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people. that's why i stand here as confident as i have ever been strong. allyson: in obama's final state of the union, the president cited his accomplishments over the last seven years, from the economy to health reform. >> anyone claiming that america's economy is in decline is peddling fiction. that's what the affordable care act is all about. it's about filling the gaps in employer-based care, so that when we lose a job, or go back to school, or start that new business, we'll still have coverage. allyson: he also looked past his presidency, telling americans they have a choice in the next collection taking shots at some , of the republicans running. many of the candidates took to social media. governor nikki haley delivered the republican party. haley is considered to be a potential vice presidential candidate.
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shoulder most responsibility for the country's problems, both parties played a role. >> there is more than enough blame to go around. we, as republicans, need to own that truth. we need to accept that we played a role in how and why our government is broken, and then, we need to fix it. allyson: she also called out the president for being, quote, "unwilling or unable to fix the terrorist threat." south carolina's u.s. senators are weighing in the president's final state of the union. senators lindsey graham and tim scott had this to say -- a majority of american's believe that our country is headed in the wrong direction. >> unfortunately, i believe they're right. and i heard nothing tonight to suggest that we're going to change course. at home, our economy is stagnate, and abroad, our nation is very much at risk. i heard nothing from the
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that we're actually going to destroy isil. and no change in economic policy. i fear 2016 will be a very dangerous year abroad and a challenging year here at home. i hope and pray i'm wrong. >> i think unfortunately the president keeps talking about working in a bipartisan fashion to move the country forward. that does not engender confidence in the american people and doesn't create the type of environment that allows us to accomplish great things for the most amazing people in the world, so it would be nice for the president to not come here and be condescending towards congress but actually look for a partner and making this country a better place and make the world a safer place. allyson: governor nikki haley's duties didn't end with her response last night. this morning she appeared on , n.b.c.'s "today" show, following backlash from her own party over her state of the union response. >> i respect all of those people and understand their opinion.
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i think that a lot of what we are trying to do is say the ankle -- the angry voices are not helpful. they should feel welcomed in this county. allyson: the two-term governor is the country's youngest governor and a rising star in the gop. >> i truly haven't thought about it near as much as you guys have. i've got a daughter that's a senior in high school. i've got a son in middle school, so i'm busy with basketball games and running the state. allyson: she goes on to say she has a lot to do in the state and she looks forward to doing it. you can watch more of the interview by going to our wyff 4 app and an update to a story we brough t you yesterday at noon. officials in spartanburg county are investigating after a woman was found bleeding from a possible shooting and jonathan was taken into custody sunday, facing weapon offenses. yesterday, scott war was over the scene as they searched the
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road for evidence. he told police his wife was bleeding in the yard. deputies say a woman was found face down in the grass on the side of a home last thursday night. deputies are not releasing any other details. also new at noon, spartanburg county officials are investigating the death of an upstate high school varsity basketball player. the coroner's office says 18-year-old nathan tyler moore was a senior at greer high school officals say grief counselers are on hand today for students and teachers. investigators say moore's cause of death is pending, but there's no indication of foul play. you are looking a surveillance pictures from an upstate store. as you can see, this man is holding a handgun while robbing the store. this happened saturday night at shop rite on sayre street in anderson. police are looking for this man on your screen. officials say he helped himself to several packs of cigarettes and cash from the store's register, then left in a white van. anyone with more information is asked to call crime stoppers at 1-888-crime-sc. new to the upstate, a company that makes products for the food
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is expanding. d & w fine pack plans to add 60 new jobs over the next five years. the company announced this morning it is investing $20 million into the plant in fountain inn. the money will be spent on new equipment and upgrading existing equipment. hiring is expected to start next summer. haywood county school officials say lower enrollment and reduced funding is leading to budget cuts and a possible closing of an elementary school. school officials say they are trying to make up a $2.4 million deficit in local funding. among planned reductions, 22 teaching positions and cuts in band and athletics. school officials are also studying the possible closing of central elementary school. results are expected to be released january 21. turning to commitment 2016 coverage now, the race for president is heating up as more candidates make their way to south carolina. a few candidates will talk with supporters in the lowcountry today, ahead of thursday's debate in north charleston. florida senator marco rubio will
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the water dog grill at noon. former governor mike huckabee is expected to be at the first baptist church of charleston on church street from 3:00 to 4:30. ohio governor john kasich will be holding a meet and greet at 5:15 at the cumberland street smokehouse. and also today, texas senator ted cruz will be at a rally from 6:00 to 8:00 tonight at the gatherings at dorchester. on thursday before the big event, carly fiorina will hold a town hall at the charleston crab house from 12:30 to 1:30 in the afternoon. rick santorum will have a town hall at moultrie street at 2:00 p.m. republican candidates debate tomrrow night will be at the north charleston performing arts center. democrats take their turn sunday night with a debate at the gaillard center in downtown charleston. the clemson tigers returned home last night to a warm welcome by thousands of fans. despite the cold weather, people lined up as the team returned. fans said they wanted their tigers to know that they're still number one even after that
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>> they did a fantastic job last night, fantastic. so i'm just here to support them and hopefully we'll have a better year next year. >> it means a lot. we've got fans that support us whether we win or lose. that's the great thing about clemson. we got a family here. allyson: the team arrived at the gates of death valley at around 9:00 last night, tired from their trip, but more than happy to sign autographs. the new national championship team landed at the birmingham shuttlesworth-international airport yesterday afternoon. they were greated by cheering alabama fans. a high school band was also there to welcome them by playing the alabama fight song. cheering allyson: from there, the team the motorcade pulled up to the alabams the university says a formal victory celebration will be planned in the com. covering the roads now, later
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department of transportation will begin the first major phase of the gateway project at the interchange of i-85 and 385 in greenville county. it's a $231 million project, the second largest dot project in state history. the new design should cut down on traffic back-ups. the dot says, on average, nearly 200,000 vehicles pass through the interchange every day. it's scheduled to finish in the summer of 2019. a charlotte native, who has loved the panthers since he was born, got a heartwarming surprise after a tragic accident. eric gomez's mother suffered a sudden brain aneurysm and died on christmas night. so to cheer eric up, his co workers reached out to the panthers and told the team they were looking for something that could brighten his day. the panthers responded to the letter with this care package full of panthers goodies and a message that read hashtag keep pounding. the full story is on our website
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coming up tonight at 5:00 on wyff news 4 -- >> the books or basically notebook paper covered in use put -- newspaper. allyson: the troop inspired her of african children. what she is doing to make a tonight. still to come, u.s. sailors detained in iran now free. ahead, we're learning how they strayed into foreign waters. dale: it has been a beautiful and sunny day so far. cold.
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allyson: making headlines today, officials said ten u.s. sailors detained by iran were released early this morning. the sailors nine men and one woman were taken into custody yesterday, when their two small u.s. navy vessels drifted into iranian-claimed waters during a training mission. nbnbs ali arouzi has more from tehran. ali: iran's powerful revolutionary guard issued a statement earlier today, saying that all ten american sailors had been freed with their vessels. initially, the revolutionary guard said that the sailors and their vessels had been apprehended in iranian waters
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and acting suspiciously. but later, a revolutionary guard admiral said that after an extensive investigation, they realized that the american vessels' navigation equipment had failed and they had accidentally strayed into iranian waters. they said that their activities were not suspicious nor were they here to conduct any sort of espionage. this c cld've been a major international incident between the united states and iran, but it was contained in a diplomatic fashion, which is in line with president rouhani's approach to international relations. this came at a sensitive time because we're only days away from implementation of the nuclear deal. the possibility of a crisis could have jeopardized that and the billions of dollars expected to flow into iran for sanctions relief. but the u.s. sailors weren't set free without a warning from iran's army chief. he said, let this be a warning to troublemakers in congress who want to impose more sanctions on iran.
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allyson: a federal appeals court has ruled wearing military medals that you haven't earned is free speech. the ruling came as judges overturned the conviction of elven swisher. swisher served in the marines and was convicted of wearing a purple heart he hadn't earned. monday, a panel of judges said it's protected by the first amendment. a teacher in santa fe is allegedly duct taping students' mouths. that's the claim a parent made this week during a parent-teacher conference. santa fe police are investigating. so far, nobody is facing charges, and the district says it can't comment or name the teacher. we do know that person is on paid leave until the investigation is over. in oklahoma, police were taken on a dramatic chase when the driver of a truck would not pull over. officers chased the truck reaching speeds of over 100 , miles an hour. at one point, the truck started going the wrong way on the interstate. thatats when officers made a decision to spin the car out. the driver then started a fight with the officers, but two
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driver into custody. an update to a story we told you about yesterday. a wanted man, who sent ohio police a selfie because he didn't like the mugshot police were using, has been captured. 45-year-old donald chip pugh failed to appear in court for a drunk driving case, but when he didn't like the mugshot that law enforcement used, he snapped a selfie and sent it to police, along with a message stating, here is a better photo, that one is terrible. police arrested pew yesterday -- pugh yesterday afternoon in florida. the powerball is tonight, and it is exciting, especially if you think you have won. a restaurant worker in new jersey quit his job after thinking he had one saturday's $900 million powerball jackpot. the man bought tickets and his numbers matched, but it turns out he wasasooking at the results from last wednesday's drawing, not saturday night's. no word on if he got his job back.
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starting to make its way around the country. the centers for disease control reports two states now have widespread flu activity, maryland and north carolina. cases have also increased somewhat in connecticut, iowa, massachusetts, new hampshire, pennsylvania and virgina. experts say there is still time to get a flu shot if you have not already. flu season typically peaks around february. in arkansas, waffle house says it has fired two employees at one of its locations after video emerged showing a worker dipping her hair into a pot of water in the restaurant's kitchen. a customer says they found hair in his food when they dined last week at a waffle house in forrest city. the customer says he watched one employee dipping her hair into the water pot on a stove in the restaurant's kitchen then drying it with a towel. they were able to get this all on camera. in a statement waffle house released, the company says the employees have been fired and the restaurant has passed a state health department inspection.
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dale: good afternoon. 12:17 as a look out from paris mountain to the city of it has been a beautiful and clear day. just up to 41. we expect mid 40's or the upstate this afternoon. it is breezy in the mountains with the breeze on lake hartwell, 40 six and sunny. from the asheville skycam, 35 degrees at wind out of the north, northwest at 12 and mountains. a little cooler than normal. that happens and you have clear nights this time of the year. over the past six hours, snow in ohio valley area and that is not expected to impact the carolinas or georgia. tomorrow, warmer than today and clouds build in as to get to friday. temperatures around the region look like this, still 30's in the mountains, the 40's and greenville, anderson at 46 and
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county, 48 in walhalla, easley i-43 and by the end of the afternoon, temperatures reach upper 40's for the upstate and we will be in the upper 30 range for the mountains. hendersonville at 38. the breeze out of the northwest at 10 to 15 does make it feel colder and it feels like it is in the 20's in hendersonville spartanburg feels like 38 with the breeze. january? averages 52 for a high and gsp. we will be about four degrees to five degrees cooler today. for the mountains, the average is 47. 38 today will be a good nine degrees cooler than what we typically see. tomorrow will be more mild and a low done in the gulf is expected to develop templates clouds to the southeast with a 70% chance of rain on friday. good news is it looks ago the one-day event and saturday and
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very cold for parts of the country, so we are enjoying pretty nice temperatures cocoared to a lot of folks. upper 40's by 3:00 this afternoon. for greenville-spartanburg-anderson and asheville will reach upper 30's and may top the 40 mark. tomorrow is better with has a 50 to 55. a good rain chance on friday, 46 in the mountains, 48 in the upstate. precipitation will fall during the cold morning hours and it could produce freezing rain.the change over to rain as the day goes on and should not be a serious problem. should there be delays, we will have that information in the morning on wyff news 4. allyson: thank you. a farm in virginia put out a call for volunteers to keep its herd of baby goats warm this winter. caromont farm is home to more than 120 goats, who make fresh and aged cheeses for the farmers. the request for some extra goat
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discovering that 90 baby goats, or kids, will be born this february. dale: how is that for your resume? the position of expert goat cuddler will require you to love, feed and play with the baby animals after they're born. back. have. that isn't that bad. dale: you might smell like a goat, but hey. allyson: still to come overdose , fears spark a recall of
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allyson: turning to money matters, the dow jones, nasdaq and s&p 500 all down. two types of children's cough syrup are being recalled because there is a risk of overdosing. perrigo is recalling boxes of its grape and cherry-flavored medicine after discovering a potential defect with the dosing cups. they were marked incorrectly. a starbucks employee has come up with a special way to celebrate valentine's day. tony, an employee of a starbucks in arizona, has come up with three new frappuccinos for customers to try on february 14. the three are called valentine frappuccino, love bean frappuccino, and the java berry frappuccino. the drinks can be made at any starbucks, but you have to order them by the ingredients and not the name.
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the obama administration will announce efforts thursday to boost self-driving cars. currently, there is no legal framework governing autonomous vehicles on u.s. roads. automakers and tech companies have called on regulators to clarify rules, partly out of concern an accident involving a self-driving car could lead to costly lawsuits. mark zuckerberg is encouraging facebook users to celebrate friend's day. that would be on february 4, which also happens to be facebook's 12th birthday. in a post, zuckerberg says friend's day is a moment to cherish the friendships that have made a difference in your life. he's encouraging users to share their stories of friendship. 12:25, a sunny day outside on
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come's school salute goes to calhoun academy of the arts... the office staff and administrators showed allyson: welcome back. you have a school salute. dale: yes, many of the school war origin purple and they were all in for the big game and we appreciate them sending in the picture. clemson plays basketball
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at 7:00. allyson: there 16th went, see if they can go 16-0. big night. we will definitely be there. taking a look outside, chilly. dale: a beautiful day, clear skies, temperatures reach into the upper 40's for the upstate and upper 30's or the mountains. clear and tomorrow, temperatures a little bit that her. allyson: thank you. geoff will be back tomorrow and we will see what that :00. -- at 5:00. ts, camera, access. >> i'm looking for a man to share all that with. >> beauty and the beast roars the headline. i'm billy bush with the fascinating history behind this may/december romance with the december half worth 11 bil. >> don't walk away from me. >> i'm terrified. >> she was texting with el
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>> the plot thickens when it comes to el chapo's hollywood
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