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tv   WYFF News 4 6pm  NBC  January 13, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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husband, jonathan. investigators say he was caught with a gun in the area near her home. the arrest is not connected to the shooting of his wife. there has been no arrests in the shooting. a neighbor? until we put a person in jail, be attentive to what is going on around your home. did you year a gunshot or see something abnormal those days? reporter: deputies say stephanie bachelor's car was taken after the was later found nearby. if you have any information, call crime stoppers. mike:the man who opened fire in a louisiana movie theater left a journal that mentions the accused in the charleston church
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today, police said it mentions roof and the charleston shooting, referring to him as green but good. he killed two people and wounded nine in the louisiana heater last july and and killed himself. the journal also rants about political figures, the media and others. zachary henderson offered someone money to kill his former girlfriend according to court records. he was charged with solicitation to commit a felony and attempted murder. carol: authorities want your help identifying man caught on store. this man is holding a handgun while robbing the store. anyone with more information is asked to call crime stoppers. a henderson county man is
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a 23-year-old was arrested. the incident happened around 6:00 on tuesday night. the victim suffered a life-threatening wound. he's being held at the henderson county did tension center. michael:an investigation into a high school basketball player, a senior at greer high. investigators say his cause of death is unknown but there's no indication of foul play. carol: haywood county schools are making budget cuts that could end up closing the school. they are trying to make up a 2.4 million dollar deficit in funding. school officials are studying the possible closing of central elementary school. the results are expected to be released on january 21. michael:civil rights groups are planning to disrupt the traffic
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corey davis has more on why they plan to demonstrate. reporter: leaders of those local groups say they want to get the attention of police. local activists say this arrest has added to their frustration. they accuse police of using excessive force when they say handcuffs. his face is bruised and his tooth appears to be chipped. here's another photo claiming this is how he looked after he was released from jail. according to the incident report, officers on the scene said they had to take into the ground after they say he did not cooperate. greenville police chief responding to the posts saying the pictures don't match and williams did not follow
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he asked black lives matter to hold a rally. >> we hope no one is arrested but the message overall as we want law enforcement to know we are sick and tired of the games and our lives. reporter: the group held their first meeting in the upstate yesterday.right now, there is no date for the possible protest on woodruff road. carol: turning to the weather with a live look outside, a pretty day but it does feel like january. michael:we have a couple of meteorologist on the case. what do you think? john: we have been talking about el nio for the last three or four months and in the early part of late fall or early winter, that would
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temperatures, but then it starts to get more active and get colder as we get into the winter months. chris: all of our oscillations, this is up for an interesting pattern this weekend. john: round one which swept the irs quickly, but round to will be interesting. chris: this moves through on wednesday night but it could be snowfall. john: you can see the precipitation rates and the rain snow line. look what happens when we get into saturday night and sunday morning. it is to the south which means we could be cold enough to see wet snow. chris: even if it does snow here, maybe it doesn't snow a
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john: what is interesting is it would probably be a wet snow. i think the roads will probably be fine. the european model that we rely on, it has the rain and snow line here, cold enough for snow but no moisture. chris: the european model has been overdoing it, so this could be exaggerated will stop things could change in the next few days. john: about 30% chance. not really high but we will keep you up hated over the next two days. michael:wyff news four investigating and how much money the federal government has handed out to people following the flooding this past fall.
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gabriella: about 100 alien dollars has been given out to people over south carolina. a family of five would receive a debit card with $771. our investigation uncovered thousands of people tried to get money state could not prove they needed it. we showed you the long lines in greenville. all of the people said it affected them. greenville, spartanburg and greenwood counties qualify for disaster assistance. department of social services says 25,000 people have received money but about 4000 people in the upstate loan showed up to get money but were turned away because they couldn't prove they had been impacted by talmost twice 6000 people were turned away.
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prosecuted for false claims. the day after that story aired, a number of people canceled their assistance. we will keep you posted. >> i think a lot of what we are trying to do is say those angriest voices are not helpful for topmichael:governor nikki haley being criticized because of what she said in response to the state of the union address carol:. carol:are you feeling lucky? the big powerball drawing is just moments away. michael:traffic really starting to pick up. it's going to happen in just under an hour. with that a preview on news
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michael:the reviews on governor haley's response our paris and. carol: some of the loudest critics are from her own party. reporter: many top republicans praised governor haley's response including senator lindsey graham and senator tim scott. but outside the state, some republicans were not impressed. governor haley: as we usher in this new erareporter: -- reporter:it was the seventh that angered many in her own party. governor haley: during anxious times, it can be tempting to culvert -- two go for the siren call. reporter: many believe that was a shout out to donald trump.
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this morning, governor haley told the today show that she disagrees with her critics. >> the reason this country is so great is because the fabric of america is made by immigrants. >> a clear shot at trump, which i think a lot of people think needs to be done to tone things down. reporter: the south carolina republican party also praised the governorthe white house praised her for her powerful leadership in the aftermath of the charleston church shootings, leading to more questions about whether vice president. decision, a state decision. i would it down and talk with anyone who wanted to talk about it will stopreporter: the governor told reporters she considers donald trump a friend
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should not be taken personally by any candidate. carol: millions will be watching tonight at six numbers are announced that could turn someone into a billionaire. john: satellite picture showing things pretty clear outside but changes are on the way. light winds with play of sunshine. marco rubio. he ran for senate saying he opposed amnesty... then he flipped, and worked with liberal chuck schumer to co-author the path to citizenship bill. he threatened to vote against it. and then voted for it. he supported his own dream act and then he abandoned it. marco rubio. just another washington politician you can't trust. jeb bush. he's a leader, so you always know where he stands. right to rise usa
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carol: this is the question people across the country have been asking -- what would you do
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michael:share with my beloved coanchor. someone could be closer to having that answer. two nights drawing is $1.5 billion and the cash value for that massive jack is $930 million right now. what would you do with it? >> take care of my family. my brothers my sisters, my kids and then donate a little to charity. >> i will be moving my family out to a private island in florida. i will get my kids homeschooled and live the dream. michael:what do you do if you have the winning ticket? the education lottery says you should sign the back of the ticket. next, seek legal counsel because
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place. and finally, you need to drive to columbia to collect your winnings. you have until 10:00 to buy your ticket tonight. just give it to me. i will keep it safe for you. plenty of sunshine. maybe a few clouds late tonight along the north carolina and tennessee line. 26 we started off this morning. six degrees below average. 22 we started off this morning. five degrees low average. tomorrow, we will be above
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it's not going to last long, so enjoy a tomorrow afternoon. live shot in town square with clear skies. look how cold it is -- 30 in the mountains in boone. at the freezing mark in franklin. through the upstate, temperatures not too bad. 43 in gaffney. 54 the warm spot in walhalla right now. cold temperatures across the area with winds starting to die down considerably. humidity levels very low in downtown greenville. just barely above the freezing
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49 degrees in charleston. not that in miami. even with a lot of clouds there, most of the showers are down in the florida keys. 24 degrees in cincinnati. a fast clipper moving through parts of the valley. downwind from some of the lakes enhanced by lake effect, you could see more than three inches of snow. high pressure dominates the weather all the way back to hear. just joining forces with a system in the gulf and then it gets colder. cold high pressure to the south tomorrow morning. milder temperatures tomorrow afternoon.
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morning, a lot of clouds and then some rain comes in as this storm tracks off to the southeast. clear skies with a cold breeze from time to time. tomorrow, bright sunshine and a milder afternoon. quickly warming up at lunchtime. a pleasant afternoon with high temperatures 53 degrees. that beautiful afternoon tomorrow, cooler temperatures into friday night and a break from the precipitation. sunday is the big day. we could see somewhat snow mixed with some of the rain that most of the computer models have us dry. carol: coming up, ricardo is
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>> shawn watson may be the recipient of the rg gryphon award. he became the first play to pass for 4000 yards and rushed for 1000 more. tonight smashup between clemson and do, but before we talk
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declaring intentions to enter the draft starts with mackenzie alexander. this is the guy they figure will be taking high a draft. they are all making their announcements today on social media. wayne goleman tweeted today he will be coming back to tiger town. let's get back why we are here. clinton and duke battling tonight and both of these teams right now atop the acc standings. they are now three and one in acc play but this will be the
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one of three teams still undefeated in the acc but no matter what the outcome is, they feel like they've have turned the corner. it all started with that loss to the bulldogs. >> just staying close. believing in each other. we had a quick little bond and after that, everything has been good. >> a visit tuscaloosa tonight. they will take on alabama and head coach frank bonds is a big fan of avery johnson. >> the day i met him, he was coaching the brooklyn that and he was at the peach jam watching his son play and i went up to him and said i've got to tell you i have been one of your biggest fans just because of
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and he started laughing and said i'm a fan of yours. we ended up having a long conversation and we exchanged numbers that day and we remain in touch. >> tipoff is set for 9:00. tipoff will come at the top of the hour. we will have highlighted on election coming up at 11:00. michael:john: ought to be fun. lots of sunshine and milder temperatures tomorrow.
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