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tv   WYFF News 4 530am  NBC  January 19, 2016 5:30am-6:00am EST

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>> we don't need anybody to freeze. there is no reason for that. geoff: chilly temperatures forcing people o the streets and into shelters where those who need a place to stay can find a warm bed this morning. allyson: the search for a missing marine for the upstate continues. a family holds on to hope. geoff: great to have you with us. it is a difficult morning for many because you had that long weekend. and then you walk outside and it is painful. dale: where the warmest coat you have because it will be one of those mornings. that thing going on precipitation wise today. that will start tomorrow morning
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today we stayry and temperatures across the area right now ranging from six in boone to 17 in greenwood, 16 and laurens, greenville at 19. 10 to 12 mile per hour breeze make it feel like -12. minus two in hendersonville, minus one in asheville and clemson feel like 11 to 13. by the afternoon, it will get into the upper 30's. 37 to 38 for the upstate cities and for the mountains of north carolina, reaching into the upper 20's. we will talk about that winter weather possibility or tomorrow and chilly the future plus forecast in a few moments. geoff: thank you. because of the cold weather, some school districts are opening late.
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allyson: mitchell county, madison county and yancey county schools districts will all open two hours late. the highlands school which is private will also open two hours late. remember, we have school closings and delays for you on and our mobile app under weather. wyff news 4's aly myles joins us live. aly: we have seen more and more icicles forming on the fountain. you actually sit down, it is kind of a slushy mix. this is what my water bottle looked like. dress your children warmly for the bus stop. staying outside for too long can be dangerous. it is not just children who need to bundle up. miracle hill's greenville rescue mission responded to last night's cold temperatures by providing shelter for those living on the streets. workers spead mats onto the gym floor at the facility. up to 125 can come in from the cold and get a snack, drink, mat and blanket for the night.
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out of the cold. a man doesn't have to lay up in greenville or somewhere and freeze to death. aly: absolutely no drugs or drinking is tolerated and everyone has to behave in order to keep a spot. the mission opens whenever it gets below 40 degrees, which we're not expected to even see a high above 40 degrees today. the only thing i have exposed besides my face on my thumbs and they are pros and. bundle up this morning because this is whether you need to take seriously. the runners are wearing pants, that is rare. usually they are in shorts. aly myles wyff news 4 live in downtown greenville. allyson: thank you. it is important to make sure your homes stay warm. frozen pipes are also a worry in this cold. if you have a loss in water pressure, or you hear odd noises coming from the walls, your pipes are likely frozen. >> the basics are, water
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pipes, know where to turn the water off, close foundation vents, take your hoses off the hose bibs, and make sure the heat stays on in your house. allyson: be sure to have the number of your water provider handy for emergencies. geoff: don't forget we have all your full forecasts, interactive radar closing and delays on and our wyff 4 app. stay up to date with the latest alerts so you don't get surprised when you walk outside in this arctic air. it's all at your fingertips. allyson: the greenville man is charged after authorities say he ma threat to a low will women's shelter. reportsts officers responded to meg's house shelter for abused women and children last august after bomb threat from an unknown caller. a woman staying at the facility told officers that rahim abdullah had been stalking and
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many of you may have been stuck in this wreck yesterday. it was a three car collision in a coney county on i-85 near highway 11, in the carolina-georgia state line. one person was flown to the hospital but there were no life-threatening injuries. geoff: the search for 12 marines after a helicopter crash. the military reports two helicopters collided during a training exercise last thursday. authorities found life rafts yesterday that were carried one aircraft that no sign of the crew. a vigil for sempler was held in his hometown yesterday. dozens prayed outside of woodruff city hall. family members fear the worst. >> the worst thing is he's not gonna have a future. all the things that he would have done in life, it's not gonna happen, there's gonna be a hole there. geoff: jeffrey sempler graduated
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years ago. the coast guard and marines are working together to determine how long the search mission will continue. allyson: the corner was able to identify a man he was found buried. he says 46-year-old gary burton was reported missing in august, but his body was likely in the wooded area since may or june. investigators identied burton with the serial number on a defibrillator he had implanted. anderson county officials say a young man on a four-wheeler found the bones sunday on his family's property on mcneely road. do you know a member of the military engaged? there is an opportunity to have the training -- have a dream wedding for free. geoff: the wedding will take place july 4 weekend. the address will be provided by local vendors as a way to say thank you.
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that the community is rallying around them. greenville is a great place, especially for military people. it's very patriotic, so i really want them to know that the community supports them. geoff: we agree. to be eligible, applicants must be post-9/11 combat veterans who were honorably discharged, and they need to have been engaged before january first of this year. to apply, we've posted a link in the story on allyson: i really like what they have done with that. have you driven by it? it looks really good. geoff: the pressure is on. allyson: they won't be able to work on it in this weather. dale: it is so cold today. it will be hard for anybody working outdoors. it is clear in downtown, no precipitation expected.
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asheville skycam, but 12 degrees within northhwest breeze that drops it to zero. very chilly temperatures early and they will be situated by the wind. new in today, wind chill advisories are out. at stake the future plus. we stay clear today as we put it into motion. tomorrow morning, we start to see flurries of snow in the mountains of north carolina ahead of the low that is coming in tomorrow afternoon. there will be action going on tomorrow for the morning drive. 4:30, 5:00 tomorrow, it gets active in parts of the upstate and western north carolina with flurries of snow. south of that line, it will just be rain. those flurries of snow continue into the evening and taper off.
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the afternoon and friday looks to be a rainy day. we will get wintry weather out of this thing tomorrow and we should let you know it there will be delays. temperatures right now, the coldest is brunette six. asheville -- the coldest is boone at six. we showed you asheville. 17 in greenwood. it feels like minus two in hendersonville, -12 in boone and it will be a cold in the upstate with the breeze today. expected highs, upper 20's to upper 30's today. tomorrow getting a little better with 40 to 42. tomorrow afternoon and evening, a wintry weather makes coming in. precipitation and a wintry mix could be possible tomorrow. saturday and sunday looking pretty good and we start next we w nice pictures.
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days, wednesday, thursday and friday. >> good morning and this morning, that brawl between donald trump and ted cruz continues to escalate. while trump didn't mention cruz specifically by name on the campaign trail, you couldn't miss the undertones from both the candidates as they held dueling events in the same state right here in new hampshire. you've also got a look at how this could help the establishment candidates since this brewing trump-cruz fight could open up some space for one of them to rise. we've got all of this coming up on the "today" show in just a little bit. allyson: taking a look outside at our hilton-greenville skycam. chilly morning out there. accident with injuries and
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ricardo good morning. : i'm ricdo lecompte. don't bring your hoverboard to work, the declaration handed down by ron rivera monday. he does not want his carolina panthers to get hurt after he caught a couple of players racing them in the hallways of bank of america stadium. the panthers getting ready for their championship game against the cardinals on sunday. >> they've got tremendous tools. they've got weapons. they've got a good offensive line. they got playmakers. they've got an aggressive style attacking defense. that's what we played. the same type of description, very good quarterback, playmakers around him, good offensive line and aggressive defense. that's kind of what it's going
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ricardo panthers will host their : first ever nfc title game this sunday at 6:40 p.m. the deadline for underclassmen to file for the nfl draft was monday. five clemson defensive players have declared for the draft, and the number will stay at five. cornerback cordrea tankersley announced he's returning for his senior campaign. tankersley led the team in interceptions this past season on his way to second team all-acc honors with tankersley. clemson will have four starters back on defense next season. geoff: thank you. the 911 operator in trouble for tying up the phone lines. the phone call she risk it all to make. dale: bitter cold this morning. we will talk about winter
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>> now, your live super doppler 4 hd forecast. dale: size: 48 in the morning. -- 5:48 in the morning.
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degrees in greenville with wind out of the north at three. anderson has seen a better breeze out of the west that seven, so 22 feels like 13. wind chill advisories have been issued for the mountains of north carolina and geobecause higher elevations have stronger wind with colder temperatures and making a brutal outdoors. dress accordingly. hypothermia and frostbite is possible when you have -10 -15 degrees. let's take a future plus forecast and show you what is coming. try today, sunny, and just cold temperatures to deal with. clouds come in tonight and early tomorrow morning, flurries of snow in north carolina and that continues through the morning drive. later in the afternoon around 3:00, 4:00, slowing eastern georgia, western north carolina and some works its way into themo carolina for
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rain south of the i-85 corridor where it is not cold enough to support snow. a few flurries continue into the evening and then tapers off. thursday morning, friday morning and saturday morning, the mountains have a chance of wintry mix weather. temperatures are not going to warm up mumu today. teens in the upstate climb to the upper 30's in the mountains at 12 and six, add in a 20 mile hour per hour wind and it feels a -14 in boone, -10 in hendersonville. a cold day to deal with in the south. tomorrow will not be quite as cold but a aetter chance of wintry mix weather. today, sunshine and 37 to 38 for the upstate.
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the upstate for wednesday evening, thursday, friday, a wintry mix in the coldest times of the day. each morning in the mountains starting tomorrow, thursday, friday, and saturday a chance of wintry mix weather and changing to cold rain as temperatures climb. looks like saturday and sunday have sunshine for the upstate. by saturday afternoon, better in the mountains and sunday looks good in the mountains. nice beginning to next week. geoff: thank you. here are some headlines you'll want to follow today. the abduction of three americans raises baghdad security fears. iraqi intelligence officials saying they were kidnapped in baghdad from the home of their interpreter. house to house searches are being conducted. also 88 earthquakes of 2.7 , magnitude or stronger have hit oklahoma this month. experts point to wastewater injection wells from oil and gas
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in commitment 2016 news, the front runners on both sides of the aisle are trying to hold their ground ahead of the start of voting. allyson: aixa diaz joins us from washington or she says donald trumps campaign is expected to make a major announcement today. aixa: donald trump is a touting a major announcement today in iowa as the billionaire candidate is met get the quick ted cruz. on twitter, trump questioned ted cruz and his eligibility to be president. ted cruz is questioning his past donations and use of twitter. bernie sanders heads back to iowa as he gains ground on hillary clinton in the hawkeye state and new hampshire. aixa diaz in washington. allyson: thank you. a band of lake effect snow hit the ohio on monday, east of cleveland, and they were hit by the wintry blast. many locations have received as
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alike affect snow warning remains until noon for several counties. forecasters predict snow totals could get up to two feet. geof hundreds and thousands of clean water are being tracked to clinton, michigan -- wind, michigan, -- flint, michigan, and it's all thanks to pop icon cher. the singer is partnering with the water company icelandic glacial. the water is expected to reach the area by tomorrow. cher is picking up the majority of the cost. flint is deaeang with toxic lead contamination in its drinking water. this, following a cost-saving measure to switch the city's water supply from lake huron to the flint river. a former team gets ready for the afc championship and aaron hernandez will be appearing in court. hernandez is accused of killing two men following an encounter at a boston nightclub. hernandez has pleaded not guilty. last year, hernandez was convicted of the murder of his friend odin lloyd and sentenced to life in prison. allyson: a 911 operator in
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trouble because of her lunch order. investigators say back in september, francis francois let the emergency lines ring for eight minutes. one of those calls came from an eye doctor's office, where a patient had fainted during an exam. francois was on another line at the time with a local pizza shop. >> what can i get for you? >> one slice it to space a. >> nine $.49. >> ok, that is all the cash orders and i have three card orders. allyson: the patient was o.k. in the end. that dispatcher was given a letter of reprimand. geoff: golden state in cleveland last night to take on the cavalierwith the cavaliers being the home team, you would think it gi them again, but it did not happen. all warriors, steph curry, seven three pointers. 35 pts. it was a snoozer. that is right.
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says, i pick the warriors to win the game. poor guy being seen around the country this morning. allyson: these flowers are not just any flowers. how they will help science. geoff: coming up at 6:00, a live
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can other brands say all that? for grain-free nutrition you can trust, does your food go beyond? learn more at >> now, your live super doppler 4 hd forecast. dale: 5:58. from paris mountain looking toward greenville, 18. wind out of the north that date
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asheville airport reports 12 degrees.we will feel temperatures with clear skies drop further. asheville and northern georgia, a light blbl areas, under a wind chill advisory until noon today. cold and windy in higher elevations. temperatures in the teens reach upper 30's or the ride home. make sure kids are dressed warmly with hats, gloves and coats needed in the mountains with 10 degree temperatures reaching 28. there he cold beginning to the day. clear today and wintry mix weather coming into play tomorrow afternoon and evening. geoff: in this morning's buzz, a 25. nearly two-year mission in space has success. allyson: u.s. astronaut scott kelly on the international space station tweeted these photos this weekend. he says they're the first-ever flower grown in space. the space garden debut of the zinnia flower follows a few
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a recent nasa blog detailed kelly's effort to bring them back to life after mold developed on some of the leaves. geoff: plants have been grown in space before. space station crew members began a veggie plant system in 2014, including growing red romaine lettuce, but scientists say this new breakthrough allows for a better understanding of how to grow plants in microgravity. allyson: i give up. they can go plants in space and i cannot keep up lower alive in my house. my husband is like, you do not have a greenville. i killed everything. dale: discriminating. allyson: but they can keep them alive in space. geoff: apparently, they pay more attention. allyson: probably. geoff: let's get to this morning's headlines. >> the worst thing is he will not have a future. allyson:. the worst, family members of an upstate marine gather for a big chill as he remains missing.
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