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tv   Today  NBC  January 8, 2016 10:00am-11:00am EST

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and oscar winner j.j. simmons sits down with its showing off his animated side coming up now. >> announcer: from nbc news, this is "today's take" with al roker, natalie morales, willie geist and tamron hall live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. >> welcome to "today" on a friday morning. it's january the 8th, 2016. great crowd on our plaza. very excited to give some of our viewers who are spending an incredible football stories a trip to super bowl 50. >> so deserving. so glad they all get to go. >> i'm willie along with natalie and al. tamron off on her way to the globes. >> none of us. >> producer's choice. >> let's back up a second. tamron already left to go to the golden globes. >> she's preparing to do an interview, she's being -- she's very busy. >> very good. >> we all -- we all procrastinate.
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>> roker move, build in some extra time around the event. >> extra time is one thing. >> can have a nice dinner tonight. good for her. >> good for her. >> massage. >> good for her. we'll see her out there tomorrow. the golden globes are this sundayay as you know, and they will be hosted by the hilarious cunning ricky gervais. >> unbelievable. >> cannot wait for in. >> matt actually sat down with ricky this morning and got a hint of what we might expect on sunday night. >> i'm going to mention aame and just with your eyes tell me if that person might come up in the monologue. okay. >> okay. >> donald trump. >> he might. he might come up in the monologue or might come up -- >> just with your eyes. what part of just with your eyes did you not get? >> just with your eyes. [ bleep ]. >> oh, you'll say that, but you won't tell me a raunchy joke. >> donald trump.
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i want to play poker with you. >>kranltin' jenner. >> i love his laugh. >> so good. >> fourth time that ricky gets to do it, and i don't think he can do any wrong at this point. i think the more abrasive he is, the better. >> that's what people want. >> what you're expecting. >> what they want. >> bring on the insults. >> tina and amy excellent in their way and ricky great in a totally different way. >> cannot wait. >> let's get everybody geared up and ready for sundaynight. best motion picture drama. the nominees are "mad max," furry road," "room," "spotlight" "ref advantage and arol." >> i went with "spotlight. a lot of good movies. >> i went with "reven ha nt". >> and i did, too. >> tossup in. >> best music or picture comedy. health nominees," the big short," "joy," "the martian," spy" and "trainwreck." >> "joy" and "the martian" nom
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>> "the martian was funny in certain parts. >> they jerry rigged "the martian" to get in that category. >> i went with "the big short." >> i went with "the martian." >> i did. >> and matt damon also will win. >> we'll get to that. >> in that category. best tv series and drama. nominees the "game of thrones," mr. rote ro bott, "outlander," "marcos. >> i picked "narcos." >> i think "game of thrones" is long overdo. >> i went with "mah dose." >> best tv series or comedy, a look at "narcos. "casual, "mozartt in the jungle," "orange is the new black",,". that's a tough category. >> after the nominations were out. it's so funny, it's amazing. >> i need to start watching that.
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>> silicon valley is my pick, your pick, too. >> i went "mozart in the jungle." i think that's really funny and globes like the new folks. >> and never sleep on "veep" julia louis-dreyfus. >> leo di caprio expected to win for "the revenant" and maybe on his way to the first oscar. tv side, huge year for streaming shows, netflix with eight streaming nominations beating hbo. the golden globe awards and pre-show begins at 7:00 p.m. eastern and 4:00 pacific on nbc and then the awards get going at 8:00 eastern. >> got your tuxes ready. >> ready. >> all set. >> who are you wearing? >> i honestly have no idea. have to look at the label. >> you don't notee brand of it. >> i don't know. >> you guys -- well, you pay attention. >> i'll text you when i get home. >> j. crew thing going. >> where did you buy it. >> men's warehouse, right in there. >> you'll like the way you look. i guarantee it.
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>> where are you going? >> i had had a choice between two great dresses, either a black number or purple number. >> but they are both a number. >> both a number. a number to call. >> okay. you guys ready. powerball fever. >> again. now it's at a whopping record $700 million. >> it could get to a billion. >> it could possibly get to $1 billion.( >> by the time we send our crew over to pennsylvania to bite tickets and we'll explain why. >> $a billion dollars. >> but t t odds of winning. >> you could win. >> 1 in 292.2 million, but as we keep saying you've got to be in it to win it. how could you maybe improve the odds, okay, technically you can't really improve the odds, but here's a little powerball strategy. apparently, according to the powerball website. 70% of the past winners have used quick picks, so technically though again, doesn't improve your odds, but rather than like
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just go with the quick picks, says the most frequently drawn numbers, are you might want to get a pencil for this, 26, 41, 22 and 16, and there have been more jackpot winning powerball tickets sold in pennsylvania than in any other state. >> interesting. >> 16 winning tickets have been sold in pennsylvania over the last 13 years, so those are pretty good odds. let's go over to pennsylvania. if you do win and take the cash option after a 25% federal tax you would get an estimated -- if it's at $700 million that it is now, an estimated $424.4 million. the drawing is saturday at 10:59 p.m., and i will not be here at work on monday. >> no, absolutely not. pick. when i took the kids to the cigarette store to buy our lottery cities and get some five-hour energy, stuff like that for the kids. >> colt 45. >> the woman in front of us had
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had about 100 of them. 28, 16. >> oh, my gosh. >> no. >> 41. >> agh. >> is that your $10 bill. >> oh, my gosh. but i waited. got to be in it to win it. >> i want to teach the kids a valuable lesson about patience. >> patience, there you go. >> and picking that up colt 45. >> exactly. >> another lesson you might want to learn. hold on to your bowling ball. check this out. a guy in paris trying to throw a strike at a bowling alley on january 2nd. here we go. >> here we go. >> oh, wow. a ceiling. >> that is crazy. >> here's my take. he must be using a children's ball because any ball with any weight. it's like a two-pounder. >> hand that ceiling must be made out of -- >> well, you know the french are known for many things. bowling is not one of them. come on, really. >> that's awesome. that's a fun watch. >> like that. >> just announced, we knew
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bowl, super bowl 50 halftime on february the 7th. >> great. >> guess who they just added to the performance. >> would? >> the queen bee. >> beans en. headlined the halftime show in tweencht when the lights went out and coldly play and beansy. >> are they going to bring jds uniphase we beyonce, and jay-z and coldplay. >> they are all pal. >> in the hamptons together, all happening. speaking of beyonce, last night on "lip synch battle," the show we love. channing tatum performed his version of beyonce's "runt world" and look who waltzed in.
10:09 am
when runs the world go the girls, girls >> that's amazing. >> a little scary. >> that's a little disturbing. >> and that's the finish. >> his opponent was his wife jenna who you see there was completely stunned to see beansy. >> and did a whole "magic mike" thing like a strip thing, but i think that blew them all away. >> i've got to say, they have ramped that show up for season two now. >> incredible. >> it's unbelievable. >> they bring on the stars. >> bring that on nbc, you know. come on. bring it on. >> what's going on in the weather, hall? >> well, we've got a which go change as far as temperatures are concerned. here in the east nice and mild today. temperatures milder than they have been and a big frigid air mass coming on down from canada. denver is only going to be 22 degrees, 21 degrees below norm a. cleveland 41. that's 8 degrees above normal. saturday that warm air stays along the headquarter. 51 in new york and 57 raleigh. plattsburgh 40. look what happens sunchltd new york city may set a record, same
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richmond, buffalo as well, and bitterly cold out in the plains and then monday, boom, we drop by almost a half in new york and albany and down into savannah. it's going to be 53 and nashville 41 and green bay a temperatur temperatur temperatur temperaturanderson will be cloudy, a 50% chance of rain before 1pm, high of 50. northeast winds of 5-7. the mountains will be the same, cloudy, 50% chance of rain before 1pm, a high of 50. southeast winds at 6. not as chilly tonight. asheville, hendersonville will drop to 39 >> and that is your latest weather. >> al, thank you very much, sir. yesterday our good buddy wwe star john cena had shoulder
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well at the end of the show and i implored him to get butter betty, get butter betty, and john tweeted us thank you i'm make sure to get bert and butter. you guys are the best. cu soon. >> that was good. >> we love john. >> feel better, buddy. up next, more the countdown to the golden globes, my interview with leonardo dicaprio and the director about their stunning film "the reven ha nt" and to folks out there whose diabetic nerve pain... shoots and burns its way into your day, i hear you. to everyone with this pain that makes ordinary tasks extraordinarily painful, i hear you. make sure your doctor hears you too! i hear you because i was there when my dad suffered with diabetic nerve pain. if you have diabetes and burning, shooting pain in your feet or hands, don't suffer in silence! step on up
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golden globes and deservedly so is "the revenant" starring leonardo dicaprio and he and the director are both nominated. we talked about this making this film and in in the end it was all worth it >> there's some sequences in this movie that i think are ground breaking cinematically. i mean, what you want as an audience member is to submerge yourself in a completely different reality. >> in "the revenant" that reality is the wilderness of the american west in the 1820s. leonardo dicaprio plays hugh glass, a battered frontiersman seeking revenge against a fellow explorer, the film shot authentically under brutal winter conditions. what about it grabbed you? >> the director. >> yeah, i keep saying -- >> that's oscar winning director alejandro inreceiptu who last year wouldn't academy award for
10:16 am
he's in the conversation again for "revenant." >> we know why leonardo picked the movie because of you and why did you think leo was the right man to play hugh glass? >> i thought and now as a fact i know that there was not a better choice. i think he's an amazing baht body of work, a testimony of how great and accurate it is. without somebody as leo so brave and encouraging, i needed a partner, i didn't need just a great actor. >> was there any point, leo, where you're wearing 100 pounds of fur standing in a frozen river shaking with the flu. >> of course. >> where you looked at him and said what the hell are we doing? >> i think everyone said that on a daily basis, the entire cast. >> at least. >> pretty much. >> i'm an admiration of his ambition, the fact that every single day he strove for this authenticity and he was relentless about getting it.
10:17 am
shared energy that we were doing something incredibly unique. >> a lot of things have been talked and expressed how difficult the production was, but at the end, you know, the audience, the public should not that's our job. that's our diet, and it's a privilege. breathtaking. it's terrifying and feels unlike any other scene i've seen in a film before. the way you shot it and the way you put it together, i'm there and not as though my face is pressed against the glass but like i'm under the bear. how did you achieve that without giving away too many of your director secrets. how did you pull that off? >> what i wanted was not to exploit violence and to blow people's mind by brutal gore. no, it's not gore at all. i disagree with that. it's real. it's just what it is. >> dicaprio and inarritu are all up for golden globes this
10:18 am
whether this is the year leonardo dicaprio finally wins his oscar. >> these things are something that you know is ultimately beyond your control. it's in other people's hands now. >> what would it mean to you though to win best actor? >> i think anyone appreciates those types of things for sure, of course, you know, to be recognized by your peers, but i know it's a cliche, but the truth is it's ultimately not why you do these films. you do them because, you know, if you love the art form and cinema to me is the great modern art form, you can look back one day and say i -- i did that piece of work, and i -- i gave it everything i could while i was there, and -- and if you have enough of those later hon in life, you're a happy artist. >> meanwhile, this guy's got a shelf full of trophies from last year alone. do you expect to get some more attention this year at the oscars? >> i share what leo says correctly, you know. i think that recognition and
10:19 am
think is always a great thing that in a way, you know, you celebrate because it's a celebration. world you live with a lot of people but actually that's a consequence. it's not a meaning. i think we gave it all, and we are very proud and happy about if. >> we really did. >> no argument there. we kind of really did. >> leo is having flashback. >> i agree. >> we really went for it. >> yes, they did. "the revenant" is in theaters today, a truly breath take film. coming up, al is cooking up
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just one day. healthy skin equals beautiful skin. and for shower softness, add the body wash, too! aveeno naturally beautiful results coming up in the next half hour, we're going to show you a real crowd pleaser. easy chicken fajitas. it's going t t cost you less than 15 bucks, feed your family of four, perfect for the playoffs or the golden globes get-together. willie. >> sounds good. also with us j.k. simmons, he's got a new movie for the younger set and playing a villain in his
10:24 am
what an honor it was to co-star with me and al, finally. it's all been made it in his career. natalie. >> looking forward to that. also, you'll get to meet these three amazing astronauts, and they are sharing their incredible stories of survival from space and the split second life-and-death decisions that they need to make in zero gravity. part of a new series called "secret space does the smell of a freshly bound presentation fill you with optimism? do you love your wireless keyboard more than certain family members? is your success due to a filing system only you understand? does printing from y yr tablet to your wireless printer give you a jolt of confidence? if so, you may be gearcentric. someone who knows that the right office gear helps you do great things.
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12- 30. they'll take on alabama monday night... officers are investigating a shooting in clinton... clinton public safety officials tell us that a number of people were injured. it happened last night near north broad street. no word on how many or the extent. but officials do not believed any suffered life- threatening injuries. at this time no suspect has been arrested. greenville, spartanburg, anderson will be cloudy, a 50% chance of rain before 1pm, high of 50. northeast winds of 5-7. the mountains will be the same, cloudy, 50% chance of rain before 1pm, a high of 50. southeast winds at 6. not as chilly tonight. asheville, hendersonville will drop to 39 overnight, the upstate will drop to 43. northeast winds at 4-6. highs on saturday in the upper 40s to low 50s with a 70% to 80% chance of showers. greenville, spartanburg, anderson will be cloudy, a 50% chance of rain before 1pm, high
10:27 am
the mountains will be the same, cloudy, 50% chance of rain before 1pm, a high of 50. southeast winds at 6. not as chilly tonight. asheville, hendersonville will drop to 39 overnight, the upstate will drop to 43. northeast winds at 4-6. highs on saturday in the upper 40s to low 50s with a 70% to 80%
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taking a look at the headlines. if you love petia, and who doesn't, listen to this. the food and drug administration has banned chemicals that are used in pizza boxes. the chemicals are generally used
10:29 am
the fda has determined that these chemicals can have toxic effects on humans and animals. it's said existing supplies of the products with the chemicals can be used until they run out. fitbit has been hit with a class action lawsuit with the heart tracking featurere on its morton. they are charge hr and charge is inaccurate, especially during intense exercise. one woman says her actual heartbeat during a workout was nearly twice as high as her fitbit indicated. fitbit says it stands by its technology but warns that the wrist bands are not intended to be medical devices. we've got an important recall to tell you about. a fall hazard has prompted office depot to recall about 300,000 of these chairs. they are the carwley two executive chairs sold at office depot and office max stores from 2012 to september of 2015. there are several reports of the
10:30 am
breaking. consumers should stop use the chair and should contact the store where it was purchased. campbell's soup is the first major food company to start disclosing the presence of genetically modified ingredients in its products. the maker of brands like v-8, peppridge farm and namesake soups is also calling for the government to make a uniform gmo labeling system mandatory. about three-quarters of campbell's products contain ingredients derived from gmo soybeans. of all the things that you could do with a half ton of butter, well, this probably is the most amazing thing you'll see. these life-sized butter sculptures have been unveiled at 100th annual pennsylvania farm show. as you see, they depict a dairy cow along with members of farm families. a pair of artists spend two weeks creating the high-calorie masterpiece. you're not eating, it just admiring it. let's get a check of the weather right now from mr. roker. >> they have been doing that in iowa for a long time, too.
10:31 am
>> let's show you what's going on with your weather. it has been -- 2015 was a really hot year, and it would have been the record-setting year if it wasn't for that really cold february. otherwise, it would have been the hottest, but it's the second hottest. now, as far as your weekend outlook is concerned, here's what we've got. wet weather in the eastern half of the country with snow in the ohio and mississippi river vale and snow in interior sections of california. sunday, sunday, sunday, bitterly cold through the plains and into the mid-mississippi river valley, and even into the southeast. it's going to be very chilly, lakes. heavy rain along the new england coast. california. that's yougreenville, spartanburg, anderson will be cloudy, a 50% chance of rain before 1pm, high of 50. northeast winds of 5-7. the mountains will be the same, cloudy, 50% chance of rain before 1pm, a high of 50.
10:32 am
weather. well, this morning on "today food" dinner under 15 bucks. who doesn't love fajitas. >> i love fajitas, yummy. >> people can actually make it themselves and kids can make hands. let's get going. we'll start back here. here's our food grid, yellow rice, chopped up tomatoes and beans, oil, some frozen peas and carrots, chicken, peppers, onions. oh, it's all on the website. we'll start off with the rice. cook the rice according to the directions, all right, on the box. you can make the rice from scratch but this is so much easier and take frozen peas and carrots and pretty economical and yet very healthy for you
10:33 am
freeze them right at the peak of freshness and then you take your can of beans and you'll put it on your grill for your burner for a little bit and then you take your -- you can do fresh tomatoes and some peppers, but we've already prepped them. they are a little cheaper when they are canned and, again, very fresh. you're going to heat those up. >> meantime, take your chicken breast and come up here, want to slice it up, all right. what you're basically going to do is make long slices, want to make the pieces so that you get the chicken strips. boneless chicken breasts and cut them up into the strips. >> what's the marinade, al? >> adobo and some oregano. >> love it. >> and just mix that in, mix that together. now you'll heat a pan, get it to a fairly high here the with some kind of canola oil or something like that, once you get that all mixed in.
10:34 am
you'll cook them down and once those cook you brown them on each side for a few minutes and you'll get rid of those. put them in a pan, a plate right there. now you'll take your peppers, i like a bunch of colors, original, red, green, yellow and slide that and some sliced red onions in there for color. you'll grill those off. meantime, while that's cooking. i like corn tortilla, a little more fiber in them and grill them up. grilled persons and onions and got your fajitas and your chicken and tortillas and black bones and rice. got yourself a nice sgleel one of my five little meals of the week, al. >> and swap out whatever protein you want, or you can do it without -- without the protein and make it a vegetarian meal. >> as you said, you always get the kids involved, they help out, get to make their own meal. >> there you have t.golden globes, the playoffs, you're ready. >> it looks beautifully served up like this.
10:35 am
>> to get this recipe head to we want to also mention our "today" food club members stand out. jackie from castle rock, colorado, made this budget friendly ham fried rice. >> coming up, one of the most popular animated films is back, "kung fu panda 3." we'll talk to the villain of the movie, the very likable j.k. simmons. there he is, our co-star and enjoy a fajita. all right. after these messages. we stop arthritis pain, so you don't have to stop. because you believe in go. onward. today's the day. carpe diem. tylenol 8hr arthritis pain has two layers of pain relief. the first is fast. the second lasts all day. we give you your day back.
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incredible in every detail. last year at this time j.j. simmons was in the middle of a world tour where he was collecting trophies including an oscar for his role as a music teacher. >> and he's playing a different kind of villean, an animated yak with a centuries old ax to grind in "kung fu panda 3." take a look. >> i have returned. >> who? >> kai, general kai, supreme warlord of all china.
10:40 am
master of pain. >> eh. >> okay. i used to work with ugway. >> a mast every warrior. >> clearly a well-known villain. >> he's pretty good. >> j.k. simmons, good morning. >> good morning. >> your voice is just amazing, and seeing you in animation, but once again you play a villean. what's the deal? you're such a nice guy. >> i do. well, you know, that's part of the fun of doing what i do. get to mix it up. good guys, bad guys. >> yeah. >> a little bit of everything. >> bulls, yaks. >> you play a good yak, as i must say. al roker and i have -- i'm going to call it starring roles in this film. >> oh, please. >> yeah. yeah. >> you've gone on and on and how they killed it. >> we may not be in the move, but we're stars of the film. what do you like about doing the animated films? al and i have never done it about.
10:41 am
the rip. >> you literally go to your eyes and go to that theater of the mind place that some other voiceover guys call it in l.a. and do what you do and you don't have to shave. you don't have to put on a nice thing or anything. >> nice. as we mentioned, you obviously famous for your roles, but also for your voice in this movie. does it ever get weird when you go to the drive through and you ever use a different voice to order, make an order? >> yeah, i should try a different dialect every time. >> different accent. >> go with the yak. >> go with kai, the villain. we mentioned your oscar this year and this time of year has us thinking about those things, the golden globes and the oscars. now a year on, what does that mean to you, to your life, to your career? mean, we loved your acceptance speech, so many people did, talking about your parents, everybody heeded that and called in the middle of the oscars. >> many people did.
10:42 am
>> well, it's really led -- professionally it's just led to more opportunities. >> yeah. >> there's more scripts coming my way, including animated, and -- and honestly when they asked me to do kung fu panda three, the one question i asked was is it all the same team that made the first two movies because i was such a big fan of those and it's the same cast and directors and producers and writers and i wanted to jump on board. >> the kids are huge fans so they have been waiting for this movie for quite a while. seebecking of opportunities, you had an amazing career high just this week on jimmy fallon. tell us about this moment, as we show you. if you say good-bye to me tonight there would still be music left and right >> what was that like, how did you get roped into that? >> they asked me if i wanted to take off after my little segment
10:43 am
around and watch billy joel so during the break i went over to introduce myself and i said, you know, i'm a big fan, and my knucklehead friends and i used to have a couple of beers and break out into "longest time" and he goes, all right, here, let's go. >> amazing. >> and, you know, we had no intention of that being on air, but doing a little doo-op with billy joel and his band and that fallon guy, pretty cool. >> before we let you go, tomorrow is the big day, j.k. simmons' birthday. >> come on out, jerry. >> most wonderful day. >> look at that. a beautiful cake. >> had the fajitas and now the cake. >> the little panda on there. >> ready. >> thank you. >> good wish. >> thank you, yes. >> made it. >> excellent. >> happy birthday, congratulations on the movie. >> happy birthday. look forward to see the golden globes, a presenter. >> passing out trophies. >> yes. see you sunday night. coming up, some remarkable astronauts faced with
10:44 am
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10:48 am
station, the furthest any astronaut had to go to make improvised repairs on solar panels carrying high levels of voltage and dan was helping scott on the other end of the arm with every dangerous move. >> and south korea's first and only astronaut made history in 2008 when she boarded a spacecraft bound for the snashio and some that have is a dramatic re-enactment and the return to earth wasn't so smooth. the capsule veered off course and land 260 miles away in kazakhstan where nomadic shepherds thought they were seeing aliens land on the earth. good morning. >> watching the series with my 1-year-old fascinated with anything space and he had so many questions starting off with all the challenges you face. scott, talk to us about that mission where you're there trying to fix the solar panels arm. extraordinary day.
10:49 am
ever. it was a day where we were incredibly foucsed on doing something that was completely unscripted. we were faced with a daunting challenge of repairing a live solar panel that had never been anticipated prior to flight and true to nasa form they took something that's almost impossible and made it look easy. people worked around the clock for 72 hours on the ground in houston to develop a plan such that dan and i and the rest our crew could go affect this really dramatic repair. >> in many ways, i don't want to in your hands. >> i was really nervous. >> what was your job that day? >> well, normally i was the robotics operator. wewerain dozens and dozens of times and rehears these operations because it's very dangerous to have somebody on the end of the arm and we had never rehearsed that. got the procedure that morning and had to look through it and understand it well enough to give scoco the assurance that we're going to get him to the
10:50 am
incredible. >> hand your sonny is amaze, your mission out to the international space station, all where the problem happened. >> on re-entry we had a problem during the separation because we had even inside we have fire kind of like and. >> it was smoking. the capsule was smoking on reentry. that's got to be scary. >> they want you to redo and turn on the power. i want to save a lot of other people. >> can you give us a hint of shepards. >> their eyes are big and they're looking at us.
10:51 am
>> the stories are amazing. you did such a great job. you can watch it with your kids. it's such an education. you can catch the science channel's secret space escape next sunday night. >> thank you for being here. >> we're back in a moment. this is today on nbc. after trying brookside chocolate, people talk about it online. love at first taste. i would liquefy it and bathe in it. curse you, brookside! your nefarious plans have succeeded.
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before we head things off with cathy and hoda last night for hoda's awesome book, we wanted to share with you cathy lee gave such a beautiful speech about hoda. >> she is a treasure. she's become a, i was at the point in my life you guys where i thought i don't have time for the -- i'm very old and very tired. and all the sudden god brings this person into my life i didn't think my heart had room for and you know what, it
10:54 am
i learned so much from you, hoda. i have learned resilience from you. i've learned what friendship really is even though i have great friends. you're a new kind of friend. >> so great. she always gives the best speeches, doesn't she. >> she's the best. >> also, we were all there and having a little fun but take a
10:55 am
what's going on 10:57 and happening this morning... the clemson tigers leave for the national championship game in arizona... this is sky 4 video from when the team arrived after winning the orange bowl ... you're invited to send the team off this morning starting at 11-45 at the westzone on centenial boulevard... the players will then load the buses and leave at 12- 30. they'll take on alabama monday night... a spartanburg county woman... now faces arson charges ...after a house fire last september. 54-year-old sherri shockley was booked yesterday into the spartanburg county detention center. deputies say that when she was arrested in september... she tried to escape from the patrol car. greenville, spartanburg, anderson will be cloudy, a 50% chance of rain before 1pm, high of 50. northeast winds of 5-7. the mountains will be the same, cloudy, 50% chance of rain before 1pm, a high of 50. southeast winds at 6. not as chilly tonight. asheville, hendersonville will drop to 39 overnight, the upstate will drop to 43. northeast winds at 4-6. highs on saturday in the upper
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