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tv   WYFF News 4 11pm  NBC  January 13, 2016 11:00pm-11:34pm EST

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>> these numbers aren't going to have the pay off at all. they are free. 27 right now in boone. already 21 degrees in franklin. 36 degrees in anderson. chilly temperatures but seasonably chilly temperaturesheclear skies with very little windndo speak of. your wake-up weather looks like this. sunrise at 7:36 a.m. temperature around 28 degrees. when you wake up 23 degrees. the temperatures are pretty close to where they should be at this time of year. an interesting storm system over
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anchor: millions of lottery players hope that six little balls will translate into a big payoff. the lottery jackpot has grown to $1.5 billion, the largest in history. he did catch up with some of the powerball players tonight. they were looking to strike it rich. john: the poll is plenty powerful. the powerball pot is peaking at over $1.5 billion. that is plenty of passed away
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pocket.players are picking. >> i'm going to pick one number and the rest i'm going to lead to chance. >> i have got the winning ticket. i would have really big dreams. i'm a volleyball coach. i would get a facility that is really big. >> they would be a lot of surprises for a lot of people. john: retailers are profiting two. hacking away a percentage of each play. perhaps this is the perfect match where it is in your possession. we will see how it all plays
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anchor: if you want tonight, who will be your most important ally? your attorney? your financial planner? your spouse? you notice we don't put your long-lost uncle alf. the attorney and the financial planner beating out the spouse. the gunman behind the deadly rampage in a louisiana movie theater left a journal. dylann roof's name was mentioned in it. dylann roof is accused of gunning down people in the ame church entrustment. they released his journal. he said thank you for the wake-up call dylan. hauser shot and killed people before fatally shooting himself inside the theater. the journal he also shared his
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it could become the first protest led by the upstate chapter of the black livesthey say police used excessive force in the case. >> people would pay attention to attention some of the things that are happeni bruce wilson's group is playing teaming up with members of black answers to their claims of excessive force.his booking photo taken in december. his face is bruised and his tooth appears to be chips. here is another photo circulate on facebook claiming in this is how he looked after he was released from jail and entire tooth is missing in this picture. police chief ken miller posted to facebook and responded
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between the two photos and said that williams resisted every effort of the officers to let's go back to the arrest. the dash cam video recorded on december 15. williams is in the black. he was the passenger in that red car. they stop the two men because the vehicle registration was expired. they also found weed inside the passenger door. william started cursing and saying it wasn't his marijuana. they say williams resisted arrest. the officers about to place williams on the hood of the car to become.they moved out of the view of the camera.
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turn around. that is an officers say they took him to the ground. wilson believes the officers went too far because williams was already handcuffed. he says he didn't see any sign of williams resisting arrest and wants that charge dropped. anchor: the entire interview with the chief and the entire dash cam video are on our website. the county sheriff's asking for your help in finding the shooter who left the mother of two for dead. they arrested her husband but for an unrelated crime. investigators say someone shot her multiple times when she got home from work along greenville road on thursday. this is a picture of her from a gofundme page. they found her facedown on the ground.
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>> we want to know why this lady was treated that way. we want to put right person in jail for it. make them accountable. please help us. anchor: a rested her husband jonathan batchelor on sunday. he was caught carrying a gun. did he say his arrest has nothing to do with the shooting of his wife.anchor: a man stands accused tonight of hiring a man to kill his ex-girlfriensacra henderson offered someone $2700 to kill his ask. court records show henderson was charged back in november witsolicitation for a felony and attempted murder as well. that person turned down the offer. they are investigating the death
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the coroner's sschool say grief they have not released his cause of death. a follow-up to a developing story. iran has freed those sailors that it took yesterday. iranian state tv showed footage of them being released. interested toward an island in the persian gulf. the boaa had had mechanical trouble. they say the sailors were heading to a u.s. military facility in qatar but there is no indication the sailors were harmed. anchor: u.s. oil prices briefly dipped below $30 a barrel for the first time in 12crude oil declined 3%. this is great news for american drivers. aaa reports the average price of
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this compares to two 79 gallon. al jazeera tv is shutting down. it was announced that a staff meeting today. the stations last a on the air will be april 30. experts say the decision to shut down may be linked to those falling oil prices. the al jazeera media group is owned by the oil-rich government of qatar. the husband of carly fiorina was in the upstate. he spent some time touring the solutions recovery center in greenville. it helps people suffering from addiction. one of the goals of his family foundation. the couple watched their 34-year-old daughter died of addiction in 2009. frank says the pain is still there. if his wife is elected president, fighting addiction will be his mission.
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differenceanchor: he was so impressed with the facility he said he was going to give them a donation of $25,000. the stage is set for another debate among the republicans for president. it will happen tomorrow in north charleston. seven candidates are due on the main stage. donald trump ben carson ted cruz marco rubio chris christie john kasich and jeb bush.the other candidates will appear in the so-called undercard. on its former play-by-play announcer tonight. he was the bearcats radio announcer for more than 30 years. it was the voice of the women's basketball team. the school honored him during tonight's game. the men's team hosted the rivals. the 71-year-old retired from the microphone following last year's season.
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powerball number827 34 41910 through the other lottery numbers for you tonight. marco rubio. he ran for senate saying he opposed amnesty... then he flipped,
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to co-author the path to citizenship bill. he threatened to vote against it. and then voted for it. he supported his own dream act and d en he abandoned it. marco rubio. just another washington politician you can't trust. jeb bush. he's a leader, so you always know where he stands. right to rise usa
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bill cosby will not be deposed anchor: bill cosby will not be deposed in massachusetts but his wife will. he is accused of d fame and seven women in connection with sexual assault allegations. he now faces criminal charges in pennsylvania. camille cosby will be deposed on february 22. a federal court has ruled that wearing military medals you have not earned is free speech. it overturned the conviction of eldon swisher who would been convicted of violating the stolen val act. he were a purple heart that he had not earned. the panel found that conveying military medals is conveying a message. the changes ahead for fortune 500 company general electric.
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the decision came after reports that connecticut intended to raise s tax by another $750 million. the company employs about 5700 people in connecticut. the company is receiving an incentive package for that move. in virginia a farm is looking for volunteers to snuggle with the goats. the farm expects about 90 newborn goats and it needs volunteers who will snuggle with an feed all of the babies. newborn goats have to be bottle-fed four times a day. they must also be kept farm worker said the volunteers also get to learn something. this is not april 1. no experience is necessary.
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ice encasing it. cursing the tow truck. workers found the car and pulled and pulled. the driver parked outside a restaurant along lake erie. that car. temperatures dropped causing the car to be covered in a thick layer of ice. >> take a look at your satellite picture. clear skies and expect clear skies for the remainder of the night. we started off a 26 degrees this morning. it warmed up to 50 degrees not too bad. just two degrees below the average for this time of year. it started off at 22 degrees this morning. five degrees below the average for this time of year. tomorrow we will be way above average. but only tomorrow. after that the cooling trend comes back all the way through
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weather as we get into next week. temperature is 36 degrees. right at the freezing mark in hendersonville. across the area. a little dip right there. right next door 42 degrees. everybody else is in the 30's. 34 degrees in spartanburg. for a little wind to speak of. making a little bit cooler.
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51, pretty chilly for lando. 27 degrees in cincinnati. 41 in st. louis. yesterday we had won the produced about one to three inches oin the ohio river valley. you can see more than three inches of snow in extremely cold air sweeps across the relatively and then just streams a downstream. 19 degrees in cleveland. -16 degrees in international falls in minnesota. this is some of the coldest air we've seen this winter. tomorrow high pressure to our south a cold start.
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tomorrow afternoon. and here comes our storm system out of the gulf of mas we get into friday morning a lot of clouds and this could be a quick shot. most of the heaviest rain most a offshore southeast. from the midlands to the coast linea little batch some showers may come in later on friday night. a stronger system is farther south. to computer models indicates no. it has shifted farther north. clear skies with light winds overnight low 28. bright sunshine tomorrow and the milder afternoon.
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sunny skies and a pleasant afternoon. friday here comes the rain. on sunday just about a 30 to 40% chance of some rain or snow showers. right now it doesn't look like much of a storm system at all. carol: thank you. >> that is what it's expected when you have a roster full of nfl talent that almost wanted title. clemson knocks off another ranked opponent at the well tonight.
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clemson quarterback deshaun watson was named the 2015 receipient of the archie griffin award ... clemson quarterback was named the recipient of the archie griffin the most valuable player in college football.
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the tigers have turned the corner since starting league play. now the team's biggest test of the season against ninth-ranked duke. one of three teams yet to lose a conference game. tigers trailing by three. he shoots the bell and arrow. clemson that captures the lead. 5350 clemson leads. led duke with 17. clemson now up by three. you could cut it down to one with under 20 seconds to go. he slams at home and he led the tigers with 17.
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they beat consecutive ranked 1989. we had so many guys make plays. we lost to a really good team. they have been playing lights out basketball. they are old and experienced and well coached. that showed up. that was the difference. >> undefeated south carolina is on the road this evening. the gamecocks one of two undefeated teams left in men's
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down 26 in the second half. that was the first basket for the gamecocks in 14 minutes. south carolina gets its first loss of the year. there is plenty of nfl talent on the clemson roster. they said a school record for wins this seasonthe exodus of those talented players began today. quarterback mckinsey alexander and three others all making their announcements today on soalexander is projected to be a first-round selection in the upcoming draft.he will stay it clemson for his junior season. set a single-season rushing mark this past year. the carolina panthers will host the seattle seahawks this sunday
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the two teams met back in week six. they rallied from a fourth-quarter deficit. the win at the time snapped a five-game winning streak for the seahawks.seattle comes in having won five of the last six. carolina is also a different team. we are a different team and so are they. kickoff at bank of america stadium sunday at 1:00. that may be the best game on that divisional playoff schedule.
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carol: you might have forgotten about the ticket.
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my wife connie after got some tickets today so she is asleep should i wake hethat's a great idea. enjoy the mild afternoon tomorrow.
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