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tv   WYFF News 4 7am Sunday  WYFF  January 10, 2016 7:00am-8:00am EST

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lo to celebrate there. we will go live in just a couple minutes. at home, looking pretty good at 7:00 a.m. the rain has moved out. we have little low clouds and drizzle left. that is it. we will slowly but surely get some sunshine today. here is the tricky part. not warming up a whole lot. the temperatures will touch 50 degrees today. in western north carolina, the cold air is coming in first. you are in the 40's right now. some areas will be as warm as you feel today, as the winds will be building through the afternoon. right now, a steady breeze from the west and southwest across the upstate.
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they will be gusting 20-25 miles later today. what we are seeing is, as expected, some of the leftover moisture ieracting with the very cold air, switching into snow and sleet. in western north carolina and even parts of the mountains of northeast georgia. in only the highest elevations would add up to much at all. you might see a few flurries in the lower elevations, but it will not add up to anything. here we are. low 50's briefly before we cool down tonight. with the 40's and national now, like i said, the temps bottom out throughout the day. the windchill now in the 30's and 40's. we will talk single digits when the winds pick up tomorrow.
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been complaining about the cold in arizona. those temperatures, a little below average for the daytime. we will not be feeling sorry. myra: we will not be feeling sorry for hihi he managed to get to phoenix. less than 40 hours until the game. what is expected to happen today? media day was yesterday. what happens today? geoff: if you don't think the coaches are talked out, they will apparently speak again this morning. the festivities really get under way. we are about 20 minutes outside of phoenix and scottsdale, at the media hotel. it will be fans gathering here, having a blast. this ballgame, along with the
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it will be a show tomorrow night . back to the weather, take a look . myra: how scary. geoff: i am not smoking. it is cold here. 41. pamela: we will have windchill tomorrow in the teens. who wins? geoff: i will stop whining. there is a retractable roof at the stadium. it will be perfect. let's talk about clemson. clemson would have a perfect 15-0 season. they will be part of a pregame
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as halftime. >> something like 35 million people are going to watch on tv. they are broadcasting our show. it is terrifying, but also really cool at the same time. geoff: we talk about the football team a lot, but not often, the band. the performance will feature music from the broadway show, "wicked." sweeney talking about his team at m mia day yesterday. geoff hart, live and scottsdale. see you later on.
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wyff news 4 will bring you an hour-long special monday night. crews will be live in arizona and also from debbie white of the four. it is called, "road to the title." it will get you good and ready for the national championship between the clemson tigers and the alabama crimson tide. leading up to the big game, don't forget to check out our livewire, which is a collection of the latest tweets about the tigers. you will find some fun posts from our staff members as well. you can even find some retro highlights from the 1982 orange bobo, when clemson last claimed a national title. in other news now, in anderson county, investigators are calling a deadly shooting a double-homicide. deputies responded to the scene yesterday morning.
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when they arrived, they found two men dead. investigators have not released the victims' names. the sheriff's office is continuing to investigate what led to the shooting. a short time after investigators arrived at that scene, they were called to the scene where the body of a newborn baby girl was found. authorities say the body was discovered in a field near cherokee circle just before 10:00 a.m. the coroner says the baby was carried for 17 months, and is a white female. investigators say area hospitals have been put on alert to be on the lookout for women with symptoms associated with recent birth that may have happened without medical attention. an autopsy is planned for two
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determine if the baby was born alive. investigation reminded people of the search for leona rwright. this week, leonna's family placed a teddy bear by one of the billboards, asking to help find her. some of the billboards had a typo in the number you can call if you know anything about leonna's whereabouts. that's been fixed now. call crimestoppers at 1-888-crime-sc if you know something that could help bring leonna home. pamela: as arctic air moves down into the mountains, we see rain
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myra: turning to commitment to thousand 16 coverage now. six gop candidates made a stop in columbia for a major event, with the key primaries only weeks away. bush, carson, christie, huckabee, kasich and rubio all shared their ideas on how to fight poverty yesterday. carly fiorina was also supposed to be there, but she missed her flight. speaker paul ryan and senator
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front of hundreds of voters. some of whom still have not decided who they are going to vote for. >> i have a tough decision based on the field. i believe that conservative solutions are the best ones for this country. they are better than what has been, like we have had. myra: many protesters interrupted the event several times s marco rubio was speaking. they accused him of turning his back on the hispanic community. most of the candidates will turn to south carolina next week. charleston will be the site of both of the upcoming presidential debates. ricardo: we have plenty of action from the hartline on
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>> now, your live super doppler four hd forecast. pamela:; 15. maybe the rain helped you sleep last night.
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many areas picking up close to one quarter of an inch. here is a nice shot from our woodruff road skycam. we have watched things not only lighten up, but right in up this morning with fog lifting a little bit and a few breaks in the clouds. we will see some sun today. a southwest wind at 11. quite mild for us. temperatures well above average in the mountains. 20's would b bthe norm. guess whatats on the way for you. much colder air. right about where we should be. much colder when we factor in the winds over the next few days. it is definitely cooler. the rain continues to push out. we do still have a little bit of
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we have seen the rain turned into snow and sleet. this will continue often on today as the low-pressure pulls away. you have the greatest chance picking up the moisture. it does not take a lot for the cold air to turn into -- cold moisture to turn into snow. we will keep you updated. the jet stream just ripping a long. we have a lot of dynamics over us. the one you will notice the most will be the blast of cold air that will come in between strong
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pressure gradient will be tight. what that means is becoming
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25 in greenville. close to 30 and greenwood. still very cold.d. single digits bitterly cold across western north carolina. though we will get into the upper 40's across the upstate, it will likely feel, much of the day, in the upper 20's. that is cold. there we are. a little more moisture towards the end of the week. we will keep our eye on that. myra: definitely. neither one of us won the lottery. the big story of the day still
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there he is. month. chilly, but you will be close to the 60's for the other days. geoff: it is a little chilly, as we have talked about. i guess clemson looking for the tomorrow night. it would be a 15-0 season. the first time that would ever happen. people as, when did this all began? i say, it started when i stopped covering sports, when i left the morning show in 2011. the tigers have been on a roll csince. the coach, who he is brings assistance into the program, and
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you have continuity there. recruiting has been outstanding. you have five straight seasons with 10 wins or more. it has been an incredible job. last year's team was good enough to win it all, but they did not get the breaks they needed. watson got hurt. it did not come together. this season, it has. they held off notre dame late in the game. they held off florida state. all of a sudden, here they are getting ready to take on alabama for the national title tomorrow night at the university of phoenix stadium, about 45 minutes from where we are here in scottsdale. more coming up later on. pamela, let's warm things up a little bit.
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myra: here is ricardo lecompte with sports. >> now, wyff news 4 sports. ricardo: good morning. it was a full day saturday for both clemson and alabama. both teams got to chill with the media during media day in the morning. both hit the practice field for a very vigorous and intense session on saturday. the sports director has more from saturday night. >> a busy day in arizona. it started awfully early. it started with media day for both of the teams. a bit of a circus. deshawn watson the focus for the tigers. >> they had about 200 media members. there were probably 50 cameras around watson. they wanted to know everything about the clememn quarterback, how he felt about not winning the heisman trophy. of course, he was asked about the alabama deed. >> they have their different swag. it is nothing we don't see every
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we have a great defense team. >> it was not all media meetings on saturday. there was also practice for the clemson tigers and the crimson tide. they're only practice here in arizona. they do have a light walk-through on sunday, but as far as the last practice of the season, it happened on saturday. >> there is not a bunch of practices leading up to it. they did most of the preparation while in clemson. let's go back to media day. it is also an opportunity for players to let their hair down, and have a bit of fun. guillermo, we were told, does the best impression. >> he is like, i give them food, stipends, money. everything. they have to bring their own guns. the only thing i don't give them is social media. that is a small price to pay.
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beginning of our coverage of guillermo. if you remember, during the orange bowl, we handed a mic to let someone play the role of reporter. we did the same with guillermo. you will see that tv magic coming up in our special, "road to the title," coming up monday night. >> we will call him correspondent after this. it is tv gold. 7:00, monday night, right before the game. ricardo: we can't emphasize it enough. you have to tune in to our special. monday night, "road to the title." you will see guillermo, and others to get you ready for monday night's game. on saturday, the army all-american game featuring some of the best talent in the nation. kirby smart at georgia.
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nation and rolling at t other ug a. another quarterback making noise inside the alamodome in san antonio. burns receiver, dawkins, committed to south carolina. dawkins had 73 catches with 1319 yards and 17 touchdowns for the rebels. dawkins becomes the fourth receiver in the 2016 class, and the 20th commitment overall. over to the hardwood. south carolina looking to improve to 15-0, hosting vanderbilt. a tight one in the second half. usc adds to the lead. thoren ball gets a game-high. south carolina does improve to 15-0.
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paladins hosting chattanooga. tied at first place in the conference. second half, the paladins pushed the ad. let the celebration begin. the head coach jumping, celebrating the win. wofford with a victory on saturday. the bulldogs not make it easy on the terriers. under a minute to go. bulldogs had a two-point lead until collins knocks down. wofford goes on to win 69-64. they moved to 3-0. usc upstate. a great finish. tied at 78. michael buchanan tips with .4 seconds remaining.
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road. first half, murray jams at home. game-high, 26 for murray. later in the half, john brown. he led the panthers. he shot 62% from the field. they beat pc on saturday, 82-66. the greenville swamp rabbits avoided the sweep. they wrap it up next thursday, hosting alaska.
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>> you are watching live, local breaking news with myra ruiz and weather with meteorologist pamela wright. this is wyff news four today in high definition. myra: you can see the tigers getting ready for the matchup with alabama with media day yesterday.
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pamela: at 7:30, a lot to show you this morning. one view. still low clouds and fog. slowly but surely, you will clear that out today. 50 by noon. very likely, i temperatures start going down. it spartanburg, not as foggy as yesterday morning. the winds are helping us out with that. wendy on the water. -- windy on the water. it will turn quite gusty later this afternoon. winds at 13. some sunshine to be found. some breaks in the clouds, more than sunshine itself, as we look westward in asheville. the cold air will be arriving to
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the winds out of the south and southwest. the winds will be howling by this afternoon. they will write down the mountain and cool as all down for tonight. wind chill, just shaving off a few degrees of what it feels like to us. cold enough. any leftover moisture is turning into snow in western north carolina. we will be keeeeng an eye on that. low 50's for just a bit today in the upstate. then, temps started to fall. let me show you how cold we get tonight, and what you can expect for the week coming up. we also want to speak with geoff hart in asheville. we are in the 40's, but 30's quickly as the colder air moves in. myra has been talking to g
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showing us his breath because it is chilly. it will be close to 60 over the next couple of days. myra: the tigers have been there for more than 48 hours already. geoff has been there, trying to stay warm, being such a great sport. good morning. geoff: good morning to yoyoguys. better to see my breath and spell my breath. myra: too much information. geoff: those are the types of things you say when you get up in the middle of the night to do a live shot. we are here in scottsdale, arizona. we are having a blast. the sign above this door at the resort says, "when time stand still." the coaches, believe or not, will meet with the media again today for one last time. i don't know what else they can say at this point.
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phoenix convention center downtown. we will give you a look at what happened yesterday here. both clemson and alabama players there. on the floor for over an hour. wover 100 cameras there. saying, beating alabama, that would be special. >> it would be gratifying to be anybody for the national championship. that would be a dream come true. that is what we are working for. we will win the national championship. hopefully it is monday night. if it's not, we will be gathered somewhere. we are not going away. we have a program built to stay right here in the hunt. i'm excited about that. you know, to be able to be in my
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beat alabama, where i won a championship, that would be pretty special. >> this is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. it will be a great atmosphere, a great time. i'm just going to enjoy it. geoff: what a season watson has had. he said earlier in the week, if you want to have a championship, your best players have to play really well. we look forward to that from watson coming up tomorrow night. we are less than 37 hours now from the championship game that kicks off at 8:00 tomorrow night at the university of phoenix stadium. myra: thank you so much. before the big game, wyff news 4 sports will bring you an hour-long special called "road to the title." we will have our crews in arizona, as well as here. it kicks off tomorrow at 7:00. we will get you ready for the
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tigers and the alabama crimson tide. we look at news across the upstate now. in anderson county, deputies responded to an incident that happened around midnight. when deputies arrived, they found two men dead. a short time after investigators called to that scene, they were newborn baby girl. authorities said the baby's body was discovered in a field near cherokee circle just before 10:00 yesterday morning. according to the coroner, someone who was walking in the area discovered the baby and called 911. the coroner's office tells us the baby was carried for seven to eight months. the coroner says the baby is a white female.
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have been put on alert to be on the lookout for women with symptoms associated with recent birth that may have happened without medical attention. we do know that an autopsy is scheduled for monday to determine if the baby was born alive. investigators have been reminded of people searching for leonna wright. this week, her family placed a teddy bear by one of the billboards asking to help find her. some of the billboards had a typo in the number you can call. if you have any information about the case, that number has been fixed. you can call crimestoppers at 1-888-crime-sc if you know something that could help bring leonna home. straight ahead, this former nfl player is now building a team to battled lung cancer. he will tell us who and what has inspired him to lead the fight. pamela: good sunday morning.
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map. we are talking teens and 20's across the area.
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myra: as a former nfl linebacker, i guess test faced a lot of appointments on the field. pamela: chris draft is trying to change the face of lung cancer and educate us all. it is an issue that hits close to home for you. >> very much. my wife was diagnosed with lung cancer in 2010. she grew up in the upstate area, and a fortunate past one year later in 2011. not before we launched "team draft." myra: we have your wife's picture up here, along with keisha, who also faced monkey answer. both of them, very athletic,
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>> tremendous lady. lavonne had a chance to go with us to the bowl last year. she was a fighter. that is what team draft is about. taking the fight of my wife, the fight of keisha, and other long cancer survivors, and allow that fight to be seen. how do we help other people going through the same thing juggle myra: we? myra: we have your picture with your white. -- with your wife. the next picture, areour keisha. >> dan went to the pro bowl. you can see lavonne. and that getting second place. it was not just about going to
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it was about being a survivor advocate. he was a tremendous survivor advocate. one of the things he did was he started an upstate long cancer support group. he wants that to continue. his legacy lives in our ability to support making that happen. myra: we were just showing the website for the fundraising effort going on. the super bowl challenge. > we would like people to go> and support that group. dan is past, but his legacy lives on with the long cancer -- lung cancer support group. myra: we have video when the support group kicked off. you were there as well to emphasize the importance of having it around.
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about signing up for the super bowl challenge. what is the deadline? >> the deadline is the super bowl. it is so much bigger. the winners become advocates that allow the rest of the country to speak about the importance of lung cancer. locally, they can support the war years. -- warriors. pamela: it is a battle that more more people are fighting.
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>> now, your live super doppler four hd forecast. pamela: 7:45. i want to give you a last update. it is beginning to clear out across the area.
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winds will be part of the story for the next couple of days. tonight, temperatures will be very cold. 19, asheville. 22, hendersonville. you see the 20's writing through the upstate. winds will be gusting, 20-25 miles per hour. we could find teens and 20's for our wind chill's already. the cold air is on the way. on the of tomorrow morning. bitterly cold in the mountains. with the winds make and feel like the 20's in the upstate. we will make it into the 40's tomorrow for most of the upstate, but with the windchill, it will feel only like the 20's during the day. myra: turning to commitment 2016, the presidential hopefuls were all over the country, but a
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>> in commitment 2016, the first political contest is less than one month away. >> all candidates are focused on the iowa caucus, knowing that new hampshire and south carolina are soon to follow. >> i sat down with someone who knows the pressure. senator lindsey graham dropped out of the race last month, but he says he is still trying to shape the race and the future of the gop. he is not a fan of front runner donald trump, and did not hold back on white. -- on whiy. >> first, he wanted to thank his supporters and say his decision to drop out of the race was not easy. >> in december, i decided i did not see it happening for me. >> one person graham does not
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donald trump. >> all i can say about mr. trump is he has run a very successful campaign, but he has no chance of winning. mr. trump is not a republican. at a time when we need somebody to bring the world and the country together, i think he has the worst possible choice. my suggestion is if you want hillary clinton to be president, support mr. trump. if you want to beat her, support a candidate who could be her. >> when asked if not trump, then who? >> jeb bush is a ready to go president. marco rubio is great on national security. john kasich, chris christie.
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can not only beat hillary cut clinton, but can be commander in chief. >> the former florida governor got a great endorsement from greenville. chad groover has decided to go public with his support for bush. he points to the governor -- to him as governor of florida and says he is ready to lead on day one, and trump is not. >> the events of 2015 -- i cannot be neutral anymore. the rise of the trump campaign forced me to take stock of who we want to be president, who do you want to be the standardbearer of our party. frankly, some of the things that
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for make him a nominee that i could just not support. >> donald trump held a huge rally in rock hill. he hit the stage five hours after the first supporters arrived on a cold, rainy day. 5000 or so packed in for the very first visit at winthrop university. they cheered when he bragged about his poll numbers. and, they roared with approval went police escorted out to silent -- two silent protesters. the woman shortbread, "i come in peace -- shirt read, "i come in
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donald trump: we have to be strong on immigration, and build a wall. we will build a big, beautiful wall. >> the primaries of iowa, new hampshire, and south carolina are just weeks away. it remains to be seen if trump tied -- trump's poll numbers will hold. >> i think people will go to their only place -- polling place to vote. >> finally, one of the biggest political events happened in columbia. >> it was standing room only in columbia. there were supposed to be seven candidates, but carly fiorina did not take her face -- make her flight. sick candidates spoke to a room of hundreds of people about
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>> it is great to give people a chance to get a job, but they do not have the skills to get a job, that is the first step. our education system needs to be revamped. >> there will always be gel cells for people committing final acts. we need to get people who are addicts and diseased out of the cells, give them treatment. you cannot get to work if you're high on heroin or cocaine. no one will hire you. >> we've the highest corporate tax rate in the developed world. that is absolute craziness. what i would suggest is a six month hiatus to allow that money to be repatriated with no taxes whatsoever. and, requiring that 10% of it being used in inner price zones and to create jobs for people
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>> do you think focusing on inequality is the best way to fight poverty? >> no. focusing on the solution is how to make it work here the solution -- to make it work. >> the working poor and the drug addicted and the mentally ill, these are people who live in the shadows. i believe, as jack kemp did, as we rise, everyone has to have a shot. >> i strongly believe that k-12 systems the long -- the belong in the hands of communities. >> coming up on thursday, charlton will be the site of the first republican debate in south
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>> expect a solid month of candidates from both sides
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myra: you will take another look at our top story with geoff hart standing by in arizona as the tigers get ready for tomorrow's big game. how is it going? geoff: doing great. looking forward to the 8:30 kickoff tomorrow night. clemson last loss to alabama in 2008. that team won three of their last four. since then, the program has been growing, bringing us to this week and tomorrow night with an opportunity to win the first national championship in 34 years.
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a lonely trophy down there at clemson. they want to add another one tomorrow night. another reminder about our special, "road to the title." you will see it tomorrow night at 7:00. myra: not going to be bad weather there. 60's there? pamela: i will show you the game day forecast in arizona. they do have the retraraable roof if they needed. we need to talk about not just chilly weather, but very cold ather coming our way. we are clearing out today, but the winds will pick up. the temperatures, semi-comfortable. 20's in the morning. even some teens in the mountains. with the winds blowing, it will feel like the single digits to
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that is the trend for the week. the cold air around. myra: we will take a live look now at scottsdale, arizona. the sun has not yet risen. it will be a beautiful day. an exciting one. thanks for watching. pamela: have a great day. national captioning institute, which is responsible for its visit]
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good morning. who wants to be a billionaire? >> now, for your winning powerball number, it is lucky 13. >> despite a nationwide frenzy, that lucky 13 was not lucky. no one wins the powerball jackpot. 75% of all combinations used and not a single match of all five numbers in the powerball. the expected payout for wednesday, $1.3 billion. we're live with the latest.
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