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glenn frey has passed away. he was 67. he had been struggling with rheumatoid arthritis and pneumonia. he cowrote and sang many of their greatest hits, including "take it easy," and "heartache tonight." a live look at asheville, the sky is beautiful but it looks cold. it is mighty cold. gabrielle: john cessarich joins us in the studio. more cold and stuff on the way? john: we will talk about the stuff later on. for now, let's steering with the art -- deal with the arctic cold. wind chill advisory until noon tomorrow, wind chills could get up to -- down to -20. negative five to -10 degrees when you wake up tomorrow morning. dangerously cold across the mountains of north carolina and parts of the north georgia mountains. wind chill advisory from now until 10:00 tomorrow morning,
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late tonight and early tomorrow morning. it could get down to negative five degrees through the area. how about the wind chills right now? feels like to degrees in boone. two -- 14 the wind chill in asheville and andrews, 19 the wind chill in gainesville. 19 the wind chill in elberton and spartanburg. dangerously cold especially in the mountains. the other stuff that gabrielle wants me to talk about, more about that later on. now back to you. michael: students, faculty, and staff did not have classes at greenville tech today, but the mlk holiday kept some of them busy. for the 4th year, greenville tech organized day-of-service projects on campus. volunteers made dog toys for the humane society. another work station focused on decorating bottles of bubbles for young patients at the children's hospital. volunteers also made birdhouses and coasters, which will be given to families who move into a habitat for humanity home. organizers say the event honors
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serve each other. >> so, just reaching in your heart, and finding out whatever that one simple thing is, whether it's reading a book or making a peanut butter and jelly sandwich, it's just something that can make a difference in the life someone else. michael: they did make peanut butter and jelly sandwiches for the salvation army, to feed people in need. at the sterling community center, a chance to remember martin luther king, jr. and the victims of the mother emanuel ame church shooting. gabrielle: wyff news 4's aly myles explains how one woman personally connects the two. aly: whether they learned about him in school, >> he did everything without violence, and he stood his ground on everything he believed in, and fought for what he wanted. aly: or remembering his message when he was still alive, >> he was the one that gave his life for everyone, so we could have the rights to a lot of
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aly: this is the day to remember the voice and message of martin luther king, jr. >> my country 'tis of thee, sweet land of liberty, of thee i sing. aly: but for keynote speaker eunice coakley guyton, >> i had just completed my freshman year in college, but he gathered us in the fellowship hall. aly: this is the chance to remember mlk, and the mother emanuel ame church shooting. eunice's sister, reverend myra thompson, was one of those victims. >> because of the character of my sister, myra, and the love she exhibited, not only in the church family but within in the community, oh, i don't mind speaking about her. aly: as a college student, eunice says mlk chose her personally to take part in one of his peaceful sit-ins. >> he would ask us questions. if you were spat upon, if you were
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and if you uttered that it would be violence that you would use as a force of retaliation, then he'd put you in another group, but still use you in some way in the movement. aly: even after getting arrested at the sit-in, after 4 days sitting in jail, mlk's message of love and nonviolence still guides eunice in her everyday life. >> he spent time telling us, and explaining to us, what nonviolence was all about. and based on what he taught us, i knew it had to be true, because that's what mother emanuel taught. aly: aly myles, wyff news 4, in greenville. michael: this was the 22nd year for the program. gabrielle: an organization that helps women prevent and fight breast cancer got some help got -- from chicken wings today. wing zone on mill's avenue in greenville is donating 100% of all today's sales to the susan g. komen foundation. after hearing about the
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orders ahead of time, or at at -- to help. >> and we provide so many benefits for women, and that's why i'm here. i'm a six-year survivor, and someone did this for me. >> we all have someone important in our lives who suffered from breast cancer. in my case, it's my mom. so the mission of susan g. komen is certainly important, and it needs to be continued. gabrielle: the komen foundation for the mountains to the midlands says the money from fundraisers like this will stay in the community. michael: your carolina panthers are now one win away from a trip to superbowl 50. it's a big the panthers' offense one. and defense were great in the first half yesterday against seattle. panthers led 31-0 at halftime. then came the second half, completely different game. all seattle. seahawks scored 24 in the second half. but it wasn't quite enough. panthers went on to win 31-24, and will play arizona sunday inn the nfc championship game in charlotte, again this sunday. , gabrielle: and if you were at
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seen a couple from charlotte that stood out a little bit. take a look.kevin and jennifer tied the knot this weekend at a venue right , next to bank of america stadium. the pair said, what better way to kick off their honeymoon than to watch the panthers play? so they went to the game, dressed in their wedding attire. looks like she added some sleeves, because it was a little warm. and after the game, the newlyweds headed to charleston . michael: and panthers' quarterback cam newton is also in the news, for his play on the field after -- and something that happened after the game. while taking his, check this out. a seahawks fan reaches down, and gives him a seattle "12th man" flag. he sees it is a seahawks flag, throws it down on the field, and continues celebrating with panthers fans. you may remember earlier this season, newton made headlines when he ripped down a packers sign during pregame warmups. bottomomine, he doesn't play to the opposition, or their fans. gabrielle: so after the weekend, here's the schedule for next sunday's conference championship
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new england is at denver, then arizona at carolina. and it's a homecoming of sorts for the cardinals, with a fifth of their roster having ties to the carolinas. the winners of these two games meet february 7 in super bowl 50. michael: coming up, consumer watch. how millennials are changing the travel industry. gabrielle: and coming up later tonight, for many kids, it's their favorite part of the school day. recess, of course. it comes with many parts. we will expl them.
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michael: when you're traveling anytime in 2016, you will likely notice new trends taking hold. gabrielle: and you can thank millennials for making it happen. chris clackum explains. >> millennial business travelers are credited with changes in the hotel industry. >> they have money to spend, but they are not loyal and they are looking for an authentic experience, more technology driven. chris: the latest, rooms without a desk. millennial's are more likely to be working in the coffee shop or common area than their room. now, the 20 and 30 some things
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>> this is the business traveler who taxon leisure travel to their trip. chris: experts say that means hotels are offering business travels -- travelers more leisurely things to do. and notes the airline industry is taking notice, offering, for example, seats with more plug-ins for mobile devices. >> we will see more spaces for laptops and tablets in the seat with new planes. chris: she says millennial's are again driving change, but like all travelers, should be booking spring and summer travel right now. chris clackum, nbc news. gabrielle: i had tonight, a failed landing causes an unmanned rocket to explode on impact. what went wrong here. michael: plus,
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after tying up the emergency lines to order a pizza. john: a live shot over lake hartwell in anderson county, you can see the breeze and the waves on the lake. it is windy and bitterly cold.
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space-x's latest attempt to land in the pacific ocean, failed in a spectacular fashion yesterday. the unmanned rocket successfully carried a satellite into orbit, but it failed its secondary goal, to land on a floating platform. it came down softly on the platform, then toppled and exploded. the company says that one of the legs failed to latch on the platform. it was the fourth attempt to safely land a space-x rocket at sea. michael: an investigation goes on into a deadly weekend , skydiving accident. it happened saturday at the triangle north executive airport, franklin county, north carolina. authorities say james stremmel was killed. according to witnesses, stremmel died after making a hard landing. the owner of the jump center says stremmel was licensed, had performed more than 1,800 skydiving jumps in the past, and jumps nearly every weekend. the franklin county sheriff and the faa are investigating the incident. gabrielle: a firefighter's helmet camera captures a dramatic fire rescue. it happened early saturday morning in fresno, california. firefighters were called to a
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shortly after they arrived, they discovered a mother and her infant trapped inside. they were in a second-story apartment filled with smoke. the mom, along with six other adults inside the complex, were rescued, and thankfully no one , was hurt. michael: sales of david bowie's final album, "blackstar," are soaring. the late singer's farewell to his fans debuted at number one on the billboard 200 chart last week. he knocked adele out of the top spot. this is bowie's first number one album in the u.s., according to billboard, and his biggest sales week for an album since 1991. "blackstar" was released on january 8th, bowie's 69th birthday. he died from cancer two days later. gabrielle: hundreds of thousands of bottles of clean water is -- are being trucked to flint, michigan, and it's all thanks to pop icon cher. the singer is partnering with water company icelandic glacial. the water is expected to reach the area by cher is picking up wednesday.
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flint is dealing with toxic lead contamination in its drinking water, following a cost-saving measure to switch the city's water supply from lake huron to the flint river. michael: massive waves slammed into havana's seafront, causing flooding in parts of havana. all of this, happening last night. huge waves crashed over a seawall, and into the streets near havana's famous coastline. emergency workers were on hand, helping people get off the flooded roads. one person said it's been ten years since he had seen flooding like this in havana. gabrielle: they scary scene for drivers in michigan. snow, fog, and high speeds causing a big issue on i-94. there was a chain reaction of crashes and whiteout conditions. one pileup involved 44 cars, while another involved 6 semis and 38 other cars. troopers say the crash could have been avoided if drivers did not tailgate. >> now, your live super doppler
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john: michigan and through the great lakes, heavy lake effect snow showers continuing, including syracuse, where visibility is less than a quarter of a mild with heavy snow, strong winds and blowing snow. a big problem there. for us, knows no, just a piece of arctic cold on top of us. -- no snow. wind chill advisory kicks in at 6:00 this evening at goes overnight tonight until noon tomorrow. negative five to -20 wind chill values possible through the mountains. the -20 value will be above 5000 feet of a high weeks. same story in the north georgia mountains, wind chill advisory until 10:00 tomorrow morning. 10 degrees to negative five degrees wind chills possible. clear skies in downtown greenville, a live shot from on top of paris mountain looking south. clear and cold outside.
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greenville, at the -- 37 degrees in greenville, freezing into color. 28 in dillard in rabun county, 40 in bowman, 42 in elberton, sandwiched in between, at the freezing mark in toccoa, 33 in livonia and carnesville, 30 in clarksville and cornelia. cold temperatures, 15-20 degrees below average. strong winds across certain areas, the breezy conditions making it feel like six degrees in hendersonville. wind chill of four in boone. 14 in franklin, wind chill of 19 in gainesville, 28 the windchill in abbeville and laurens. very cold temperatures outside. these are the actual temperatures. 45 in columbia, mid 40's along the grand strand, 35 in atlanta. cold arctic high pressure in the
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lake effect snows will continue downwind from lake erie. here is lake ontario. some places could see whiteouts, 2-3 inches per hour overnight through tomorrow morning as the high over chicago starts to shift east. a cold start to tomorrow. here comes the clipper, a storm system out here. a fast-moving piece of energy headed eastbound towards us will bring moisture with it. high pressure locked in on top of us. this is 6:00 tomorrow evening. as the high slowly moves southeast, here comes the snow and rain-snow. the rain-snow line is around memphis. this is tomorrow morning. we may be cold enough to where we could see snow in the upstate, the changes over to sleet and rain as we go through the day. we will watch this clip are closely through wednesday. the weather pattern is unsettled
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clear and cold tonight, 17 the low in the upstate, single digits in the mountains. tomorrow, sunny and cold with light winds, high 38. mostly sunny and cold, with a gusty breeze out of -- up to 50 miles per hour. the cold air is locked in on wednesday. light snow possible before mixing with or changing over to sleet and to all rain. it could stay snow. we will watch that. rain and snow possible for the mountains thursday into thursday night, maybe rain thursday afternoon in the upstate. liquid precipita on riding, may go over to snow showers friday night into saturday morning. colder and windy on saturday. no back to you. gabrielle: breaking news, live pictures from sky4 over oconee county on i-80 five. a3-car crash has shut down both
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a medical helicopter had to take one person to the hospital. we do not know the extent of the injuries. traffic in the area appears to be moving slowly in both directions. the northbound lanes are shut down and the fire chief says that sadly, this clip -- crash is in the same area as the fatal crash this morning. stay with us for updates. michael: two broward county, florida. 911 calls, going unanswered for minutes on end. tonight, the county is revealing the shocking reason. a dispatcher was was ordering pizza. >> and everything, all the fixings. one slice of cheese pizza. >> $9.49. >> ok. i think that is all my cash orders. i have three card orders. michael: investigators say back in september, francis francois let the emergency lines ring for eight minutes while she ordered lunch for her coworkers.
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optical shop that had a patient faint during an exam. >> i thought there would be more than one person answering the phone. i can't believe there is just the one lady. michael: the patient was ok in the end. that dispatcher was given a letter of reprimand for failing to hang up when the 911 lines rang. gabrielle: a happy ending yesterday, for a fur seal that got tangled up in a fishing net in northern japan. a local fisherman first discovered this injured seal last week, with a fishing net tangled around its neck. but the seal then vanished, before they could help it. but people on a walk spotted it. they alerted town officials, who contacted a local aquarium. aquarium staff captured the seal, and cut away the net. the seal was then taken to the aquarium, and treated. aquarium staff say they plan to return it to the wild once it regains its strength. michael: watch this. an oregon state basketball player gets a little bit upset with the call of the court and
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between a utah and oregon state player leaves him on the ground. he w w expecting a foul call, but didn't get it. still on the ground, he stuck out his leg, and tripped the referee. a replay from a different angle shows, it clearly was no accident. the ref called a flagrant personal foul, and the player was ejected from the game. oregon state lost 59-53. ,gabrielle: i had tonight it , sounds like every child's dream come true at school. the educational benefit of
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as parents and their children gabrielle: as parents and their children know, the pressure on students, even in elementary school has ramped up in recent years. while some schools are packing the day with more classes, a handful are bucking that trend, trying to improve performance by adding more free time. here's nbc's janet shamlian. janet: this is recess at brown elementary school. this is the second recess. after lunch, a third. and before the kids go home, another trtr outside, the fourth 15 minute recess of the day. >> who can read to me their central idea from yesterday?
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the daily routine for kindergarten and first graders at several north texas schools. >> so with the recesses, they have the chance to get the wiggles out, like we say. and they come back, and they are ready to learn. janet: it's part of a 3-year trial by texas christian university, and based on finland's system, where students get an average 75 minutes of daily recess, compared to 27 minutes here. >> typical recess. it's a free for all. but experts say there's so much value in this unstructured time. >> there is between 1 and 2 hours a day of what we call distraction in the classroom. that with this recess, it takes away from the distraction. therefore, they are on point the and whole time they are in the classroom now. janet: the kids, of course, love it. >> the best part is when i go up the slide, and i go on the monkey bars with my friends all day. janet: but educators believe this is more than a study break. >> the benefits that we are seeing quickly is just the
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along, to work together to solve problems, whether it is trying to climb up a tree, or trying to move something from one side of the fence to the other side. janet: it is a trade-off. 30 fewer minutes on the fundamentals, math, science, and writing. did you have any concerns that she would be getting less instructional time? >> i did at first. but she seemed like she is advanced so much further this year than last year. janet: researchers hope helping kids stay focused when in class, will mean more learning with recess on the rise. janet shamlian, nbc news, irving, texas. gabrielle: think for joining us at 5:00. news at 6:00 with michael and carol starts right now. >> live, local, breaking news. this is wyff news 4 at 6:00 in high definition. >> i wish i could tell the whole world what a great kid he was. he just was. michael: family members of a missing marine from the upstate
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