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dale is here on game day. he is finally ready. dale: we thought it would never get here but it finally has come hasn't it? watch out for black in the mountains of north carolina. along the tennessee border, there could be some slick spots for cold temperatures occurring this point. as we look out from paris mountain back to the city of greenville, it is clear but chilly. it just talked to 27 degrees. light breeze out of the north makes it feel colder. as we take a look, 150 mile range with life super doppler 4 hd, no precipitation going on an unexpected for the next couple of days. we will stay dry, but watch out for some black ice in the mountains. temperatures right now come all over the place. 20 in asheville, 15 in boone, 16 in franklin, mid-to-upper 20's from greenville to laurens to greenwood. 32 in spartanburg. take that 5-10 plus mile-per-hour wind and it feels like single digits in the mountains. it feels like teens in greenville.
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it is went to be a cold day today. cooler than normal. only reaching the 40's for the upstate and upper 30's for the mountains is the best we will see today. we will talk about the rest of the week and how it unfolds in just a few minutes. patrick: allison, you may have heard it's gameday. , the clemson tigers will face alabama crimson tide tonight in the national championship. allyson: geoff hart is in glendale, arizona, covering the matchup for us. geoff counting down the hours . what is the excitement like out there? here. a lot of clemson fans in downtown phoenix yesterday. i will tell you that clemson fans are looking like they outnumber alabama fans. maybe that is because alabama has played in a national last seven years. for clemson, it has been more than 30 years. not everyone can go to a national championship game every year. it is pricey, but for clemson
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they have not been here for a long time. since the 1981 title. lots going on in the convention center in downtown phoenix. let's take you there. defend fan fest, people pouring in. lots going on. a lot of fun. one of the guys cj spiller. , one of clemson's all time greats, taking pictures, doing the things he does so well through the years. i have an opportunity to talk to them and asked him about deshaun watson. >> nothing rallies him. he commands himself well. he performs on the biggest stage. i want think anything less of him tomorrow night when he goes out there and showcases his talents. geoff: do you have a score for me? >> 21-17, somewhere in there. other than that, it will be a great game.
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with mark ingram. the two of them leading their fight song in front of a fans per that gets them fired up in the two are in our teammate with the new orleans saints. our coverage continues from glendale, arizona. we get you ready for the big game that kicks off at a: 30. -- 8:30. patrick: our sports team has been in arizona along with geoff preparation leading up to the game. here's brad fralick and marc dopher with more. brad: it is finally gameday here in glendale arizona. the clemson tigers will play for a national championship tonight for the first time in 34 years. marc: it's an exciting day certainly for tiger fans you can feel the energy here in arizona. as we walk around, see about 65% orange, about 35% crimson. it looks like it's going to be a tiger-studded crowd tonight here in glendale. brad should be a fantastic : atmosphere. the news to pass along dabo sweeney was asked if shaq lawson, the all-american
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play against alabama. remember, he hurt his knee in the orange bowl game and sweeney said that lawson is expected to play in the football game. marc: i do want to put a bit of caution out there, lawson told us at media day that he only felt like he was about 60%. but still, i think they're going to have him go. if he can't complete the game, look to see austin bryant in there, he got a lot of playing time against oklahoma so you look at him you say this guy's a freshman, he's not really a freshman at this point more of a sophomore. brad yeah, he played very well : against the sooners. also, dabo sweeney and nick saban met with the media for the last time yesterday morning. and these two coaches seem like they are completely different. you've got one with the big personality, one that doesn't seem like he really says anything. but they're really a lot alike and actually spend some time together in the offseason. marc: yeah, they really see eye-to-eye on a lot of issues. they both believe in essentially perfection. giving your best at every single moment training hard and working hard for these big moments. and then when you consider what they said about the nfl that they'd like to see the national football league not give their
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until after the season is over whether that season ends on , december 6 over january 11, tigers and the alabama crimson tide. greg there is no question there : is a mutual respect between these two coaches. >> this has been great for our program, great for our team. you know, this was our goal, to have the opportunity to compete at the highest level, and uh, you know, not only are we getting a chance to do that, but we're getting a chance to play, you know, the university of alabama. >> our players are very excited about the opportunity they've created for themselves to have a chance to participate in the college football playoff against , arguably the best team in , college football, which is the clemson tigers. brad: all that's left to do is play the football game. let's give you a little teaser to what's coming up today. we are going to be on air pretty much all day long on wyff news 4 here from glendale, arizona. but tonight, at 7:00, don't miss it, road to the title. an hour-long special, we're going to take you right up to
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there's a lot of special stuff marc: we always give people the nuts and the bolts about the game. i mean that's what you have to do when you do a pregame show. but there's so much more than that. there's a little something extra, and then there's a little something extra in clemson center jay guillermo. you don't want to miss him, our clemson correspondent. we've been calling it t.v. gold and it certainly is. radical and it will be a lot of fun. again join us tonight atat7:00 , for road to the title, live right here in glendale, arizona. for marc dopher, i'm brad fralick back to you. allyson: you've been hearing the excitement out in arizona, but excitement is big here at home. patrick: aly myles joins us from clemson. aly: i think most clemson tiger fans will tell you christmas was not a few weeks ago. christmas is today were these guys area they are so excited. gameday finally here after months and months of talking about this.
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we have seen a lot of excitement coming from m u guys. take a look at this one from can sandra -- from cassandra. she found this, a bottle of coke representing clemson's 1981 championship season. and you can see the excitement in this picture. this is one of our director's matt cook. , he's also one of the biggest clemson fans i know. and here's some clemson pride for you. the title here my permanent clemson accessory. caption says all day, everyday until the end of days. all in. fans already crowding arizona, this is a shot of the westgate fan zone, where espn was doing a show. if you are looking to watch the game with fellow excited fans there are two viewing parties to , know about. one is at the hendrix student center here on campus. the other is in downtown greenville at the bon secours wellness arena. both start at 7:00 p.m. aly myles, wyff news 4 live in clemson. patrick: our coverage of the national title game continues all day after the morning show.
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4 at noon and our newscasts at 5:00, 6:00, 11:00 with sports director brad fralick and marc dopher. allyson: we will also host hours -- our hour-long special road to the title. it will air at 7:00 tonight right here on wyff 4. they'll bring you up to speed and give you a bit of what they're calling t.v. gold from a clemson player who likes to pretend he works for us. again, all of that begins at 7:00 tonight. patrick: and don't forget to check out our live wire. it's a collection of the latest tweets about the tigers and fun posts from our staff. plus you can even watch some , retro highlights from the 1982 orange bowl when clemson last claimed a national title. go to the wyff 4 app or wyff and look in the right now bar. allyson: 4:39 now, and all of this talk about the game tonight. we were asking you if you would be able to stay up to watch the whole game. dale: i wish it started at noon. we will get a long nap this
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at 4:39, here is what is going on as we look out from our wofford skycam. this is a gives field looking back to the city of greenville -- city of the spartanburg, exceeds me. 30 degrees right now with a northwest wind at eight. greenberg, spartanburg, asheville, all saying -- seeing their skies. concerns are travel may be on the higher mountain roads of north carolina. recent snow and rain over the weekend or it watch out for possible icy spots. any moisture left on roads will be ice good cold temperatures as we begin the day. 15 in boone, 17 in franklin and anders, 20 in asheville. that would be cold enough. upper 20's in anderson and laurens in greenwood. let's check on a few other communities in the western part of the upstate. a lot of times, the city of the -- of pickens will be colder. 22 degrees in pickens. easily at 25. by the end of the day, we will be struggling to get temperatures and a 30's and 40's across the area.
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and the mountains, and feels like single digits. boone feels like minus two with gusts right now. andersonville feels like nine, greenville and spartanburg feel like 19-21. make sure everyone is dressed warmly as they go out the door this wing. by the afternoon, 37 for the ones, 45 for the upstate. tomorrow, temperatures in the 44-49 range. colder than normal first half of the week. back to normal by thursday. low 50's through the weekend. patrick: high power winds roll an hour. how the state is coping with the tragedy. allyson: after another powerball americans keep dreaming. how much money is on the line now. an excellent source of protein, it fuels her up with energy to help power through her morning.
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this morning's headlines.. deputies say the discovery of a patrick: this morning's headlines, deputies say the discovery of a newborn's body, led to a murder charge for the baby's mother. anderson county deputies arrested 23-year-old joanie holcombe. the baby's body was found saturday morning in a field near cherokee circle. according to warrants holcombe is accused of giving birth to the child and placing her in a plastic bag. holcombe is set to appear in bond court tomorrow. allyson: investigators in north carolina say a mechanical engineer is helping them determine the cause of a fire at an apartment complex. the fire broke out at the rock
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the buncombe county fire marshal now says some items from the scene are undergoing specialized testing. three people were taken to the hospital to be treated for burns. four apartments were damaged one was destroyed. north carolina rescue crews say a 45-year-old man died in an apparent fall near a north carolina waterfall. crews say sean kasey of georgia fell from a walkway, saturday near dry falls in macon county. but the search had to be suspended until yesterday because of the weather. allyson: funeral services will be held today for a long time south carolina state senator. william billy o'dell died thursday morning. he became a state senator in 1989. serving district four, that's abbeville, anderson and greenwood counties. his funeral will be held this afternoon at the first presbyterian chruch in greenwood. the service is scheduled for 2:30 and will be followed by a private burial. o'dell was 77-years-old.
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clemson will face alabama tonight in the college football our sports team is out there. more headlines live from arizona throughout the show. today. we will tell you how it feels in
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dale: good morning, it is 4:48 as we look out from our skycam. this is the hilton greenville client -- skycam. nothing showing on live super doppler four hd. nothing expected as far as new precipitation. anything that fell over the weekend is left on the roads and will be ice. watch out for patches of black ice, especially around tennessee -north carolina border. temperatures are chilly and will be for the next several mornings. 15 in boone, 17 in franklin and anrs. our 20's over a good bit of the upstate. low 20's and easily right now. if you factor in that breeze, 10-20 mile-per-hour wind across the mountains, 10 plus in the upstate, it feels like 70 -- 17 in clemson. single digits in asheville and hendersonville. this time of the year, normal
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this is for the upstate cities of greenville, spartanburg, anderson. 45 may be the best we see. in the asheville, hendersonville area, the average at the airport is 47, 10 degrees colder today. 37 is the projected high. first half of the week is colder, that we see temperatures drop back into the numeral range great canada seeing snow, cold temperatures reaching deep into the south, atlanta currently at 26. 12 in cincinnati. colder in memphis and atlanta then we are in boston and new york this morning. by the end of the afternoon, temperatures will rebound a little, reaching 45 for the upstate and upper 30's for the mountains today. that wind will make it feel colder. let's look ahead with the four-day plus forecast. by the weekend, we will see a chance i showers. for the upstate and mountains, and looks like it will just be rain. watch out early saturday morning for some of that rain, freezing as ice in the mountains of north
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it gets into the 40's. no problem after the early morning hours. dry weather through friday. back to normal by thursday. allyson: it's gameday. the clemson tigers will face alabama tonight in the college football national championship. patrick: patrick: geoff hart is in glendale, arizona, covering the big game. it is early out there. we are counting down the what can you tell us? hours. geoff: it is called where you are, chilly here and a low 40's. none of that will matter at a: 30 when the game kicks off because they will be inside the university of phoenix stadium. you hear us talk about cj spiller earlier in the newscast. i also had an opportunity to speak with former quarterback who is representing not only clemson, but also capital one, and got his thoughts on the begin tonight. >> it is a wonderful matchup. obviously, i think this game comes down to the fourth quarter.
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it will become since defensive line. 27-17. geoff: you thought that one through guy >> i have been letting it flow, thinking about it. to see clemson practice and the way they have been working, the way coach swinney has been coming together with the staff. i'm confident about these guys. geoff: i think that is a way a lot of clemson planes and former players thing. they think that dabo has this team under control. they have been so poised throughout the season with late wins -- big wins late in the me. notre dame, florida state, and louisville in the thursday night game. we should see soon enough, 16 hours away from the national championship game. live england oh, arizona. back to you. -- glendale, arizona. allyson: turning now to this morning's headlines. the texas mother accused of
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bonds today. attorneys for tonya couch say her million dollar bail is too high. a fort worth judge set the bail last week after couch returned investigators say couch helped her son ethan flee to mexico as prosecutors investigated whether he had violated his probation. ethan couch killed four people while driving drunk in 2013. his attorneys argued his privileged lifestyle prevented him from knowing right from wrong. singer david bowie has died following a battle with cancer. the news was posted on his official web site and social media pages. his agent also confirmed the news to cnn. according to a short statement, bowie died peacefully sunday surrounded by his family and friends after an 18-month battle. bowie first rose to fame in the 1960's he had just released his 25th album, black star, on friday. his birthday. he was 69-years-old. patrick: a huge loss to the music industry, there.
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the jackpot is at an estimated $1.3 billion. no one took home the record breaking jackpot on saturday. so that means it'll continue to grow before wednesday's drawing. again, the jackpot is $1.3 billion. ongoing ticket sales will make that total rise. the destruction of a historical house in omaha, nebraska became a spectacle of fire and ice. emergency crews were called to the scene saturday night when an explosion engulfed a century-old pub. firefighters battled the flames until morning in below-freezing temperatures hosing down the burning brick structure. in the frigid winter cold the water transformed the smoldering building into what looked like an ice castle. three people were treated for injuries. allyson: life can't get any
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next in this morning's buzz. dale: good morning, 4:57 is a time on this chilly monday morning. 28 degrees, breeze out of the north at eight makes at feel colder. no precipitation cold -- showing. there is some slippery spots on
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the higher mountain roads have black ice this morning. here's a quick look at the bus stop forecast for today. call temperatures in the 20's will reach mid 40's for the afternoon. sunny skies expected for today. colder than normal temperatures. cold, and breezy. today. a chilly beginning to the week. monday, tuesday, wednesday, colder than normal. we will get back to normal, typically cool this time of the year by thursday. colder than normal the next couple of days. allyson:patrick: in this morning's buzz, anything can happen during the college basketball season. allyson: there was a military appreciation day. fans watched as one family ended up on the court for what they thought was a special viewing of a video from a marine and afghanistan. cap and trey kennedy showed up
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girlfriend antifamily. >> right now, my feet are a foot off the ground floating around. lacks we are very thankful. thankful, excited. >> there were a few times i let the cat out of the back, but i have my folks and afghanistan throw a curveball and social media. patrick: he is back after spending eight months on deployment in afghanistan. we said it before. you can get enough of the surprise. dale: it was wonderful. allyson: you were there. you side. dale: it was great. the girlfriend and mom broke out in tears. it was a sweet moment. allyson: was it as good as the end? thing. tigers played well. patrick: icing on the cake. allyson: your news continues right now. this is wyff news 4 today in high definition.
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thompson takes on alabama tonight for the national championship. i am geoff hart live in glendale, arizona. allyson: in this morning's headlines how the discovery of a , newborn's body, led to a murder charge for the baby's mother. patrick: more powerball, no winner. what that means for the jackpot in your next chance to win. allyson: right at 5:00 this morning, i think i saw 18 degrees on your bus stop forecast. dale: it is going to drop down to -- and is already in the teens in the mountains and we afternoon highs today. let's check it out right now. temperatures ranging from franklin, 16, asheville, 19, boone, 15. with wind blowing. we are in the 20's right now, but again, anytime you have a breeze this time of year with cold morning temperatures, 10 mile-per-hour breezes in spartanburg, 12-20 across the mountains, here is how it feels. it feels like 16 in spartanburg.
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