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tv   WYFF News 4 430am  NBC  January 13, 2016 4:30am-5:00am EST

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today." announcer: live, local, breaking news. this is wyff news 4 today in hd. allyson: mitchell county schools are operating on a two-hour delay. patrick: also in this morning's headlines. a seventh and final state of the union address for the president. his ambitious agenda and his sense of hope for the future. allyson: and governor nikki haley delivers the republican response to the address. what she has to say about the presidents ideas. patrick: good morning. i'm patrick hussion allyson: and i'm allyson powell dale, what kind of weather can we expect today? dale: this morning, temperatures are expected to drop with clear skies over the area. as we look out from paris mountain, it is clear and in the we expect to drop into the upper
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west-northwest at three miles per hour. the precipitation is occurring right now, but watch out for slippery spots in the mountains. 25 in asheville. 19 in boone. andrews, 21. the 8-13 mile per hour breeze makes it feel colder. i the afternoon, temperatures for the upstate will reach the mid-40 range. for the mountains, upper 30's may be the best we see. it will be a little cooler than normal today. we will talk more about how the rest of the week plays out and the next chance for rain in a few minutes. allyson: thank you, dale. president barack obama delivered his final state of the union address last night. patrick: he layed out his agenda for what he hopes will be a busy these year in -- busy eighth year in office. karin caifa has reports from capitol hill. reporter: president obama's address struck an optimistic tone.
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next five years, the next 10 years and beyond. reporter: the president urged members to work together. the president discussed how he plans to handle the growing threat of isis. obama: if this congress is serious about winning this war and wants to send a message to our troops and the world, authorized the use of military force against isil. i believe in change because i believe in you, the american people and that is why i stand here as confident as i have ever been that the state of our union is strong. patrick: thank you, karin. for the first time, a south carolinians delivers the republican response to the state of the union. in her address, governor nikki haley shared her frustration with the current situation the nation is in. >> i will say this. you've paid attention to whats been happening in washington.
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neither am i. i see what you see. and many of your frustrations are my frustrations. patrick: the governor we imagine a white house in republican hands, vowing that major changes would be made. >> as we usher in this new era, republicans will s snd up for our beliefs. if we held the white house, taxes would be lower for working families and we'd put the brakes on runaway spending and debt. we would encourage american innovation and success, instead of demonizing them. our economy would truly soar and good jobs would be available across our country. pa governor haley will appear live on the "today" show at 7:00 a.m. allyson: south carolina's senators are weighing in on the president's final stat unm
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>> a majority of american's believe that our country is headed in the wrong direction. unfortunately, i believe they' suggest that we're goin change course. at home, our economy is stagnate and abroad, our nation is very much at risk. i pres are actually going to destroy isil and no change in economic policy i fear 2016 will be a very dangerous year abroad and a challenging year here at home. i hope and pray i'm wrong. >> i think unfortunately, the president continues to talk about going it alone, as opposed to working in a bipartisan fashion to move the country forward. that does not gender confidence in the american people and doesn't create the type of environment that allows us to accomplish great things for the most amazing people in the world . it would be nice for the president to come here and not be condescending towards congress, but actually look for a partner in making this country a better place. allyson: stay with wyff news 4 on-air and online for the latest on the state of the union. political analyst chip felkel will be live with us on wyff
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a.m. with reaction to president obama's state of the union address. the stage is set for another debate among the republicans for president. patrick: it'll happen tomorrow in north charleston. seven candidates are due on the main stage. donald trump, doctor ben carson, senators ted cruz and marco rubio, and governors chris christie, john kasich and jeb bush. the other candidates will appear in the under card debate. the debate will happen at the north charleston coliseum and performing arts center tomorrow night. and you can watch it right here on wyff 4. allyson: and following the republican debate, democrats will face off on sunday again in charleston. lester holt will moderate and you can watch here on wyff news 4 beginning at 9:00 p.m. on sunday. we'll have live coverage and reaction following the debate. patrick: this is news from overnight. iran has detained 10 american sailors in the persian gulf.
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the sailors entered the iranian waters after a problem with their navigation system. the vessels were moving between kuwait and bahrain when it happened. iran claims the crew is safe is being treated well officials expect crew members to be released today. allyson: new details in the investigation into the death of a toddler in greenville county. the sheriff's office has charged michael latimer junior with homicide by child abuse he's the child's mother's boyfriend. the coroner has ruled the death of 26 month old destiny jackson a homicide. he says the little girl was brought to the emergency room back january 4 and died monday. the corner says the cause of death was non-accidental head injury. patrick: the greenville police chief is responding to a theft made by a local community activist group to block woodruff road as a protest. the group fighting injustice together says excessive force was used when police arrested 21-year-old jaquan williams last month.
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he was arrested on a charge of possession of marijuana. the group says if they do not see positive action in the coming days, they will purposely disrupt woodruffoad at an unspecified time. here is chief ken miller's response. >> it would be unlawful behavior for them to do that. and it would require and promote really, direct conflict with authorities, with police and with the public. patrick: jaquan williams says he was slammed to the ground while in handcuffs. the excessive force caused him to lose a tooth. chief miller says he was s rced to the car, not slammed. allyson: dale is back now. you said something about snow flurries in the mountains yesterday. dale: that maybe what is causing the delay for mitchell county. we are not saying anything on the live super doppler 4 this morning. 30 two in spartanburg with a
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eight miles per hour. it will drop a few more degrees and get into the upper 20's around parts of the upstate. region. there is the last six hours. in the mountains. any slippery spots in the mountains has turned to ice once 25 in asheville. franklin, 28. it is colder in andrews at 21. temperatures are in the freezing range right now in spartanburg at 32. let's check on cherokee county. gaffney at 34. it is a cold beginning to the expected to drop a few more degrees before they climb. we have light winds today compared to yesterday. any breeze at all makes of feel like five degrees in boone and
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by the afternoon, sunshine will get us into the 40's in the upstate and upper 30's to 40 degrees in the mountains. tomorrow has highs from 50-55. our next chance for rain will bring us 50%-60% chance of showers friday night. or the upstate, it clears saturday and sunday. ththe could be a lingering shower in the mountains on saturday. mature than be nice on sunday. it should be 36-44 for the highs on monday. patrick: thank you, dale. a major move for the st. louis rams. which city they are locating two. allyson: no powerball winner yet. the countdown is on. the new amopefoot file with diamond crystals and extra coarse roller head removes callouses effortlessly. feel it yourself!
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there's moving... and there's moving with move free ultra. it has triple-action support for your joints, cartilage and bones. and unlike the big osteo-bi flex pills, it's all in one tiny pill. move free ultra. get your move on. argest project allyson: the south carolina department of transportation is beginning its second largest project in state history this month. patrick: it's called the gateway project and will be at the interchange of i-85 and i-385 , which you see here live from our skycam. wyff news 4's aly myles joins us live from greenville with more. aly: good morning, patrick. we are here near the interchange. you can see over my shoulder
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the project is scheduled to start in late january and cost $231 million, the second-biggest project in dot state history. here we have the plans for the interchange. it is scheduled to finish in the summer of 2019. the new design should cut down on traffic backup. >> the biggest and if it is the will have distributedr routes. it will separate the traffic. it will allow for merging on the interstate from a traffic that is going straight through. aly: dot says on average, nearly the interchange every day. the dot encourages people to check on twitter. the project name comes from dot's believe that the
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crossroads, but the gateway for the upstate. patrick: thank you very much. a warm welcome for the clemson tigers. hear from fans that were at the homecoming, straight ahead. dale: we will talk about the
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announcer: now, your live super
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dada: it is 4:47 as you look from paris mountain toward greenville. we have clear skies and tempererures that will continue to drop. it is 35 in greenville currently. we see some teens and 20's in the mountains. those temperatures will get a little colder as well. across north carolina we have low 20's in andrews. 18 in boone. 25 in asheville. let's check on communities in western north carolina. 27 in brevard. cold temperatures are the story for the morning. by the afternoon, temperatures will improve a little, it still be cooler than normal for this time of the year. we have anywhere from 8-14 mile-per-hour breezes in the mountains. this'll make it feel like 26 in laurens. it will feel like 15-16 from
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52 would normally be the upstate high, but today it will be from 45-47. the record of 79 degrees was set back in 1911. the average for the mountains is 47. upper 30's is the plan for the afternoon highs today. there is not a lot going on on the map until you go up into the northeastern part of the country, where we see some snow. the great lakes area is colder than what we are experiencing down south. cooler temperatures reach all the way down to the gulf. today, we will see mid to upper 40's for the upstate and mid to upper 30's for the mountains after a chilly beginning in the 20's. as we look ahead, our best chance of rain this week will be on friday. the low in the gulf will channel moisture into the area.
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a 50%-60% chance of rain friday. a few of the showers linger into saturday for the mountains. the upstate clears through the weekend. 46 will be the high on sunday. patrick: thank you, dale. turning to this morning's headlines. we're getting the first look into mexican drug kingpin el chapo's safe house. police raided this home on friday. six people were killed in a shootout with police. el chapo had been on the run since he escaped from prison back in july. now, u.s. officials are trying to extradite him back to the states, but that could take up to a year. allyson: yesterday was six years since the devastating earthquake hit haiti. the 7.0 magnitude quake hit the haitian capital in 2010. that left much of the area in ruins. the president placed a bouquet of flowers at a mass burial site that has been turned into an official memorial for those killed.
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the exact total is unknown. patrick: attorney general loretta lynch will visit a boston jail today to discuss the obama administration's work on reforming the criminal justice system. lynch's visit to the suffolk county house of correction comes a day after the president's final state of the union address. during the visit, the attorney general will meet with local leaders of a couple of programs that aim to prepare people for their return to society. later in the day, lynch will visit harvard law school where she will deliver remarks on re-entry services. allyson: in houston, texas, nfl owners voted to approve a move that would allow the st. louis rams to relocate back to los angeles. the deal will also give the san diego chargers the option to head to l.a. in 2017. the rams' move would end the nfl's 21-year absence from the nation's second-largest media market. the powerball jackpot just keeps climbing. it is now $1.5 billion.
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adjusting because people keepp buying more tickets. billboards are stuck at $999 million because a jackpot has never climbed this high before. the drawing is tonight. allyson: downtown inman is getting a $500,000 mini makeover. the money comes from a state grant. the downtown area will get wider sidewalks, planters, trees, and brick-paved crosswalks. they'll also remove overhead wires and improve traffic signals. the work is set to begin in the middle or end of the summer, it could last six months to a year. some longtime business owners are concerned about the construction. >> i feel like the city has lost sight of the fact that the businesses that are here cannot withstand several weeks being closed. >> whatever construction company is chosen, we will make sure they understand that the
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keeping them open and keeping a space for them to have the public go in out. allyson: the dates have not yet been set. the clemson tigers returned home last night to a warm welcome by thousands of fans. patrick: a warm welcome on a cold night. nevermind that it was cold and windy outside. the stadium people lined up anyway as the team returned. fans said they wanted their tigers to know that they're still number one even after that disappointing loss to alabama. >> they did a fantastic job last night, fantastic. so, i am just here to support them and hopefully, we will have a better year next year. >> we have fans to support us whether we win or lose. that is the great thing about clemson. we know we have a family. patrick: the team arrived at the gates of death valley at 9:00 last night. they were tired from their trip,
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ricardo: clemson arrived back tuesday night. thousands of fans greeted the team as they got off of the bus and came back from phoenix. the team was very appreciative of those fans out there. it took the sting out of the lost a little bit. >> it brightens me up a lot. we had a tough loss. but seeing these people care so much about us means a lot to us. when you come home and you have a reception like this, it just shows we have the best fans in the country. it just warms your heart to come home to a reception like this. ricardo: a fantastic seen out there tuesday night as the team signed autographs. we transition from college football to college basketball now. the clemson tigers return back to the court tonight. the tigers are off to a 3-1 start in conference play in the
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they take on alabama at 9:00. the gamecocks looking to improve to 16-0. allyson: it seems like there is a starbucks drink for every holiday seaeson. the valentine's day line-up is out. that's next in our morning buzz. discover a different way to cleanse your skin. introducing micellar water from garnier! the micelles attract dirt like a magnet to remove makeup, cleanse and refresh. gentle to skin, yet surprisingly powerful. new micellar water, try it!
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announcer: now, your live super doppler 4 hd weather forecast. dale: 4:57 right now. a quick look at the southeast. nothing is going on in the past 55 and six hours. -- in the past 5-6 hours. temperatures are in the 20's for the morning commute. it will be in the mid 40's for the afternoon. the mountains will drop down into the teens in spots this morning. there will be upper 30's for the afternoon highs. we should remain dry today and tomorrow. we've a good chance for showers friday. we are not looking at snow on friday. just some rain. allyson: we will take no snow. patrick: this could help with those cold mornings. in this morning's buzz. starbucks has come up with a special way to share america's love of coffee this valentine's day. allyson: an employee created
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customers to try this year. patrick: the first is called the ballot pine -- called the valentine frappuccino. it has strawberries and cream with raspberry at the bottom . vanilla bean is in the middle and blackbebey and whipped cream is on the top. allyson: the second offering, love bean frappuccino, has vanilla bean with raspberry pumps, topped with raspberry infused whipped cream and chocolate curls. patrick: and the third one, the java berry frappuccino, is a java chip with raspberry whipped cream and chocolate curls. allyson: the drinks can be made at any starbucks from now until valentine's day, but you have to order them by the ingredients and not by the name. i think i just gained weight rating -- reading that. patrick: wyff news 4 today
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announcer: live, local, breaking news. this is wyff news 4 today in hd. patrick: happening now, we do have a school delay for you this morning. mitchell county schools are operating on a two hour delay. allyson: the final state othe union address is ambitious in agenda. he has a sense of hope for the future. patrick: a community activist group threatens to block a busy wrote in greenville. allyson: let's check on whether with dale. we have a two hour delay in mitchell county.y. dale: we have had this problem across the higher mountaintops. it has just been cold and anything left on raods will refreeze overnight. it is dry across the southeast. we will see a low develop in the
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in the meantime, we have cold
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