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tv   WYFF News 4 530am  NBC  January 14, 2016 5:30am-6:00am EST

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allyson: counting down to the first debate of the year. what to expect year from the candidates in that. geoff: a record powerball winning ticket sold in three states and there may be more. winning numbers in just a moment as you take a look at one of the places where the ticket was spot in california. somebody is like, i'm not coming to work for a while. they say sometimes winning the tickets make it the worst because everybody wants to be your friend. dale: it would make your life different. take a look, we stay dry today with lows off of florida and in the gulf of mexico which will channel cloud cover into the southeast. that means rain for friday afternoon and friday night. today we stay dry with cold and chilly temperatures in the morning climbing to mid and upper 50's or the afternoon.
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provide at 28, waynesville at 22 and may 20's and fletcher. by the end of the day, mid-50's expected for the mountains. the upstate starting out in the low 30's and feels colder with the breeze out of the southwest at five to eight and it makes the wind chill feel like 27 and greenville, 26 in spartanburg. it will feel nice and reach into the upper 50's for the upstate, 57 to 58 by 2:00 in the mountains and temperatures reach new mid-fifties today. we will talk about that rain tomorrow in a few minutes.geoff: thank you. breaking overnight, multiple winners to the largest powerball jackpot in u.s. history. allyson: a spokesman for the california lottery first announced a winning powerball ticket from a store in suburban los angeles. lottery official also say tennessee and florida. no word yet on any other winners. numbers to see if you might have won.
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the powerball, 10. while you may not have hit the jackpot, you may have one something. geoff: aly myles joins us live with what to do if you did match some of those numbers. aly: good morning. they could win about $1 million, better than a poke in the eye. if you look at the screen at qt, you will see this $40 million, it is funny to say only $40 million. the last time we saw this was november 4. powerball retailers last night were busy selling to last minute players before the numbers were drawn. here's video from the q.t. i'm now at. you can see a much busier seen. you can see a steady stream of buyers looking to pick the right numbers, quite different than it is now.
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plan if they beat the odds. >> i would have really big dreams. i'm a volleyball coach, so i would open a facility that was really big and do it the right way. i'd like to build some shelters in multiple cities for homeless and pet shelters. >> i'll find something to do with it. i have three daughters, so i will find something to do with it. aly: now, the jackpot is not the only option. there are eight other ways to win. should you find that you've matched four white and the powerball number, that's a $50,000 dollar prize. if you matched all five white numbers, that's a million dollar prize. officials say to first sign the back of the ticket and keep it in a safe place. and then you'd have to drive to columbia with the ticket to claim one of those larger prizes. in order to do that, you will have took the lead out and any convenience store. aly myles wyff news 4 live in greenville. geoff: thank you.
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numbers they are 8, 27, 34, 4, , 19, and the powerball, 10. allyson: turning to commitment 2016 the republican presidential , candidates face off in the first debate of the year. the debate is tonight and it takes place in charleston. geoff: fox business network will host the debate and focus on economic, domestic and international policy issues. it will be held at theheorth charleston coliseum and performing arts center. the seven candidates in the main debate are donald trump, senator ted cruz, senator marco rubio, ben carson, governor c cis christie, jeb bush and governor john kasich. carly fiorina, mike huckabee and rick santorum will all be in the so-called undercard debate which takes place earlier in the evening. senator rand paul did not qualify for the main debate and is boycotting the event. allyson: the man accused of shooting down nine people inside the emanuel ame church in charleston is mentioned in the journal of a gunman in a deadly theatre shooting. the gunman behind the rampage inside a louisiana movie theater left behind a note saying, quote, "thank you for the wake up call, dylann," referring to dylann roof. police in louisiana released the copy of john houser's journal. police said houser shot and
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nine others before fatally shooting himself inside the theater. in the journal, houser also shared his thoughts on political figures, the media, and other races. geoff: turning to local headlines, a man died yesterday afternoon after a crash involving a tractor-traildouglas uda cold into the path of a tractor-trailer on highway eight in greenville county and flown to the hospital, but he later diedallyson: an upstate man pleaded guilty to conspiracy to traffic children for prostitution. dylan patterson is 19 and the fifth person to plead guilty in connection to the sex rain. the others pleaded guilty in december. the men recruited children and young women. geoff: the spartanburg county sheriff is asking for your help finding the shooter who left a mother of two o die. deputies say they arrested her husband but for an unrelated crime. investigators say someone shot stephanie batchelor multiple times as she got home from work
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thursday. she was still in the hospital. this is a picture of her from a gofundme page. deputies say her husband found her face down in the grass. her car was gone, but it was later found nearby. >> we want to know why this lady was treated this way and we want to put the right person in jail for it and make them accountable. please, help us. geoff: deputies say they arrested her husband johnathan batchelor on sunday. according to a report, he was caught carrying a gun at a store, though his concealed weapons permit was expired. deputies say his arrest has nothing to do with the shooting of his wife. allyson: a taylors man stands accused of trying to hire someone to kill his ex-girlfriend. warrants say 27-year-old zacherey henderson offered someone $2700 to kill his ex. court records show henderson was charged back in november with solicitation to commit a felony and attempted murder. the sheriff's office says that
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offer of money. geoff: spartanburg county officials are investigating the death of an upstate high school varsity basketball player. the coroner's office says 18-year-old nathan tyler moore was a senior at greer high school. school officials say grief counselors were on hand yesterday for students and teachers. investigators have not yet released his cause of death but say there's no indication of foul play. allyson: dale joins us and you say it will be mild. dale: it will be really nice in the mid to upper 50's. don't let that companies you. it is cold this morning, but it warms up nicely with a southwesterly breeze. my paris mountain skycam, 33 degrees as we look back to the city of greenville with a nice clear sky. we will have that southwesterly breeze assuring in mild afternoon temperatures. we go from teens in western
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asheville, 33 in boone and across the upstate and piedmont in the low to mid 30's. about a six to 10 miles per hour breeze does make it feel like it is in the 20's, so dress warmly. it is pleasant by the afternoon, 50 eight today and 54 in the mountains. cooling down by 10 degrees tomorrow with rain coming in at 2:00 or 3:00 in the afternoon tomorrow. mid to upper 40's tomorrow. saturday it rebounds to 54 for the upstate, 45 in the mountains. sunday will be cooler and cooler again on monday. just reaching 32 in the mountains and 41 in the upstate. a cold spell for the first of next week and we should climb back by the end of the week. peter: good morning to you. i'm peter alexander in south fraying between frontrunner donald trump and ted cruz.
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debate stage behind us here in north charleston. the two men, the fight between them now suffocating the establishment candidates from the opportunity to share their story. they'll try to do that tonight. marco rubio confident that he'll perform well, but chris christie has become increasingly aggressive in his attacks, even referring to donald trump's position to ban muslims from entering the country as stupid law enforcement. we'll have the latest when we see you, coming up on "today." look, i know you're a cow and all. and you may not know what i'm talking about,
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ricardo good morning. : i'm ricardo lecompte. and the tigers have turned the corner since starting acc play. on sunday, a knocked up louisville and on wednesday, they hosted ninth-ranked duke, looking for back-to-back wins for the first time since 1989. second half, tigers trailed by donte grantham drills the treythree, and shoots the bow and arrow. he scored 16, ties the game at 50. clemson then captures the lead. jaron blossomgame from the corner. knocks down the three and the tigers with the three point advantage. grayson allen led duke with 17 and pulls them within one. clemson up three in the landry second half. nnoko, with one of his four blocks, also scored 12 points. we go the other way. avry holmes, no, but jordon roper, yes. clemson leads by five. duke terms it to one with under 20 seconds to go and roper with a nice dive to blossomgame for the flush.
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with 17. another ranked team goes down at the well. 68 to 63. undefeated south carolina on the road last night visiting alabama. the gamecocks were one of two undefeated teams until they ran into this man, riley doris. he tied his career high in the first 20 minutes with 18 points. gamecocks trail 35 to 22 at break. second half, usc now down 26, duane notice and one. that was the first basket for the gamecocks in 14 minutes. alabama rolling away with this one. they upset the 19th-ranked team in the country and south carolina suffers their first loss of the year, falling 73 to 50. outdoors.
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look, i know you're a cow and all. and you may not know what i'm talking about, but, uh. the yogurt made from your milk, is delicious. mmmm, yoplait. >> now, your live super doppler
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dale: it is 5:47. good morning. this is that wofford and gibbs field looking back at the spartanburg skyline, 32 and calm. a little breeze out of the southwest at about five to 10 and that makes it feel colder. temperatures ranging from greenville's 33 to anderson's 35. we are seeing 35 and walhalla and pickens at 22, easley at 25 and by the end of the day, it warms up nicely. we see these teens, 20's and 30's climb to the mid to upper 50's or the afternoon. nonohwesterly breeze in the mountains at 11 in hendersonville. the upstate does make it feel
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27 is the wind chill for greenville. 52 is a good average, and today we do better, getting up to 58 with sunny skies. asheville normally sees 47, how about 54? 54 to 55 and dissipated today. more clouds build with close down in the gulf of mexico and that will ring clouds starting overnight tonight and into tomorrow. by 2:00 to 3:00, we get rain in the region on friday and it could continue into friday night and clear was saturday and sunday with colder temperatures from the north making the way down south or the first of next week. if you are headed down to the beach, 58 on saturday, 51 on sunday and 40's on monday. same story for the upstate,: the mountains. this afternoon, 58 for the upstate, 54 to 55 for western north carolina.
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warmest. tomorrow, highs to mid to upper 40's with a 60% to 80% chance of rain. saturday and sunday look dry and cooler weather with low 30's in the mountains next week and low 40's in the upstate. a cold snap for the first of next week. geoff: thank you. here are some headlines you'll want to follow today. a dismal start to year on wall street gets worse and stocks tumble again on fears of a global slowdown and alarm over plummeting oil prices. the browns snatch hue jackson from cincinnati bengals. the bengals'ffensive coordinator, becomes the struggling browns' eighth head coach since 1999 and sixth since 2008. it is the first debate of the new year. and i, the republican candidates square off. allyson: this time, it could be a game changer. nikole killion with more on what to expect.
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they, but the first of 2016, giving the candidates and other chance to make an impression before they get ready to cast their ballot. in charleston, a smaller stage will be set as seven are slated to appear in prime time. expect all eyes on ted cruz and donald trump, in and that connect grayson iowa were voting begins in two weeks. they are clamoring to get back in the mix after being booted to the undercard, along with carly fiorina. rand asked the republican party to reconsider, but box is this says they had no plans to give candidates a second look. nikole killion wyff news 4. geoff: thank you. the husband the gop candidate carly fiorina was in the upstate yesterday. frank fiorina spent some time touring the solutions recovery
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helping people suffering from addictions is one of the goals of his families foundation. the couple lost their 34-year-old daughter lori, seen here in the middle, from addiction in 2009. frank say pain is still there. he said if his wife is elected president, this, and helping veterans, will be his mission. >> it's something i want to spend d l my time on. if we are going to be there, i'm going to make a difference. geoff: fiornia was so impressed with the facility, he said he was going to give them a donation of $25,000 from their foundation. allyson: a police chase ended in dramatic fashion right outside of nbc affiliate keci's doors, and the entire incident was caught on tape. this happened in montana. officials say the chase started when a woman was seen driving recklessly. police said she took off when they tried to pull her over. keci security footage caught the car, eventually coming to a stop on the sidewalk, right next to the station.
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lockdown, police arrived and officers surrounded the car. the woman was finally was taken into custody. geoff: a federal appeals court has ruled that wearing military medals that you haven't earned is free speech. a federal court in san francisco court overturned the conviction of elven swisher. he's a marine, who had been convicted of violating the stolen valor act. he wore a purple heart he hadn't earned. a panel of judges found that wearing military medals conveys a message, and that message is protected by the first amendment. in buffalo, a breakthrough as frozen car breaks to the ice, encasing it. it's sliced through the ice courtesy of a tow truck. , workers covered the car in calcium then pulled and pulled. the driver parked outside a rereaurant along lake erie sunday. the problem lake waves splashed , and covered the car. then, the temperatures dropped causing the car to become , encased in a thick layer of ice. that is something. allyson: the oscar nominations are announced this morning in
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this is video from last year's nomination announcement. the 88th academy awards ceremony will be broadcast live on february 28. geoff: disney's long-awaited theme park in china's shanghai will open on june 16. the company announced that the $5.5 billion facility will feature an enchanted storybook castle and a "toy story" themed hotel. there will also be a theater with a chinese-language production of the broadway hit "the lion king." disney also said the park will reflect china's own culture. the shanghai park broke ground in 2011. experts say the theme park could contribute more than $3 billion to shanghai's economy every year. a special award for long time nascar driver jeff gordon. governor pat mccrory surprised the nascar champion and north carolina resident with the prestigious order of the long leaf pine. it's the highest award the governor can bestow. governor mccrory thanked gordon for his performance on the racetrack and also his philanthropic work, especially
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gordon is passionate about pediatric cancer research, treatment and patient support programs through the jeff gordon children's foundation and the jeff gordon children's hospital in concorde, north carolina. gordon retired from nascar at the end of last season. allyson: have you ever wished you could cuddle a goat?
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>> now, your live super doppler 4 hd forecast. dale: 5:58 the time. here is paris mountain, clear, dropped another degree, 32. we are going to get the southwesterly breeze today and it will get very nice for the ride home, but make sure the kids are dressed warmly early.
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in asheville, it starts in the teens and low 20's, but by the afternoon, we reach 54. good weather for going off to school and tomorrow, we might need the rain gear. by 2:00 and 3:00, showers are starting to more clouds are building. they will be gone back saturday. geoff: here is the question of the day. [laughter] try to keep it together. in this morning's buzz, a virginia farm is looking for some volunteers to snuggle with their goats. [laughter] allyson: the farm expects about 90 newborn goats by mid-february, so it needs volunteers who would snuggle and feed all those babies. newborn goats have to be bottle-fed four times a day. they are like a baby. they must also be kept warm. one farm worker says volunteers would also get to learn something. >> this is kidding season. it's gonna be a really happy and really hectic time. we'd love to have people come
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see where their food comes from. allyson: the you want to go? geoff: bottom line, goat snug glers needed. that is a pretty good job. allyson: if you didn't get attached. i was afraid i would get attached and they are taking it back. dale: i guess they supply all the gear? no? no, they don't. you have to come up with the goat milk. geoff: we just know about the smuggling part. -- snuggggng part. let's get to this morning's headlines. >> i feel like i am i the one direction concert. allyson: the largest jackpot has been won. three stores across the nation sold winning tickets. geoff: plus, the first
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