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cold... is an understatemenen allyson: cold is an understatement this morning. geoff: in this morning's headlines, the search for a missing upstate continues as a famamy mourns as they hold onto hope. allyson: and a chance for a dream wedding for a member of the military. how one lucky veteran will get their special day paid for. geoff: thank you for joining us come on geoff hart. allyson: and i'm allyson powell. it's freezing outside. dale: clear skies overnight, those temperatures have come. we are talking teens outdoors right now from the paris mountain skycam, 20. it will feel colder anytime the breeze blows. we expected to drop down into the teens before it starts to climit won't climb much. it may get into the upper 30's
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continues till noon today across western north carolina. there is a winter storm watch out for the mountains of georgia through wednesday night. we expect winter weather to start rolling in tomorrow. here is we have clear skies, cold breezes blowing out of the north-northwest. here is our future plus forecast. we put it into motion. sunny skies today. no problems, clouds start to come in overnight. a few flurries of snow tomorrow morning in the mountains of north carolina. tomoow afternoon, we see rain-snow makes across the upstate and that will be the situation during the cold hours in the mornings for the next couple of mornings. late at night, too, there will be a possibility of a wintry mix of weather. let's see what the temperatures are like right now across the six degrees in boone, 13 in hendersonville. 19 in spartanburg and laurens. low 20's in the piedmont. it is cold. you factor in that 10 plus mile-per-hour wind in the mountains, it feels like minus
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everyone in the mountains needs hats, gloves, boots. 13 in anderson as you head outdoors. there are a couple of delays in north carolina because of the cold conditions. you can find that information on her website, we continue with more information on the weather th weather, some school dis will open late this morning. allyson: mitchell county, madison county, and yancey county schools districts are all on a 2 hour delay. the highlands school which is private will also open two hours late. remember we have school closings and delays for you on and our mobile app under weather. wyff news 4's aly myles joins us live now in downtown greenville with more on the frigid temperatures this morning. aly: good morning, guys. a very cold start to your tuesday. take a look at this. we are in front of the fountain at the westin hotel. you can see icicles on a fountain as well as part of the
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looked like when i got in the car this morning.. if you listen to one thing i say, hopefully, you listen to more than that, but put your coats on. make sure your kids get your coats on. friday when there are in school, it was a lot warmer. it is not just begin to need to bundle appeared miracle hills greenville rescue match mission responded, providing shelter for those living on the streets.workers spead mats onto the gym floor at the facility. up to 125 can come in from the cold and get a snack, drink, m and blanket for the night. >> miracle is here to get them out of the cold, a man doesn't have to lay up in greenville or somewhere and freeze to death. aly: no drugs or drinking is tolerated and everyone has to behave in order to keep a spot. the mission opens whenever it gets below 40 degrees. which we're not expected to even get above 40 degrees today.
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be ready for the arctic air , the wind in a keeps going by that makes it that much colder. be sure to up. the cold today is no joke. aly myles live in downtown greenville. it's important to make sure your home stays warm. frozen pipes are can be a concern in this cold weather. if you have a loss in water pressure, or you hear odd noises coming from the walls, your pipes are likely frozen. march -- >> the basics are, water running, keep the heat on the pipes, know where to turn the water off, close foundation vents, take your hoses off the hose bibs, and make sure the heat stays on in your house. allyson: also, be sure to have the number of your water provider handy for emergencies. geoff: don't forget we have your forecast, interactive radar, closings and delays on and our mobile app . stay up-to-date with the latest alert. it is all right there in your
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allyson: a greenville man is charged in greenwood after authorities say he made a bomb threat to a local womemes shelter. greenwood reports officers responded to meg's house shelter for abused women and children last august after a bomb threat from an unknown caller. a woman staying at the facility told officers that rahim abdullah had been stalking and harassing her for some time. geoff: the search continues for a marine from the upstate. 22-year-old sergeant jeffrey sempler, who is from woodruff is one of 12 marines missing. according to the military two helicopters collided off the coast of hawaii during a training exercise on thursday. authorities found life rafts yesterday that were carried on the aircraft, but still no sign of the crew. a vigil for sempler was held in his hometown yesterday. dozens gathered outside of woodruff city hall to pray. family members fear the worst. . as they wait for answers. >> the worst thing is, he's not
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all the things that he would have done in life, it's not gonna happen, there's gonna holder -- hole there. geoff: jeffrey sempler graduated from woodruff high school 4 years ago. the coast guard and marines say they are working together to determine how much longer the search-and-rescue mission will continue. allyson: the coroner has released the name of the man whose remains were found in a wooded area this weekend. they say his body was likely there since may or june. anderson county officials say a young man on a four wheeler discover the bones sunday on his family's property on mcnealy road. geoff: a 3-car collision late monday blocked part of interstate 85 in oconee county. the wreck was near mile marker 1, which is near highway 11 according to oconee county dispatch. at 5:00 in the afternoon all
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but by 6:00 p.m., one northbound lane had reopened. dispatchers say one person was airlifted from the scene. the south carolina highway patrol says the wreck was cleared by monday night. there were no life-threatening injuries. allyson: if you know a member of the military who is engaged , there is an opportunity for him or her to have a dream wedding for free. geoff: upstate warrior solution will throw the free wedding at the historic wilkins house in greenville. right now the house is still being renovated. the wedding will take place july 4 weekend. the flowers food. music, and dress will all be provided by local vendors as a way to say thank you. >> i really want them to know that the community is rallying around them. greenville is a great place especially for military people. , it's very patriotic. so i really want them to know that the community supports them . geoff: a great sentiment. to be eligible, applicants must be post-9/11 combat veterans who were honorably discharged. and they need to have been engaged before january first of this year.
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the story on allyson: 4:38, we have two-hour delays. dale: it is cold in the mountains, not just merely cold, it is sincerely co[laughter] it is 10 degrees with the low in the mountains going to be. it is going to feel much colder than that. as we look at the bridge in the background, i tell you what, anywhere near water today is going to feel cold with the temperatures were they are. we are in the teens and windchill advisors are continuing for the mountaih cayou see the counties shaded in blueberry dark blue and georgia. a winter storm watch as they for potential of snow coming in tomorrow through tomorrow nightas we take a look right now, and expanded view, we are dry today, clear skies, clouds build tonight. tomorrow, we see precipitation
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we could see some snow-sleet combination in the upstate changing to rain. the next couple of mornings and nights as a temperatures get cold when the precipitation gets there, we could see wintry mix. the coldest place looks to be boone rain out. hendersonville at 13, asheville at 12 it will drop a couple more degrees. 19 currently in spartanburg. let's check in on another community. 18 in inman, 16 and columbus. it is called everywhere. a warm coat and hats and gloves are a good idea if you are going to be outdoors. even a nine mile per hour breeze in anderson or tendon hendersonville -- or 10 in hendersonville makes the feet testament to feeling 13, 1 in hendersonville. -10 is how it feels in boone. a cold day outdoors today. tomorrow, 30-50% reciprocation. we will watch the future was forecast witweather to give your idea of when that occurs.
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wintry mix early changing to rain. rain likely on friday. clearing on saturday for saturday, sunday, monday looks good for the upstate. today looks to be the coldest day of this week. geoff: 4:40 this morning. some furman students make a difference. at a park for cancer survivors. why these students. took time to give back. allyson: and a restaurant known for it's chicken wings is going pink and giving back. hershey's miniatures. we pour 'em! we pass 'em! we pick 'em! delicious fun for everyone.
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allyson: 4:43 now. a hearing will happen today to determine whether or not the case against affluenza teen ethan couch will remain in juvenile court. members of the national mothers against drunk driving group are planning to be in attendance during today's hearing. they want to see couch's case moved to adult court to ensure his probs 19th birthday. couch made national headlines for using an affluenza defense after killing four people in a drunken wreck. the judge is expected to make a decision once the arguments are made. geoff: a founding member of the eagles has died. the band's website says glenn frey passed away. he was 67. the site said he'd recently been struggling with rheumatoid arthritis colitis and pneumonia. frey co-wrote and sang many of the eagles' hits including take it easy. lyin eyes, tequila sunrise. and heart ache tonight.
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zika virus has been detected in the u.s, a baby born in hawaii with brain damage was confirm to have the virus. this following testing by a centers for disease control lab. it's believed the baby's mother was infected while livin brazil last year. on friday, the cdc issued a travel warning for 14 countries in latin america and the caribbean. that's where the zika virus which is transmitted by mosquitoes is most prevalent. pregnant women and women trying to become pregnant are most at risk. so far there is no vaccine for the virus. geoff: first taste of freedom. five americans free in a prisoner exchange with iran. hear from the family of one of those held captive for so many years. dale: make sure the kids have a warm coats day.
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dale: how cold is it? spartanburg at 19, breeze out of the northwest at three makes it feel colder. clear skies in downtown greenville. temperatures around 20 as we begin the day.
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of degrees before it startwind chill advisories out for the mountains of north carolina until noon again thigher elevations with the wind is stronger. making it feel bitterly cold. it doesn't look like we are going to get any precipitation today. that will change as clouds build in train or a wintry mix of whether on the way tomorrow. here are our current temperatures and north atlanta. 10 in angers, six in boone. low 20's in greenwood, abbeville. anderson currently at 23. let's check on a few other communities in pickens, oconee county. 17 in salem, 13 in pickens right now. very cold temperatures across the area. again, any breeze at all accentuates that. a nine mile per hour breeze in anderson makes it feel like 13, feels more like one in hendersonville. boone, a windchill, -15. dangerously cold to be outdoors. average this time of year for the upstate is 52. we won't come close.
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the mountains of north carolina, on a 30 year basis, typically average 47 it is time year. forget about it. 28 may be the best we get through today. this will be the coldest day of the week with clear skies. we have a low that is tracking in our direction. it will bring precipitation starting tomorrow. we will have a couple of days where there is a chance of a wintry mix. arctic air, cold air coming from the north-northwest, high pressure dominates today. here comes a low tracking across the country. by wednesday morning, starting to see snow in the mouwednesday afternoon, a wintry mix across the upstate and changing to rain as temperatures get above that freezing area thursday morning, again, friday morning, even saturday morning, there can be wintry weather in the area. 17 for the upstate climbs to 38. today, clear and cold
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upper 20's for highs.looking ahead, 50% chance of weather, a wintry mix in spots where it is cold enough from rain and other areas.thursday morning, we have to watch for the potential of wintry weather i friday looks to be just rain, cold rain. saturday, it starts to clear for the upstate. lingering flurries in the mountains of north carol it sunday, it should be back to normal. very cold out there today. geoff: 4:50, turning to the headlines, the fight against isis continues as more airstrikes are being l thlook at new video from iraq's defense ministry showing bombings near baghdad sunday night. they believed to have targeted isis troops. their hideout and th vehicles. the u.s. says it killed several militants. allyson: iraqi officials are scrambling to find 3 americans who were reportedly kidnapped. an official says the americans were taken from their interpreter's house in baghdad over the weekend. officials say commun the trio cut off sunday.
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confirming several americans were missing. no group has claimed responsibility for their disappearance. geoff: three of the 5 americans freed in a prisoner exchange with iran are in germany right now. they arrived at a u.s. military hospital over the weekend. and they are now spending time with family, friends and co-workers who all came out to visit with them. it's been nearly five years since they've seen each other and emotions are running high. >> it's a spectacular news area we're so happy. i can we do see him. >> we have been on pins and needles dying to see him. , we haven't seen him for 4 and a half years' . geoff: could not imagine. it could be days before the americans can return back to the u.s. yesterday, the nation honored the memory of martin luther king jr.. more than 100 people came to breakfast for king holiday. and they heard from a woman, who knew doctor king. eunice coakley guyton is also the sister of the reverend myr
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emanuel nine. she met doctor king as a freshman in college and he chose her to join in a sit-in. the folks at sterling, took the time to remember the emanuel ame victims. and talk about the king principals of love and non-violence. >> he spent time telling us and explaining to us what nonviolence was all about and based on what he taught us, i knew it had to be true because that's what mother emanuel taught. geoff: this was the 22nd year for this event. allyson: another relative of the emanuel nine was also in the upstate for mlk holiday.sharon risher was the featured speaker at an event at limestone college. risher's mother, ethel lance, was among the 9 killed at mother emanuel church last june. risher condemned that shooting and others that, she sayay are happening all too often. clerksks-
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or by whatever means is a normal thing, something is wrong. when a person's life is not sacred, where the police shoot and ask questions later, for me, right now, king's dreams are just that. they're dreams. allyson: risher encouraged limestone students to exercise their right to vote, and to help make changes for the better. geoff: the legacy of doctor king brought furman university students to the cancer survivor's park in greenville. as part of the mlk day of service, students in the greek system cleared away debris from the boardwalk and along the river. students say they wanted to spend the day helping others as doctor king asked people to do. >> he preaches be kind to others and come out together with brothers and sisters.
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with us coming together and just helping out our community and showing everyone that we want help out. geoff: the cleanup comes in time for a grand opening of the park which provides cancer survivors a place to reflect heal and hope. allyson: an organization that helps women prevent and fight breast cancer got some help from an upstate restaurant. wing zone on mill's avenue in greenville is donating 100% of yesterday's sales to the susan g. komen foundation. after hearing about the fundraiser many people placed orders ahead of time to help. the komen foundation for the mountains to the midlands says the money from fundraisers lik this will stay in the community. when it gets to be zero degrees, one man finds a way to have frigid fun.
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in this morning's buzz..... jack frost is nipping at more dale: coming up on 4:57, the county highlighted in labor -- in light blue under a wind chill advisory. cold temperatures in the mountains with the wind and higher elevation making it dangerously coldmake sure you bundle up. hats, gloves, warm coats are a good idea. you will be outdoors today. at&t bus stop -- 18 at the bus stop.
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tothe mountains of north carolina are seeing single digits, 10 in asheville, just getting into the upper 20's for the afternoon tocolder than normal temperatures as we head off to work and school on this tuesday. we will see temperatures get a little better over the next coupwe also see clouds and a wintry mix coming into play the next couple of geoff: you didn't say yesterday was cold enough. allyson: a wintry mix. geoff: there is a difference. we talked about the cold yesterday. this is a different kind ofin this morning's buzz. jack frost is nipping at more than the noses of some people in minneapolis, minnesota. allyson: temperatures have been hovering around zero degrees over the last 40 hours there so one man decided to have a li frigid fun. he froze a pair of his pants and put them in his lawn. geoff: he posted the picture to facebook, and his idea took off. soon residents froze jeans, corduroys and sweatpants. and the neighborhood streets began to look more like a
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allyson: how do you do that? you just freeze them laying down. dale: with them outdoors, it does it for you. geoff: you can what that t-shirt and all that out here by the time we're finished. a piece of cardboard. bottom line, it is a little chilly. our news continues right now. >> live, local, breaking news. this is wyff news 4 today in hiinallyson: cold is an understatement. the weather forcing people off the streets. why those without a home should be looking shelter. geoff: a vigil for a missing marine from the upstate. as the search continues the family mourns as they hold onto hope. allyson: 5:00 now. we haven't talking about how cold it is outsideyou're talking about a wintry mix possibly. dale: tomorrow, thursday,
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morning, then nighttime, a
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