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tv   WYFF News 4 530am  NBC  January 18, 2016 5:30am-6:00am EST

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highgeoff: one step closer to the superbowl. carolina panthers getting ready to play in the nfc championshigame. >> without a political revolution. myra: a final showdown before voters have their say at iowa caucuses. the hot topics in the democratic debate. geoff: great to have you with us on this holiday monday, martin luther king jr. day. i am enjoying it so far. i got up extra early for it. bottom line is, it will be cold. dale: 28 in spartanburg. dropping to the low 30's across the upstate and piedmont. 20's and teams in the mountains of north carolina. factor in the winds, it feels like -3 in boone, 8 in
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the best we will see for an afternoon high will be 40 or 41 for the upstate. for the mountains, struggling to get back to the upper 20's today.we will talk more about what the rest of the week will be like in a w minutes. myra: thank you. geoff: bottom line here, it is cold out there this morning. aly myles is in a place where it is even colder because of the windchill. : definitely. she is live from hendersonville with more on the frigid air. aly: the wind is not going to much right now but when it picks up, it is chilly o here in downtown hendersonville. 25 on the car thermometer when the wind chill hits. it gets just that much colder. this is one of the coldest spots on his mouse right now. when the wind picks up, it gets really cold. make sure to bundle up before you go to wherever you are going. north carolina sauce no saw snow over
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from mocksville along i-40 in davie county yesterday. the mountains also got a light dusting of snow. it didn't stay for very long. now, today is martin luther king, jr., day. many of you will be out today performing mlk service events. this is definitely a day you'll want to bundle up. get those hats and gloves because it is a brutal day out there. aly myles, wyff news 4, live in downtown hendersonville. myra: thank you. stay warm out there. continuing our 2016 coverage now the democratic presidential , candidates showed up last night for their final showdown . patrick: we came into this debate with the two candidates sparring last week. one of them not sure they would be invited to the nbc debate. in charleston, big groups of energetic supporters cheered for hours before the debate. hillary clinton, senator bernie sanders, governor o'malley
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stage in front of the south crowd just days before the iowa caucus. >> 30's to be a concerted effort to address the systemic racism in our criminal justice system. one out of three african-american men may well end up going to prison. that is the statistic. i want people here to think what we would be doing if it was 103 white men. -- one out of three white men. >> you bring up resident obama's ultralight because of your cozy relationship with wall street. i heard you bring up 9/11 victims to defend it. the truth of the matter is you did not go as far as reining in wall street as i went and the fact of the matter is the people of america deserved to have a president on their side protecting the makes the economy from excesses on wall street. >> our first priority must be the destruction of isis.
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getting rid of assad some political settlement, working with iran, working with russia, but the immediate task is to bring all interests together who want to destroy isis, including russia, including iran, including our muslim allies to make that a major priority. patrick: the first primary is a couple of weeks out in iowa and according to a recent poll, senator sanders is leading. he is also leading clinton in new hampshire as well as iowa. we will see how that unite in the low country plays out on the stage. myra: thank you to patrick. crews right now, crews are undergoing a massive search for 12 missing marines. a 22-year-old from the upstate was with one of the crews that disappeared. this is sergeant jeffry sempler during his senior year at woodruff high school. he graduated four years ago, and the principal says he had a
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school. in part, he also said "he possessed a quick and witty sense of humor. he was a young man who thought of others before thinking about himself. we are grieved by the news of the accident, but remember him warmly and with great pride." officials say sempler and 11 other marines were traveling in two helicopters during a nighttime training mission on thursday. they range in age from 21 to 41. somehow, the helicopters crashed off the shore of the hawaiian island of oahu. right now, crews are battling bad weather and pounding waves as they search for the marines. however, the coast guard says there've been no plans to call off or suspend the search. geoff: to anderson county now. officials there are working to figure out how human remains ended up spread out in a wooded area. the deputy coroner tells us the remains were found near the intersection of river and mcneely roads around 5:00 last night. he says the remains may have been there for as long as a year. investigators say because of their condition, there is no way
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race of the remains. myra: also in anderson county, we now know the name of the victim of a deadly wreck that happened yesterday afternoon. authorities say 42-year-old stephen l. christenbury was pronounced dead at the scene. troopers say the crash happened at the intersection of smith mcgee road and good hope church road. authorities say it was the third fatal crash in southern anderson county in just 24 hours. geoff: the carolina panthers are headed to the nfc championship game after the big win in charlotte against the seattle seahawks. marc dopher has more from charlotte. marc: a year ago, the seattle seahawks ended the carolina panthers' season. on sunday, the panthers turned the table on the two-time seahawks. they got a great show early. jonathan stewart rips off a 59-yard run. that was on the first play from scrimmage. three plays later he would score
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the all-pro linebacker with a pick six. that is the first pick six in franchise postseason history. all of a sudden we are in the fourth quarter and we have a ballgame in ch 31-24. time for the onside kick. thomas davis the veteran linebacker secures the win for the panthers. they beat the seahawks 31-24. brad: this game looked like a blowout at halftime. 31-0 for the panthers. jonathan stewart with a huge first half. the office got conservative in the second half by cam newton thankful they were able to hang on and the panthers
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team, the vibe you get, we are putting ourselves in a position to do something that has not been done here before. it is this family culture we have from the coaches all the way down from management to the players. to see it coming to fruition with winning big football games like today means a lot. >> so blest and privileged to see things like this. weekend do better -- we can do better. >> we are in the final four. when you start thinking about it like that, you want toof opportunities. they don't d often. in 10 years, this is the second nfc championship game i have taken. few and far between. brad: just four teams remaining in this thing. carolina panthers and arizona cardinals. a the number two seed in the nfc
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they will battle for the right to go to the super bowl. geoff: here is the schedule for next week. new england is at denver. then, arizona at carolina. a homecoming of sorts for the cardinals with a bunch of players from this area on their the winners of these two meet february 7 in super bowl 50. myra: we could all use one of those hats like cam newton with the ears and the big pom-pom. dale: biggest pom-pom ever. you need to wear something because it is cold and clear across the area as we look from our peace center skycam in downtown greenville. quiet on this martin luther king day. as we scanned the area, the only precipitation we see are very light rain in northern swain
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cold winds blowing across the mountains. 15 to 20 plus mile-per-hour winds have most of the mountains under a windchill advisory until noon today. dress warmly. as the wind gusts over 20 miles per hour at times, the temperatures will in the teens field below zero. we are seeing that occur right now. across the upstate, it has dropped to 28 in spartanburg now. let's check on a few of the communities. jonesville at 29. it is a cold beginning to the day, when school as it feels in the mountains with 14 to 28 mile-per-hour winds. the windchill in boone is -3. it feels like 8 in hendersonville, where our aly myles is reporting on the cold and windy conditions.
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the mountains of north carolina upper 20's for high this afternoon. tomorrow morning promises to be 13 in the mountains. 20 in the upstate. to the upper 30's. geoff: thank you. as we take another look outside road right now. again, we are talking about a holiday so it will be a little leaner than it usually is. more from dale throughout the morning. hey, guys, it's annie. now, if you're anything like me, you're always looking for ways to save money, especially when it comes to your weekly grocery trip. well, with walmart every day low prices, saving money while keeping the pantry full... that's easier than you think.
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they'll do. wake up to the mountain grown aroma of folgers. the best part of wakin' up so, where do you want to start? i think this is a pretty good place.
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geoff: the south carolina women's basketball team one of the you undefeated teams -- one left. dawn staley's gamecocks now a perfect 17-0 after a fight to a&m. you see second ranked south carolina with a free throw for the two-point lead with just . there is a shot late. unsportsmanlike penalty late in the game. that sends it south carolina to the free-throw line late. a little controversy. bottom line, south carolina wins at the end to stay undefeated 59-58.
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sometimes all the we have played in this position for the past two years, it catches this particular team off guard a little bit, but it does not unnerve them. they understand what they have to do to execute and come back and wi games. geoff: next up for the gamecocks, and will play at auburn on thursday. meanwhile, one of the best weeks in the history of clemson basketball comes to a close with the college basketball world taking note of the tigers. clemson claiming three consecutive wins over top 25 teams for first time in program history. that got leading scorer jaron blossomgame a live interview on sports center and the capital one impact performance of the week. he says the tigers' recent upswing comes from the leadership of the veterans on the team. the tigers next top 25 matchup is tuesday at 13th-ranked virginia. dale: cold and windy on this martin luther king monday.
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announcer: now, your live super
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: 5:50 the time on this monday, which is a holiday for many. we have clear skies. temperatures have been dropping over the last few hours. down to 30. a breeze out of the west makes it feel like the 20's this morning. one or two flurries of snow in northern swing county into the tennessee mountains. that will not be the big factor this morning. it would just be the cold and wind. that is why we have a windchill advisory across the north carolina mountains from graham county to virginia. it is because of not only be cold temperatures but the 15 to 30 mile-per-hour gusts possible. it will feel bitter cold for outdoor activities. have the hats and gloves and isolators.
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it feels like -2 in boone and 8 in hendersonville. greenville feels like 22 and spartanburg feels like 19. cold and windy conditions today. 40. the cold air dips further south today. tomorrow morning, teens and 20's ias as we get ready for school. in the upstate. for the mountains of north carolina, it will struggle to get to the upper 20's by 2:00 this afternoon. tomorrow, colder to begin with. highs of 29 238. wednesday, we will see it get back to 45 in the upstate. we will have a chance of a rain snow makes on thursday. we are not expecting accumulation but just a reminder it is that timwe can get a wintry mix from time to time. myra: myra: covering the nation now, a missouri police officer shoots and kills a man inside a
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this happened sunday night in st. louis. authorities say the suspect, believed to be in his 50's, had just robbed a kentucky fried chicken. a witness flagged down a police sergeant and alerted him to the hold-up. authorities say the sergeant opened fire after the suspect raised a handgun and refused an order to drop the weapon. geoff: pope francis denounced all religious violence religiously-inspired violence synagogue. the pope was greeted by the city's chief rabbi when he visit to the synagogue. he went there under tight security to meet with rome's a sign of interfaith friendship at a time of extremist attacks around the globe. myra: a car smashes into a gas station in australia, nearly hitting a woman inside. this collision triggered a gas leak. authorities blocked off the area until it was contained. store workers dragged the two people inside the car out to safety. they were taken to the hospital for treatment. police are investigating to determine what caused the
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a factor. geoff: a young couple wheeled their way and furniture to a new home in atlanta. over a dozen riders gathered to help move all of jeffrey wisard and his wife's furniture to their new home by bike. they loaded chairs, tables, lamps, and even a couch onto the bikes and pedaled more than two miles through downtown atlanta. that is pretty funny, isn't it? organizers say while the process was slow-going, the idea is spending time with friends and being active in the community. that is created. organizers say everything made the move by bike and in one piece. good news there. it's not something you see often in college basketball. a player taking out frustration on a referee after not getting a call in a game. take a look at this conference rival game between the oregon state and utah.
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he then trips the referee. down you go. that got him an injection from the game, and that might get him more. the beavers went on to lose 59-53. myra: the nfl playoffs are set, but a crazy finish this weekend in arizona still has fans talking this morning.
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announcer: now, your live super doppler 4 hd weather forecast. dale: 5:57 the time. here is our spartanburg skycam. 28 degrees. a west-southwest breeze at five. clear and cold from all of our reporting skycams this morning. yesterday, we were watching flurries of snow. a couple of flurries across the
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but the windy conditions of the winter advisories until noon today in the mountains. it will be cold, especially in the higher elevations 2230 mile-per-hour gusts at times and temperatures across the area. 30 in greenville. 33 and anderson. it is that brees of 15 to 20 plus and in in the mountains and 528 plus in the upstate -- five to eight plus in the upstate. gloves a good idea. myra: we will take a look at the morning buzz this morning. the playoffs are set, but one game's ending this weekend still has people talking. geoff: what a game between green bay and arizona.
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aaron rodgers almost about a 60 yard touchdown. an unbelievable catch in the end zone. that sends it to overtime. and then the flip. what flip? it never fllipped. cardinals win the coin toss and then this right out of the chute. packers are in big trouble. they get him down there, but a couple of plays later he scores. the cardinals coming to carolina to play the panthers this weekend. that is how it all worked out. that is the way it is in sports. the packers make a play and are likely have the momentum in the game and they doe ball. tough stuff. let's get to this morning's headlines.
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sec. clinton: to tear it up and start over again. gov. o'malley: they've both been inconsistent when it comes to this issue. geoff: sparks in charleston as democratic candidates spar out on stage for the last time before voting starts in iowa. myra: also the search continues , for 12 marines after a helicopter crash that includes one from the upstate. geoff: we are dealing with cold temperatures on his holiday monday. a live look from our resort cams in boone. you can see snow on the ground there. none in the upstate but a little bit of flurries on the north ca border. dale: a nice dusting over a good bit of western north carolina in the morning yestit is clear and cold for most of the region this morning. one or two spots getting a flurry or two. it is the wind chill advisory
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