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tv   Today  NBC  January 13, 2016 10:00am-11:00am EST

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this morning on "today's take" the hysterical kevin hart is here taking us on a wild ride in his new movie. then we'll try out our camel spin with olympic gold medalist dorothy hamill and our good friend brooke shields joins the fun as our special guest co-host. all that and more coming up next. >> announcer: from nbc nusews this is requests today's take" with al roker, natalie morales, willie geist and tomorrow ron half. live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. >> a camel spin or a hamill spin. >> i've never seen a camel on ice spinning. >> after dorothy spin they should call it a hamill spin. welcome to "today," it's wednesday morning, january 13th,
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and natalie and tamron out here and look who is here, the great and the lovely brooke shields. >> this is your morning jam, a little flo raine maida "good feeling." >> we'll be skating a little late we are dorothy hamill. >> how are you feeling about that? >> i'm not a good skater and was going to come in completely decked out. i thought it would be funny to -- >> i bet we've got some stuff in the back. >> i'm sure. >> you had wrist surgery? >> i had carpal tunnel. >> people are always asking why, how do you get it? my husband is -- that's been my husband's response. >> typing and -- >> 9:01-45. >> but you're completely healed now.
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it was like the day after -- hi no -- my hands were really numb, and when i was pregnant with rowan it was very bad and then it -- after writing my book it was -- it was so exacerbated i couldn't feel and i did nerve damage. like if you don't address it you can actually do nerve damage. the nerves will regenerate but the feeling from -- i can sleep through the night. it was amazingly miraculously better. >> did them both at the same time. >> i didn't have time. >> get them done. >> a lot to talk to you about. got a movie right now coming out, going to ice skate and talk about the powerball. >> powerball. >> so much to get to. let's start though with president obama and his state of the union address last night. he spoke about the country's strength. he said isis will learn the same lessons as terrorists before them. >> that's pretty bold. >> if you doubt america's commitment or mine to see that
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bin laden. ask -- ask the leader of al qaeda in yemen who was taken out last year or the perpetrator of the benghazi attack who sits in a prison cell. when you come after our americans we go after you and it takes time and we have memories and our reach has no limit. >> inspiring some people in the room but not the one gentleman on the -- >> unhappy. >> and i think it was kind of a dare. i'm going to look like this until you go away. >> sounds a little bit from george w. bush the swagger. ask osama bin den. the president also took a bit of a veiled shot hat the republican field, especially at donald trump. >> when politicians insult muslims, whether abroad or our
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is vandalized or a kid is called names, that doesn't make us safer, that's not telling -- telling it like it is. it's just wrong. it diminishes us in the eyes of the world. it makes it harder to achieve our goals t.betrays who we are as a country. >> as part of that the president said one of his big regrets when he leaves office in a year is he actually couldn't do what he said that he hoped to do when he entereded is change the dialogue in washington and cole down the temperature and change the rhetoric and he admitted it's worse than it was. >> congress is more divisive and not less and that's what he had hoped to leave with. >> as he walked out of that chamber he did turn around one final time to kind of say good-bye. >> let me look at this thing one last time.
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>> that's sweet though, a human moment, really taking it in and realizing the magnitude of what he's been through. >> he did something similar his second inaugural. >> in the hall of statues. >> right. >> and just kind of pausesored there. >> soak in that moment one last time. there was some other stuff aside from what the president was. speaker paul ryan sitting behind the president for the state of the union for the very first time. >> wasn't that remarkable really. >> held it together. >> he actually showed some nice moments with joe biden. >> with biden, definitely. >> it was actually kind of nice. >> they turned to each oh, chatting a little bit during it. >> michelle obama signature up in the balcony next to a vacant seat left there by the president to honor the victims of gun violence in the united states of america, and a lot of people also, i'm told, are talking about her yellow dress. >> yes. >> that's a good one. >> that's a good one and she makes everything she wears just look beautiful.
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>> and dr. biden as well. >> all right. >> powerball. >> moeshl. >> whose are these, by the way? >> not ours. i was specifically told they are not yours. do not take them. >> possession is 9/10 of the law, and may i say there are no initials on any of these. >> mine says take. >> take. >> no initials. >> i win. i'm on the take. >> that means take. >> we're taking them right now. >> 1.5 billion the drawing. that's at 10:59 p.m. odds of winning, 290 million to 1 or 1 to 290 million. >> that's not good. >> hand how much you win will depend on where you live because of state taxes. according to website the winner in new york would take home about 615 million.
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tax on lottery prizes so those you'd win about 697 million, if example. got some advice for dallas mavericks owner mark cuban. he says don't take the lump sum. >> yeah. >> get a tax attorney. >> we're told it's an annuity and if you died the payments stop and that's not true. they still have to pay it out. tell all your friends and relatives ahead of time no, because they will ask. tell them no. anything. tell them no. a professor told "usa today" the chances of picking the right combination of numbers is like taking a coin and flipping and getting heads 28 times in a row. right there. i think -- >> it could happen. >> but to give you an idea, bert idea of 1 in 290 million. >> where are you going, al. >> we're going to come over here.
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m & ms in our studio so we have 290,000 original m & ms. our friends at m & ms personalized one blue m & m with the word winner on it so there's -- they do this with my m & m's and i'm kind to hide this in one of our columns and our friend jill is going to try and find -- >> that didn't work out as well as i thought. try to find the m & ms. >> i sort of hear where you are and i just felt one on my foot. >> take your blindfold off, jill. >> haven't been blindfolded in a while. >> whoa. >> imagine this times 1,000. you've got to find the blue m & m. >> i feel really good about it though i know someone who won
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>> start looking for the m & m. >> four lucky pennies i found this week, i feel really good about this. >> okay. not on the floor. >> all righty. here we go. while jill is doing that. i'm doing weather now, let take a look and show you what's going on as far as the weather is concerned. >> lake-effect snow coming across from lake ontario from rochester and back to oswego and dylan dreyer is in the blue mobile driving along i-81 from cicero towards syracuse. she says she's seen up to 7 inches of snow. we'll continue to track this. look near watertown. upwards of 2 feet or more, between dunkirk and buffalo, we could see about a foot of snow. we're also looking at cold temperatures. it's still cold. right now it feels like 8 below in new york city, 12 below in washington, d.c. and 14 below in pittsburgh and 3 below in though. you get a moderating trend.
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into the 40s and 50s as you head to the south. another big storm moving its way into the pacific northwest and northern california. that's going to bring heavy rain, not so much today but by tomorrow we are looking at in northern california, southern oregon, anywhere from 3 to 5 inches of rain. could be upwards of 7. snowfall-wise going to see more snow in the sierra and also back into the rockies. good news for the snow pack. that's what's going on around the d the d the d the d the d the d anderson will be clear and cold today, lows in the 20s, high of 45. southwest winds of 5-7. the mountains will be cold and sunny, teens early, a high of 38. northwest winds of 7-9. clear and cold overnight, lows
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>> you don't have to eat them, jill. you just have to find them. >> i don't exactly how that works. >> brooke is an ivy leaguer and just explaining to me that it's not a perfect statistical comparison perhaps to winning the lottery to pawing through m & ms to find a blue one. >> there was one but it looks great. >> our producers thought it was a great idea and i'm going with our producer. >> especially since they gave up the lottery tickets. >> that was very nice. >> like in you put everybody's name, all 290 million names of every person in a big ball or whatever you'd have a better chance picking obama's name than you would wing the lottery. >> and where are we going to get that bowl. >> it's a big bowl. >> people that gave us those. >> up next, how pumped are we. kevin hart is here riding with ice cube and the buddy cop. >> already i'm laughing. >> a little different stance for
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i like it. we'll be hanging out with one of the most popular comedians on the planet next. meet tim mahoney. tim thinks you need to be some sort of mastermind to do your own taxes. so we flew in mastermind george smoot to help him. ok, what does it say there? it says, "did you buy a home?" did you buy a home? yes. well then, press there. (cellphone tone) ok. thanks.
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stuck on an average network? join verizon and we'll cover your costs to switch. the world loved the first movie as it made more than $150 million. >> yeah. >> world wide. >> the guys are now back for another one in "ride along 2." >> kevin hart plays an atlanta pd rook who reluctantly heads to miami to solve a crime with his future brother-in-law, detective played by ice cube. >> when the two get together, as you might imagine, if you saw the first one, it's like mixing oil and water. >> all right. >> what have you got?
10:16 am
go, go. >> what you got for me? >> i tried to get into this, and it fried my computer, it's like it's got acid for blood. >> aliens. >> mm-hmm. >> i've never seen a device locked this tight. someone encrypted this to a level we can't crack. >> hackers. >> freelance hackers, we should make a hacker a fraccer. >> do you ever list enen. >> no. >> kevin, good to see you. >> good to see you, man. this is for y'all. this is from me to y'all. >> oh, thank you. >> you nailed it. >> you were fantastic. you got -- not just you, you got benjamin bratt and kim jong and olivia money. >> how much fun was this movie? >> i don't think you can put a level at it the or on it. we wanted to go bigger, better, sexier and i think we did that. >> who brought the sexier? >> me. >> of course.
10:17 am
you do know that. i am a model. >> you are a model. >> saw you at the globes. i saw you in that tux >> you saw me, whole posture, everything about me says model. can we getpush in on this. >> that's a model face. >> i'm giving you guys like all everything i have. this is literally it for me, markings and i gave this and more in "ride along 2," so much more >> you and cube are so good together as you were in the first movie. i grew up on nwa so i have this vision of who ice cube is and what he's really like. is there a soft side underneath ice cube? >> yeah. cube -- cube just doesn't smile so because of his demeanor people assume that cube's an angry person. he's a gentle giant. honestly one of my closest friends. our chemistry we have on camera
10:18 am
think that's why our movies have gotten to where they are now and in "ride along 2" you can see the relationship is genuine and that we've progressed and i think that's what you need in any movie, any sequel. you want to get bigger and want to get bert and cube and my dynamic has definitely done that >> you can't pretend that. it either happens or it doesn't. >> yeah. >> and the two of you together are this perfect balance. >> it's a perfect duo! see how my voice got high. it's a perfect duo. that's what it is. right now for our generation, this type of mowy is needed, you know. the buddy cop film, it definitely fell off for a minute and "21 and 22 jump street" brought it back and cube along and myself did it in "ride along" and "ride along 2." >> the there's a lot of driving in this move. are you a good driver? >> absolutely not. >> really? >> i'm the guy that rushes to go nowhere. i'm that guy. like stop sign to stop sign 70
10:19 am
another stop sign. stop. i'm that guy. >> passengers love it, too. >> they hate it. >> my fiancee can't stand being in the car and i do too much, another reason why i don't like driving. i'm the guys, i want to talk and change the radio and i want to grab your seat belt and i want to tell you something. i saw something back here. too much. that shouldn't be allowed on the road. i'll going to be honest with you. >> you're getting married. >> yes, i am. >> and are you involved like your character is in the planning of this? >> absolutely not. i want nothing to do with this >> nothing. >> you just want to show up. i just want to show up. >> showing up. i don't -- the minute as a man -- the minute that you go well i feel you open yourself up to all of those questions. i don't want those questions. i don't want to participate. ail want is a buffalo wing after i say i do and i want to have a nice party. that's all i want to do. >> perfect. >> no, no, no. herself. ring.
10:20 am
>> it's not your day. >> i'm actually thinking about going pants, no shirt. >> wow, that's a bold move. >> tux jacket, no shirt, pants. >> wow. >> and just kind of like you want section, i gave it to you. that's how i feel. i feel like, look this, chocolate is in the fridge now. you what you got. >> i'm a model. >> i've got to give all these people a taste of what you got, baby. chocolate is locked up. >> might be lonely hat that altar. >> hey, man, my walk up is going to be vicious. >> they will remember that. >> want to get up there just for a little while with a pistol and a whip. >> you might want to be a fly on the wall. i'm thinking about teets rolling to the altar. >> i don't even know what that means. >> it's a dance, al. >> what we did at the strip >> right. >> even i know what it is. >> you weren't going to tell anybody.
10:21 am
"ride along 2" from our sister universal pictures opens on friday. when with reshowing our ride along, tomorrow. >> wait until you see al twerk, crazy. never seen anything like it. i can't wait. >> in fact, you'll need your glass of wine after that. how to order wine like a pro and jill still searching for the blue m & m, will she find it. >> look, i found a james drove his rav4 hybrid, unaware death was lurking... what? he was challenged by a team of lumberjacks. let's do this. he would drive them to hard knocks canyon where he would risk broken legs, losing limbs and slipping and dying. not helping. but death would have to wait. james left with newfound knowledge, a man's gratitude... and his shirt. the all-new rav4 hybrid. how far will you take it?
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ask your doctor if 24-hour breo could be a missing piece for you. see if you're eligible for 12 months free at whatcha doin? just prepping for my boss' party in a couple weeks. what are those? crest whitestrips. they whiten way better than paste. crest 3d white whitestrips... whiten 25 times better than the leading whitening toothpaste. i'd say... ...someone's making quite an impression. crest 3d white whitestrips. the way to whiten. oh, my goodness. coming up in the next half hour brooke has a new move toe tell us about called "flower shop mystery" and you know what goes well with movies, wine. how to pick the perfect bottle when you're out to dinner. al? >> olympic figure skating champion dorothy hamill joining us celebrating 40 years. >> yes. >> since her gold medal win. she is going to show us a few of her famous moves on the ice right after your local news and weather.
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te te te te te te10:26 now... the first phase of the i-385 i-85 gateway project is set to begin at the end of this month. the project will cost 231 million dollars, which is the second largest for the scdot ever. crews say the new design should cut down on traffic problems on the interchange. dot says on average, close to 200,000 cars pass through the interchange every day. the project is scheduled to finish summer of 2019. following the state of the union... south carolina governor nikki haley became the first south carolinian to deliver the republican response... the governor ... criticized president obama's record on the economy ... and talked about frustraraons in washington as well... governor haley just spoke to matt lauer on "today" this morning... saying again that if she were asked to join a ticket as vice president... she'd be willing to sit down and talk greenville, spartanburg, anderson will be clear and cold today, lows in the 20s, high of 45. southwest winds of 5-7. the mountains will be cold and sunny, teens early, a high of
10:27 am
clear and cold overnight, lows of 22 to 30. sunny thursday, highs of 50 to 55. asheville, hendersonville will drop to 28 on thursday night, the upstate will be 36 early friday morning. a 50 to 60% chance of showers on greenville, spartanburg, anderson will be clear and cold today, lows in the 20s, high of 45. southwest winds of 5-7. the mountains will be cold and sunny, teens early, a high of 38. northwest winds of 7-9. clear and cold overnight, lows of 22 to 30. sunny thursday, highs of 50 to 55. asheville, hendersonville will drop to 28 on thursday night, the upstate will be 36 early friday morning. a 50 to 60% chance of showers on
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ut it's important to me to know every dish i serve is the best it can be. especially for this food critic. publix bakery scratch made bread we bake it in store every day with pride so you can serve it with some
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give it to me i'm worth it baby i'm worth it uh huh i'm worth it gimme gimme i'm worth it give it to me i'm worth it
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taking a look at the headlines, there's encouraging news about organ transplants. a new report from the united network for organ sharing says the number of organ transplants performed in the u.s. last year exceeded 30,000 for the first time ever. the group calls the milestone a testament to the generosity of the american public in helping others through organ donation. more than 120,000 people are currently awaiting life-saving transplants in the u.s. researchers are offering new advise to couples who suffer a miscarriage early in pregnancy. currently those couples are often advised to wait at least three months before trying again. now a new government study fund that women who try to conceive soon remember more likely to become pregnant without added complications than those who waited three or more months. the study was published in the "journal of obstetrics and
10:31 am
the obama administration will push the production of self-driving cars. carmakers and tech companies want the rules of the road clarified partly because of concerns over lawsuits and potential accidents involving cars that drive themselves. to l.a. on tuesday nfl owners voted overwhelmingly to move the st. louis rams to the -- to l.a., a city the rams had called home for almost 50 years. the rams are expected to play in the l.a. coliseum for about three years until the new stadium can be built. the san diego chargers have an option to join the rams in los angeles. if they stay in san diego, then the oakland raiders would have the choice to relocate to l.a. and some very different youngsters are being raised as sisters in new jersey. a sichuan tiger cub and african lion cub have become best buddies. norm lit two would never meet in the wild and they did meet at six flags great adventure. after the two were born in
10:32 am
to care for them and vets stepped in and are raising them together. so far so good and so cute. >> very sweet. speaking of sweet, jill is still trying to find the blue m & m. >> is it in your pocket? >> i do -- i did put it in one of these canisters. >> do you promise. >> pinky swswr. >> i'll take it. i'll trust you. let's show you what we've got going on weather-wise. take we've got lake-effect snow from the great lakes all the way into northern new england and we're there looking at decent winter weather. beautiful weather through the gulf coast, showers in southern and northern texas. high surf advisories along the southern california coast. for tomorrow that snow moves inland in the pacific northwest. we're watching a storm system that may be getting itself together in the gulf and may traverse along the eastern seaboard. could we see a nor'easter next week? we'llanderson will be clear and cold
10:33 am
45. southwest winds of 5-7. the mountains will be cold and sunny, teens early, a high of 38. northwest winds of 7-9. clear and cold overnight, lows of 22 to 30. s pand these your latest weather. >> thanks a lot. when she's not co-hosting with us or being a great mom and wife or modeling or being a businesswoman or generally an international icon brooke shields is acting. >> brooke produced and stars and stars in a new movie "flower shop mystery, mums the word." she plays a flower shop owner who is convinced she makes a pretty good detective. check it out. >> did you know that the lead detective on the murder case went on vacation?
10:34 am
>> did you know the i.d. of the victim? >> yeah. >> really. >> did you know his name? >> billy ryan. >> right, when did that happen? >> this morning. i think i won that round, didn't i. i think i'm going to like this game. >> very nice. >> actually a lot funnier than -- >> so is this show. >> this is like an old school who dunn did, right? >> a very "murder she wrote." i say that with the utmost respect. >> people loved that show. >> they love it. >> and especially if a time like this. it's actually really fun to be part of something that's entertaining. we kill people. just don't show a lot of bad. >> it is the hallmark. >> the mystery movie channel which is a separate channel and they do these movies. from a series of books. kay collins is the woman who
10:35 am
it's amazing to see all of her fans, and they are very -- wait until you get to the dearly depotted. >> . >> nipped in the bud. >> ooh. >> wow. >> there's so much fun. >> and beau bridges plays your dad. >> he's my dad, yeah, and we really made it comical. my character was alawyer. she moves back home to be closer to her dad. her husband has passed abdoulaye wade and to be closer to her daughter but she watches "columbo," "murder she wrote" and "magnum p.i."and likes to take her detective things seriously. when she goes on a stakeout she takes all her stuff. >> she's convinced herself. >> but she's not. >> i love what you said you've got two beautiful young girls, your daughters, you wanted to produce and star in something they could watch. >> and it's really been rewarding for me to do that and it's first time i'm executive producing. i have much more to say and you
10:36 am
gives me a sense of really the business side of it which has been fascinating to learn but my daughters, my younger one has already seen it twice. she likes giving me notes but it is nice, really, there's so much that i can't watch with them. it's nice to have something that we can share together, and it's funny. it's a little scary. >> so you have a little game you're going to play. >> show there's so many different wild name for flowers so it's a little game that we call flower or power. i'm going to name a name and you'll tell me if it's a superhero or flower. first one is hyperion. >> that is as flower. >> yeah, flower. >> it is a superhero, an extended member of the avenger squadron. >> very extended. >> like gummo of the marx brothers.
10:37 am
>> superhero power. >> that is flower. >> also known as the winter rose. >> starfire. >> that's a superpower. >> the two of it you. >> it's a superhero. >> it's one of the teen titans known for her bright green energy projection. >> one more. >> speedwell. >> flower. >> that's a flower. >> that's a flower. also known as veronica bird's eye or gypsy weed. >> i think i did pretty well. >> green thumb over here. >> definitely sglrlt flower shot mystery mums the word premiers this sunday on the hallmark mystery channel. coming up, time for wine. need i say the citi double cash card comes in very handy with cash back twice on purchases. earn once when you buy, and again as you pay. that's cash back now, and cash back again later. it's cash back d\j vu.
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the only card that lets you earn cash back twice on every purchase with 1% when you buy and 1% as you pay.
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he told me to use pronamel. it's gonna help protect the enamel in your teeth. it allows me to continue to drink my coffee and to eat healthier, and it was a real easy switch to make. [burke] at farmers, we've seen almost everything, so we know how to cover almost anything. even "turkey jerks."
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[butcher] i'm sorry! (burke) covered march fourth,2014. talk to farmers. we've seen almost everything, so we know how to cover almost anything. we are farmers. bum-pa-dum, bum-bum-bum-bum ever been handed a wine list at a restaurant and broken into a sweat over all the options? you'll want to pay attention right now. natalie and i sat down with the host of cnbc's "restaurant startup why the "for a lesson on ordering the perfect glass or bottle. >> joe, great to see you, man. >> thank you, thank you for having me. >> for people who are just tuning in, haven't caught the first two seasons, a little "shark tank". >> it's about finding restaurant talent. >> when are you looking for? >> you're looking for talent and people passionate about the restaurant business and also
10:42 am
we're looking for people who can bring an opportunity to help us invest and make money >> gavin, please, serving us some wine. >> always uncomfortable at the table when you want to select something in a price range but you don't want to state nothing under $50. >> when we're dying and i go to gavin, i'd like to have a wine something in this range and i point to the price and the wine doesn't have to be that wine, just that price he understands that i'm looking for something in the $50 range, that can be $40 to 60, already communicated. >> that way you don't know what i've done. >> el cheapo. >> gavin, where's the wine, buddy? >> okay. we love this choice. >> this is be a sauvignon blanc. >> don't hold the blass by the -- >> come on. >> down here. >> you want to -- >> my apology. >> you're fired. >> you want to keep the glass on
10:43 am
>> why is that? >> because there's no reason for him to touch your glass. your glass is your glass and when you touch a wine glass you touch it by the them. >> when you do order. >> i always -- i always order by the bottle. not by the glass. >> that's generally a good idea. >> by the bottle. >> how do you know when to make that call? >> if three of us are out for dinner in the general restaurant world, a pour is 25% of a bottle so there's four real glasses of wine in a bottle. us three are out for dinner definitely should get a bottle. the markup on wine by the glasses is highehe than the wine by the bottle. >> you touched our glass again. >> what is he doing? >> i thought maybe you would like to try another kind. >> i thought you would like to try another kind. >> if you were on restaurant star, you would not get an investment. >> gavin has broken the rule. >> this is another great bottle
10:44 am
barbara is an indigenous variety,ing go to something that's from a place where only that place -- only that grape grows. >> that's like 15 to 18. >> really good wine. >> a lot of people go in the restaurant and say give meet house wine and whatever the pinot. >> that's a misneighboring. >> how come? >> because generally the house wine like a real restaurant, house wine is just saying we're really not thinking about what we want to give you, so a restaurant, you know, you go to has three to four glasses of wine by the glass so you would talk to the manager, try to find persrs in the manager who cares about wine, who buys the wine, who is passionate about it because people who are passionate about wine want to give you good wine. >> there's a -- >> you can watch season three of "restaurant startup" tonight at 10:00 eastern and pacific on cnbc, and we're back with figure
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look, i'm in an american icon sandwich. i've got brooke shields and dorothy hamill. dorothy was only 19 years old when she won the gold medal at the 1976 winter games in austria. >> and dorothy's style captivated audiences, including her signature spin the hamill camel, and, of course, who can forget her wonderful hairstyle the bob and she sparked an entire movement. >> absolutely. >> we thought hon the 40th anniversary of that gold medal we'd catch up withdorothy. so good to see you. >> hi there. so gooddo see you both. >> thank you. go way back. >> you guys can pick that up later, the hair. >> when you that's it's been 40 years since that iconiclism whiks you were thrust into international superstardom. what did you think? >> such a new time, 19, i knew nothing other than skating and
10:50 am
fishbowl and ice capade and i'd never given a press conference. it's a whole different world now. i can't believe it. it was like another lifetime. but you were such a -- >> we're in love with you. we wanted to look like you and have your hair and your talents. i mean, it was -- it was also a sweet time, you know. we were able to -- simple. it was simpler i think than it is now. >> because we were sort of were in the same era, yeah. >> and we were still trying. >> but it is. it's something that happened so fast but you had such a wonderful talent. >> thank you, thank you. >> it was fun. >> where do you keep the gold medal, i always like to know. >> that's in a little safe in my house. we moved a couple years ago so i haven't really done anything with it. i think i've got to the do something now at this point. >> you have to look at it. >> winning a gold medal was hard. try training the two of us. this is not going to be pretty. >> this is going to be fun.
10:51 am
>> i can stand on the rug. >> okay. >> we're going to do the swizle like brooke was doing. >> bend your knees, heels together, toes together. >> of course it's going to happen. >> that's it. i need to get a little straight. >> that's a swizle. >> that's right, excellent. so let's skate around the cornerr and we'll go towards them, okay. >> request, brooke. >> brooke, can you -- >> who wants to do this. >> arabesque. >> go two feet. >> yay, you got it. >> i saw you do it with merrill. >> i think merrill did that. >> i've got the arms. >> i've got the arms. >> you want to do spins. >> we'll do one of these. >> put your heels together.
10:52 am
>> i like this because i don't have to do anything. >> let me try that with you. >> a little motion siness. >> yeah, it is dizzy. >> look at this. >> you can do it. it's beautiful. >> that's good. >> that's it. >> she nailed it. >> dorothy hamill, so great to see you. >> 40 ars. it was worth every minute. >> it all came to this. dorothy hamill.
10:53 am
ready? >> all right. let's thank our good friends brooke shields. the movie is sunday night. >> yes. >> always good to see you. >> thank you. >> dorothy hamill, we apologize for disgracing your elegant and beautiful sport of figure skating. >> you're beautiful or you're hand some i should say. you're beautiful. >> let's send it across the street to al.
10:54 am
>> you made a mess. >> i knew it. i made a mess, but i found the blue m & m in the hundreds of thousands and it says winner. >> winner. >> which means what? >> which means i'm going to go buy lottery tickets. >> very nice. >> what have you got coming up? >> i think we should marry al, what do you think? don't you think? remember? >> jackpot. >> oh.
10:55 am
>> maybe to the upstate... a company that makes products for the food service and packaging industries is expanding. d & w fine pack plans to add 60 new jobs over the next five years. the company announced this morning that it is investing $20 million into its plant in fountain inn. the money will be spent on new equipment and upgrading existing equipment...hiring is expected to start next summer haywood county school officials say lower enrollment and reduced funding is leading to budget cuts and a possible closing of an elementary school. school officials say they are trying to make up a 2.4 million dollar deficit in local funding. among planned reductions...22 teaching
10:56 am
athletics. school officials are also studying the possible closing of central elementary school. results are expected to be released january 21st. greenville, spartanburg, anderson will be clear and cold today, lows in the 20s, high of 45. southwest winds of 5-7. the mountains will be cold and sunny, teens early, a high of
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