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announcer: you are watching live, local, breaking news with geoff hart, allyson powell, and weather with meteorologist dale gilbert. this is wyff news 4 today in high definition. geoff: they had it in their grasp, but it all slipped away. the clemson tigers go down in the national championship and we have the reaction. patrick; thank you. happening today, the final state of the union address and how an upstate woman got a personal invitation. allyson: a busy day with the new legislative session. the issues at the top of their list. we are checking in with dale. another cold morning. dale: you need a warm jacket. they will pick up this afternoon and make it feel cooler. temperatures old struggle to get
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mid-40's in the mountains and maybe mid 50's in the upstate today. fleury's in parts of north carolina from action overnight. cold wind have children down -- cold winds have chilled it down. reaching 50 for a high. cold and breezy in the mountains with an afternoon high of 45. patrick; thank you. we have more coverage from our national championship game in glendale, arizona. allyson: geoff was at the game last night and he joins us live with headlines. geoff: pretty unbelievable. clemson had more than 500 yards total offense and they still lost again. that has never happened in clemson football history, but it
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let's get a look at the highlights because clemson came in with that school record of 17 straight wins. 478 yards total offense for it to shawn watson -- from deshaun watson. this is his second touchdown pass to hunter renfrow in the first quarter, game tied at 14 at the half. clemson down in the third, wayne gallman scores. clemson up 24 to 21. but after alabama tied it in the fourth quarter, the play of the game, an onside kick by the tide, recovered by marlon humphrey. then, for the second time in the game, blown coverage on o.j. howard, scores 31 to 24, tide. , then after a field goal from clemson that gets them within 4 points, kenyan drake takes the kickoff, avoids tackles and goes 95 yards. the tigers battle to the end, but it is not enough. they go down.
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>> they say it is david versus goliath in this contest. we are like goliath's cousin, so we played hard. >> we have not been here in 34 years, so we were here tonight. we are back and we played for the national championship. clemson is on the rise and hopefully we get more respect. we will fight every game we play in. geoff: the clemson program has a bright future. those guys played hard, but they made some mistakes at the wrong time. alabama gets away with one because it was not like they were outplayed. they were in a terrific football game. allyson: you talked about their bright teacher. many of these guys are in young and they will move on to next year. who will be the key players
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geoff: obviously, watson stands out. hunter we talked about earlier, the freshman who got a scholarship. a number of players, octavius scott, one after another, loaded when they come back. watson becoming the first player in college football history to pastor 4000 yards plus in the season, along with rushing for 1000 yards. what a year it has been for him. we are sure he will be the leading heisman trophy candidate coming into next season. allyson: more from geoff hart in arizona, coming up. it is the morning-after and if you are waking up, it could be slow on clemson campus. everybody will come to grips with a hard-fought game. patrick: wyff news 4's aly myles joins us live from clemson university this morning with a look.
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aly: there required. i was hoping to see a lot t re people having fun today. we did see some people driving around 4:30 who were yelling -- all in. soak some good spirits, but for the most part, quiet. you can see the stadium behind me is silent but lit up. even though there will be many, many sleepy people today, they do expect everyone to report to class, students and faculty. a lot to be proud of, going undefeated in the regular season, the acc championship and the orange bowl. bragging rights and they are expected back at some point over the next day, maybe tomorrow. we will be reporting when we know. they would have stayed open it clemson had one, but that was not the case. the clemson championship gear will head back to suppliers and
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clemson finishing with 14 wins this season. last night, they had a 17 game winning streak, the longest in history. watson broke the record for total offense, a career high of 478 yards. you all should your tiger spirit with us on ulocal. brooks mom sent us this one. warned to be a tiger, lisa sent us this one of her grand daughter six weeks old. we will keep you updated when the team will come back to town so everyone can greet them with open arms. aly myles wyff news 4 why the clemson. patrick: thank you. we have a couple of watch parties to tell you about. the bon secours wellness arena held the official party. mike mccormick was there right
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mike: not the outcome the fans here wanted, but many of them stuck around until the very end. they were glued to the big screen to support the tigers all the way. in total, about 2,600 people showed up to this free watch party at the well. there were alabama fans here, too. the well made it clear they were welcome as well. fans here saying that being with the clemson family here, with the energy in this room, was the next best thing to being at the game itself. mike mccormick, wyff news 4, in greenville. allyson: thank you. another viewing party of students was on clemson's campus. patrick: john lyon was there . john these students here at the : hendrix center are going home sad. they're team has just been defeated by alabama. alabama wins the national championship. clemson goes home defeated but proud of the way they played this year, and these students
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they just came up a little short. from clemson, john lyon, wyff new 4. patrick: thank you. dale joins us again. we saw a car encased in ice, we won't see any of that? dale: it is cold, maybe a few minutes to defrost the wind shield. 32 with a southwest breeze at eight in laurens. wind will pick up 10 to 20 at times, especially across the mountains. we have also seen a few flurries of snow. some of the clouds in the mountains are producing light dusting in parts of swain county and northern haywood county, not causing both problems, but most of the action was in the ohio valley area overnight. we will see more of that later
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or two of snow tonight. temperatures from 22 in andrews to 20 in asheville and 23 rutherfordton. upper 20's to low 30's in the upstate. a seven to 10 hour -- mile per hour breeze and 10 to 20 expected later this afternoon. 50 for the upstate today and the mountains reaching mid 40's. tonight will be windy. tomorrow will be colder than today and it will stay in the 30's tomorrow and mid 40's for the upstate on wednesday. back to normal on thursday. more clouds friday and saturday with a chance of scattered showers both days. >> new developments in el chapo. dramatic new video released, showing the rate that captured him last friday. this as the mexican government starts the process to extradite the drug lord to the u.s. to
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a process that could take years. we will have the latest on the developing story, coming up on "today." allyson: taking a look outside i-385 and haywood road, cold. watch for icy patches. enzi d.o.t. morning and yancey county.
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allyson: this stage is set for thursday's next round of republican presidential debates.
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stage for the main debate. they are donald trump, ben carson, senators ted cruz and marco rubio, governors chris christie and john kasich and former governor jeb bush. invited to the undercard debate are senator rand paul, carly fiorina, former governor mike huckabee and former senator rick santorum. paul will not participate in the undercard debate, telling cnn he will only participate in what he calls first-tier debates. patrick: sergeant bowe bergdahl will appear in court today. he faces charges of desertion and misbehavior before the enemy following his disappearance from , his base in afghanistan in june 2009. he was captured by the taliban and was held captive for nearly five years. he was released in may 2014 as part of a prisoner swap in exchange for several detainees from guantanamo bay. sergeant bergdahl did not enter a plea when he was arraigned in december 2015. the rain queen brothers
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>> now, your live super doppler 4 hd forecast. dale: 5:47. yesterday it got into the upper 40's to mid 40's. we do better today but breezes are expected pick up this afternoon and make it feel colder. the couple flurries of snow in the mountains of north carolina and the tennessee border. not expected to cause driving concerns. a little more of that action will come in tonight. overnight, in the ohio valley area, better snow. couple flurries in north carolina. 19 in boone, 24 and asheville,
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communities. we are seeing caesars head at 25, taylor's at 29, simpsonville at 30. cold enough for a warm jacket early. wind picking up at 10 to 20 plus this afternoon and it will make it feel colder. it feels like 21 in spartanburg, teens and low 20's in the mountains. normally this time of the year, 52 is an average high for the upstate. today, we struggle to get up to 50. the record is 73. that was said in 2013. same story for the mountains, record 70 second 2013. today, temperatures fairly close to what we normally expect. tonight will get colder and tomorrow is cooler than today. upper 40's to 50 by 2:00 this afternoon and asheville will feel temperatures reaching to
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tomorrow, colder than normal with highs from 36 to 45 and sunny. upper 40's to low 50's on thursday. a 40% chance of scattered showers both days and it clears up for sunday. it should be cold and cool on monday. allyson: thank you. many of us waking up groggy to watch the national championship game with clemson coming up a little short. patrick: geoff joins us with highlights. good morning. geoff: we will show you more highlights coming up, but what a great effort by the clemson tigers. they were stakes that cost them, but it was not from a lack of effort. the offensive line was impressive. three sacks and five tackles and they were in this game in the fourth quarter until it slipped
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dabo swinney saying after the game, just wanted to thank the many clemson fans that came. it was two to one inside the stadium when it came to clemson, orange versus the crimson tide. but tim more, now. -- let's hear more now. >> all our hearts are broken. we really wanted to win this game. last year's national champion was 14-1 and this year's 14-1, so we are staying to go into with everybody in the country and it does not take a backseat. >> at the end of the day, i wanted a w. it doesn't really matter to me. i just wanted to get the win and he something we have not done in 34 years, but i love my teammates, they are my brothers. you will see us in tampa next year.
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anything to apologize about. what an effort by deshaun watson who will be back next year and they will be high expectations, with many saying they couldn't get it done next year. i am live in glendale, arizona, back to you. allyson: thank you. patrick: see assume. allyson: tonight marks the president's final state of the union address and this year, he is doing something a little differently. nikole: it will be a nontraditional stayed at the union, so you will not hear a long list of policy proposals. expected more the magic address focused on optimism. -- expect a more thematic address focused on optimism. in fact, this will be one of the president's last chances to
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voting continues next month. he will not endorse particular party or candidate in the 2016 race. nikole killion wyff news 4. allyson: governor nikki haley will deliver the republican response following the state of the union. you can watch that here on wyff 4. the mother of the affluent a teenager ethan couch was able to post bond after a judge granted her councils petition to have it lowered. tonya couch's bond was originally set at $1 million. a judge agreed with her attorney , saying that a $1 million bond was not warranted for the case and lowered it to $75,000. she is charged with hindering the apprehension of a felon. she and her son fled to mexico which was a violations of ethan couch's parole. tonya couch is expected to be released from jail this morning. ringling brothers circus is set to retire its elephants this coming may. the animals' retirement comes nearly two years earlier than expected.
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200-acre center for elephant conservation in florida. ringing brothers has been heavily criticized for its treatment of elephants. in 2011, the circus was fined by the usda for violating the animal welfare act. the circus says it will continue to feature tigers, lions, horses and camels. the birth of a baby penguin honors the death of a legend. the cincinnati zoo asked for the public's help in naming the newest member of its zoo family. people wrote in on social media bowie for the little penguin chick. that is a little chick. the penguin was named in honor of the late rock star david bowie because the two share a birthday, january 8. little bowie weighed 46 grams when it hatched on friday. david bowie passed away late sunday night at 69-years-old. allyson: how cute. a friendly wager has one u.s.
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-- i am guessing that was about the football game. geoff: the clemson tigers will have to wait at least another year as they come up short in
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it softens callouses effortlessly and efficiently for beautiful, soft feet in an instant. feel it yourself! with amope pedi perfect with diamond crystals. amope. love every step. >> now, your live super doppler 4 hd forecast. dale: good morning. 5:57. it is chilly and it will feel cooler later today with the wind picking up 10 to 20. it is clear for the upstate with the mountains increasing cloudss .
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problems as far as transportation. please a for the afternoon, the mountains will struggle to get up to mid 40's today under mostly cloudy skies. we have cold temperatures this morning, tomorrow morning and tomorrow will be colder than today with a few flurries tonight. allyson: i heard snow. patrick: in this morning's buzz, south carolina senator tim scott will be sending an alabama senator some south carolina barbecue after a friendly wager on the national championship game. allyson: scott bet senator jeff sessions a barbecue meal, and the necktie he'll wear to work is on the line, too. because alabama won, scott will have to treat sessions and his office to south carolina barbecue. he'll also have to wear an alabama necktie at the u.s. capitol for a day. that is not too bad. i have seen worse. patrick: he is not shaving his head. allyson: are wearing a clemson
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patrick: dale will not be wearing an alabama tie. dale: the only people happier south carolina and alabama fans. we will get over it and we are proud of the team. allyson: absolutely. let's take a look at the morning headlines. geoff: as dale said, but great effort by the clemson tigers, but it is alabama who wins the national championship. highlights and reaction, straight ahead. allyson: president obama delivers the state of the union tonight. taking a look at our anderson skycam. we are checking in with dale gilbert. it is cold out there and i did hear you say possible flurries in the mountains tomorrow. dale: we have seen a few this


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