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tv   WYFF News 4 5am  NBC  January 11, 2016 5:00am-5:30am EST

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make sure the kids are dressed warmly as they get ready for school. temperatures and only at a of the year reach 52. not today. it will be like 45 for the upstate and temperatures in the mountains, which normally reach into the average -- 47, 10 degrees colder with an expected high of 37. we will talk more about what the rest of the week will be like in a few minutes. allyson: also to note this morning, madison and into county on two-hour delays. -- ent county. it is gameday. clemson tigers will face alabama tonight in the college football player national championship. arizona covering the matchup. and it is growing into tonight. geoff: it is going to be crazy inside the university of phoenix stadium tonight. what an atmosphere is should be. you are likely familiar with our
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if you have been watching her, you know she is a huge clemson fan. how confident is she about her tigers? she actually bought her ticket to come out to the national championship game to phoenix back in october. that tells you something. take a look here. when she took her connection to philadelphia on saturday, when she walked down the aisle, she saw she was sitting between an alabama fan and a clemson fan. as fate would have it, when she was in downtown phoenix yesterday, she ran into both of those two men within minutes. here is their story. >> i board the plane heading to phoenix and the only alabama fan on the plane happens to be sitting at that point to my left. >> eric down -- brown from birmingham, alabama. geoff: a lot of orange. >> i go with the flow.
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>> it was not happening. i was trying to play the tiger rag. on the other side, i had a clemson fan. two tigers -- allyson:geoff: what was that like? >> i will tell you what. it was an actually amazing experience. we transcend all barriers, friends for life. geoff: they called it, one amazing experience. that is pretty fun, wasn't it? allyson: also in glendale, arizona, our sports team covering the game down with geoff hart. they have headlines of -- ahead of the big game. brad: good morning. it is finally gameday here in the clemson tigers will play for a national championship tonight for the first time in 34 years. marc: it's an exciting day certainly for tiger fans you can
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orange, about 35% crimson. it looks like it's going to be a tiger-studded crowd tonight here in glendale. brad: should be a fantastic atmosphere. the news to pass along dabo , sweeney was asked if shaq lawson, the all-american defensive end will be able to remember, he hurt his knee in said that lawson is expected to play in the football game. marc: i do want to put a bit of us at media day that he only felt like he was about 60%. to have him go. if he can't complete the game, look to see austin bryant in there, he got a lot of playing time against oklahoma so you look at him you say this guy's a freshman, he's not really a freshman at this point more of a sophomore. brad yeah, he played very well : against the sooners. also, dabo sweeney and nick saban met with the media for the last time yesterday morning. and these two coaches seem like they are completely different. you've got one with the big personality, one that doesn't seem like he really says anything. but they're really a lot alike and actually spend some time together in the offseason.
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eye-to-eye on a lot of issues. they both believe in essentially perfection. giving your best at every single moment training hard and working hard for these big moments. and then when you consider what they said about the nfl that they'd like to see the nationalal football league not give their players grade for early entry until after the season is over whether that season ends on , december 6 or on january 11, so, such is the case for the clemson tigers and the alabama crimson tide. brad there is no question there : is a mutual respect between these two coaches. >> this has been great for our program, great for our team. you know, this was our goal, to have the opportunity to compete at the highest level, and uh, you know, not only are we getting a chance to do that, but we're getting a chance to play, you know, the university of alabama. >> our players are very excited about the opportunity they've created for themselves to have a chance to participate in the college football playoff against arguably the best team in college football, which is the clemson tigers.
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: is play the football game. let's give you a little teaser to what's coming up today. we are going to be on air pretty much all day long on wyff news 4 here from glendale, arizona. but tonight, at 7:00, don't miss it, road to the title. an hour-long special, we're going to take you right up to thirty minutes before kickoff. there's a lot of special stuff marc: we always give people the nuts and the bolts about the game. i mean that's what you have to do when you do a pregame show. that. there's a little something something extra in clemson center jay guillermo. you don't want to miss him, our clemson correspondent. we've been calling it t.v. gold and it certainly is. brad: it is going to be a lot of fun. join us tonight at 7:00 for road to the title, live right here in glendale, arizona. for marc dopher, i'm brad fralick back to you. allyson: we showed you all of the excitement in phoenix. the excitement growing back your at home, as well. patrick: aly myles joins us live from cold clemson. aly: it is still quiet out here.
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a little more sleep before a lot of excitement today. finally, gameday. we have been getting pictures from excited clemson fans for i don't even know how long at this point. take a look at some of these. this one is from cassandra alexandra. she says she found this cleaning up. a bottle of coke representing clemson's 1981 championship season. and you can see the excitement in this picture. this is one of our director's matt cook. he's also one of the biggest clemson fans i know. and here's some clemson pride for you. the title here my permanent clemson accessory. caption says all day, everyday until the end of days. all in. fans already crowding arizona, this is a shot of the westgate fan zone, where espn was doing a show. sports director brad fralick said there's a sea of orange in arizona waiting for kickoff. if you're looking to watch the game with fellow excited fans there are two viewing parties to know about. one is at the hendrix student center here on campus. the other is in downtown greenville at the bon secours wellness arena. both start at 7:00 p.m.
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clemson. patrick: our coverage of the national title game continues all day after the morning show. live from arizona for wyff news 4 at noon and our newscasts at 5:00, 6:00, 11:00 with sports director brad fralick and marc dopher. allyson: that also includes our hour-long special road to the , title. our sports team will be live at 7:00 tonight right here on wyff 4. they'll bring you up to speed and give you a bit of what they're calling t.v. gold from a clemson player who likes to pretend he works for us. again, all of the begins at 7:00 tonight. patrick: and don't forget to check out our live wire. it's a collection of the latest tweets about the tigers and fun posts from our staff. plus you can even watch some retro highlights from the 1982 orange bowl when clemson last claimed a national title. go to the wyff 4 app or wyff and look in the right now bar. allyson: dale, you are joining
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delay. dale: national weather service said any precipitation over the last they were to come any wet temperatures this morning, it will be ice. is sometimes hard to see into your slipping on it. be careful, there. morning. it is colder in the upstate e d it is in arizona. time tonight. dropping to low 40's by the end of the game. we are going to be in the 20's and teens this morning and cold again tomorrow morning. clear skies from all of our various skycam's this warning. quick look in the 150 mile range, no precipitation falling or expected for the mountains or upstate and northeastern georgia. some possible slippery spots on mountain roads for rain and precipitation over the weekend. here is what morning temperatures are like. they range on teens in boone and andrews, asheville and 19, greenwood at 28. it feels colder.
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community's in greenville and spartanburg. 23 at caesars head, 27 and lineman. fountainhead at 20. by the end of the day, we will be struggling to get into the 40's for the upstate and staying called in the 30's in the mountains. 10-20 mile-per-hour wind makes this morning's temperatures for like single digits from boon to hendersonville to asheville. it feels like 20 in greenville, 16 in spartanburg with the breeze. there is the four-day plus forecast. first half of the week through wednesday, we are colder than normal. thursday, those are fairly normal temperatures for this time of year. thursday through the weekend, we get back to what we typically expect. there is a chance of showers on saturday and sunday. allyson: a night full of surprises of a golden glove. a wrapup of the bigger winners. patrick: apple fans in a frenzy
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turning now... to this morning's headlines.. dep allyson: here are this morning's headlines. deputies say the discovery of a newborn body led to a murder charge for the mother. deputies arrested a 23-year-old joanie holcombe. the baby's body was found saturday morning in a field near cherokee circle. according to warrants holcombe is accused of giving birth to the child and placing her in a plastic bag. holcombe is set to appear in bond court tomorrow. patrick: investigators in north
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engineer is helping them determine the cause of a fire at an apartment complex. the fire broke out at the rock bridge apartments a week ago. the buncombe county fire marshal now says some items from the scene are undergoing specialized testing. three people were taken to the hospital to be treated for burns. four apartments were damaged one was destroyed. allyson: north carolina rescue crews say a 45-year-old man died in an apparent fall near a north carolina waterfall. crews say sean kasey of georgiaa fell from a walkway, saturday near dry falls in macon county. but the search had to be suspended until yesterday because of the weather. patrick: funeral services will be held today for a long time south carolina state senator. william billy o'dell died thursday morning. he became a state senator in 1989. serving district four, that's abbeville, anderson and greenwood counties. his funeral will be held this afternoon at the first presbyterian chruch in greenwood. the service is scheduled for 2:30 and will be followed by a
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o'dell was 77-years-old. allyson: taking a live look from glendale, arizona. clemson will face alabama tonight in the college football playoff national championship. more headlines live from arizona throughout the show. dale: it is a call to start to our week.
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dale: good morning, 5:18 is the me as we look from paris mountain back to the city of greenville. we have clear skies but cold temperatures. 28 degrees, a breeze out of the north at eight makes it feel colder.
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two-hour delay because of black ice problems. that is any precipitation over the weekend left on mountain roads frozen this morning with cold temperatures in the teens. watch out for slippery spots here or there. no new precipitation falling. again, whatever fell over the weekend has refrozen because of very cold temperatures. 15 in boone, 19 in asheville, 16 in franklin. andrew that 17. we have 20's across the upstate. you factor in the 10-20 mile-per-hour wind, all of a sudden, it feels like 16 in spartanburg. greenville feels like 20. hendersonville feels like six. boone even colder. dress warmly as you head outdoors today. average this time of year is right at freezing for the morning low. 52 for the afternoon. this is below average today with 45 anticipated for the upstate. no mall for the mountains will be 47. today, 37 if we're lucky. it will feel colder with breeze is blowing. around the country, not a lot going on. no precipitation expected. we have a flurry of snow activity across the great lakes, lake effect snow affecting parts
5:19 am
it is 11 in cleveland. cincinnati, a dropped genetically. -- dramatically. minus six in minneapolis. it is minus six for a good bit of the country. temperatures will reach into the mid-40 range for the upstate and -- here's a quick look ahead at the four-day plus forecast. we'll show you the gameday forecast. over 40's tomorrow, low 40's wednesday. chillier than normalalor the first half of the week. temperatures kind of rock back to where we would typically expect them to be thursday through the weekend. saturday and sunday, there is a chance of rain. kickoff at eight: 30 tonight. glenda, arizona. it will be 49 at kickoff helping to 43. i'm not sure whether they will close that retractable roof and warm it up a bit, but it will be cleared to partly cloudy in the area. folks going to the game will want a warm jacket.
5:20 am
this morning geoff hart is not here. that is because it is gameday and the clemson tigers are facing alabama tonight in the national championship playoffs. patrick: he is in cuando, us. -- glendale, arizona. geoff: where else would i rather be? this is the place you want to be with his game. 15 hours away. this one is -- i'm looking forward to appear this one means so much to so many. including a photographer for the greenville news. you are likely familiar with his work. he takes incredible pictures of clemson games. he got the job at the greenville news two days out of college. he has been taking great pictures ever since 1990. he grew up a clemson fan. i have an opportunity to sit down with him yesterday and talk to him about his career. his parents give him a 35mm camera when he was in eighth grade and the rest, as they say, is history. what a job he does.
5:21 am
he says, like most photographers, it is about being in the right place at the right time. >> it is about knowing the game and team well enough to know where to be on the field. sometimes, you are not. i would say most of the time. it is good to be good, better to be lucky, but you create your own luck. you put yourself in the right position. geoff: monday night, the best gig of all? >> i'm looking forward to it. really excited. geoff: trying to be and the right place at the right time can also get you into trouble. the 1993 peach bowl, he was waiting for tommy wes, coach of the time, to get the gatorade bath. it was his first win. instead, he tripped and fell and when the coach got doused, so did he. it was the coach that picked him up. when i was doing sports through
5:22 am
him getting run over, ask ballgames. at baseball games, getting hit by a baseball. he has been in middle of things. covering clemson. we know it has been a real privilege to cover the tigers through the years. this one, no bigger than this one coming up tonight. patrick, i send it back to you. patrick: we will see you again soon. turning to this mines headlines, the texas mother accused of helping her son flee to mexico will ask a judge to reduce her bonds today. attorneys for tonya couou say her million dollar bail is too high. a fort worth judge set the bail to texas. her son ethan flee to mexico as prosecutors investigated whether he had violated his probation. ethan couch killed four people while driving drunk in 2013. his attorneys argued his privileged lifestyle prevented him from knowing right from
5:23 am
allyson: florida governor rick sought -- rick scott toward a state in areas where the tornado touchdown. confirmed the e.f. two tornado rolled through cape coral on winds reached up to 135 miles-per-hour and scattered debris about 12 square miles. officials say several homes were damaged and about 10,000 people lost power. no deaths or serious injuries were reported. officials say power s since been restored. the red cross opened a shelter for those residents who were not immediately able to return home. 5:24 and a look at our hilton greenville skycam. if you're in the mountains, especially, be careful. madison, avery county on a two hour delay. watch out for icy roads from the precipitation that's on in the last couple of days.
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doppler 4 hd weather forecast. dale: 5:28 the time. it is clear and cold. watch out for slippery spots on mountain roads. we have several countries operating on a two hour delay bebeuse of some black ice. no precipitation falling. spots. anywhere that was what is now i cy. temperatures in the teens in the mountains and 20's across upstate. by the afternoon, it will be sunny and up to 45 for the upstate. the mountains will have teams this morning and -- teens this morning. time for our school salute, and we have oakview elementary school. this is the oakview players, who performed elf the musical junior in december.
5:27 am
three shows to sellout audiences . more than 1800 people watched. they are under the direction of sandy young. clare laye, allyson blackwell, judy perecko, and katelin hawkins also help. we salute you today. allyson: quite a crew. patrick: quite a crowd. dale: way to go. patrick: that is great. let's take a look at this u local rewind at the photos you sent throughout the week. allyson: newprod sent this sunset in from townville. patrick: another pretty one. camping at twin lakes at lake hartwell. diane slater sent this in. allyson: lisa stevens says their fountain in the front yard is frozen, but it is beautiful. patrick: we end with this video from gammy pammy. allyson: can we hear it? patrick: no.
5:28 am
he is singing. we need to hear it. it is adorable. she says this is a happy tiger fan. patrick: along with a lot of happy tiger fans today. allyson: your news begins right now. announcer: you're watching live, local, breaking news with geoff hart, allyson powell, and weather with meteorologist dale gilbert. this is wyff news 4 today in high definition. geoff: 15 hoursrs from game on. clemson getting ready to take on alabama at the university of the video. p.m. tonight. i'm geoff hart live in glendale, arizona. patrick: in this morning's headlines, how low will gas prices go? what experts expect for the year ahead. allyson: claims of mold and
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upstate mobile home are.


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