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tv   Today  NBC  January 8, 2016 7:00am-9:00am EST

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and iraq, including isis. what the fbi says they were planning to do. raucous rally. donald trump interrupted by protesters repeatedly during a late night event in vermont. >> get them out. get them out. >> while in virginia, president obama holds a controversial town hall on guns and faces tough questions from the widow of american sniper chris crime. >> the laws that we create don't stop these horrific things that happening, right, and that's a very tough pill to swallow. >> right. >> going up, tomorrow's powerball jackpot now worth $700 million. this morning how you can actually improve your chances of winning the big one. and he's back as hollywood gears up for the golden globes, we catch up with return host ricky gervais.
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hollywood a little bit nervous. >> why he says he couldn't resist coming back for more jokes and jabs today, friday, january 8, 2016. >> announcer: from nbc news, this is "today" with matt lauer live from los angeles and savannah guthrie live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. and good morning, everyone. welcome to a special split edition of "today" on a friday morning. i'm matt lauer in los angeles. savannah is back in new york, and savannah, the people in this town are getting ready for the big event this weekend. >> yeah, absolutely. hopefully it will be a dry red carpet. i see ricky gervais is sharpening his knives. i bet we will gasp as he put it. >> exactly. i was not talking about the globes. i was talking about your arrival here. that's what people are getting excited about. >> please have the lavender tealights ready for me, matt. >> we will. look forward to it. lots to get to this morning.
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two terrorism-related arrests, one right here in california. this is sure to intensify that debate going on about refugees from the middle east. nbc's justice correspondent pete williams is looking into that. pete, what can you tell us? >> reporter: matt, good morning. both of these men will appear in court later today to be formally charged. officials say this is a case about fighting overseas, not about plotting attacks here at home. the justice department says a 22-year-old man from iraq aws mohammed younis al jayab was arrested while he was living in sacramento accused of lying to immigration authorities. the fbi says when he was questioned in 2014 about whether he was ever connected to a terror group he told them he went to turkey a year before to visit his sick grandmother. in fact, the grandmother says he went to syria to fight with various terrorist organizations, first apparently against the assad regime. a second iraqi-born man was also arrested, 24-year-old omar faraj
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houston accused of providing support to isis by getting to syria. he was in touch with the sacramento man asking how he could join with jawedihadists overseas and he's denied of having any connection to terror organizations when he applied for u.s. citizenship in 2014. as you know, both men came to the u.s. as refugees. officials say al jayab, the man in sacramento, had already been to syria once when he came here and no suggestion that al hardan, the texas man, was radicalized when he came here 17 years ago as a refugee. matt. >> pete williams on this breaking story overnight. pete, thank you very much. let's talk politics. the presidential race, donald trump held his first rally in vermont last night blocks actually from democrat bernie sanders' campaign headquarters. the event drew a lot of supporters and protesters. let's start our coverage with nbc's peter alexander.
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>> reporter: town of burlington, vermont, was on edge anticipating trump's visit, especially after his campaign handed out thousands more tickets than they had seats. vermont, of course, is a deep blue state, not typical trump territory, and the candidate spent a lot of his night battling protesters. in the liberal bastion of burlington, vermont, bernie sanders country, the trump show felt more like the set of jerry springer. >> trump, trump, trump! >> reporter: repeatedly interrupted by protesters the republican front-runner taunted his unwelcome guests. >> get them out. get them out. confiscate his coat. below zero outside. own security. >> come on, security. move faster. fast. come on, move faster. >> pretty soon they are going to get so nasty we won't have any more protesting, you know, that right. >> reporter: after handing out 20,000 free tickets for the 1,400-seat theater, the trump campaign enforced a loyalty test to get in.
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home. >> the second we get inside, security sees we have a bernie pin on, even though we have tickets, they grab on to us and they firstbly eject us out of the building. no questions act. >> reporter: trump insisted he was simply taking care of his people. they are loyal to me, amend i am lime to they will, he said. the billionaire is also escalating his attacks on hillary clinton. >> women's rights are human rights. >> reporter: posting this incendiary instagram video challenging clinton's advocates are for women while flashing images of monica lewinsky, anthony weiner and bill cosby. meanwhile, trump's closest rival ted cruz is dismissing john mccain's comments seemingly backing trump's questions about his eligibility to be president. >> it is no surprise. everybody knows that john mccain is going to endorse marco rubio. >> reporter: and rubio trying to solidify his place atop the establishment lane of the gop is locked in a bitter back and forth with chris christie. >> this guy has been spoon fed every victory he's ever had in
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is that the kind of person that we went to put on the stage against hillary clinton? i don't think so. she will pat him on the head and then cut his heart out. >> reporter: marco rubio has been calling out christie for days blasting him as a liberal republican. there was one other headline out of the rally in vermont. trump vowing he'll get ready of gun-free school zones on his first day as president. as trump put it, you know what a gun-free school zone is to a sicko, it's bait. matt? >> peter alexander. peter, thank you very much. as for the clintons, well, they are digging in the face of the new attacks from donald trump. nbc's kristen welker has more on that side. story. kristen, good morning to you. >> reporter: matt, good morning to you. that's right. president clinton is sticking to strategy, trying to avoid an all-out war of words with donald trump. the clinton campaign believes engaging with trump would only escalate the issue, but the questions aren't going away. i was with former president bill clinton on the campaign trail here in cedar rapids yesterday.
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clinton about the criticism from donald trump, about the fact that he continues to raise his past infidelities on the campaign trail. here's how president clinton answered one question. >> donald trump is again today making an issue of your past transgressions. do you want to respond, and are you worried that your past could hurt your wife's campaign? >> i don't have a response. if he wins the republican nomination we'll have plenty of time to talk about it. i'm trying to help hillary win >> reporter: clinton campaign still believes that president clinton is the best surrogate for his wife. they believe that he helps with working class voters, for example, in a state like iowa which is must win. meanwhile, on a much lighter note during president clinton's second campaign event yesterday, he was in the middle of talking when all of a sudden his phone rang. take a look at what happened next. >> there are other issues that
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and -- my phone's ringing. i have to call hillary back and explain why i couldn't take it. snoofrp a re >> reporter: a reminder to always put your phone on secretary. president clinton off the trail today and aid hillary clinton will be with women advocates including lena dunham and abby wambach. back to you. >> let's turn to rachel maddow, host of "the rachel maddow show" on msnbc and nicolle wallace. ladies, good morning to you. rachel, starting with you. the clintons have decided we're not taking the bait from frump, not going there, not going to do it. can they continue to do that or do they have to engage. >> >> sometimes they love to engage with donald trump because sometimes it's really advantageous to the democrats and hillary in particular. >> reporter: on the issue of bill clinton's transgressions. >> they will do it when it suits them. strategically they have a larger issue of does it help you as a democrat?
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the general election to elevate donald trump as face of the republican party? sometimes they want to engage on him, when the american thinks about the republican party they want him to think about drew. on an issue like this they don't want to to become the basis of everybody's discussion on the morning shows. >> trump going after bill clinton on his infidelities and transgressions personally, is that smart politics, and if it is why are the other republicans not following suit? >> well, i think that all of the normal standards, all of the normal rules about decorum have been durand and discarded in this campaign season. >> yeah. >> and i think trump is already the dominant figure in the republican party. he stands at almost 40% nationally. so the notion that there's any other republican standard bearer, that ship has sailed. what i think the peril is for the clintons at this moment is so far every attack launched by trump and every battle trump versus whomever, trump has prevailed in the minds of the
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people see these attacks and the clintons make the determination, which is so anti-clinton of the '90s era, the whole strategy of rapid response and of responding to every attack and prevailing was pioneered by bill clinton's advisers, now legendary advisers from the '90s. the notion that they are going to ignore the attacks and that they will go away is foolish. >> in the few seconds we have left, can we turn to the rhetoric heating up between christie and rubio, christie really let a bomb fly with the latest remark about rubio. >> pat him on the head and then cut his heart out. that combination of ideas is very disturb inging. >> we're not going to forget that line. >> it's a good reminder that chris christie when he's on offense and when he has a target that he perceives to be a soft target he is a little bit of a bully, but he's kind of an effective bully. he does it for political effect and it lands. we all on set went ooh when we heard what he just said about marco rubio.
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>> he can, and the backdrop that the line was delivered on was that there is a, you know, hot war now in the establishment lane because there is a real chance that somebody other than trump could win iowa and somebody other than trump could win new hampshire and then this whole race restarts. >> that's what makes it so exciting. >> rachel and new york. programming note, by the way, donald trump will be joining chuck this sunday on "meet the press." meantime, president barack obama took on the hut button issue of gun control last night. the town hall meeting on cnn came days after he unveiled executive actions to help combat gun violence. the president mfa sized that he is, quote, not coming for your guns. >> i respect people who want a gun for self-protection, for hunting, for sportsmanship, but all of us can agree that it
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can to keep guns out of the hands of people who would try to do others harm. >> i appreciate you taking the time. >> also during that event the widow of american sniper chris kyle confronted the president and challenged him on the effectiveness of gun control legislation. >> we're at the lowest murder rate in our country. all-time low. >> right. >> of murders. we're at an all-time high of gun ownership, right? i'm not necessarily saying that the two are core late, but what i'm saying is we're at an all-time low for murder rate. that's a big deal. >> if you look at where are the areas with the highest gun ownership, those are the places in some cases where the crime rate hasn't dropped down that much and the places where there's pretty stiff restrictions on gun ownership, in some of those places the crimes dropped real quickly so i'm not sure that there's a one-to-one correlation there. >> the president acknowledged his latest executive actions will not stop all attacks. the goal was to make a little
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we're taking our entire show to the white house on tuesday, is day of president barack obama's last state of the union address. we'll talk to him and vice president biden will join us live, and we'll also bring you special access inside the nation's most famous home tuesday morning on "today." matt, out to you in l.a. >> all right, savannah, thanks very much. let's talk now about growing concerns over the stock market after another brutal day on wall street. the dow dropped another 392 points on thursday. its biggest loss in three months. that caps the worst four-day start to a year in history. jim cramer host of "mad money" on cnbc is at the new york stock exchange. jim, good morning to you. earlier in the week you were with me, and you said this was about china, and because china is a communist country they can do things that democracies can't. they can change the rules and stop this. it's clear now though they don't have control over this, do you? >> no, absolutely what they are doing is kind of winging it, matt. it's a little disappointing that they told us this week that
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they told us that they had things in hand. they were dead wrong, and because of their inability to offer any clarity the rest of the world is suffering. >> you said that this is obviously a time of volatility, but we probably shouldn't blame it all on china. i know you're a little concerned about some signs you're seeing coming out of the federal reserve as well. >> yes. all week they have been saying, look, please disregard all of this turmoil that you're seeing around the world. all that matters is employment. when you put yourself in a box you lose sight of what matters. the federal government has to get off this game of being very strict and very tight because the numbers are not bearing up other than some strong employment. >> i know you're very careful about choosing your words, and in the past you have come on this show, jim, and said it is a time to sell. would you say that again about this time? >> no, i think that those times
7:15 am
able to avoid very big declines, there was systemic risk, maybe the system would fall apart. here we have to take some pain, but this, too, will pass and anyone who panics now is just going to be able to try to figure out how to get back in when we're a little bit lower. matt, that's the sucker's game and i won't play that with people's money at home >> you say it's going to pass because the fundamentals of the u.s. economy are strong in your opinion. >> i think overtime it will become clear that our country once again is a leader and we can avoid a lot of the repercussions whatever china is doing and saying, but it takes over time. i cannot be incredibly bullish right here, frankly, because we haven't seen a big washout worldwide. but you know what. i think that at certain times like this, matt, you just have to say, you know. what it's going to be difficult. it's going to be volatile, but if you stay the course you're not going to regret it. >> jim cramer at the new york stock exchange. jim, thanks very much. >> thank you, matt. >> savannah. >> thank you. a disturbing shooting happening in philadelphia overnight.
7:16 am
officer and tried to execute him. matt delucia from our station in philly wcau has the late on the investigation. matt, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, savannah. both officer and suspected shooter are in the hospital this morning. the officer, we're told, was rushed into surgery late last night and faces a long recovery. this morning police are investigating the shooting of an officer who miraculously survived being shot at point blank range thursday night. >> shots fired. i'm shot! i'm bleeding. >> all scars stand by. we have an officer shot 6-0 and spruce. >> reporter: officer jesse hart nick got into a shootout with a man who police say walked up to the officer while he was sitting in his police characters opening fire with a .9 millimeter gun and shooting at the officer 13 times. >> gets closer and closer to the point where he's actually inside the car firing at the officer. >> reporter: suspect, hitting
7:17 am
arm, bullet holes riddling one side of the police cruiser. police have not released the video they captured of the shooting but describe it as horrific. scariest things i've ever seen. i mean, this guy tried to exconsult the police officer. the police officer had no idea he was coming. it's amazing he's alive >> reporter: 33-year-old officer returned fire, hitting the suspect. >> be advised officer did strike the suspect. >> reporter: hart nick, a five-year veteran suffered a broken arm and they are of damage after being hit. he was taken to presbyterian hospital for surgery overnight. >> this just speaks to the dangers of this job and why somebody would do something, i mean, so absolutely evil, it's just beyond us. >> reporter: we are hoping to learn a little more later on today as the investigation continues with the questioning of the suspect and perhaps a look at that surveillance video that supposedly shows this
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savannah. >> all right, matt delucia in philadelphia, thank you. the mother of the so-called affluenza teen, ethan couch, is back in texas this morning where she will be arraigned. tonya couch had been held in police custody out here in los angeles since last week. authorities believe couch and her son fled texas in november as prosecutors investigated whether ethan couch had violated his probation. the two were arrested in mexico late last month, although ethan couch remains at a detention center in mexico. the sheriff says he's confident of his return. there were scary moments for passengers on a flight from new york to chicago last night. the united airlines plane was forced to make an emergency landing in detroit when a passenger became unruly. this is cell phone video for instance side the plane. airline officials say the woman assaulted several of the over passengers. police had to board the plane and carry her off with her hands and feet bound. they say the woman may have been suffering from a medical condition.
7:19 am
mr. roker is here and some cold weather on the way. >> an amazing peeves video that tells you turn around, don't drown. you've got to see this. this is from a guy named mark shegaris on state route 23. he sees some flash flooding and he throws his car into reverse. he smartly didn't try to drive through it. he's backing up. look at the debris, the mud flow that's coming through as he backs away. he's actually driving through all that mud and finally gets to around. my gosh, that had to be awfully frightening to see. we've also got a frightening map right now. frigid air coming in. ahead of it we've got very mild air, but this brutally cold air will be coming out of canada. so today, look at temperatures ahead of the system. 42 in cleveland and 6 a in nashville. montgomery 65. albuquerque, new mexico. 36. by saturday omaha is at 12 and indianapolis at 48 and new york city 51 and then on sunday we could see records here in new
7:20 am
60 degrees in new york. richmond and bangor seeing 46 degrees and look at this st. louis. 21 sioux city, 11 degrees and by monday we're back in the cold air by half just about. washington will be at 38 and des moines at 24 and it's going to feel brutally cold. arctic air will come sliding down, and the feels-like temperature today in bismarck, it will feel like 3, sioux falls 18, omaha 24 and look at what happens on saturday. awfully cold. we're going to get to your local forecast coming welcome. how you doin'? thanks for coming. today you're gonna choose a mobile office to drive to a remote worksite. you can choose this chevy silverado that offers built in 4g lte wi-fi. or you can choose this ford f-150, that doesn't offer wi-fi. but to make up for it, we added a trailer, a satellite antenna, and dolores. hey fellas! technology's a little behind in here. now the silverado offers built in wi-fi with a connection that's stronger than your smart phone. slick. so, which one do you want? i pick the chevy. chevy. silverado.
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you just can't beat it.anderson will be cloudy, a 50% chance of rain before 1pm, high of 50. northeast winds of 5-7. the mountains will be the same, cloudy, 50% chance of rain before 1pm, a high of 50. southeast winds at 6. not as >> you know with matt gone, his mentos are up for grabs. >> matt, we've got them and we're not giving them back. >> i have mine here, too. don't worry about it. >> coming up, how to improve your chances of winning the largest lottery in u.s. history as the powerball jack mott grows to more than $700 million. >> i've cut you guys out of the equation, by the way, i have my
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>> we have your mentos. >> you can hold them hostage. the guide to the golden globes. the stars getting ready to shine, the tightest races and what ricky gervais is revealing to us about the jokes he has planned but first, this is "today" on nbc.
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he's got them in a lock box. coming up, the new alarm
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the orange bowl ... you're invited to send the team off this morning starting at 11-45 at the westzone on centenial boulevard... the players will then load the buses and leave at 12- 30. they'll take on alabama monday night... a spartanburg county woman... now faces arson charges ...after a house fire last september. 54-year-old sherri shockley was booked yesterday into the spartanburg county detention center. deputies say that when she was arrested in september... she tried to escape from the patrol car. --------------------- traffic - ally accident on i-85 north near mm 66. blocking a lane. and in greenwood on airport road at deadfall road. greenville, spartanburg, anderson will be cloudy, a 50% chance of rain before 1pm, high
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the mountains will be the same, cloudy, 50% chance of rain before 1pm, a high of 50. southeast winds at 6. not as chilly tonight. asheville, hendersonville will drop to 39 overnight, the upstate will drop to 43. northeast winds at 4-6. highs on saturday in the upper 40s to low 50s with a 70% to 80%
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we get some camera time at rockefeller plaza. we're getting set to head out west. carson is here at the desk. going to be a big weekend and matt is there preparing for our arrival. >> that's right. left after the show yesterday. i came out a little early to hang out with golden globes host ricky gervais. if our chat, guys, was any indication, this guy is ready to stir things up on sunday night. we're going to hear what ricky gervais has to say in just a couple of minutes. >> looking forward to that, matt. we'll take a look at today's headlines. two refugees with alleged ties to isis have been arrested on terrorism charges in california and in texas. a 23-year-old was taken into custody in sacramento accused of lying to authorities about a trip he made to syria. the other was a 24-year-old arrested in houston. authorities say he provided support to isis and lied about his ties to terror organizations while applying to become a u.s. citizen. the u.s. attorney says there is no indication of planned attacks within the united states. donald trump held his first vermont rally in the
7:30 am
a number of protesters interrupted the event throughout the night. >> security, move faster. we need security that moves fast. come on. move faster. and philadelphia police are investigating the shooting of a fellow officer overnight after a man opened fire on a police car and shooting at the officer 13 times. officer jesse hartnick was shot in the arm but managed to return fire. he hit the suspect. the police commissioner described video of the incident as horrific. we'll continue to follow that story. both officer and suspect being treated for injuries. now to another big story this morning. people coast to coast racing out to buy their tickets for tomorrow's record-setting powerball jackpot. a jackpot that just got, yes, even bigger overnight. it now stands at more than $700 million and nbc's kerry sanders is on the lottery beat again for kerry, good morning. >> reporter: well, good morning. as you can see, it is indeed a
7:31 am
jackpot ever, $700 million. it is eye-popping, and while those of us all want to dream, there are some who have experienced the reality of winning a big pot of money. here's what's happened to some of the biggest lottery winners ever. >> that first number up semifinal 47. >> reporter: we all dream of hitting it big. >> first thing i would buy is a beach house. >> i'd buy a michael jordan rookie card. >> reporter: but for an incredibly lucky few, the dream actually comes true. the top five jackpots ever add up to more than $3 billion. at number five. >> $4664.1 million. >> reporter: won last mere by marie holmes of north carolina and two others, a single mother of four, holmes donated thousands to her church and started a foundation. as has been widely reported in north carolina, she's put up a chunk of her winnings, $21 million, to bail her boyfriend
7:32 am
jail several times, charges include trafficking heroin, possession of a firearm and drag racing. the fourth biggest award came in 2012. $587 million divided between a man from arizona and cindy and mark hill from missouri. the hills went on to donate money to a fire station and a local park. jack pot number three, $590 million, won by 84-year-old gloria mckenzie in florida. the woman in line in front of miss mckenzie let her go ahead, a gesture of kindness costing a half billion dollars. number two, $648 million splet by ira curry from georgia and steve tran from san jose. tran a delivery man told his boss i don't think i'm going to come in today, tomorrow or ever. and the single largest jackpot anywhere, $656 million divided three ways. the winners want to remain out of the spotlight. money may talk but they prefer
7:33 am
and while the lottery sign there says $700 million, by saturday at the rate people are betting on this, it could go up to $900 million and then if nobody wins, it would exceed possibly $1 billion. they say that winning this kind of money really changes people. it's a story i would like to report from a first person point of view, guys. >> from an undisclosed location. >> billion dollars. >> my goodness. >> can you even imagine? >> now i'm pulling for it. >> let's pretend for a moment there's a massive chance you would win that massive jackpot. what would that money look like. if you took the cash option after a 25% federal tax right now the winner would have an estimated $428 million in the bank. >> that is enough to buy the
7:34 am
which is an $8 million maybok 53 times or the hope diamond twice. >> well, hoping to get away, $428 million will also get you private islands in the bahamas, million. suit. >> it is better in the bahamas. and if you need to get away private jets. >> matt, what do you think? dreaming. >> got to be in it to win it, matt. >> let me crush your dreams for a second because the odds are completely against you. 1 in 292.2 million to be exact. you actually have a better chance of being crushed by a vending machine which sounds like one of our rossen reports. >> where's that pay day? >> or of becoming a movie star, but if you're playing, here's some good advice. let the computer pick your numbers. according to the official
7:35 am
past winners use quick picks. >> really. >> yeah. >> lotto says the most frequently drawn numbers for the powerball are, write these down, 26, 41, 22 and 16, and if history reports, more jackpot winning powerball tickets have been sold in state. >> road trip. >> who is up for it? >> after all that have information, let me ask you guys a question. is natalie continuing to be miss greedy pants, or is she more of a team player this morning? >> you're the only one who bought a ticket so far. i'll get my tickets later sglad that was the security guard's ticket. i had to give it right back. >> yeah, you better. >> something tells me you'll make him put your initials hon that, too. >> exmarketly. >> all right, al. let's get a check. weather now as we dream big. >> we will. let's all dream big and we can
7:36 am
get rid of this winter weather. a double barrel low pressure system, first of all one moving up into the great lakes and snow and rain moving into the midwest and severe storms in texas and louisiana. kind of dies out. this other one though that we're watching coming out of texas brings a lot of rain and snow on the back side of it. heavy rain will actually move into the northeast ahead of it. a lot of wet and warm weather with record-breaking temperatures possible, but it. we're going to look at the snow part of this coming up in the next half hour but the rain part, anywhere from 1 to maybe 2 inches of rain in parts of new england, and it's going to be windy as well. that's what's going on aroun that's what's going on aroun that's what's going on aroun that's what's going on aroun that's what's going on aroun that's what's going on aroun anderson will be cloudy, a 50% chance of rain before 1pm, high of 50. northeast winds of 5-7. the mountains will be the same, cloudy, 50% chance of rain before 1pm, a high of 50.
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very cute. consider your application, you little cutie. >> he's a stunner. new concerns this morning over the widely popular fitbit devices. the company hit with an alarming class action lawsuit. natalie is on this one. >> this one claims that the charge hr and the surge model fitbits do not accurately track your heart rate, something that can be critical when you're working out. it's one of the season's most popular holiday gifts, a gadget to help you keep that new year's resolution of getting into shape and staying healthy. but now the makers of fitbit are coming under fire. >> i'm a mom. i like to work out, like to be fit. >> mitt mcclellan has a phd in physical rehab and is one of the people suing the company claiming the heart monitor doesn't work and the ad telling customers every beat counts is misleading.
7:43 am
and that did not make sense to me. that's kind of what it would be if i was walking on the treadmill and maybe an incline and not really working hard. >> reporter: after comparing the fitbit heart rate monitor to equipment on her gym she said she new something was wrong and spoke to fitbit's customer service. >> she made it sound like it was my fault, like i was wearing it wrong or i was using it wrong and she said it's not really meant to track your heart rate all of the time. >> in a statement a spokesperson forfeitbit says we do not believe this case has merit. fitbit stands behind its heart rate technology and strongly disagrees with the statements made in the claim and plans to vigorously defend the lawsuit. fitbit trackers are designed to provide plenkful data to help users reach their health and fitness goals and are not intended to be fitness or medical devices. >> it doesn't count every beat it. can't. it's wildly inaccurate. >> they are seeking a class action status saying the
7:44 am
unfairly noting that in order to even use the device you must log in to fitbit's website and register the heart rate monitor after you've already bought it. >> you can't even use it as a watch to tell what time it is unless you register it on the website and that's when you have to agree to all of these terms. >> this registration includes an agreement that mcclellan's lawyers say prevents customers from taking certain legal action against the company. >> they are told that they are bound by this arbitration clause and class action ban. well, that's unfair. >> fitbit says their agreement has already been upheld in a california court and according to their website customers have 30 days to opt out of the arbitration agreement, and while many use remembers stepping up to support the device, lighting up social media and posting four and five-star reviews on amazon, others are telling this perfect holiday gift to take a hike. this lawsuit just the latest headache forfeitbit. the company's stock has dropped
7:45 am
the fitbit blaze, left investors somewhat underwhelmed. we all have various tracking devices. i think we use it more as a guide, as a motivator. that's not a medical device. >> not fair expectations. >> curious to see how far the class action suit goes. >> people are looking for too much. >> it's just a fitbit. it's not love. coming up on kwp pop start," a surprise perform france beyonce you've got to see. matt? >> and we'll get you ready for hollywood's biggest party of the year, the golden globes. which star is on ricky gervais' joke list. to the couple wondering what a good deal looks like... no. seriously? we'll give it a 6 for composition. scary. wow, what about just putting a fair, no haggle price on the window?
7:46 am
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7:47 am
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7:49 am
we're back in los angeles on this friday morning. i'm joined by nbc's joe fryer who is going to give us a guide now to hole wood's biggest party. hey, joe, good morning. >> good morning, matt. they have already officially laid out the red carpet, and, of course, they are getting the drinks ready. this year's golden globes will feature an old host and lots of stars. beyond that it's hard to predict. the golden globes are not just hollywood's biggest party. as amy poehler once joked, it's where the beautiful people of film. >> rub shoulders with the rat-faced people of television. >> reporter: for three years poehler expertly co-hosted the show with tina fey, but this year they are passing the emcee torch to ricky gervais who is serving as globe's ringleader for the fourth time. >> wow.
7:50 am
with matt and told him stars should leave their egos at the door. >> i'm doing these jokes not for the people in the room but for the 200 million people watching around the room so i'm trying to make it a spectator sport. >> reporter: the beverly hilton will be filled with a-list nominees like will smith, kate winslet and matt damon. as for the actual awards it's a competitive year in film. >> we need the full scope. that's the only thing that will put an end to this. >> it's time, robbie! >> reporter: "spotlight" is the early favorite for best drama. >> 50 million miles away from home. totally alone and what the hell is he thinking right now? >> i'm the greatest botanist on this plan. while on the comedy side analysts predict a tight race between "the martian" and "the big short." >> mike burry, a guy who gets his hair cut at supercuts and doesn't wear shows knows more than alan greenspan and hank paulson. >> yes, he does.
7:51 am
is expected to win for "the revenant" as he kicks off this year's quest to win an oscar and keep a line on the lead comedy actress category, a battle between close friends, jennifer lawrence nominated for "joy" and amy schumer up for "trainwreck." >> two drinks, three max, four now that i'm tattling. >> reporter: on the tv side it's a huge year for streaming shows. in fact, netflix scored eight tv nominations beating hbo which has seven. any show could win, a sign the globes can be as unpredictable as they are fun. >> thank you very much. that's about it. >> keep in mind when it comes to the tv categories the globes love new shows, watch out for "long shot" and lady gaga and (burke) at farmers, we've seen almost everything, so we know how to cover almost anything. even a stag pool party. (party music)
7:52 am
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7:55 am
7:57.... new this morning... a suspect in the hospital after a standoff in anderson county... deputies say the bomb squad responded last night to a home on hawthorne drive... they say a man barricaded himself inside and claimed he had a bomb. deputies say they sent k-9s in last night... and ended the standoff. the bomb squad found
7:56 am
safe.. the man was taken to the hospital for a dog bite. accident on i-85 at mm 66 is still on the shoulder causing a slow down. greenville, spartanburg, anderson will be cloudy, a 50% chance of rain before 1pm, high of 50. northeast winds of 5-7. the mountains will be the same, cloudy, 50% chance of rain before 1pm, a high of 50. southeast winds at 6. not as chilly tonight. asheville, hendersonville will drop to 39 overnight, the upstate will drop to 43. northeast winds at 4-6. highs on saturday in the upper 40s to low 50s with a 70% to 80%
7:57 am
anderson will be cloudy, a 50% chance of rain before 1pm, high of 50. northeast winds of 5-7. the mountains will be the same, cloudy, 50% chance of rain before 1pm, a high of 50. southeast winds at 6. not as chilly tonight. asheville, hendersonville will drop to 39
7:58 am
it's 8:00 on "today." coming up, school lunch shaming. why this cheese sandwich is at
7:59 am
that has parents fighting mad. then ricky gets ready. we go one-on-one with the always unpredictable ricky gervais for a sneak preview of what he has planned for this weekend's golden globes. >> i'm not your dancing monkey. >> come on. >> you've already getting me sitting awkwardly on the couch with you. >> we've known each other for years. you don't trust me enough to tell me a raunchy joke. >> not with these cameras, no. what do you think, i'm an idiot? >> and beyonce surprise. how pop's queen bee took the stage by storm to help out her buddy channing tatum. today, friday, january 8th, 2016. >> three generations at the "today" show.
8:00 am
>> show theout for houston, texas. show me what you got >> celebrating my last day of maternity leave at the "today" show. >> here at the "today" show. >> we're my boyfriend? oh, good morning. >> and welcome back to a special split edition of the "today" show on this friday morning. this is january 8th, 2016, and matt lauer out in los angeles getting red for the golden globes, a big crowd out on the plaza in new york city where the gang is there. guys, i just want to tell you one thing. ricky gervais was in rare form when i sat down with him yesterday. >> oh, boy. can't wait. >> we hope -- i hope he keeps it going until sunday night. can't wait to see that interview, matt. got a lot to get to here in new york. we've got natalie over at the news desk with the top stories. nat, good morning. >> good morning, once again. two men who came to the u.s. as refugees from iraq are due in court today on terror-related
8:01 am
23-year-old mohammed younis al jayab was arrested in sacramento. the justice department said he had traveled to syria to fight with terror organizations and then lied about it to immigration authorities. the other suspect, 24-year-old omar faraj saeed al hardan lived in houston. he's accused of supporting isis and trying to get to syria as a fighter. officials say the two men had been in contact with each other. donald trump's massive rally in vermont thursday night became a test of wills between the republican front-runner and protesters. trump's campaign gave out 20,000 tickets for a 1,400-seat theater. people who waited in line were turned away by security if they would not declare their support for trump. despite the screening, trump was interrupted numerous times. he was taunted -- he taunted the protesters as well as democratic rivals. vermont governor bernie sanders and hillary and bill clinton. the clintons meanwhile are stick nothing their strategy of largely ignoring trump while making the most of former president's bill clinton's voter
8:02 am
he campaigned for his wife thursday in iowa, and when our kristen welker asked president clinton about trump dweg on his past controversy, clinton said he doesn't have a response and he addeded that there will be plenty of time to talk about it if his wife and trump win their party's nominations. actor pat harrington jr. who played schneider the annoying but kind-hearted handyman on "one day at a time" has died from complications from alzheimer's disease. harrington won golden globes and emmy awards for the show. he starred with valerie bertinelli and mckenzie phillips about a single mom raising two teenage daughters. pat harrington jr. was 868 years old. well, it wasn't an ideal setting, but a woman safely gave birth on the side of a highway with a help from new jersey state troopers. >> one, two, three, push. there you go. >> breathe, breathe, breathe. >> good, good. >> there we go.
8:03 am
her mother were taken to the hospital by ambulance. both are said to be doing well, and an exciting story to tell for all. that's amazing. good job to these troopers doing their duety. >> and mom, too. >> exactly. >> and now to the sandwich that's touching off a firestorm. it all started with a school lunch that was taken away from a student who owed money on her meal account and was replaced with cheese and bread. today's erica hill is following this story for us. >> hey, guys, good morning to you. so it's part of a new policy at kokomo high school in indaimed at getting students one paid lunch bills to pay up. it's how the school tries to get those students and parents to do it though that has some saying it teaches the wrong lesson. >> shamed by a sandwich. this seemingly innocuous photo of a couple of slices of cheese and braepd have one community questioning its school lunch etiquette. >> it was a slap in the face to the kids.
8:04 am
snapped by senior sierra nile after it was handed to a fellow student who owed too much money on her meal credit account. >> the lunch lady said oh, you owe $25.60. you have to have this alternative lunch. >> reporter: it's a follow policy in this indiana school district where students can buy lunch on credit. the school started handing out alternative lunches to students who hoe more than $25. the school says it notified families of the change last year but it's now just ennorsing t.none of the students who received and alternate lunch would speak on camera. sierra posted this photo of the sandwich on social media calling it absolutely mortifying. >> i was sitting there thinking do i have enough money, am i going to be able to get this right? is everyone going to see and wonder why i can't get a normal tray too. >> the post has now been shared nearly 800 times and drawn hundreds of comments. one parent writing i cannot see the point embarrassing a child. another commenter saying i find
8:05 am
blaming the school for this instead of the parents. the school district has apologized for offending anyone with how the policy was enforced, but in its statement it defends the need for the policy itself saying 499 students are behind on their lunch money. 90% of them are not from low-income families who qualify for free or reduced price lunches. >> some of these people on the list, i'm sorry, are making $100,000 a year, family of four, and have a debt over $100. i'm sorry those people need to pay their bills. >> the school says the credit on lunches put at $50,000 in debt. making them at risk for losing federal funding. >> we simply can't carry the debt. >> any way you slice it, the policy has families questioning the school's table manners. >> two pieces of bread and two pieces of cheese, my friend, is not feeding a child. >> it doesn't matter how much a
8:06 am
lunch account, don't ever feed my kid just bread and cheese. >> the school says it did send notifications to families hover their credit live. the school has decided to suspend the so-called alternative lunch policy until february so parents can get caught up. it does look like some. message though is getting out. the school says it's now steve $15,000 so far just this week. >> the school needs to pay its bills pand parents need to pay up if they are able to. >> not at expense of the kids being embarrassed. >> that's terrible. >> got to be a better way. >> i feel bad, i made nick a cheese sandwich. >> that's what my son eats every day. >> did you put a little mayo on there. >> pay your bill, al. a first look at the "full house" spinoff and what the tanner clan is up to now. let's go out to matt. >> all right, carson. we're going to sit down and talk to ricky gervais about his return to the golden globes. why he says the offer was
8:07 am
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8:13 am
university sorted through 3 million tweets from canada and the u.s., god bless them and they combined word clouds to showcase words most used from east country. here are the clouds. look at the canadians. their cloud is filled with positive words like great, amazing, beautiful. look at the american. blurred out. blurred because of profanity, but you really do see -- >> like we're members of a gang or something. >> anyway, word clouds. >> positive. >> wow. >> well, you might say these cookies here are trending. peppridge farms released through new flavors of milano cookies, so popular that our people couldn't find them. the new flavors are banana chocolate, mocha and salted caramel. love it. >> they are all good. >> mocha is good. caramel. >> i'm not big on banana.
8:14 am
>> yeah. >> they are good. >> yum, yum. for for a look at one of the coolest new inventions from the consumer electronics show. the creators of wow-ee have created the dog, meet c.h.i.p., canine hip intelligent pet. he has beacon sensors making him completely aware of the surroundings so he can navigate around obstacles on his own, unless it's a fire hydrant probably where he'll want to hang out. we need company h.i.p. here in the studio. there he is on our red carpet. >> he's cute. >> let me start here. contract h.i.p., come. >> look alternate. came right to me. okay. >> that's enough. okay. c.h.i.p., dance >> do something, c.h.i.p.
8:15 am
>> wrangler, get him! >> wrangler not impressed. >> wrangler is like -- >> what's he doing now? >> he's dancing still. >> contract h.i.p., sit. >> oh, look at that. >> and you don't need to give c.h.i.p. treats. oh, there you go. >> oh, no. >> do downward dog. >> there's c.h.i.p., everybody. >> that will be a hot toy right there. >> wrangler could not care less. he's like whatev. >> got a lot of things in "pop start," beyonce, billy joel, carson, have at it. >> beyonce is back and in a big way. it's announced she will perform at super bowl halftime show with coldplay. the singer is featured on the new album "headful of dreams" last appearing at the super bowl in 2013. there's more.
8:16 am
premiere of lip synch battle and the first dual was between channing tatum and his wife jenna who performed a striptease, a riff on her husband's performance from "magic mike" and channing took the stage in a long blond wig and tight clothing and began performing beyonce's "run the world girls" and the audience went nuts and then a special guest joined him on stage. have a look. >> there you go. >> that's how you do it. >> oh, my gosh. >> amazing. >> stop it. >> get out. >> did they know she was coming? >> no way. >> channing did. >> jenna looked surprised though. >> jenna is like i surprised. that battle is over. >> next up "fuller house" anticipated and they have
8:17 am
the cast on the set. see the whole cast together minus the olsen systems. show d.j. tanner and sister stephanie and best friend kimmy gibler with the tanners moving back into the childhood home with tanner's daughter and d.j.'s three sons. it will be released on february 26th. finally on thursday, billy joel and jimmy fallon on "the tonight show" singing "beast of burden" much to the audience delight. billy joel must have thought that went pretty well because he then invited jimmy to join him on stage at one of his monthly concerts at madison square garden. have a look. let's just start it up >> jimmy fallon living the dream or what? >> he's a rock star, too. >> won a people's choice award early in the week and with bill
8:18 am
>> he does a good mix, too. >> a great mix. >> there it is, that is your "pop start." >> c.h.i.p., we're done. >> mill know, i love you. >> carson, thank you. al, let's get a check of the weather. >> all right. it's been fairly quiet as far as lake-effect snow. the lake-effect snow machine has been shut down. why? much warmer than average temperatures, unseasonal winds and no snow. cleveland this time of year you'd be seeing 22 inches, 42 in buffalo and almost 50 in syracuse and look what we've gotten so far, almost zip. cleveland less than an inch and a half and 12 in erie. cleveland and buffalo are off to their least snowiest starts, but the good news is we're going to see some of that lake-effect snow. right now ice concentration on lake erie 1% which means the lake is wide open which means we open which means we open which means we open which means we open which means we open which meansanderson will be cloudy, a 50% chance of rain before 1pm, high of 50. northeast winds of 5-7. the mountains will be the same,
8:19 am
before 1pm, a high of 50. southeast winds at 6. not as chilly toni >> and that's your latest weather. savannah. >> all right. matt, let's go back out to you. i know you sat down with ricky gervais. >> i did. it's his fourth time hosting the golden globes. if we've learned anything from the previous three times, it's that you never know what's going to happen next. >> most normal people, they do something wrong and then they apologize for it. >> right. >> you have issued an apology almost a week in advance getting up there at the podium. >> because i can't be bothered to apologize after. just because you're offended doesn't mean you're right. i don't care. i don't care. >> do you not care?
8:20 am
>> one my favorite drinks is i like a drink as much as the next guy. >> unless the next man is mel gibson. >> i didn't make anything up. everyone knew about it. it wasn't new information i was offering, you know. it wasn't privileged. it was -- it was, you know, the elephant in the room. i think you do have to address things, but i'm never trying to undermine the moral fabric of america. i'm -- i would rather people laughed than gasped. if they gasp -- >> two heterosexual actors prepare tending to be gay so the complete opposite of some scientologists. >> i did the secretary one and there was outrage and i did the third one because people were saying you'll never be invited back so i just did that that i would be. irresistible, nbc say what you can say what you want, that's irresistible. that's the deal-breaker for me and then there's other things.
8:21 am
>> but they don't think you can say anything you want, do they. >> they say it but they don't know what that means. >> right. >> i think i'll be fine. i get that in writing. >> we've done this a lot of times before the golden globes. i know you're not going to tell me any of the golden globes. >> no. >> which i wouldn't ask you to. >> tell meet raunchiest ones that didn't make the cut. >> i can't. >> it's a morning show. i can't air it so go ahead. i just want to get the room to laugh. i promise you, i promise you. guys, will we make the deal. we make the deal. this will never hit youtube. >> that guy is overspent on his mortgage. >> promise. >> swear on your life. >> listen, go ahead. >> i'm not your dancing monkey. >> come on. >> you've already get me signature awkwardly on the couch with you. the body language. >> known each other for years. you don't trust me enough to tell me a raunchy joke. >> not with three cameras, no. what do you think, i'm an idiot? >> i'm going to mention a name and just with your eyes tell me if that person might come up in
8:22 am
>> he might. he might come up in the monologue horin one of the intros. >> what part of just with your eyes did you not get. just with your eyes. >> [ bleep ]. >> oh, you'll say that but you won't tell me a raunchy joke. >> donald trump. >> that's amazing. i want to play poker with you. >> caitlyn jenner. >> one thing that can't be officially. >> i think i have the hand that feeds me, nbc and the hollywood >> right. >> but i can't -- i don't want -- i don't want this nauseating back slapping aren't we all great. yeah, we know we're all great. it's entertainment. it's fairy land. it's tv. this isn't real. we're not doing anything. we're not saving lives.
8:23 am
awkwardly, right, with lots of people. each other. >> we've been here for four hours and this is condensed down to seven minutes. >> last question. complete this sentence for me. i'm ricky gervais, i've hosted the golden globes four times and i'm certain -- it. >> how about that this will be my last time? >> well, it probably will. there's no reason to do it or not do it. in the time is right and, you know, it feels like fun. >> i hope you do it again because otherwise i'm going to miss sitting on a couch with you. >> it's a nice couch. >> thank you. >> nice couch. >> hey, come here. give me a hug. >> come on. >> good luck. >> thanks. >> that's great. >> love him. >> that's so good. >> well, that is him. >> the minute he walks in the room. >> your mike cut off for a second. didn't hear what you said.
8:24 am
few people that makes me laugh the second he walks into the room. >> he is amazing. >> i love his laugh. >> i know. >> matt, did he tell you the dirty joke you wanted? >> yes, he did. yes, he did. >> i'll save it for when you guys get out here. >> that was hilarious. >> by the way, there's no way he could have said it on the air. >> you can catch the golden globes sunday right here on nbc beginning with the red carpet special. we're going to host that, and we'll have a full wrap-up of the winners, the wardrobes and the after parties monday morning right here on "today." savannah. >> all right, matt. we're signing off with you.
8:25 am
just ahead, new year, new we stop arthritis pain, so you don't have to stop. because you believe in go. onward. today's the day. carpe diem. tylenol 8hr arthritis pain has two layers of pain relief. the first is fast. the second lasts all day. we give you your day back. what you do with it is up to you. tylenol . 8:27 now and new information in a story happening over night in anderson county. 19 year old ronnie leigh cannon is the suspect in a standoff on hawthorne drive. deputies say the bomb squad responded to the home last night. they say cannon barricaded himself inside and
8:26 am
say they sent a k-9 in to end the standoff. cannon was later taken to the hospital to be treated for a dog bite. the alleged bomb was declared safe. cannon is charged with bomb or replica threat with a fake device. greenville, spartanburg, anderson will be cloudy, a 50% chance of rain before 1pm, high of 50. northeast winds of 5-7. the mountains will be the same, cloudy, 50% chance of rain before 1pm, a high of 50. southeast winds at 6. not as chilly tonight. asheville, hendersonville will drop to 39 overnight, the upstate will drop to 43. northeast winds at 4-6.
8:27 am
8:30 now. it's a friday morning. december 8, 2016. pretty nice day out here on our plaza. got a great crowd out here. people here and happy to have them along here. it's been a beautiful run here, absolutely. >> still coming up this morning, our resident experts who are spending the month checking life. we'll check in with them. >> new twists on a few of our 2016. >> wow. >> what is going on there. right. >> well, "together we make football" finalists, we'll find out who is going to get the trip of a lifetime to super bowl 50. >> such great stories.
8:28 am
first, let's get a check of the weather. >> let's get a look at your weekend outlook. here's what we're shaping up as. we're expecting to see temperatures, temperatures from last year, 2015. record above average. you average it out, 2015 was the second hottest on record according to climate central and the national weather service. just amazing stuff. as far as your weekend outlook here we go. for saturday wet weather and an icy mix in northern new england. snow back through the ohio river vale and some snow in sections of california. sunday, sunday, sunday, we're look at windy conditions around the great lakes with lake-effect snow. heavy rain in northern new england and western two-thirds of the country, fair, but, boy, is it going to be bone-chilling from the plains, midwest and on into the mid-mississippi river vale. that's what's gogreenville, spartanburg, anderson will be cloudy, a 50% chance of rain before 1pm, high of 50. northeast winds of 5-7. the mountains will be the same, cloudy, 50% chance of rain before 1pm, a high of 50. southeast winds at 6. not as
8:29 am
hendersonville will drop to 39 overnight, the >> and we've got a big game coming up on sunday, and it is going to be a cold one. that's right. oh, man, the seattle seahawks are heading into minnesota. minnesota's last outdoor home game at tcf bank stadium. frigid, 2 above and a windchill of 15 below. coldest game ever for the seahawks to play in. man, that's going to be a rough one. it's wild card sunday, seahawks and vikings starting at 12:00 right here on nbc. be there. carson.
8:30 am
now to our special series start today. all month long our experts are helping you achieve new year's resolution s big and small. they are here now in our original room answering your questions from facebook. jill, you're here and you have exciting news for one viewer. come on out. >> i really do. something that we've done for the first time and we're really going to help someone get into a calm zone. earlier this week we focus on cleansing the mind and asked people to tweet us a photo of their hectic life for a chance to win each. steals & deals. that's one facial kit, a robe that you were donning, looked very regal. wanted to steal, it candle that turns into body oil, nablous, towel set. so -- >> let's do it. >> you ready to crown a winner. >> i am ready to krount winner. >> all right.
8:31 am
jill, and the winner is heidi. >> the caption jill, if you can hear me, could i use some serenity, and i think you can relate. you have three children on your head and, of course, a lamp. >> well, congratulations and you'll hop back on the facebook page and take more of people's questions and if you've got any of those questions, keep them coming for jill, jean or joy. they are here and working their tails off over here. joy, you already. getting lots of questions. >> great questions, about everything. >> jeerngs lots of financial questions. >> a lot of credit questions. >> interesting. coming up next, going for gold. three lucky fans compete for a globes.
8:32 am
"today" on nbc. are >> all right. we're back at 8:37.
8:33 am
golden globes to give away this morning. we sifted through countless entries and found three viewers who are self-professed mega fans of the globes. >> let's meet your contestants, everybody. alison wilson lives in brooklyn and originally from little rock, arkansas, grew up watching the globes, and your family is there with bick hopes that one day you would win one yourself. next up is don alowon from south carolina, showed us his love for everything golden with a spray painted outfit and an award. good to have you, don. lastly we've got hika from san diego and when she's not throwing her yearly golden globes bash she's teaching our brave navy s.e.a.l.s how to pack their parachute. >> what are they playing for in the winner will be whisked out of the studio and flown to l.a. courtesy of discover los angeles and they will be pampered at the beverly hills, shopping spree at the beverly center and walk the official golden globes red
8:34 am
>> pretty fancy. for the other two we've got an amazing basket of dvds, all the hot films right here. no one is walking away empty-handed. let's get to our questions. >> i should mention, you buzz to answer. if the person who answers incorrectly, the other two have to buzz in, right. >> okay. >> to answer. >> if you know. >> okay. >> question one. which actress holds the record for the most individual golden globes won? >> that was alison. >> meryl streep. >> that is correct. >> that is correct. >> point on the board for miss allyson. >> what venue has been home to the golden globes -- >> and go ahead. >> the beverly hills. >> that is correct. >> didn't have to wait. >> golden globes since 1961, beverly hilton. >> 1-1. >> wow, question three, which actor holds the globe record for the most nominations -- >> allyson. >> jack lemon. >> that is incorrect. >> someone else want to buzz in. >> want to heart rest of the question. >> okay. >> question three, which actor holds the globe record for the most nominations in one year,
8:35 am
>> jamie fox. >> okay. >> 1-1-1, all tied up. >> which media company leads in golden globe nominations this year, which media company leads the nominations this year? >> getting tough now. >> hbo. >> that is incorrect. >> other two. >> netflix. >> boom. >> all right. question five, which global pop star is nominated for the first time this year for performance -- >> lady gaga. >> geez, you guys are good. >> getting nervous. >> in 2008 the golden globes -- >> yes, don. >> it was cancelled because they had a strike. >> that's right. >> was in 2008. >> 2008, yeah. >> wow, okay. >> question seven, name the youngest winner ever -- >> allyson, ricky schroeder. >> you're good. >> youngest winner ever. >> he was 9. >> these guys are like -- we're like what.
8:36 am
which film picked up the most nominations for the upcoming -- >> hika. >> i think allyson has it. >> carol. >> carol is correct. >> good job there. >> which actor holds the record for the most individual golden globes won? >> that's allyson. >> that is meryl streep. >> that's incorrect. >> oh, no. >> which actor holds the record. >> most individual. >> jack lemon. >> no, no. >> you want to buzz in. >> most individual golden globes won, which actor. >> a shot at it the. if not, we'll move on. >> only get one chance, sorry. >> oh, no. >> jack nicholson. >> that is correct. >> oh, my gosh. >> we're keeping it going with a question. >> question ten, which film has all five major categories --
8:37 am
nest." >> get out of town. >> and with that there is your winner. >> how did you know that? >> i've been practicing. >> yes. >> allyson, you are the winner. >> brooklyn on the way to los angeles. >> we'll see you on the red carpet. >> i'm impressed with all of you. >> you excited. >> thank you. >> >> that is awesome. guys, you do get the basket and we have a lovely parting gift for you. >> you're so excited. >> bring it here for a hug. >> watch the golden globes live sunday on nbc and coming up next, we've got fashion, fun and food on the way. and we'll get to all that coming up. congratulations to allyson. enjoy the golden globes. but first, this is "today" on nbc. >> thank you.
8:38 am
>> thanks for coming. pepper discovers jimmy dean delights, made with real egg whites, lean cut meats, and whole grains. an excellent source of protein, it fuels her up with energy to help power through her morning.
8:39 am
all right. we're back at 8:44. time for the stuffer we love. new trends on products that you'll definitely want to try out in 2016. lifestyle editor at >> good morning. >> happy new year. >> happy new year, my dear. we love. >> yes. so faux fur, savannah, has long been a big trend for humans, but here. >> oh, my goodness. >> now that's a big trend for the four-legged set, so here we brother roger. >> adorable. >> modeling faux fur vests from restoration hardware and don't let the pet glamour stop there. there's also faux fur pet pedestrians and pet throws. >> i would like to sleep hon these. they look lovely. >> is that righting at $39. >> now on to now we have two items. here's some faux fur for the humans. we've got next level ear muffs called music muffs that actually play music so they keep you warm
8:40 am
earth long. >> you like them, janell. >> and she turns around, move over, purse, all about the backback. >> backpacks back in. >> for 2016 so it's sport and hands-free and these are from amy kestenberg, so beautiful, great metallic camo that you can find in every color and style. >> happy new year. >> now look what we've got here for the superfans, a snuggie with spirit. >> looking good, kate. you a steelers fan? >> yes. >> you are now. >> so for this weekend, find these at the northwest, they are $24.59 and rumor has it if you're warm you can cheer a >> yeah. >> like you'veiot your sleeves. blanket with your team. >> nfl uniform. >> okay great. >> in we move over here, got some great items north home. animals are a huge trend for this season for the home and so we have this great shop from boston and they have amazing animal accessories, check out
8:41 am
black labs to these beautiful trays that you can hang them on the wall. >> oh, yeah. >> use them as art or a regular tray. two little monkey candles. it is the year of the monkey. >> oh, is it. >> yeah, starting at the chinese new year so that brings us. >> shall we get a shot little monkey candles. >> aren't they cute and dripless which is so great. last, we've got some food to bring in the new year and first up is radish which is a cooking club for kids. >> that's cute. >> they want to bring families together and at every month they will send you a cooking kit with great step-by-step instructions that kids and parents can cook together. send the mood or just the little recipes. >> they send -- no, they don't send the food. they send a box with great recipes and also activities and even tools starting at just $20 a month. >> very cute. >> so cute. >> and now on to food. savannah, talk to me. >> grab the new year by the tail. the maine lobster tail, that is. >> okay.
8:42 am
from luke's lobster. now you may know them for their incredible lobster rocks, and, i mean, they send kits straight to your doors. >> looks like a thing of beauty, absolutely incredible, but that's not all. they can also send great lobster tails, pan-seared in ten minutes, so easy. beautiful crab claws and also award-winning lobster bisque and new england clam chowder. if you try that. >> shall i give it a little try. >> so, so divine. >> they send it, and it's fish. they obviously figured out how to do that. straight to your door, you heat it up. >> really good. >> some of it comes ready to go. >> from luck' kits start at $40. >> and last but not least, this is virginia country ham and sweet potato biscuits. i mean, the best thing you will ever put in your mouth. >> don't mind if i do, sings you mentioned. >> they come ready to serve, add a little bit of butter from edward virginia's smoke house
8:43 am
these hams, dry cured and hickory smoked for over 90 years, so it's a family recipe, and just so delish and they have new for 2016 what the chefs are calling lamb ham which is dried cured ham that you can serve and find this all at edward's virginia >> always outdone yourself again. love when you bring food. >> me, too. >> coming up, our together we make football finalists and find out who is headed to super bowl
8:44 am
on nbc. all right. we are back joining willie on his plaza with some of his together we make football friends and we've been hearing their remark habel stories all season long hand we'll find out finally who gets to go to super bowl 50. willie, good morning. >> good morning, guys. i think we all agree as we watched these five extraordinary finalists who is going to be impossible to choose because that moment has come. let's take a look back at their stories. >> my mom would always call payton her tough girl, payton calls her the tough one. >> if she didn't have this league, i don't know if they would be as close as they are now. >> football just became a way to
8:45 am
>> play like bucky, better play like bucky. >> those boys are out there playing for my son. >> i get nervous, anxious. >> it's okay. >> sssh. incredible young girl. >> hey, you guys are big. >> dude. >> you're a finalist to go to super bowl 50. >> you're also going to new york and be on the "today" show. >> i'm speechless. you're brett favre. >> he's crying. >> oh, wow. >> and our finalists have traveled from all across the country to join us on the plaza this morning. let's start right now to me with the dynamic duo of mal kaya kai and somewhat rise and then the undisputed biggest brett favre fanned, marvin anderson and
8:46 am
good luck, guys, then the very lovely and talented payton watson and her dad tracy and her brothers sean and parker from katy, texas. next is felix augusto and his son felix jr. from riverside, new jersey. >> yeah. >> and all the way down at the end there, seattle superfans duke along with jeff and jen hancock. >> so we, as i mentioned, have what amounts to an impossible decision here. >> that's true. >> how could you be pick one over the rest of these stories, but alas we have to. i've got the magic ticket from the nfl. they have sent to us for super bowl 50. and i'm going to talk to you for one second here. do this. >> give it to all of them. >> this is nerve-racking. >> this is a decision from all of us on the "today" show and at the nfl.
8:47 am
>> just do it. >> just do it. >> i refuse to make a choice.
8:48 am
bowl! >> that's awesome. >> we've got tears, got everything. >> sometimes you have to call an audible at the line of scrimmage and that's what we did. here's the key. we've got to get your team the texans to the super bowl. you think j.j. watt and those guys are going to do it. >> yes! >> only two of the teams will be there. we've got a lot of teams represented. who thinks their team is going to the super bowl? >> we were so moved and so inspired by your stories, thank you for all the good work you do and all of your communities. you are extraordinary people, and we're honored along with the nfl to send you to the super bowl in san francisco's bay area. >> we fell in love with all of you. we can't think of anybody more deserving. we hope you have the time of your lives. >> thank you.
8:49 am
have fun at the game!
8:50 am
congratulations, everybody.highs on saturday in the upper
8:51 am
wyff news 4 at noon is next. chilly tonight. asheville, hendersonville will drop to 39 overnight, the upstate will drop to 43. northeast winds at 4-6. highs on saturday in the upper 40s to low 50s with a 70% to 80% we stop arthritis pain, so you don't have to stop. because you believe in go. onward. today's the day. carpe diem.
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>> it's "live! with kelly & michael." today, actor, director, writer and producer, tyler perry. plus, we continue our "new year,
8:54 am
smith and the cleanse.
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