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tv   WYFF News 4 5pm  NBC  January 18, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm EST

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the anderson county coroner says the remains are of 46-year-old gary burton. authorities say burton was reported missing by his estranged wife in august, but the coroner believes burton's body had been in the wooded location since may or june. they say a young man on a 4-wheeler found the remains. deputies responded to this area around 5:00 last night. gabrielle: and just into the newsroom t tight, the name of a woman who died in a early morning crash on i-85 in oconee county has been identified. the coroner says lam le of georgia died from head trauma. here is a map of where this happened your fair play. troopers say the driver of the car lost control. it then went off the right side of the road and through the cable barrier, hitting another vehicle. officials say the driver of the car she was riding in was her husband. his condition is not known. let's talk about the weather now. it's called out there.
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michael: it is especially cold john, dangerous cold? john: especially in the mountains, where the wind chill advisory is in effect for tonight until noon tomorrow for western north carolina wind chill values going as low as -20 degrees. that means you need to dress in layers to protect yourself. that would be above 5000 feet in higher elevations. western north carolina, windchill advisory, also in parts of north georgia mountains until 10:00 tomorrow morning, down to negative five degrees in the north georgia mountains overnight. zero degrees in boone, feels like eight degrees in hendersonville, windchill of 15 in franklin, 14 in asheville. 27 in anderson and spartan berg, windchill of 22 degrees in
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dangerously cold out there. that sets the stage for a series of systems coming in from the west. with a cold air, it may get interesting this week. michael: john has been talking about this. el nino may have slowed the start of winter, but this week, it is in full force, from the midwest through the east coast gabrielle: it brought snow, ice, and extreme cold, and more cou be on the way. jay gray has a closer look at the conditions. jay: bitter temperatures, >> it is disgustingly cold. jay: and brutal conditions stretch across much of the country right now. plows struggled to keep the pace as snow and ice turned the morning drive into a demolition derby in syracuse, with more than 3 dozen accidents. it was a tough go in new england, as well. >> they said flurries. this is not flurries. jay: near white-out conditions led to accidents, and some anxious moments behind the wheel in connecticut. >> it makes it dangerous, the roads slippery. just a hot mess. your eyes get all watery.
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places like chicago. >> it is cold. but we live in the midwest. it is chicago, so it's inevitable that we're going to have it at some point. jay: sub-zero temperatures forcing commuters to bundle up. >> definitely a lot of layering. i'm wearing g dergarments underneath all of my clothes. try to cut off the air, so the air doesn't go in. jay: while firefighters battled deadly flames and extreme conditions in iowa. >> we froze up six trucks, two fire hydrants, and drained a wawar tower. jay: and this blast of winter weather may just be an early warning. forecasters say conditions will get even worse by the end of the week. jay gray, nbc news. gabrielle: happening now, the search continues for a marine from the upstate. 22-year-old sergeant jeffrey sempler, who is from woodruff, is one of 12 marines missing tonight. according to the military, two helicopters collided off the coast of hawaii during a training exercise on thursday.
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his hometown today. dozens gathered outside of woodruff city hall, to pray. family members fear the worst as they wait for answers. sempler's grandfather says his grandson loved his country, and always wanted to be a marine. >> i want everybody in the world to know what a great kid he was. and that's why i'm here right now. that's why i'm talking to you. >> he's a marine, so he's a brother. i am off today, so i wanted to make sure that i came out today to show my support for a fellow brother. gabrielle: jeffrey sempler graduated from woodruff high school 4 years ago. late this afternoon, authorities searching off hawaii said they found three life rafts that had been carried aboard the helicopters that crashed. the coast guard said some were inflated, but it was unclear how they became inflated. dozens of crews combed a wahoo today -- combed oahu today the coast guard says high surf has scattered debris far and wide.
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large swells and low visibility. >> we are dedicated to trying to locate and bring back these service members. >> very difficult time for all of us involved. this is a nightmare for all first responders, something that you never, ever want to do. but we want the families out there to know that we are doing everything that we can. gabrielle: the coast guard and marines say they are working together to determine how much longer the search-and-rescue mission will continue. the cause of the crash is not yet known. michael: a woman whose mother died in the charleston church shootings last summer was in the upstate today, and her words on this martin luther king day included a call for change. wyff news 4's tim waller was there for her emotional speech. tim: michael sharon risher, , today's guest speaker at limestone college, is the daughter of emanuel 9 victim ethel lance. risher said she still struggles with forgiveness over what happened, and she called upon students to take a stand against evil. >> just as i have a dream.
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reverend sharon risher saw dr. king in person, at a banquet in charleston. >> to me, in my young mind, it was like i was hearing the voice of god. tim: risher said that experience defined her, not knowing then what the future would hold. >> his dreams still live with us, but i dare say that all of his dreams have not come to fruition. tim: a direct reference to the charleston church massacre, which claimed the life of risher's mother, ethel lance. a crime that she says was carried out by a young man with hatred in his heart. >> i stand before you today because i haven't gotten to the point where i can forgive this young man yet. tim: risher says it's not just the massacre at her mother's church that is shattering king's dream. >> when we're in a place where
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guns, or by whatever means, is a normal thing, something is wrong. tim: she says gun violence has robbed her and othererof the people they loved the most. >> i miss my mom every day. every day. i don't get a chance to call and find out how to cook gumbo, or just to be able to talk to her. like martin luther king said, it's time to wake up, people. tim: risher encouraged college students to exercise their right to vote, and to help make changes for the better, the way dr. king would have wanted it. earlier this month, when president obama announced tighter gun controls through his executive order, risher sat 5 rows away from the president, there in the east wing of the white house. gabrielle: tim, thank you. the three democratic candidates for president attended the "king day at the dome" event at the statehouse in columbia.
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o'malley, and senator bernie sanders were in attendance. they commented on the fact that this is the first martin luther king day celebration in columbia since the confederate flag was removed from statehouse grounds. >> now, the flag is down, but we're still here. because that flag was just one piece of something bigger. dr. king died with his work unfinished, and it is up to us to see it through. gabrielle: with the flag down, the state naacp says this year's march highlighted calls for more money for education. michael: the mlk day of service brought about 100 furman university students s a park in downtown greenville. members of furman's greek system cleaned up along the boardwalk, and along the river of the cancer survivor's park. they gathered tree limbs, debris, volunteers say it was a good way to honor the legacy of dr. king. >> so one of the biggest things he's preached is the coming
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for community , especially a nationwide community. >> you know, we don't always get off of furman's campus, a todadas just a great opportunity to give back to the community. michael: the cleanup takes place shortly before the grand opening of this park. it's a place where cancer survivors can reflect, heal, and find hope. gabrielle: coming up, a friend of one of the prisoners released from iran speaks today. what he says he's most excited to see. michael: also ahead the , university of cincinnati agrees to a hefty settlement with the family of a man killed by a police officer last summer. gabrielle: and, how other 2016 presidential candidates spent the day honoring the late martin luther king, jr. john: a live shot down clemson boulevard, plenty of sunshine and blue skies. but it's cold. 37 in anderson. feels like 27 with the windchill. i will be right back. gabrielle: now, t your winning midday numberthe south carolina education lottery, pick three, 3, 5, 9. michael: and your pick four, 8,
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we learning more about u.s. michael: we are learning about u.s. citizens released by iran. one man released is in high spirits. jason rezaian was arrested in iran in 2014, and convicted of espionage last year.
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christian pastor saeed abedini and retired marine amir hekmati, in a prisoner swap. >> both of us had the ability to talk with jason last night. he sounded in very high spirits, very encouraged, wanted to see his brother, who has been working tirelessly on his behalf, wants to see us, his colleagues, his professional colleagues and really craves human contact. so he seems ok. michael: a swiss plane took the three from tehran to switzerland, then left for the u.s. military base in germany. gabrielle: the university of cincinnati has reached a $5.3 million settlement. this, with the family of a man who was shot and killed by a police officer last summer. 43-year-old samuel dubose was stopped last july by university of cincinnati police officer ray tensing. the body camera video here. tensing's body camera shows him reaching for dubose's door, and then instantly shooting him. the university has agreed to pay dubose's family $4.85 million. this also inlcudes free
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12 children. the former officer has been charged with murder and voluntary manslaughter. michael: to our commitment 2016 coverage, senator bernie sanders released his "medicare for all" healthcare plan. it came just two hours before sunday's democratic presidential debate. the plan would give comprehensive health care to all americans. it would work under a government-run health insurance program similar to medicare. for everybody. the plan comes with a hefty price tag, nearly $1.4 trillion per year. sanders says his plan would cut the nation's health care costs, which are currently about $3 trillion a year. democratic frontrunner hillary clinton has criticized sanders over the plan. gabrielle: o othe gop side, donald trump and ted cruz are locked in a razor-tight race. this, just two weeks ahead of the iowa caucuses. with time running out there, both candidates are increasing their attacks on each other. trump is now questioning a loan that ted cruz took out from goldman sachs during his 2012 senate run, that he failed to disclose in federal campaign finance documents. cruz shot back, saying that trumumdoesn't react well when
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cruz also criticized trump's negative rhetoric on twitter towards other candidates. michael: the head of the fbi talks about the need for law enforcement to open its heart to communities this martin luther king day. james comey spoke during a wreath-laying ceremony at the king memorial in washington, dc. there, he shared his deep concerns over divisions between law enforcement and minority communities, and how he looks to the past every morning when considering the future. >> i imagine two lines, one that is law enforcement, and one that is the communities we serve and protect, especially communities of color. and they're never together given the nature of the work, but i feel them arcing apart in american life. michael: comey says he keeps the original fbi application to wiretap dr. king on his desk, and every morning, he places new wiretap requests on top of that original. this king holiday has seen its share of politics. we mentioned the candidates at king day at the dome in columbia.
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has been commemorated there without the confederate flag on the grounds. gabrielle: and elsewhere on this holiday, donald trump was courting evangelical republicans. nbc's edward lawrence joins us live from washington. >> challenge themselves. edward: honoring martin luther king, jr. in south carolina, all the democratic candidates for president used his name to garner support. >> if he were here today, and he saw that moms and dads who went to work could not find decent affordable child care, he would say, child care is a right for all people. edward: last night at the debate, senator bernie sanders was under attack by hillary clinton over his stance on issues like gun control. >> he has voted with the nra, with the gun lobby numerous times. edward: on the g.o.p. campaign trail, >> probably everybody here would just say, anybody but hillary. edward: this new hampshire republican supports s nator ted cruz.
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donald trump nervous. >> donald seems a little bit rattled. i understand he is losing support and going down in the polls. it seemsmsis response is to attack, and get personal. edward: trump never mentioned cruz at his event today, courting the evangelical vote at liberty university, where cruz launched his campaign. >> we are going to protect christianity, and if you look at what is going on throughout the world, look at syria. there, if you're christian, they are chopping off heads. christianity is under siege. edward: in iowa, evangelical voters could sway the outcome of the caucuses, now just two weeks away. donald trump told the students at liberty university to never give up if you want to be successful, which is how he says he's running his campaign. edward lawrence, nbc news. washington. >> now, your live super doppler 4 hd weather r recast. john: high pressure building
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expected in the mountains. no precipitation. as the cold air comes in with the northwesterly wind, wind chill advisories, don't start until 6:00 this evening. it is already very cold across the area. the mountains in particular. -20 above 5000 feet. as low as the wind chills can get. in the north georgia mountains, windchill advisory until 10:00 tomorrow morning10 degrees to negative five degrees tomorrow morning. clear skies in greenville, it is cold even in downtown greenville. 37 degrees. close to 15-20 degrees below average. through the mountains, the coldest temperatures, 14 degrees in boone. that is the actual temperature. 14 in spruce pine, 18 in marshall and waynesville, 21 in sylva, 28 in columbus and
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34 in toccoa, 34 in spartanburg, 37 in greenville and anderson. a bit of a wind in the central and western upstate giving us a windchill of 27 in anderson, 29 in clemson, eight degrees the wind chill in hendersonville. zero the wind chill in boone. an hour ago, it was negative two. it will fluctuate. the wind chills will get below zero when the higher elevations. these of the temperatures. 21 in bristol, tennessee, 35 and it led to come up 42 in florence, 40 three in wilmington. cold air across the eastern half of the country. as the cold air sweeps across the lakes, heavy lake effect snow showers in the great lakes around syracuse. they can't get -- they could get two feet of snow tomorrow as the wind comes off lake ontario and dumps moisture downstream.
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one degree in minneapolis and international falls. cincinnati, 14 degrees. interesting things with the next few days. tomorrow morning, arctic high pressure dominates the weather through the afternoon. even with sunshine, way below average temperatures. here comes a piece of energy in the upper atmosphere. it is pretty strong. look at the band of snow coming in. this is wednesday morning. as the cold air is locked in on us, it looks like it will come in. look what comes in late wednesday into wednesday evening, could be snow. light snow. it may rain into metro atlanta. if it comes in late enough, we may see rain-snow mix. that is the first of a series of systems coming in this week into the weekend. clear and cold tonight, low 70 -- 17 in the upstate, the bitterly cold wind making it feel like zero. sunny and cold in the upstate, 38.
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tomorrow, a cold day. the cold air locked in. wednesday, the storm system comes in quickly. we could see maybe light snow possible late in the day in the upstate, a mix of sleet and rain through the afternoon hours. if we do see any snow accumulation come a light snow likely in the mountains on wednesday by the afternoon. little accumulation. rain on thursday, rain mixed with wet snow in the mountains on thursday changing to snow showers in the mountains thursday active. a cold rain on friday. friday night, the rain changes over to snow showers especially in the mountains. we could be talkg about accumulating snow. a slight chance of a snow shower late friday into saturday morning in the upstate, most likely north of i-85. snow showers, windy and cold on saturday in the mountains.
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moore, our umbrella winner from easley. michael: coming up in news 4 new research shows ticks that transmit lyme disease have country. what to look out for. gabrielle: plus, a new study is showing teens who have difficulty sleeping, or sleep too much,
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marco rubio. he ran for senate saying he opposed amnesty... then he flipped, and worked with liberal chuck schumer to co-author the path to citizenship bill. he threatened to vote against it. and then voted for it. he supported his own dream act and then he abandoned it. marco rubio. just another washington politician you can't trust. jeb bush. he's a leader, so you always know where he stands. ght to rise usa
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carol: in tonight's 4 your health, an uptick in ticks, the kind that transmit lyme disease. new research shows that they are becoming more common in the u.s. not so much so here. the black-legged tick population has stayed stable in the south. it's grown a lot in the northeast, though. in 1998, nationwide, 30% of counties had these ticks. now, 45% do. symptoms of lyme disease include fever, headache, and fatigue, which is often mistaken for the flu. if you're a smoker, here's another reason to quit. new research finds, smokers who get pneumonia may be at an increased risk for lung cancer. about 1% of smokers have a chance of being diagnosed with lung cancer each year, but scientists in israel found smokers who had pneumonia had a 9% chance of developing cancer within a year of becoming ill. three-quarters of these patients
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affected by pneumonia. teenagers who have sleeping problems are a lot more vulnerable to stress. researchers measured levels of the stress hormone cortisol in the saliva of more than 80 adolescents, as they did public speaking. stress levels were higher during and after the tasks among teens who either didn't sleep, or slept too much. >> i love that he gave all of us chances, but he talked us through it. gabrielle: remembering mlk. the sister of one of the emanuel
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non-violence. michael: remembering the emanuel 9, and martin luther king, jr. the sister of one of the victims talks to members of the community about how she also knew mlk. gabrielle: no classes at greenville tech today, but instead, a lesson for students, faculty, and staff, on the importance of helping others. john: a live shot fromm asheville, really clear skies and a north wind at eight miles per hour. 23 degrees, wind chill 14 degrees. we will talk about the wind chill advisory later. >> you are watching live, local, with nigel robertson, gabrielle komorowski, and the weathe chief meteorologist john cessarich. this is wyff news 4 at 5:00 in high definition. michael: we begin with the
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glenn frey has passed away.
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