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know that it is now or never. i'm in it to win it. carol: sarah palin, back in the political ring. the former governor endorses donald trump for president. cold. it comes with a biting wind and something more. carol: john, some of us could see snow and rain? john: absolutely. it depends on where you live. this is not a major winter storm. this is a fast-moving week system in the upper atmosphere. it will cause trouble problems. no watches, warnings, or advisories in the upstate, but they are monitoring the system closely. a piece of energy coming in from the west tomorrow will the mountains of western north carolina and north georgia, and fall apart. we could see scattered rain and snow showers mixed with sleet in the upstate ring the afternoon tomorrow. winter weather advisory starts
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1-3 plus inches of snow mixed with sleet in these areas. especially the southwestern mountains of north carolina, the best chances of snow sleet. asheville and hendersonville, an inch or so of sleet and snow by this time tomorrow. he winter storm warning with snow, maybe a little bit of freezing rain and sleet causing hazardous driving conditions in clayton, clarksville, a bit of snow in haversham county. in the upstate, a few scattered rain showers, snow showers mixed with sleet from time to time. a trace of accumulation in pickens and oconee counties in the mountains of south carolina. south of i-85, slight chance of snow or rain shower. not much in the way of accumulation. tomorrow morning, expect a few isolated flurries ahead of the main system in the mountains, and a brief light snow shower, but no big deal. then the main system comes in.
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department of transportation is getting ready. they have appeared able -- prepared a brine solution on the the d.o.t. plans to head out in morning. some experienced drivers say, don't let the treated roads give >> it takes, just patience and common sense when you're dealing with different conditions. and, of course, not everybody does that. >> you've got to be more careful. and if you have a 4-wheel drive car, it doesn't slow down any quicker than a 2-wheel drive car. michael: check it out here. this is the first winter for this "salt dome" along interstate 85, near brockman mclimon road. the dome holds about 10,000 tons of salt. crews can stop by to re-supply as they treat the roads. carol: don't forget, we have your forecasts, interactive radar, closings, and delays on, and our wyff 4 app. stay up p date with the latest alerts. it's all at your fingertips. michael: an entire school district will close tomorrow
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all district 52 schools within greenwood county will be closed wednesday. that is according to the assistant superintendent. dhec is currently testing the water. the schools will stay closed until the water is absolutely safe again. the water main break happened in the town of ninety-six. carol: a woman is dead following a house fire in pickens. sky 4 was quickly over the scene this afternoon. you can see smoke pouring out of the home on ann street. this is just blocks from main street. there is no word on how the fire started. a witness on scene says she saw a small fire, then heard a loud boom. the coroner says she won't release the woman's name until the autopsy is performed tomorrow. she also says several pets were killed in the fire. michael: and oconee county, five fires in seven days at homes without smoke detectors. oconee county fire chief charlie king says, most of them started from people simply trying to stay warm. today, the department bought new smoke detectors to give to those in need. the chief says his department already has a long list. >> any day, you can call our office, and we're willing to
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install a new one. michael: a fire here on forest drive in seneca on saturday, a smoke detector may have saved the family, but the owner's eckstein-year-old granddaughter smelled smoke and got the family out before the detectors went off. coming up on january 30th, oconee county is teaming up with the red cross to go door to door in areas hit by recent fires, trying to make sure everyone has a working detector. carol: tonight, the coast guard has suspended the search for 12 missing marines off hawaii's coast. one is from the upstate. officials say two helicopters collided during a training exercise last thursday. four life rafts were found from the helicopters. no one was on board the rafts. at this time, we still don't know why the two military helicopters collided. 22-year-old sergeant jeffrey sempler from woodruff is one of the missing marines. michael: overseas for you tonight for the first time, isis , has acknowledged the death of the man known as "jihadi john." isis acknowledged his death in
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without the mask. u.s. officials said two months ago, they were reasonably certain he was killed in a drone strike in syria. you may recall, jihadi john was the face and voice of the isis beheading campaign. carol: tonight, the carson campaign is mourning the loss of one of its own. a group of campaign volunteers got in a van accident in iowa, because of icy roads. the campaign says braden joplin died. he was 25 years old. the other three people involved have been released from the hospital. the campaign has suspended tomorrow's events. dr. ben carson released the following statement, quote, "a presidential candidate asks a lot of his or her volunteers, working long hours in the cold, under-appreciated. they are the unsung heroes of the political process." end quote. michael: to commitment 2016 votes are cast. today, donald trump got the backing of a celebrity in republican politics. say are -- sarah palin endorsed trump. >> todd and i, and a couple of
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lending our support for the next president of our great united states of america, donald j. trump. michael: you may remember palin , ran on the 2008 republican ticket with senator john mccain. trump was also endorsed today by the daughter of john wayne. carol: on the democratic side, a human rights campaign has endorsed hillary clinton's presidential bid. "her fight is our fight." those are words from the nation's largest lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender rights advocacy organization. the organization said, "she has stood with us, and now it's our turn." michael: the u.s. supreme court will hear a legal challenge to president obama's executive action on immigration. the president acted without congressional approval last year, after reform failed to pass on capitol hill. the justices will decide if the president acted within the scope of his authority under the constitution. the president's plan shields from deportation up to 5 million undocumented immigrants. this would make them eligible to work, and get some federal benefits.
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april. a decision is expected in late june. carol: election officials in andersononounty tested voting machines today, to make sure they're good to go for february's primaries. if you want to vote in either primary election, be sure you're registered in time. to vote in the republican primary on february 20th, so tomorrow is the last day to register. carol: the democratic primary is february 27th, so register by january 27th for that race. also, check out for a link to check your registration status, or to register online. michael: don't forget, tomorrw, governor nikki haley will give her state of the state address. wyff news 4 will air the address live. we'll also stream it on our coverage begins tomorrow at 7:00 p.m. carol: in mississippi, a pro-confederate flag rally took place outside the state capitol. dozens attended the, quote, "high noon rally" this morning. supporters say the flag represents their heritage and state pride. they urged lawmakers to keep the emblem. e flag was removed in south carolina from the statehouse
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charleston church shootings. michael: a georgia lawmaker says he has the perfect compromise for allowing guns on campus. let students carry stun guns. the new bill would apply to all college campuses in the state. right now, they're gun-free zones, but some state lawmakers have proposed allowing students to carry handguns on campuses in georgia. legislation to allow college students to carry pistols on campus is still popular among some lawmakers. they're waiting for an opportunity to revive that bill . anderson county. today. moore has been charged with he stands accused of shooting justin pritchett. the shooting happened at the l.a. pour house back in november. they say pritchett was the estranged husband of katlyn gottbeheat. she was arrested last week. she's been charged as an accessory after the fact to a felony. carol: new details in the case of an upstate deputy who was shot in the head while on the job. greenville county deputy dave dempsey is expected to be released from the hospital
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that is according to the greenville county sheriff's office. as you may recall, dempsey was shot back in december, while responding to a robbery. michael: the mother of trayvon martin, sybrina fulton, spoke to a crowd of students and faculty at clemson university. she was introduced by the president of the university, james clements. more than 200 people were there. it was a diverse crowd, students saying they wanted the chance to hear her story. she was emotional at times, talking about the loss of her son, and the intense media attention that followed. >> i did have a struggle. there were times when i was broken, that i didn't want to come out, and i didn't want to talk. and i just thank god for giving me his grace and mercy, to allow me to use my message as a platform, and as a purpose to help other families. michael: trayvon martin was a 17-year-old, unarmed teenager, shot and killed by george zimmerman in february of 2012. zimmerman was acquitted in 2013 of fatally shooting trayvon. carol: todayayarks one week since greer high school
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died. and with the cause still unknown, his family is coping the best way they know how, with faith, friends, and family. tracey moore remembers her son, nathan, as a talented athlete. she says nathan brought spirit, on and off the court. nathan became ill just a week ago. his mother says he died during his sleep monday night. the game he loved so much goes on, but for nathan's family, the hurt never stops. >> i want everyone to take from this how special it is to spend time with your family, and not take each other for granted. and i don't want nathan to ever be forgotten. carol: again, the cause of death has yet to be released. michael: coming up, governor haley pays a visit to the upstate, celebrating one of the largest investments in state history. a look at the site that will be home to hundreds of new jobs. carol: if you don't mind waking up early, you are in for a spectacular sight in the sky. the image you can see moments before sunrise, starting
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john: here is around one, the next system. it is still -- it is snowing in st. louis. this system is moving quickly in our direction.
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michael: today, governor nikki haley was in spartanburg county to celebrate one of the largest investments in state history. toray industries officially breaking ground on its new home along highway 290 in moore. at this site, the company will produce carbon fiber materials for companies like boeing. state leaders say the site is one of the essential building blocks in south carolina's manufacturing future. the toray site in moore will be home to 500 jobs. >> this is one more time that south carolina has really put its name on the map, for the fact that, not only do we build things, we build them well. the investment in what is happening with "made in america" in south carolina is really something to be looked at. michael: if you'd like to apply for one of those jobs, look for the link in the story on carol: by 2050, there will be more plastic than fish in the oceans. that is according to the world economic forum. they estimate by 2050, the amount of plastics produced globally will increase three times, to more than 1.1 million tons. the forum said the only way to
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improve the economics and uptake of recycling. michael: quite a sight. for the first time in more than 10 years, five planets will all be visible in the pre-dawn sky. starting tomorrow, mercury, venus, jupiter, saturn, and mars the event will happen about 45 minutes before sunrise. that to get out early. -- got to get up early. they'll reportedly form a diagonal line from the moon to the horizon. the best time to see all of them at the same time is around 6:45 in the morning. the show lasts until february 20th. carol: pearl jam is making a stop in the upstate. the rock band will perform at the bon secours wellness arena on april 16th. tickets go on sale friday, january 29, at noon. the band hasn't visited greenville since 1998. michael: excitement building over the announcement of south carolina's first cheesecake factory. haywood mall said in a statement that the restaurant will open this summer. the cheesecake factory has more than 180 locations nationwide.
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panera bread location in haywood mall, next to macy's. carol: it's time to keep pounding on the panthers live wire. it's a collection of the latest tweets about the panthers, and fun posts from our staff. you can check it out by going to the wyff 4 app, or just look in the "right now" bar. michael: it is finally cold, but ice skating in downtown greenville officially wrapped up for the season tonight. parks and rec held the closing ceremonies for ice on main. the rink was located in front of the courtyard marriott. this year, skaters came by the thousands. >> now, your live super doppler 4 hd weather forecast. john: ahead of the main storm system, a little sliver of clouds already advancing through the area. moving in very quickly from the west. snow in st. louis, they ended up with 3-4 inches.
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arkansas and parts of misery here, -- parts of missouri here. the green is little bit warmer, it is all rain. the same system responsible for our mixed bag of precipitation, especially in the mountains. i think we may see along i-85 and north, a few snow showers. not a major storm system. 7:00 tomorrow morning is when this, all this really starts her western north carolina and north georgia into -- a winter weather advisory in western north carolina. the heaviest snow will be in graham, clay, and cherokee counties. 2-3 inches of snow mixed with sleet. maybe going over to a little bit of rain by tomorrow night. that goes from 7:00 a.m. on wednesday until 7:00 a.m. on thursday. we'll be gone by tomorrow evening. tomorrow night into thursday morning, the winter weather
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in these areas thursday morning. be aware of that. in the purple, from clayton, clarksville, gainesville, canton, all the way to run, you may see an inch of snow, possibly two inches through raybun county. a winter storm warning in the pink, a couple inches of snow it plus freezing rain and sleet. winter storm warning criteria is different than up north. you would see a winter storm warning up north for six inches of snow or more. here, just a couple inches. a different animal. we don't get that much as far as heavy snow. a few snow showers mixed with sleet and rain showers, a trace accumulation, maybe a dusting in the south carolina mountains and pickens and oconee counties. south of i-85, could be a couple snow flakes mixed with rain showers. not expecting accumulation.
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39 the high today, way below the average. at the asheville airport, 29 the high this afternoon. we should be at 47. arctic air remains in place. a live shot of downtown greenville, partly cloudy chilly, 31 in greenville. in north carolina, 19 in asheville, 16 in burnsville, 14 in spruce pine and boone, 19 in waynesville, 22 in sylva, 23 in hendersonville, brevard at 24, same story in franklin and robbinsville. cold enough for snow. they'll be the case for the mountainin we will see precipitation in the upstate not arrive until tomorrow afternoon. we will warm up a little bit, but not a big warm up. light winds, humidity not high, 42% in greenville. 26 in columbia and augusta. below freezing in atlanta. 54 in new orleans.
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the arctic air in the eastern half of the country. here is the storm system. this is tomorrow morning. early tomorrow morning, we could see flurries in the western north carolina mountains or maybe a brief snow shower. this is what we call renegade stuff for living system to our west. as it moves in, you can see the snow through the mountains. rain back into atlanta. the system falls apart once it gets into the upstate. this is 7:00 tomorrow evening. then the storm system falls apart as it moves east. then, we look off to our west. here comes the second round storm system. this is stronger, the one to -- then the one tomorrow afternoon. some of the rain coming and could be heavy at times on thursday afternoon into thursday night. clouds return, low 23 in the upstate, 17 in the mountains. tomorrow, a few scattered snow showers mixed with some sleet, rain showers from time to time in the afternoon. high 40. when the precipitation starts, the temperature will drop into
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36 with snow and sleet, the for-day plus looks like this. rain comes in on thursday afternoon. aaold rain thursday night into friday may mix with freezing rain. rain possibly changing over to wet snow friday night into saturday morning especially in the mountains.
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he was rated a+ by the nra. not for his promises, but for defending the second amendment... he's a man of deep faith, who fought time and again for the right to life. he laid out a plan to destroy isis months before paris. he'll strengthen our border and use conservative principles to put washington's broken fiscal house back in order. jeb bush.
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you can trust, to fight for our beliefs. right to rise usa is responsible
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>> now, wyff news 4 sports. brad: showing the team spirit. a north carolina man painted his car panther colors to show his support for the team. herbert lester tatum decided to paint the car as a way to take his mind off his latest health battle, his fourth bout with cancer. sir, paint on. he said, like the panthers, he's just going to keep on pounding. the top two scoring offenses in the nfl collide in charlotte in the nfc championship game. and with arizona, it doesn't really seem surprising. but the panthers are coached by ron rivera, a a fensive guy. that team was built on defense and running the football, and they are the number 1-scoring offense in the nfl. that gives you some background on how dave gettleman has constructed this football team through the draft.
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head coach, the defense came first, then the running game. and now, the maturation of cam newton, and rivera said even he never thought they would be playing in a championship game as the league's best offense. >> the was an article last week about the defensive coaches' for lot for use -- philosophies. and i think they quoted coach carroll on a lot of it, by being able to run the ball and controlling the clock. i agree that there is something to that, but to see how explosive we have been and some of the things that happened for us, the play of our order back, i think that is special. and i didn't know if we would ever be like that, but shoot, it's a lot of fun. brad: cam newton and the panthers host the nfc championship sunday. first time that has ever happened. we will have live coverage from charlotte beginning tomorrow, and a half-hour special friday night as the panthers try and get back to the super bowl. that is super bowl l.
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straight in acc play and three straight against top 25 teams, had a tough test tonight. clemson on the road at 13th ranked virgnina, a place the cavaliers simply do not lose. 1st half, blossomgame gets the offense going. he makes the three-pointer, putting clemson up by one. we moved to the second half. the big man for virginia, mike tobey throws down the big one-handed dunk. 11 point lead for uva. back come the tigers. blossomgame finished with 23. the tigers needed somebody else really step in. landry nnoko gets the offensive rebound of the putback, and avery holmes drives and gets it to fall. clemson got it to within two, but virginia able to hold off the late rally. they win it. 69-62. the tigers' five-game winning streak comes to an end.
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tonight facing ole miss. the gamecocks 3 and 1 to start sec play. gamecocks down by 9 and clawing their way back in. gregory drives and finishes with a left-handed dunk, cutting the lead to seven. carrera drives in the baseline and gets it to go. the game is tied at 66 with 40 seconds on the clock. we are headed to overtime. tied at 72, gregory to carrera. carrera with the bucket in the foul. carrera with a team-high 19. the gamecocks would pullout a tough win on the road. 77-74 in overtime. usc 17-1 on the season. wofford at home hosting tennessee wesleyan, gordon gets it the scoring going. garcia finds gordon and wofford cruises against tennessee wesleyan, they win at 89-66. the citadel has a new head coach
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position at james madison. brett thompson is the bulldogs new head coach. nader for the past two seasons. the greenville swamp rabbits at atlanta beat greenville tonight the swamp rabbits are back at we will see some hockey. michael: you guys are busy.
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carol: we thank you for watching. the news continues tomorrow morning. michael: news and weather coverage around the clock on and our mobile app. carol: have a good night. [captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its
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