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tv   WYFF News 4 530pm  NBC  January 13, 2016 5:30pm-6:00pm EST

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carly fiorina's husband... made a stop in greenville tod nigel: carly fearing a possible husband made a stop in greenville today. we talk about his plan if his wife becomes president. >> and we look at the local impact of the politics surrounding climate change. gabrielle: more video there -- it's a big night as the clemson tigers take on the duke blue devils. announcer: you are watching live, local breaking news with nigel robertson, gabrielle komorowski and weather with john cessarich. this is wyff news four at 5:00 in high definition. gabrielle: back now with
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a school bus caught on fire this afternoon. nigel: officials say seven students from northwest middle and high school were on board. the bus driver pulled over on exeter way because of a problem with a gas pedal. the driver called for another bus. gabrielle: the live pictures you are looking at here is of the bus which appears to be getting towed. when the driver of the second bus arrived, they noticed claims coming out of the engine. no students were injured in the fire has been ruled electrical. stay with us and our mobile app for up dates. he says he doesn't want to be called first gentleman, who just wants to be called frank. nigel: the husband of carly fearing a was in the upstate and we were the only camera there as he talked about an issue very
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>> it is very hard. nigel: you may not recognize him but you would likely recognize his last name. frank the arena spent some time this morning -- he is the husband of gop presidential candidate carly fearing a. -- carly fiorina. helping people suffering from addictions is one of the goals of his family's donation. a couple lost their 34-year-old daughter seen here in the middle from addiction in 2009 and the pain, he says, is still there. >> it is not an easy thing to talk about. it is a very personal thing and honestly, we thought going into this about whether we should talk about it. first of all, she is our daughter and when people say how many kids do you have, i can't
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i had two daughters. nigel: that is why he said being here and seeing what this facility does is so important, providing not just a sober home for people. >> get him back into the workforce. nigel: he says his other passion would be helping veterans as well. >> is something i want to spend all my time on. if we are going to be there, i want to make a difference. nigel: he was so impressed with the facility, he says he's going to give them a donation of $25,000 from their foundation. gabrielle: his wife will be in the debate and charleston in the undercard debate but not the main stagenigel:. she will be alongside my cut the beat and ran paul but ran paul says he may not show up saying he doesn't want to participate any -- in anything that is not
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gabrielle: the debate takeaways tomorrow night. left for coverage after the debate at 11:00 tomorrow night. coming up at 6:00, what governor haley said on national television that angered some republicans. governor haley: during anxious times, it can be tempting to call -- to answer the siren call of the angry voices. we must resist the call. gabrielle: why that statement that some fellow gop members on the defensive. nigel: the debate over climate change is a major issue on the campaign trail. as part of our eight weeks, eight issues coverage, we look at the impact. chris justus is here with more. chris: we looked at the controversial plan to tie fema
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many felt it was being tied to a political hot button issue of climate change. scientists are split on the issue. on one side, some data suggests global temperatures have been rising at a much slower rate than originally forecast. the green is the actual surface and the blue is a satellite operations from nasa. there has not been a substantial rise in global temperatures. on the other hand, climate change scientists look at the melting sea ice there and say the rising sea level is one of the greatest concerns. regardless of where you stand on the issue, we will be impacted from the politics.
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the new requirements from the obama administration requiring state to recognize climate change as a threat and start planning to mitigate the threat or they could lose out on crucial disaster funding. that means when they are up for new, emergency management will have to make a decision. doug bryson told us emergency officials are waiting and watching to see how the election pans out in november before making their decision. locally, it is a cool day outside. temperatures have cooled into the 40's. john: some temperatures cooling down into the upper 20's. a chilly day today but at least we did not have to deal with all of the winds. in certain areas, we have really
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skies out there already below the freezing mark. mid 40's in spartanburg. 48 degrees in greenville. 50 currently in anderson. going to get warmer tomorrow and more interesting for the weekend. we will talk about that later on. gabrielle: for two days only, you can adopt a cat or kitten for three. greenville county animal care felines. this past summer, the home got a record 1330 felines. they are aiming for at least 50 cat adoptions this weekend. nigel: the tigers take on the tipoff is at 7:00. sunday.
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expect traffic in the downtown area to be very thick. you want to leave with plenty of time. gabrielle: a south carolina town making it easier for families with autism to take a beach trip.nigel: a local senior project is helping hundreds of african children. it's a story you will onl see
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if you have a child on the gabrielle: if you have a child on the autism spectrum know someone who does, one company is making your vacation planning easier. nigel: surfside beach will soon be making history. >> trying to create a judgment freezone for a few days. reporter: the surfside beach councils and the first ever rock automation to make the town the first ever autism friendly destination. >> rain low profile and less densely populated, it sounded like the perfect match. >> they want families to come here. it is quiet and it is small and we are ready to serve. it's the perfect place to kick
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reporter: the founders as more and more families call her each week after receiving a diagnosis. that inspired her to expand awareness. >> i am approaching it like a vacation or. the property management company understands the needs and may have family members on the spectrum and understand the selection process. reporter: a relaxing vacation is a challenge she fully understands. her own son has autism. >> there's so much to do here that you really can't come up with an objection. you have to leave the house to come here. nigel: to read more about this story, you can go to the view iff gabrielle: a wild story out of arkansas -- why two people who work at the waffle house were fired.
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her. john: look at this beautiful
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nigel: the eagles of berry college are going to be parents again. the mother laid eggs on january 7 and they are expected to hatch between february 11 and february 14. we will be keeping tabs on how they are doing and you can follow their progress on the very college eagles facebook page. gabrielle: twitter is working on a way to turn your tweets into advertisements. twitter plans to gather related tweets for advertisers to choose from. if your tweet is chosen, you will receive a direct permission from the advertiser to use your tweet. this will give visibility to products used by everyday people and some people may trust everyday users more than a
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nigel: the new apple update offers a feature called night shift. we told you about this yesterday but we now know how it works. the features uses your devices clock to figure out when the sunsets in your area. your device changes the display colors to warmer parts of the spectrum. it filters out the blue light that can keep your body from producing hormones that prevent you from going to sleep. gabrielle: a disturbing story out of arkansas. waffle house had to fire two of its employees after video emerged showing a worker dipping her hair into a pot of water. a customer said he found hair in his food at a waffle house in forest city and said he watched an employee get her hair into the water pot and then dry it with a towel. apparently the restaurant was
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the employees have been fired in the restaurant has since passed a state inspection. nigel: remember this car completely encased in ice? it's beginning to melt away. he came back to find it undrivable for the time being. you can see much more of this car is still pretty frozen. john: pictures showing clear skies outside. clouds may come from kentucky precipitation. how about this live shot as the sun continues to go down. clear skies and a little ripples on the lake as the sun continues to go down.
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31 degrees and below the freezing mark in boone. upper 40's in greenville. northeastern georgia looks like this. 47 in cornelia. 50's and chilly temperatures running a few degrees below average. tomorrow, it's going to be a nice, mild afternoon. enjoy it while you can because it is going to get much colder as we go through the weekend. there is that northwest breeze in asheville. the winds will continue to die down and humidity levels are extremely low.
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mid 40's along the grand strand in myrtle beach. a little piece of energy moving through with a clipper reducing one to three inches of snow. you could see more than that as the dry air sweeps across the road and pushes the snow downstream. a little rain moving through the florida keys. high pressure for us all the way out into the plains states. this system is going to push down and might bring us some interesting weather this week. this will give us some rain as we go into friday. it might be cold enough to see snow showers across the area. zero right now at international falls, minnesota.
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almost a zonal pipe flow aloft, so it will be a nice warm-up that it's not going to last very long. clear skies tonight. 23 degrees in the mountains. a cold start to the day with levy of sunshine but the winds will shift out of the west southwest and gusty from time to time bringing in milder temperatures. 53 in the mountains. a pleasant afternoon after a cold start. rain coming in from the southwest and then we get a break on saturday. not too bad of a day and then cold and dry conditions monday, tuesday and wednesday. how about sunday? a 30% chance of light snow or
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most computer models have dry conditions for the entire day. one of the models is showing somewhat snow mixed with the rain. snow showers for the mountains. snow showers across the area with that northwesterly flow along the tennessee line. nigel: skip 17 -- sent in these victors of his neighbors jordan is easily. they're all in for clemson. gabrielle: check out the car -- look at all of those flags. out of their team win or lose. make sure you keep those pictures coming. we would love to show them here on the air.
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virginia put out a call to keep its heard of baby goats warm this winter. they are home to more than 120 goats and the request for extra goat smugglers came after they discovered 90 lady goats are expected to be born. 24 hours after a goat is worn, the farm start bottlefeeding the babies. volunteers will work for hour shifts. >> it's basically a book covered in newspaper. gabrielle: a life saving trip for this teenager. it inspired her to save the lives of hundreds of african children.
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gabrielle: it started as a senior project for an upstate student but it turned into a life changing moment for many in africa. >> they all have to be like a
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the great they don't go up with each other. reporter: how often do you see a high school senior figuring out moving container logistics? while we are asking questions, how often do you see more than 16,000 donated books being shipped to kenya? >> it went from one library to supplying for five different schools. reporter this her seniord >> there were maybe 10 books for classroom and each one was a quarter of the size of this room in here. they would fit 50 kids each in their. the books were basically paper covered in newspaper. the family's garage is free
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on the way thanks to donated warehouse space and a shipping container. >> you can make a difference. little things in gods hands can become huge and it's a privilege to be able to do those things. whatever your dream is, go for it and watch him work. reporter: a life-changing gift for hundreds of children. >> knowing these kids will be reading books for the first time, it's probably one of the most rewarding things i've done. gabrielle: she grows -- she goes to greer middle college charter high school. nigel: thanks for joining us. news four at 6:00 with mike and carol starts now. announcer: this is wyff news four at 6:00 in high definition. mike: deputies continue to
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carol: and some clemson tigers are making their decision to go pro or stay in school. mike: they have arrested the husband of a woman shot and left for dead. carol: but he has nothing to do with his wife who was left for dead. reporter: deputies have not arrested anyone for the shooting . the deputy remains in the hospital. >> the spartanburg county sheriff says stephanie bachelor is in the hospital. >> we need your help with this. reporter: deputies are trying to figure out who shot her multiple times. according to the report, her husband found her face down in the grass near highway 290. >> we want to know why this lady was treated that way. reporter: dive crews searched for evidence.
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