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down a little heavier. it is part of a cold front stretching from the great lakes all the way into florida. we will get showers from this through late morning and early afternoon. we expect another load to develop in the gulf of mexico and tomorrow afternoon with more rain on saturday. current temperature, 46 in greenville, low 40's and spartanburg, anderson at 46. these temperatures will climb a few degrees and reach 50 today. the mountains will climb to upper 40's. in the brawl up or rain jacket the good that -- an umbrella or rain jacket good idea. allyson: a look outside at the hilton-greenville skycam. wet roads this morning. be careful. geoff: 5:31 now. officers are investigating a shooting in clinton. clinton public safety officials tell us that a number of peopl were injured. it happened last night near north broad street. nonoord on how many or the extent, but officials do not believe anyone suffered
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at this time, no suspect has been arrested. allyson: an upstate mother is in trouble with the law after her boyfriend was charged with stepping on her baby daughter. leroy morris faces severerl charges, including unlawful conduct toward a c cld. officers say he lives with whitney barnwell. yesterday, officers filed similar charges against her. a judge denied bond for leroy morris. the mother's bond was set at $75,000. right now, the child is at the greenville health system. she's only 48-days-old. geoff: in horry county, the cause of death of baby grace cruz has officially been ruled a drowning. as you may remember, her body was found in a creek in socastee back in november. her mothererlaimed she lost her in the rushing creek water. a deputy coroner ruled the manner of death was homicide. sarah toney was charged with homicide by child abuse. bond was denied. police in hendersonville say four people are facing charges in connection with the death of a man found alongside a road. police say 24-year-old shawn hall and 31-year-old crystal
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the fact charges. yesterday, police charged 23-year-old shawn hollifield and 20-year-old savannah walker with murder. police say they found 28-year-old deque taylor's body on ninth avenue back on december 3. allyson: three people were taken into custody following a police chase in anderson county. sky 4 flew over the crash scene yesterday where the chase ended along i-85. police said the chase started on market street when officers spotted a car that was reported stolen in travelers rest. deputies arrested three people. the driver kayla gosnell faces multiple charges, including failure to stop for a blue light and receiving stolen goods. the passengers, danile o'brien and carla ryder, face charges of receiving stolen goods. geoff: a longtime south carolina senator has died. according to the anderson county legislative delegation, senator billy o'dell died in his sleep, and the greenwood county coroner believes he died due to heart related issues.
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served as a republican in the south carolina senate since 1989. o'dell served district 4 in abbeville, anderson and greenwood counties. o'dell was the chairman of the general committee. he was also the ceo of o'dell corporation, inc. governor nikki haley also released a statement on o'dell's passing. it reads in part, quote, "we are forever grateful for his service. michael and i ask that you lift up senator o'dell's wife, gail, and his family, friends and constituents during this difficult time. he made south carolina a better place." allyson: south carolina governor haley is laying out a plan to help fight domestic violence in south carolina. in columbia yesterday, she said she is giving her task force more time to continue finding ways to deal with the issue. she also is looking at how domestic violence cases are prosecuted in the state. >> in my executive budget, you will see $19 million, which will
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cases from officers and assigned prosecutors. we are going to add new 144 prosecutors. we are going to put three new judges into the circuit court, and we will have more money in there for public defenders. allyson: governor haley created the task force a year ago. geoff: clemson university's tillman hall once again tagged with graffiti. allyson: wyff news 4's aly mylele joins us live from clemson with more. aly: good morning. someone spray-painted tillman's name behind me, but at this point, it has been cleaned off. yesterday, clemson had covered up the graffiti with a sign that says -- thompson the bama -- but it has been cleaned off -- clemson beat bama -- but it has been cleaned off. this video shows the messages painted on the building, calling hall and stop honoring ben tillman. tillman was an avowed white supremacist, which has stirred up a lot of debate on the the building was also vandalized
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the same week, the confederate flag was removed from the statehouse grounds. >> i suppose it's unfortunate that someone felt the need to take that particicar course of action. aly: a university spokesperson says they hope this crime doesn't take away from efforts to tell the school's full history. right now, the university is looking to charge the person responsible. you cannot see the graffiti, but you can see clemson beat bama because they are heading to the national championship game today. happening this morning just down the way at the westzone on centinnial boulevard, the athletics department invites you to help send off the players to arizona. the gathering starts at 11:45 and the buses will be loaded about 12:30 en route to the national title. aly myles wyff news 4 live in clemson.
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allyson: dale, you are saying if you will go to that, you should bring your umbrella. dale: showers until noon time and thenent tapers off, but we will run the future plus forecast in a few minutes. back to the city of greenville, visibility. it is not blocking the view. 46 degrees currently. maybe hitting 54 high today. by breeze out of the northeast makes it feel colder. here is a live super doppler four hd. it is part of a cold front from the great lake all the way down to florida. we are getting showers from this and this old sleep through by noontime. -- and this will sweep through by noontime. about noon time, it is gone and he will have cloud cover overnight and through the morning tomorrow. tomorrow afternoon, evening,
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be ok but another round of showers for the weekend. that will taper off by sunday morning. temperatures in the low to mid to upper 40's early and not climbing much. reaching about 50 per a high today. tomorrow, upper 40's to 51 and a 70% to 80% chance of evening showers. some may linger into early sunday morning while the upstate clears up. first of next week, cold morning temperatures in the 20's and 30 range with highs just in the upper 30's to 46 on monday. >> it is hollywood's biggest party, so what can you expect on sundays golden globes? we will tell you what to look for, including the pictures and performers. plus, how does the future base feel about returning as coast? -- how does the future base -- ricky gervais feel about
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allyson: we will have more
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ricardo: good morning. i am ricardo lecompte. south carolina remains the only school in the country with both team. now, a combined 28 and 0 after the gamecock women won last night over vanderbilt. tiffany mitchell a big part of that victory but in the first spill. she would walk off and did effects.
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one, mitchell with it three and tied at the break. still type in the fourth quarter mitchell with the steal and the , lay in. mitchell led the gamecocks with 22 points. a four-point margin of victory the last three meetings. tina roy with a she pitched in three, 13 off the bench. vandy closes within three, but khadijah sessions with a big corner three to put it away. the gamecocks the to 14-0 with a 71-61 victory over vandy. geoff: five men on the run after a failed attempt of the smash and grab robbery. a little rain out there this morning. dale: what roads in downtown laurens. -- wet roads in downtown
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>> now, your live super doppler 4 hd forecast. dale: good morning. 5:45 as a look out from our various skycam's.
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super doppler 4 hd with heavier showers s parts of raven, havisham county and more action will sweep across the upstate and mountains this morning. it will be gone by the afternoon. this is part of a cold front that stretches to florida and we will get rain this morning. another little expected to develop and bring us more rain tomorrow afternoon. watch our future plus forecast, showing rain in the morning and tapering off by lunchtime. cloudy skies continue overnight into tomorrow. tomorrow afternoon and evening, another shot of rain through early sunday and things improve for the first of next week. looks like today and tomorrow we have a chance for rain. 41 in asheville and hendersonville. waynesville at 40, or fired at 43, -- brevard a 43.
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upstate, greenwood at 45. abbeville at 47, laurens at 44 and clinton at 43. afternoon temperatures will hit about 58 with cloud cover and rain. the breeze out of the northeast makes it feel cooler, so cold warm rain jacket is a good idea for the morning. event number one. the next comes tomorrow afternoon and evening. other parts of the country feeling like winter, denver at 28, boston at 30. we are in the warmer sector of the country for this weekend. the beach forecast, well, a 50% chance of showers on saturday but most of it will happen saturday with an isolated showers left on sunday. here is our outlook for today. upper 40's for the upstate, upper 40's to 50's for the mountains for afternoon highs. tomorrow we have clouds for the
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the afternoon and evening and tapering off. sunday looks at drive for the upstate and the mountains may see a lingering shower in the morning. temperatures in the 20's to 30 range early monday morning and highs on monday, 38 to 46. geoff: thank you. some of the headlines we are following today organizers hope , a lot of people will be out on the ice tonight. they're hoping to raise money for honor flight at ice on main in greenville. the event is called below zero with heroes. it's from 5:00 to 8:00 tonight. the bureau of labor statistics will release job numbers for december. economist expect between 200 and two and 15,000 jobs added last month. all eyes on china ahead of the opening bell this morning. wall street trying to recover after a major loss. allyson: most of that prompted by concerns over china, which shut down trading twice this week.
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nikole: china's markets were volatile today, but they did close up about 61 points with support from china's government. it follows steep sellouts that forced the shanghai exchange to suspend trading twice this week and it has taken a toll in global markets, including wall street, which dropped almost 400 point thursday. there are concerns about china's economy, the second largest in the world, and the dow jones has lost 900 points into the start of the new year, the war support a start on record. nikole killion wyff news 4 in washington. allyson: 2015 was a wild and dangerous weather year in the u.s. there were ten weather disasters. each cost at least $1 billion in damages. that's according to the national oceanic and atmospheric administration. officials say the disasters range from the historic flooding here in south carolina to the deadly tornadoes that ravaged texas, and that rough winter in new england. despite all that, last year was the second warmest on record.
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on tuesday. he faces charges of desertion and endangering fellow soldiers. bergdahl left his post in afghanistan in 2009. he was held captive by the taliban for five years. bergdahl was freed back in may 2014 in exchange for five taliban prisoners. the hearing will take place in fort bragg, north carolina. allyson: police in dallas are looking for five men who tried to commit a smash and grab burglary. security cameras rolled as the men rammed a stolen pick-up into a convenience store. once inside, the group tries to steal the store safe, but it proves to be too much to handle. they take off after repeatedly trying to lift the safe leaving it and a big mess behind. the stolen truck was later abandoned. geoff: a man who looks a like cnn personality and former "dirty jobs" host mike rowe robbed a bank in oregon earlier this week. police in medford posted an image of the man online.
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law-breaking look-a-like in the northwest and commented on social media. he pointed out that he is much taller than the suspect, but he also said he could prove he wasn't in the state, if necessary. allyson: -- geoff: in new york, 17 south minors are safe after being trapped 70 people of the earth. thanks to efforts from first responders, they emerged two or three at a time from the hole. they had fresh air, but they said they were called. representative for the salt mine said it appeared that this deal being broke, we -- bringing the elevated to a halt. workers from the previous shift had just taken the elevator to the surface. they have ordered an investigation into the incident. the so-called affluenza mom heads to court in texas today. tonya couch, the mother of fugitive teen ethan couch, was jailed in texas yesterday and will be arraigned there this
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she is being charged with hindering the apprehension of a felon. authorities believe she helped her son flee to mexico while prosecutors were investigating whether he had violated his probation for killing four people in a drunken driving crash. bond for tonya couch has been set at $1 million. allyson: thirty teams of artists from around the world are competing in an ice sculpture contest. it's in northern china. the three-day contest has attracted some 60 participants from more than ten countries. participants have made every effort to carve their ice blocks into artistic pieces with imagination. the ice sculpture cocotest runs through today. prince prince george's growing up fast and he is here. the third in line to the throne started school wednesday. prince william and his wife kate marked the occasion by releasing two photos. george is two and a half-years-old and is seen here outside the school building. the royal couple announced he would be attending school in norfolk.
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lives. this cool access he will receive the same treatment as other students. -- the school says he will receive the same treatment as geoff: the first big pga underway and the number one player in the world is picking up right where he left off. highlights from round one of the hyundai tournament of champions on the hawaiin coast. jordan spieth, after winning two majors last year, and was named rolling in his first birdie at 7 under par, he's in second place, one back of the leader patrick reed. allyson: technology companies
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and a bill of up to $13,000. but for only $7 a month, rid-x is scientifically proven to break down waste, helping you avoid a septic disaster. rid-x. the #1 brand used by septic professionals in their own tanks. >> now, your live super doppler 4 hd forecast. dale: good morning. 5:56. light rain over most of the area, heavier rain in a few spots in northeastern georgia.
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it probably won't climb much, reaching 54 a high. heavier showers back in northeastern georgia, but this is working its way to the east and north across the area. by noon time, it should taper off. it is part of the first low-pressure system you the great lakes with a trailing cold front. another little expected tomorrow with more showers tomorrow afternrnn and evening. make sure the kids have got protective rain gear early this morning. by the afternoon, and looks like it will be cloudy for the ride home. or the upstate and asheville and hendersonville area, 50 is the best we will see. rain for the morning, tapering off by lunchtime today and another chance for showers on saturday later in the afternoon and evening. it could taper off early sunday morning. geoff: a lot warmer this morning
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good news. in this morning's buzz, the electronic consumer show has thousands of companies showing off. allyson: that includes some you did not note you need it. mark has around up for us. mark: smart cars, smart appliances and smart sports equipment. skechers, meanwhile, is adding entertainment to your feet. matching game for kids. mark: you can get digits printed onto your fingers, but if you skip the salon, head for the float. the $1000 airbag best the text changes in movement and place to cushion impact. if you are over the southeast it, this offers luck's ability, capturing photos and video. if you cannot afford to go pro, you can have the low-budget clip
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the brim of your hat to capture video and photo. geoff: the world we live in. allyson: i love that stuff. you thought was great? allyson: i like the implacable -- inflatable a fast, but not the shoes. my kids teachers would say they they are playing with their shoes. geoff: clearly not the fingernails. i like the ski one that inflates when you take that hard fall. allyson: it is pretty neat. people are pretty smart. geoff: incredible. allyson: my kind of show. let's take a look at the morning headlines. >> i understand the frustration behind the name and who the guy was. i don't think that is the way to go about it.
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allyson: a few presidential candidates in the carolinas, including donald trump after controversy in vermont last night. geoff: a live look from comes university with the tigers championship game. you are invited to send off the game at 11:45. they have a gathering on sentinel boulevard. will they need an umbrella? dale: it looks like it will be hopefully not. this is event number one as far as brain is concerned with a low afternoon and evening with another wave of rain. watch out for slippery driving conditions this morning, perhaps tomorrow and later in the afternoon into the evening. temperatures not as cold as they can be. boone is at 31, but low 40's and asheville, made 40's for the
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