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tv   WYFF News 4 5am Saturday  NBC  January 9, 2016 5:00am-6:00am EST

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pamela: happy new year. last year. pamela: you have already broken your perfect attendance. as cold as it could be. look at temperatures in the 40's. even a lower 50 on the map. closer to freezing would be normal across the upstate. we are pretty mild. here is our skycam views this morning. you will run into dense fog of this morning anywhere and western north carolina and the upstate. live super doppler hp is not -- super doppler hd is not picking up the drizzle, but rain is on the way. the first half of the day is more dry. we have big changes to temperatures on the way.
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you will make it into the lower 50's. near 50 and spartanburg. i do not think you will make it out of the 40's and asheville. rain chances pick up after 4:00. a big drop in temperatures to come. we will talk about that as the morning goes on. myra: the countdown is on for monday's championship game. they got a proper sendoff from hundreds of fans on friday. it was only fitting that the weather was misty as they left. fans let them know they were not on their own on the road to the title. watching it is the grandmother
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chad hugs and kisses for her grandson. and a young fan dave them a hand-drawn picture hoping it would be given to coach dabo swinney. food and drink will be available during the game at bon secours wellness arena. it will be free to get in. the game will be broadcast on the large central video for. coming up, a big day in phoenix. we will find the coaches from alabama and clemson. read fray like will have interviews from coaches and players at 6:00 and 11:00. if you would like to follow along check out facebook and twitter. we have you covered. geoff hart will be in phoenix with five reports beginning
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before the game, wyff news 4 will bring you coverage. starting at 7:00 monday night, we will call it road to the title. it will get you good and ready for the kickoff for the college national full wall playoff between the clemson tigers the alabama crimson tide on monday night. in other news, jeb bush has made his first visit to anderson county as a candidate. the former florida governor was wearing a clemson had and showed off his dancing. he zeroed in on republican front-runner donald trump, whom jeb bush says is not fit to be commander-in-chief. jeb bush: we need someone who understands america's role in the world and a commander-in-chief -- not an entertainer in chief or an
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myra: he talks about fighting terrorism, fixing social security, and stimulating the economy. turning to commitment 2016 coverage, or rather continuing it, donald trump was in rockville for a rally at winthrop university on friday. supporters stood in line for hours waiting to get in. he took the stage five hours after the first supporters arrived. 5000 packed in for his first visit to winthrop university. president that wants to kill the second amendment. hillary clinton wants to take your guns away from you. we have to be strong on immigration, and we have to build a wall. we are going to build a league, beautiful wall -- a big, beautiful wall.
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university poll, he was in the lead ahead of ted cruz. another gop official in south carolina is against donald trump. chad groover has gone public with his endorsement of jeb bush . he believes that jeb bush is a true conservative, pointing to his record as the governor of florida, his knowledge of issues, and he says he is ready to lead on day one. chad groover believes donald trump is not. most of the candidates were overturned to the carolinas. upcoming presidential debates. the republicans on january 4 dean, the democrats take the stage three days later. this week you have that excuse to try out a new restaurant during restaurant week in the upstate. many of the most popular and specials. some of them are a three-course
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many i including lunch specials. to see a list of restaurants are offering, go to or the wyff 4 mobile app. pamela: we have patchy fog that goes on. temperatures mild in the 40's
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myra: greenville police looking for a man who approached a second grade student. this happened on thursday at blythe academy. he handed a six-year-old corolla a framed picture with the flour on it at recess. he tried to talk to the girl, but did not touch her or make sexual advances. the man ran when a teacher came up to see what was happening. he said he would be back. officials say they will now be extra security in and around the school. the fbi hunting for a woman who robbed jewelry stores in five
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her latest on on camera in north carolina. she appears to be a casual shopper. she chooses stores dare enter states to make a quick getaway. the fbi has been tracking her since april with crimes in tennessee, south carolina, florida, and georgia. there is a man that has been seen with her at some time scenes. and postmaster in north carolina as apologizing to a homeowner after the homeowner's yard was torn up by postal vehicles. jeff kaun says the postal service drivers cut up their lawn multiple times with their vehicles. this is a picture of some of the damage they say the usps has caused. the usps apologized to the customer, and plans to address the problem with employees that deliver on that route.
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cold water have been rescued along the north carolina coast. they are suffering from a condition similar to hypothermia. the juvenile turtles have not learned to swim to warmer water when temperatures drop. they are being nursed back to
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the powerball jackpot is past >> now, your live super doppler 4 hd weather forecast. pamela: our woodruff road skycam looks pretty good with some patchy fog around. we had dense fog in greenville and henderson county's this morning. 45 in greenville with calm wind and low-level moisture. we will find the fog is stubborn this morning. a light northeasterly breeze in laurens. a beautiful morning in anderson on the water. partly cloudy skies, not as much bob yet -- as much fog yet. hazy over spartanburg where it is 43.
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i mild start for this time of the morning. mild and damp, not exactly comfortable. 52 in hilton head. wilmington -- and into wilmington. lots of low clouds. a little bit of drizzle. the first half of the day is likely the driest part. there is rain not too far away. looking out the colors, here we are. we are socked in with the clouds and cooler temperatures. further west, blues and purples. there is a block of cold air coming across the country. first, we have to get this next front through. the real storm center with it is going to ride of to the great lakes.
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our rain chances pick up quite a bit after 3:00 or 4:00. even more so tonight. out west around phoenix, they have been getting showers. temperature-wise for clemson, very comfortable, not as warm as usual. very nice and nice and dry. look how nice and orange. 10 pitchers will be in the 60's on monday. later this -- temperatures will be in the 60's on monday. later this week -- temperatures will remain stubborn. today, temperatures remain cool. rain chances pick up after 4:00, lingering into tonight. early morning on sundays when we could have heavier rain coming through. we will watch the arctic air coming through. the wind will pick up over the
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tennessee border in north carolina and many of our mountain communities in the highest elevations. we'll be checking in on monday morning to make sure if there are any delays. 50 degrees with rain late day in the upstate. 47 across the mountains. not that cold, but it will be damp throughout the day. upper 30's and asheville and hendersonville. lower 40's in the mountains. tomorrow, the cold air will start coming down. we will find a nice day tomorrow in the upstate, eventually getting sunshine and temperatures in the middle 50's. sunday night, cold wind blows in. 27 in the upstate. 20 in the mountains. we will have a relatively chilly
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mountains, but a mainly dry one. myra: 27. i am coming back from florida. pamela: welcome back. myra: that will be a rude awakening, but thank you anyway. the powerball jack god has passed 8 million -- the powerball jackpot has passed $8 million. the drawing tonight will be for the biggest lottery jackpot in u.s. history. many players do not care about the odds. someone has to win eventually. if the winner takes a lump sum payment, they would look at $.5 billion. a pickens county deputy is charged after authorities say he fired a gun in a parking lot on tuesday. henry campbell is charged with domestic violence and discharging a firearm in the city. the shooting happened in a
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apartment building in easley. he fired a shotgun and talked about harming himself. there was a woman and children present. henry campbell was a lieutenant with the pickens county sheriff's office. he was on leave since august of 2015, and fired on tuesday. a tool that could save your life in a flood. the alex holmes foundation bought 600 swiss tech automobile emergency tools. they will be hitting the mount today. the three and tools will break car windows, cut seatbelts, and give you light to escape a vehicle caught in rising water. the foundation was started after alex holmes died in october's flood. >> it was very easy to work and shattered the glass. i'm confident in saying catchy headline these in her car, she
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myra: the giveaway starts this morning at 11:00 in the olive garden parking lot on laurens road. if father in san diego's upset with the way tsa agents searched his 10-year-old daughter at raleigh-durham airport in south carolina last week. a juice box was found in her carry-on that exceeded the amount allowed for carry-on. they patted down the girl in a two-minute process. the whole situation was uncomfortable. it has been seven months since baby leonna wright went missing from her home in pendleton. a teddy bear was placed by one of the no boards by her family, asking for help finding her. some billboards had a typo in the number you could call him. it has been fixed. the number is 1-888-crime-sc.
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could bring leona home. if you have time warner cable, the cable company says of to 320,000 customers may have had their e-mail addresses and passwords stolen. there is no sign the systems were breached. the details were likely gathered by malware that was downloaded, direct phishing attacks, or stored customer information. customers are encouraged to change existing passwords as soon as possible. police in myrtle beach want to have funding to install license plate readers at the entrance of the city in addition to a $2 million project installing 800 traffic cameras. the license plate readers would snap photos of license plates of passing vehicles and alert officers about cars wanted in
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officials have asked for more details on the plan. the department of natural resources has asked for a new observation deck and sassafras mountain. that is ray you can find the tallest point in south carolina. they're very $600,000 to build a 12 foot platform. the next step is to bid in the construction process. construction is expected to start in april and may. the town of hilton head island is thinking of banning fishing from the beach in summer with worries that it could attract sharks to shallow waters. it would ban fishing between memorial day and labor day between hours in the day. the mayor says it would be a bad
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the university of south carolina has banned a popular christmas gift, hoverboards. usc officials say the ban went into effect on january 1, banning be -- banning the device from housing. they say safety is a concern of the university, and hoverboards pose a risk to writers and bystanders. in greenville, green link is installing 2 new bike lids. that means that 10 lockers are available. numeral two are inside the south spring street garage. officials say the bike locker program is part of an ongoing effort to improve public transportation in greenville. an olympic hopeful going to the
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93-year-old bill guilfoil. here's hoping to qualify for the 2016 table tennis team. he plays daily. soon, he will go to greensboro for the trials in february. guilfoil will likely be the oldest athlete at the trial, but says the sport keeps him young. >> i think table tennis is a contributor. to live longer we have to have better nutrition, a better outlook on life. never have a grudge. package. love everybody. myra: good luck. the winners will advance to the north american trials in ontario. here is a wyff news 4 update. we know the breeds that make up caitlyn the dog. she was published in a magazine.
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with her muzzle down with electrical tape. the story of her recovery went viral. many were curious about her breeds. she is a mix of american staffordshire terrier, border collie, boxer, and german shepherd. caitlyn underwent surgery in the summer and now lives with a foster family. a man in pennsylvania came up with an interesting way to help his dog live out the final days of her life. the man found out his pet has terminal cancer, and decided to make the dog a bucket list consisting of 80 activities -- ranging from eating french fries at mcdonald's to sledding down a hill and a mock dog wedding. >> i hope during this process
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else's face like the eight years she is put a smile on my face. myra: one of the biggest items was to forecast the weather, which was crossed off when a new
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wyff news 4 to pamela: five: 29. we have a little bit of drizzle and some clouds, but the real rain holds off until later today. be careful because it is a bit foggy this morning, but we will be dry until after 3:00 this afternoon.
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for the upstate, it will move through quickly. we have a decent sunday on the way. on monday morning, we are in the 20's, and that will be the case for much of the rest of the week. myra: it is wintertime, after all. to the wi-fi>> you're watching live breaking news with myra ruiz and pamela wright. this is news four today in high definition. myra: wheels have touched down in arizona, where will you be catching the big college game? good warning. it is good to have you with us. pamela: getting back to the routine, and back to whether that will feel like winter that will be coming our way. this morning, here is where we start you out. 47, abbeville. 46, greenwood.
5:30 am
degrees warmer than our average temperatures this time of day, this time of year it. fairly mild, but very down out. here we are. excuse me. in the mid-40's until 10:00 this morning. temperatures will stay close to 50 today for highs. here is our radar. it has picked up some measurable brain, but there are some clouds, fog, and drizzle we not seeing. here comes trouble. there is rain for tonight. not a problem as far as heavy, but count on rain if you are heading out for saturday night, and then we will talk about when the cold air comes in. for today, i do not think we will see much sunshine at all. it will take is until tomorrow afternoon clear things out.
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talk about the rain chances and when the morning lows really drop off. i will show you that coming up in a few minutes. myra: thank you. the countdown is on for monday night's national championship game against alabama, but before the tigers touched down in arizona, they got a proper sendoff from hundreds of fans. it was only fitting that it started raining as the number one ranked football team boarded buses on their way to gsp. no spirits here at death valley dampened as fans surrounded these players and coaches, letting them know they're not alone on their road to the title. on the front row watching it all, the grandmother of number 82. there was also a young fan that handed a player a handdrawn picture in the hopes of it being given to coach dabo swinney... the bon secours wellness arena will host a viewing party for
5:32 am
food and drink will be available during the game. officials say it will be free to get into the arena monday night. the game will be broadcast on the large central video board. coming up in our coverage today it's the big media day in , phoenix. there we'll find all of the coaches and players from alabama and clemson. wyff news 4's brad fralick will be live with interviews from coaches and players at 6:00 and 11:00. if you want to follow along just , check out our facebook and twitter pages. when it comes to everything clemson, we've got you covered. plus geoff hart will also be , live in phoenix with live reports beginning tomorrow plus, before the game wyff news , 4 sports will bring you an hour-long special monday night. the boys are working on it now. our crews will be live from arizona and from here as well beginning at 7:00 monday night. we are calling it, "road to the title." it'll get you good and ready for
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playoff national championship. jeb bush has made his first visit to anderson county as a presidential candidate. he spoke to voters at dyar's diner in pendleton. the former florida governor wore a clemson hat and showed off his dancing during the visit. he also zeroed in on republican front runner donald trump, who bush says isn't fit to be commander in chief. jeb bush we need someone who : actually understands the roll -- the role of america in the world, and the role of commander in chief, not an entertainer in chief or a agitator in chief or a divider in chief. myra: bush also talked about his plans to fight terrorism, fix social security, and stimulate the economy. he has two stops scheduled for columbia today, and one in hilton head in this evening. republican presidential
5:34 am
rock hill for a rally at winthrop university on friday night. the crowds of supporters stood in line for hours waiting to get in. he hit the stage five hours after the first supporters arrived. donald trump: we have a president that wants kill the second amendment. we have hillary clinton who wants to destroy and take your guns by the way. we will build the a big, beautiful wall. myra: we are five weeks out from the south carolina primary. in the latest winthrop poll, trump was in the lead 8 points , ahead of the second place, senator ted cruz. meanwhile another top south , carolina gop official is coming out against donald trump. greenville county chairman chad with his endorsement of jeb
5:35 am
he says he believes that jeb bush's quote a true conservative. he points to his record as governor of florida, his knowledge of issues and groover , believes he is ready to lead on day one. he went on to say that he believes front runner donald trump is not. most of the candidates will return to the carolinas next week. charleston, south carolina is the site of both the upcoming president debates. the republicans meet on january the democrats take a stage in 14. charleston three days later. this may be a good week to consider trying out a new restaurant. it's "restaurant week" in the upstate. many of the area's most popular restaurants are offering deals and specials over the next 8 days. some of those deals are a street course meal for $30. tour some officials say that the event has also grown to include a hotel stay. also new this year, every restaurant will have a q-r code
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phone while you eat, and then be eligible for a drawing to win prizes. many restaurants are now including lunch specials as well. to see a full list of participating restaurants and the deals they are offering, you can head to as well as our mobile app. coming up in news for your health.. how the look of your waiter can influence what you order at a restaurant. pamela: starting out mainly in the 40's. the rain will hold off until later today. temperatures across the country, you see changes coming down into the northern plains. that is a blast of arctic air that we need to talk about for the upcoming week. differ from megared krill oil. unlike fish oil, megared is easily absorbed by your body. megared.
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what if the sweet stevia leaf was discovered... ...before the sugarcane. all our favorite sugary foods would be our favorite truvia-y foods. truvia. life with less sugar is just as sweet. there's moving... and there's moving with move free ultra. it has triple-action support for your joints, cartilage and bones. and unlike the big osteo-bi flex pills, it's all in one tiny pill. move free ultra. get your move on. myra: we are taking a look at news for your health this morning. gyms across the area are very popular right now as people promise to get fit in the new year. but many people have a tough time sticking with those resolutions. trainers at the ymca in
5:38 am
accomplish. about 3500 people usually sign up at locations in greenville county every year but trainers , say a lot of those people only stick with it for about months. specialists say it's important to find a form of exercise that you like to do. stick with your plan. even bring in a workout buddy to help keep you motivated. >> exercise can help you to increase your blood pressure, your cholesterol. it is not only for looks, it is for your health. myra: a study shows that 41% of south carolinians are obese and battling many health issues. a new study suggests what we order when eating out may be influenced by our waiter's appearance. after watching nearly 500 diners in 60 restaurants, researchers found people with heavier waiters were four times more likely to order dessert and ordered 17% more alcohol. in fact, a heavier waiter or
5:39 am
biggest impact on the thinnest diners. one good solution is to decide ahead of time if you'll have an appetizer or a dessert. a new app claims to decode baby cries for parents. but does it really work? megan pringle checked it out. megan: brandon and abby newsom can't get enough of their newborn baby boy. baby brayden arrived last week. but the bliss a newborn brings -- also comes with crying. this is their first baby. they are still sh figuring out what he needs. research seem claims and
5:40 am
based on the collection of 200,000 crying sounds, the "infant cries translator" distinguishes between four separate cries. hungry, tired, in pain and has wet diaper. we tried it out. they already knew what the app told them. that's why pediatrician michael zollicoffer thinks the app is a crying shame. >> you have to listen to the response of your kids. their cry is their communication. to take your movement away -- i don't like it. megan abby and brandon like the : idea of an app but they're not going to buy it. nothing compares to the quality time of getting to know the baby. myra: coming up father-daughter , deployment. the military family that headed overseas together. pamela: good morning. a pretty good view from our skycam.
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pamela: here is the view this morning. i feel cars out on the road this saturday. this is a good time to get out and about if you want to be dry. but not bad. 45 degrees in greenville. we do have some dense fog. that will be stubborn through the morning. it looks good in anderson. we will likely see fog in the morning. 46 degrees there. mild. 42 would be the average in the upstate. it is a bit foggy and spartanburg. here is the view.
5:44 am
this morning. not going to watch the sunshine at all. we have a study northeasterly flow. that will be the case today. temperatures a little milder along the coastline. what we find on the satellite and radar composite -- this morning, the clouds thinning out a little bit, but there is more on the way. brain is going to arrive for most of us after 3:00, especially even after 6:00 tonight for many of us. it will not be a problem. for many of us, less than an inch. it will come on through an open things up for colder air to eventually come in. the heart of the system, you can
5:45 am
oklahoma. it is not cold, but cooler than average in and around phoenix for the next few days for the clemson game. look at these pink areas. this is the arctic air coming straight out of canada. minneapolis at 12 now. they will be below zero tomorrow morning. in fact, wind chill advisories in effect. wind chill about 21 below zero. we will talk about the cold winds here. here are the days ahead in glendale, arizona. beautiful weather for the game. again, temperatures usually in the upper 60's will not be quite that warm, but will still be
5:46 am
the shower chances by this evening thinking up for all of us. it is in the evening hours that the leading edge of that boundary will be overhead. behind that, as the cold air starts to move in, by sunday night, we could have a nice dose of snow between the tennessee and north carolina borders and the higher elevations. even down towards asheville, we could squeeze out a few flurries. a sign of the cool air to commencee in. late day and evening rain across the upstate with temperatures staying in the 40's. look of the change on the way. we will be in the mid-50's tomorrow. not bad. the winds will pick up. we will make it up only to 41 degrees in asheville and hendersonville tomorrow. by sunday night, a really cools
5:47 am
temperatures stay chilly for the week ahead, but we stayed mostly dry. myra: thank you. we have a remarkable story here to tell you. a new mexico woman is beginning her first military deployment, alongside one solider she's known her entire life-- her dad. krista and her father lacey macias will go to kuwait together. krista joined the military after she graduated high school and says she jumped at the chance to go with her dad when the opportunity came up. >> it was one of his friends that he actually deployed with, he actually asked me to go, they said that they needed medics to come and they just figured it was a once in a lifetime opportunity ti be able to go with my father. myra: while this is krista's first employment, it is her father's last he sees it as a one. passing of the torch for their family's military service. they'll be in kuwait together for the next nine months. fitbit has been hit with a class action lawsuit over the heart rate tracking on two of
5:48 am
the suit comes from a group of customers who claim the heart monitor on the fitbit "charge hr" and "surge" is inaccurate. they claim it does not accurately measure your heart rate. one woman says her actual heart beat during a workout was nearly twice as high as her fitbit indicated. fitbit says it stands by its technology, but it warns that the wristbands are not intended to be medical devices. apple rang in the new year on a high note. new year's day was a record-breaking day for its app store. apple says the first day of was the most popular day in app 2016 store history. customers sm spent more than $144 million on apps and in-app purchases. also apple says customers spent , a whopping $1.1 billion within the app store over the holidays. overall, for the year of 2015, customers spent more than $20 billion.
5:49 am
one company is making it possible. hypnos hoodie is a sweatshirt with a hood that inflates into a pillow so you can sleep on the go. the fleece is already pulling in over on kickstarter. $100,000the goal was $30,000. ththsweatshirts are going for $59 on kickstarter. shipment is expected to start in march. macy's plans to close dozens of stores nationwide in the coming months. macy's says it will close 36 stores as part of a restructuring plan after what they called a disappointing holiday season. the company also says it will eliminate more than 45-hundred positions. sales in november and december fell nearly 5% from last year. chick-fil-a is adding a new superfood side item to its menu, and taking away a southern favorite. chick-fil-a made the
5:50 am
i january 18, they introduced this superfood side salad of kale, broccolini, dried cherries and roasted nuts. that's the same day it'll retire its popular coleslaw that's been on the menu for nearly 50 years. the new salad is much lighter than the coleslaw it's replacing. the milk for your morning coffee may soon cost a bit more. last week's freak blizzard in the southwest killed more than 30,000 dairy cows. farmers in texas and new mexico are warning of a milk shortage, as there are fewer cows producing less milk. road closures also kept trucks
5:51 am
>> now, wyff news 4 sports. myra: you will never believe
5:52 am
thrift shop recently. somewhere in a large bundle of clothes was a green jacket from the famed augusta golf club. this jacket was authentic and was tailored in the 1960's. it is believed that at auction the jacket would have sold for the store owner would not say $18,000. what she sold it for, but says the price met expectations - and more importantly, the proceeds will help elderly in need in the houston area. now, let's turn it over to wyff news 4 brad fralic and marc dopher with the latest on clemsons trip to arizona. >> good morning from scottsdale, arizona. the clemson tigers are here and ready to play alabama monday evening. the tigers touchdown friday afternoon. it was quite the reception. >> a few dozen fans, and a couple hundred members of the media.
5:53 am
larger when alabama was about 30 minutes behind. two massive jets bringing these teams to the desert to start the championship experience. the tigers are here. we are getting closer to the championship. >> here is what is coming up today. media day is first thing this morning. we will have one hour with both teams. we will hopefully have a little fun along the way. today, clemson will practice for the first time, the only full practice here in arizona will be later today. they will have a walk-through on sunday before the game on monday. also, we have made a trip to the stadium. the stadium is dressed and ready to go for this national championship game. >> it is. it is not just the phoenix cardinals stadium. there is a national champipiship logo on their, a post for
5:54 am
>> also, some analysts from espn and other networks talked about this matchup on friday. specifically, greg mcelroy. i thought was interesting because he said this -- to shawn deshwan watson has to play like he has recently. >> i think it means that he has to use his life a little bit and get that ball running. he also has to be good in the clutch, in the fourth quarter. we all remember the drives that since young made to beat the southern california trojans. i think mcelroy is speakiki to that clutch moment that he wants
5:55 am
>> i think that is what it will take. alabama, a very good defensive team. we will have more throughout the day all over social media and right here on debbie white ff
5:56 am
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arrrr, that's not even a real spaceship. >> live, local, breaking news. this is wyff news 4 today. myra: the republican presidential hopefuls are back in south carolina. one of them in particular making waves. good morning. it is 6:00. i myra ruiz -- i myra and myra ruiz. pamela: i'm pamela wright. we have a foggy day with some drizzle.
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