys. announcer: live, local, breaking news. this is wyff news 4 today in hd. geoff: the anderson county bomb squad has declared a device safe afternoon upstate bomb threat. according to the anderson county sheriff's office, the bomb squad was called to a home last night after a man barricaded himself inside and indicated he had a bomb. the device was located and declared safe by the bomb squad. according to the sheriff's office, a k9 was sent in after him. the man is now in the hospital being treated for a dog bite. allyson: nikki haley lays out a plan to fight domestic violence. geoff: clemson university's hall has been vandalized once again. allyson: it is a big morning for the clemson tigers. they're leaving for arizona in a
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i think that is a shot of clemson behind you. dale: we have rain this morning, which should be tapering off by the time they leave. as you go to work and school, watch out for slippery roads. this is one system, a big low, tracking into the great lakes area. another couple of lows are developing for tomorrow and will bring played rain for the early morning saturday. this will be over by about lunchtime today. temperatures right now are 30 degrees in boone and 41 in asheville. it is 52 degrees in elberton. it is all over the place, but would have 40's for the most part. 50 degrees may be the best we see today with breezes out of the northeast at 3-10 miles per hour. upper 40's to 50's in the upstate. the same story for the mountains with showers in the morning. we will see a break this
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