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today.about 3500 feet, we will be seeing teens and 20's feeling more like minus temperatures as the day goes on. mountains. for the upstate, a will be overnight. you can see the remnants of that in the past six hours. a dusting there. 25 in asheville. that would be cold enough. across the upstate, low 30's. able continue to drop as the morning goes oyou factor in those 10-20 mile-per-hour breezes, 7-10 in the upstate, here is how it feels. it feels like one in boone and eight in hendersonville where aly myles is on the way to g right 24 in laurens, greenwood, and abbeville. that is how it feels as you step outdoors this morning. expected highs, 41 for the upstate. mountains of north carolina will continue to drop down into the low 20's.
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we will talk about the rest of the week in a few minutes. myra: thank you. geoff: an arctic invasion. it's the coldest day of the season as dale just said. and it's only getting colder. myra: north carolina cut snow over the weekend what you are seeing now is snow along knoxville. the mountains got a light dusting of snow but it didn't stay for very long. today is martin luther king junior day. and many of you will be out today performing mlk service events. want to think about wearing hats and gloves and dressing warml geoff: one of those days. turning to commitment 2016. the democratic presidential candidates took the stage in charleston last night for their have their say in the iowa primaries. myra: with the polls tightening hillary clinton and bernie , sanders sharpened their attacks. brian mooar has the story. brian in their final debate of : this pre-election season, hillary clinton pounded bernie
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hillary clinton: he voted to have guns going to amtrak. guns go into national parks. bernie sanders: you've received over $600,000 in speaking fees from goldman sachs in one year. brian in refusing to criticize : bill clinton's past sanders criticized bill clinton's past, -- bernie sanders: his behavior was horrible. have i ever once said a word about that issue? no i have not. ryan clinton picked apart the : universal medicare plan sanders released hours before the debate. hillary clinton i'm not sure : whether we're talking about the plan you just introduced tonight or the plan you introduced nine times in the congress, but the fact is we have the affordable care act . martin o'malley: and if donald trump wants to start a registry in our country of people by faith, he can start with me. ryan who won? : voters in iowa have their say in two weeks.
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geoff: according to a recent quinnipiac poll, bernie sanders currently leads hillary clinton in iowa. the vermont senator also leads in new hampshire. myra: right now crews are undergoing a massive search for 12 missing marines. a 22-year-old from the upstate was with one of the crews that disappeared. here's sargent jeffry sempler during his senior year at woodruff high school. he graduated four years ago and the principal says he had a quiet personality while in school. the principal said in part , "he possessed a quick and witty sense of humor." " he was a young man who thought of others before thinking about himself. we are grieved by the news of the accident, but remember him warmly and with great pride." myra: officials say sempler and 11 other marines were traveling into helicopters during a thursday. they range in age from 21 to 41. somehow the helicopters crashed off the shore of the hawaiian island of oahu. right now crews are battling bad weather and pounding waves as they search for the marines. however the coast guard says
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off or suspend the search. geoff: to anderson county now. officials there are working to figure out how human remains ended up spread out in a wooded area. the deputy coroner tells us the remains were found near the intersection of river and mcneilly roads around 5:00 last night. he says the remains may've have been there for as long as a year. investigators say because of their condition, there is no way to determine the age, gender or race of the remains. myra: also in anderson county. we now know the name of the victim of a deadly wreck yesterday afternoon. authorities say 42-year-old stephen l. christenbury was pronounced dead at the scene. troopers say the crash happened at the intersection of smith mcgee road and good hope church road. authorities say it was the third fatal crash in southern anderson county in just 24 hours. geoff: 4:35 how about the carolina panthers?
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to the nfc championship after a big victory in charlotte against a familiar foe the seattle seahawks. a raucus crowd at bank of america stadium had plenty to cheer for early. you see jonathan stewart with a 59-yard run on the first play of the game. stewart would have 3 touchdowns on the day. the panthers defense also scoring early. luke kuechly with the pick on the score helping carolina build a 31-0 halftime lead. the seahawks rally in the second half. getting within a touchdown. but the panthers recover the seattle onside kick in the final minute and secure the win. 31 to 24. carolina advances to the nfc championship game for the first time in more than a decade. after the weekend. here's the schedule for next sunday's conference champio games. new england is at denver. then arizona at carolina. and it's a home coming of sorts for the cardinals with a fifth
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the carolinas. a number of former clemson players. the winners of these two games need february 7 in super bowl 50. brad fralick will have more from charlotte coming up later this g.myra: busy morning, busy day. martin luther king jr. day. geoff: a lot of colleges are holding service days. clemson's star. with a blood drive at 10 furman and greenville tech start community service at 9:00 a.m. myra: the sterling center in greenville will hold a breakfast and program at 8:30. the program will be a tribute to the way the south carolina responded after the charleston church shooting. geoff: the daughter of charleston church shooting victim ethel lance will speak at 11:00 a.m. at limestone college for an event there followed by a luncheon. myra: greer city hall will hold a luncheon at 11:30. and m judson bookstore and cafe
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a musical tribute at 7:00 p.m. it will highlight the music that became symbolic of the civil rights movement. geoff: 4:37, this we know about the holiday monday. it is cold. dale: tomorrow morning will be colder than this morning for it what makes today. cold is the wind.dusting 15, 20 plus across the mountains of north carolina. that is where it is going to be the coldest today. the upstate will feel chillier to with 5-10 mile-per-hour wind. let's take a look at paris mountain. it is clear back to the city. currently 31. we will see those temperatures drop into the 20'wind out of the west at five. a look at the live super doppler 4 hd, light snow along the tennessee-north carolina border, northern swing county, northern madison county got some dusting. the counties highlighted in blue along the spine of the tennessee-north carolina mountain range, those counties are under a windchill advisory until noon today.
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in the higher elevations above 3500 feet. it can lead to frostbite, hypothermia possibility for those outdoors not dressed well enough. anyone off today may be enjoying skiing during the weather up in the mountains are dress warmly. 18 is the current temperature in boone. 25 in asheville. we will see it continue to drop. low 30's for the upstate. again, 10-20 plus mile-per-hour wind makes it feel more like 12 in hendersonville, one in boone, 14 and natural -- in asheville, across the upstate in piedmont, mid-20's. sunshine today, but on the chilly side. high of 27 for the mountains, 41 for the upstate. tomorrow morning as we report back to work and school, it will be cold. 13 for a low in the mountains. 20 in the upstate. highs tomorrow to -- of 29. mid 40's wednesday.
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we could see rain-snow mix in the early morning hours and it changes to rain as the day go 4:39 now. the 4th try. another flop for spacex. how this landing went all wrong. myra: netflix crackdown.
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myra: 4:42, covering the nation. florida governor rick scott toured tornado damage after storms ripped through the southwest part of the state early sunday. two people were killed and dozens of homes were destroyed . the national weather service says winds reached up to 127 miles-per-hour. in sarasota county, another ef2 storm blasted through the area. county officials say about 45 properties suffered more than 3 million dollars in damage. florida power and light says more than 200,000 people lost power. geoff: one utah police officer is dead and another injured after an exchange of gunfire following a car crash south of salt lake city. police officer doug barney died from a single gunshot wound to the head yesterday. investigators say officers barney and john richie responded to a traffic accident when they saw a man and woman walking away from the scene. they say as officer barney approached the two people, the
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killing barney. minutes later, officers found the man cory henderson and exchanged gunfire killing him. officer richie was struck three times. he is listed in stable condition. police say the woman is still at-large. myra: five americans have been released from prison in iran after the u.s. and iran negotiated a prisoner swap. three flew to switzerland, then went to germany last night. they went first to a u.s. military hospital. the 5 included a reporter, a minister, and a former marine. in texas, a group of iranians walked free one day after the iran nuclear deal took effect. geoff: the show goes on for backroad anthem. a band performs a late night country concert to honor one of their own. dale: clear and cold this morning.
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few minu dale: it is 4:47 as we look out right now from our spartanburg skycam.
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to the city skyline. clear, 28 degrees. it will continue to drop area clear, cold conditions are the story this morning. there have been some flurries along the tennessee-north carolina border overnight. the big story is going to be the wind chill advisory for the mountains. especially elevations above 3500 feet. those high up in the mountains of skiing or outdoors or whatever today, hopefully have the hands and gloves on. you have those 15-20 plus mile-per-hour gusts the top of cold temperatures, it could cause hypothermia and even frostbite for those who have exposed hands and faces. with the cold when we are seeing. 17 in boone, 20's from asheville to hendersonville. greenville, spartanburg, anderson, 28 in spartanburg. let's see a few other communities in the upstate. 27 in caesars head, 30 in simpsonville, 28 and lineman.
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here is the wind. anywhere from 12-23 plus in the mountains, 5-10 plus in the upstate. it feels like 12 in hendersonville, zero in boone, 20's all across the upstate. dress warmly for outdoor activities today. normally, this time of year, 52 would be the average try. not today, more than 40 14 greenville, spartanburg. the record is 71 set back in 1928. it would nice to be others one is again. 27 in asheville is the expected high. 20 degrees colder than what we normally see. tomorrow morning we will actually be colder than this morning. it is that cold winter blast coming from the great lakes reaching all then south. atlanta is a chilly 31 as we start today. looking at the afternoon, the best we will see is 40-41 for the upstate. the coldest will be just after sunrise. asheville will see temperatures drop down into the teens and 20
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here is the outlook tomorrow morning. those of 13-20 in the region. highs on tuesday just 29 for the mountains, 38 for the upstate. on wednesday, getting back a little bit, 45 forwednesday night, thursday, a chance for a rain-snow mixed during the cold morning hours changes over to rain as the day goes on. that will be true again friday morning. geoff: the president and first lady join the country in service this martin luther king junior day. myra: last year president barack obama visited a boys and girls club along with the first lady and his daughter malia. attorney general loretta lynch will speak at the national action network's annual king day breakfast. jennifer pinckney will receive an award at the breakfast on behalf of her late husband pastor clementa pinckney. he was one of nine people killed in a shooting at the emanuel ame church in charleston. geoff: also happening today. the san diego chargers and soon-to-be los angeles rams will kick off formal negotiations
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joint stadium venture. that's according to nbc sports, citing the orange county register. the nfl just last week approved the rams' move from st. louis back to los angeles and allowing the chargers to join them. myra: a driver is lucky to have minor injuries, after an unusually close encounter with a deer. a woman was driving in pennsylvania when a deer crashed through her front windshield, and landed in the back seat. first responders think the deer may have jumped off an embankment. it died on impact. geoff: the latest try to land a space rocket on a platform in the ocean has ended up in a flop. the private space-x company launched an unmanned rocket that put a satellite in space yesterday. things went downhill when the rocket attempted its secondary goal to land upright on the platform in the pacific. space-x didn't elaborate what went wrong. but it tweeted that the rocket hit the platform too hard and broke a landing leg. that was the 4th such failure for the company.
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reuse its rockets, so it can cut the cost of its space flights. myra: the country band back road anthem performed last night to remember their late band member craig strickland. strickland was found dead more than a week after he went missing in a powerful storm at oklahoma's kaw lake. the 29-year-old lead singer of the country band was duck hunting with his friend, chase morland, late last month when the storm hit. morland was also found dead. geoff: watching tv shows and movies on netflix just got more difficult if you are traveling outside of tthe company is cracking down on systems that allow customers to trick the service into allowing content from other countries. right now netflix offers different selections of movies and tv shows depending on where the user is based. the company made headlines earlier this month when it expanded services to more than what hundred 30 -- 130 countries in just one day.
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your cell was ringing or vibrating when it wasn't, doctors say you may be suffering from what they call, phantom vibration syndrome. a researcher who surveyed students at the georgia institute of technology has found, 90% felt the false ringing. expert say it's triggered by fears that we're going to miss a text, or that we're not being responsive to a loved one tr to reach us. myra: i think your phone is ringing. geoff: -- i think your phone is ringing. the panthers are advancing to the nfc championship after yesterday's victory at home. wyff news 4 sports brad fralick has more from charlotte. brad: what a game by the tele-to have spared 31 answer points by north carolina how to a hugely. 24 unanswered by the seattle seahawks in the second half after that is what gray court of extra e football team -- game. the panthers were able to hold on to >> it is every thing you
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want yet. we played some football on the way. in all honestly, they have been the watermark in the nfc. we have an opportunity to win. now comes the next one. they are the two seed for a reason. they are a well coached blocking. theyc for escorted back. they have playmakers that we saw last night. they have an aggressive defense. this is a complete team that we will play as well and we had to be on our game.brown: the panthers advance for the first time since 2005. next sunday will be the first of north carolina has ever hosted a nfc championship. they will hand the arizona cardinals a 6:40 eastern kickoff. brad fralick, news four. myra: a bride and her best friend on her special day. this photo is going viral.
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morning's buzz. dale: monday morning, 4:57 is are the shops at greenwich, woodruff road. cold. we have a wind advisory going on in the nuns and north carolina lasting until noon today.
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the careful, dress warmly. expose skin when you talk about in the north carolina mountains will chill you down quickly. boone. upper 20's to low 30's across the upstate. it has been dropping all morning long. you factor in the 15-20 mile per hour plus wind and it feels more like zero in boone, 12 in asheville and hendersonville.feels like 19 in spartanburg as dress warmly. it is going to be cold, breezy today. sunny, but cold and windy. geoff: cold today, colder tomorrow. in this morning's buzz. a photo that has gone viral and has been warming hearts all over the world. myra: the photo shows the special bond between a south dakota bride, and her service dog. this is valerie parrott and her medical alert service dog, bella. geoff: they've been a team for 2 years. val suffers from panic disorders and migraines. bella helps by alerting val minutes before something
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>> my life wouldn't be the same without her. because of bella and my partnership, i have been allowed to live my life to the fullest that i normally wouldn't have been able to have done. myra: bella even got her own first look with andrew, the groom. geoff: it is amazing what these service dogs are able to do. dale: how they can sense that, it is weird, isn't it? geoff: it is incredible. our news continues right now. >> live, local, this is wygeoff: happening today on this monday morning many events to , honor martin luther king junior. how you can serve in your community. bernie sanders: in terms of polling, guess what? we are running ahead of secretary clinton in terms of taking on my good friend donald
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myra: a final showdown in south carolina before voters have their say in the iowa primaries. the hot topics in the democratic debate. geoff: plus, crews continue the search for 12 missing marines. one, from the upstate. what his high school principal has to say about the search. myra: let's check in with dale. all i can say is brrr. dale: cold and windy beginning to the day. we had seen some few flurries along the north -tennessee border in the higherthat will be the factor today. the factor will be the wind blowing out of the northwest at 15-20 plus taking thetemperatures in the teens and 20's and dropping them down to single digits, even below zero at times. our temperatures in the upstate continue to drop, 30 in greenville currently. for the afternoon today. the mountains will continue to drop and struggle to get back to upper 20's by the end of today. here is how it feels. wind chill right now, feels like
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