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tv   WYFF News 4 Noon  NBC  January 20, 2016 12:00pm-12:30pm EST

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dale: good afternoon. go little bit of snow flurry activity in parts of the mountains. as you look up from the peace center, the sun is breaking through in a few spots. here is our latest image coming from our asheville sky cam. it will get busy once again in the mountains as we watch along the tennessee border. as expected, it is about to come into the region this afternoon. it will be later for the upstate because of the flurries, but between 1:00 and 5:00, at least one inch to two inches falling across parts of western north carolina, making for slippery driving conditions. we can see some of the heavier snow now in knoxville and gatlinburg, so this is coming and it had traffic this. winter weather advisory's have been issued for the afternoon for parts of oconee county, pickens county, now to miss areas and all of western north carolina under a winter weather
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roads, one inch to two inches of snow and anything that falls today will freeze tonight and the black ice overnight and early tomorrow morning in western north carolina. the mountains of georgia under a winter storm warning with ice and snow expected. geoff: thank you. the wintry weather is a welcome sight for many in asheville. wyff news 4's aly myles talked with some folks making the most of the early morning snow. she joins us live from downtown asheville with a look at the latest conditions. aly? aly: behind me, a lot of that snow has cleared, but if you take a look at my feet, you can see the residual stuff. this is about as much accumulation earlier today. slick. anyone in the area will come across this. we talked with an ncdot manager this morning, who told us this snow was a bit too light for them to do too much for right now.
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, they're expecting this friday, they do have trucks out treating roads, focusing on friday and saturday. that's what north carolina's highway patrol says, too. they're working with partners to make sure everyone has the resources they need and potential slick spots are getting treated, but as for folks out today, most are just happy to finally see some winter weather. >> i like winter. it's exciting. the roads were a little bad this morning coming from madison county, but i'm excited about it. it's great. >> i've looked forward to it all year. i don't know what happened to our weather in december, but i'm really excited. it's snowing, it's cold, it's great. aly: what we've seen so far are asheville employees salting sidewalks and blowing away snow. they did an incredible job. there is not too much left to show you, but there might be friday and saturday. aly myles wyff news 4 live in asheville. geoff: more like a dusting there. meanwhile, the departments of transportation in the carolinas
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potential incoming weather system, so they have prepared brine solutions to treat the roads. a reminder to not get a false sense of security and to be patient and more careful. along i-85 near brockman mclimon road, this is the first winter for this salt dome. the dome holds about 10,000 tons of salt. crews can stop by to re-supply as they treat the roads. right now, local doctors are warning that the elderly and young are most at risk with this wintry weather on the way. wyff news 4 corey davis is live from greenville with tips on how you could avoid bad injuries. corey? corey: doctors here with the greenville health system say they're expecting to see people with injuries caused by slips and falls sledding and frost bite. they've already treated roughly 20 people from exposure to cold weather since christmas, and the last patient came in yesterday. doctors say they're most worried about hypothermia among the
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this is when your body temperature drops dangerously low. here are some symptoms of hypothermia. shivering will be the first thing you'll notice when your body temperature begins to drop. dizziness, slurred speech, cold gets worse. pain. there is a variety. doctors say you may not be able to think clearly or recognize what is going on. people with kidney liver or heart issues are also more at risk during cold weather. they begin to shut down as severe hypothermia sets in. you want to be extra careful. doing everyday things, working outside, waiting at bus stops walking on sidewalks, in your , driveway, there could be ice on the ground. a lot of things to think about
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corey davis wyff news 4 live in greenville. geoff: thank you. as storms continue to roll in, scientists are warning people not to eat the snow. they say snow is urban areas can absorb the toxins pollutants that came from car exhaust. one scientist says the interaction of pollutants with freezing temperatures in snow might even cause the release of new compounds. don't forget, we have your forecasts, interactive radar, closing and delays on and our wyff 4 app. stay up to date with the latest alerts on all of your devices. the greenville county deputy who was shot in the head during a response to a possible robbery was released from the hospital a short time ago. he left from the greenville hospital system's roger c. peace rehabilitation hospital. a number of greenville city police officers and county deputies gathered at the hospital this morning to show their support. as you may recall, officials say dempsey was shot back on december 10. we will have more on this story for you tonight at 5:00.
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nikki haley will give her state of the state address. this is video from her address last year, where she proposed cutting the state income tax and raising the gas tax to fix the roads. wyff news 4 will air this year's address live. it begins at 7:00 tonight. south carolina says taxpayers will not get a tax refund until march. state officials say it doesn't matter how early you file. they say the reason is to combat fraud. they say the delay will give them time to verify wage documents with the irs and ensure refunds aren't stolen. the coast guard has stopped its search for 12 marines missing off the coast of hawaii. that includes one marine from the upstate, 22-year-old sergeant jeffrey sempler from woodruff. officials say two helicopters crashed during a training exercise last thursday. four life rafts were found earlier this week, but no one was on them. the cause of the crash is still unknown.
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house fire in pickens. this is sky 4 video yesterday afternoon from the scene on ann street. this is just blocks from main street. there is no word on how the fire started. a witness says she saw a small fire, then heard a loud boom. the coroner says she won't release the woman's name until the autopsy is performed today. in oconee county, five homes without smoke detectors had fires over seven days. the county fire chief says most of them started from people simply trying to stay warm. the department bought new smoke detectors to give to people in need. the chief says you can call any time to have yours checked or have one installed. oconee county will go door to door january 30 with the red cross in areas hit by recent fires to make sure everyone has a working smoke detector. mcdowell county 911 communications will begin text to 911. this new service will let you not only call but text 911 in an
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helpful to people hearing or speech impaired. it will also be helpful in situations where the caller is not able to speak. the national theme for the program is call if you can, text if you can't. a national retailer sent blankets to flood victims in south carolina, and it all started with a shoe order gone wrong. carson cogdill of summerton ordered a new pair of shoes for her husband from zappos, but they were the wrong size. when she called about returning them, they told her to give them away and they'd send the right size. she went on to tell the company about the historic flooding in south carolina, saying she'd give them to someone in town that needed them. days after her conversation, a large box from zappos arrived at her clarendon county home. inside, fleece blankets with a note saying, i wanted to send you something else to donate to the people in need. a strip mall on haywood road in greenville now has new owners.
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gallery. that's where you'll find gabe's, conn's and a chick-fil-a at the entrance. it's a 142,000 square foot shopping center. dna hopes to add more tenants. the new design for the shopping center includes outdoor friendly areas. the center will be designed to bring in shoppers from haywood mall and the soon to open cheesecake factory. turning to commitment 2016 news now, a big endorsement last night for donald trump announced here in central iowa. >> we are going to give them expletive. >> you ready for a commander-in-chief who will let our warriors job and go kick isis? geoff: former governor sarah palin flew in from alaska to be with trump at a rally in ames. the 2008 vice presidential nominee told a group of more than 1000 people that trump is the best man to be president. palin also acknowledged the idea that the media will have a field day with her announcement. >> mr. trump, you're right, back there in the press box, heads
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this is going to be so much fun. palin's endorsement of trump could be a big blow to ted cruz in iowa. geoff: she previously supported his bid for senate in texas. and sad news for ben carson's camp. a volunteer for his campaign was killed in a car crash in iowa. a van carrying three volunteers and a paid staffer flipped on its side yesterday on an icy road. it was then hit by another car. the other people in the van were treated at a hospital. carson was in south carolina at the time and has suspended his campaign events. in anderson county, officials tested out the voting machines this week. they are making sure they will work before next month's presidential primaries in south carolina. if you plan to vote in the democratic or republican primary in south carolina, make sure you're registered at least one month in advance. today is the last day to register for the republican primary which is on february 20, and the democratic primary is february 27.
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january 27 to vote. you can head to, for a link to check your registration status or to register online. it's a busy week at bank of america stadium as crews get ready for sunday's nfc championship game. ground crews spent most of the day yesterday tending to the turf for the panthers and cardinals football teams. the nfc championship game is being billed as the biggest sporting event ever hosted in the queen city. in concord, north carolina, one church is offering a bit of spiritual advice and a good helping of carolina panthers passion. deah calloway is known as the sign lady at poplar tent presbyterian church. she usually crafts witty phrases that encourage people to stop by church and think of god. but lately, her signs have also shown a love of football. one read, god doesn't have favorites, but the sign lady does.
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another, god loves a cheerful giver, so sign lady says give the cardinals heck. >> it's been amazing. at first, it was just real local within the community and you saw people taking pictures with the sign a state trooper was out there. geoff: the sign lady says if the panthers head to the super bowl, she already has a catchy phrase in mind. and it's time to keep pounding with the panthers live wire. it's a collection of the latest tweets about the panthers and fun posts from our staff. you view the livewire by going to our wyff 4 app or and look in the right now bar. dale: a little dusting in the mountains this morning and the
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announcer: you are watching live, local breaking news with geoff hart, and weather with meteorologist dale gilbert. this is wyff news 4 at noon, in high definition. geoff: at least 19 people are dead in an attack on a university in northwest pakistan. several others are wounded. police say the attack began shortly after classes started at bacha khan university. no one has claimed responsibility for the attack.
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attorney general loretta lynch is set to testify before a senate subccommittee to discuss her agency's role in implementing new executive actions on gun control. earlier this month, president obama announced steps to expand mandatory background checks. lynch helped the president come up with ways to confront gun violence. she testified in the first panel appearing before the sub-committee this morning. the second panel includes alabama's attorney general and the founder of sandy hook promise, a group devoted to protecting kids from gun violence. this comes a day after the supreme court announced it would take up the president's executive actions on immigration. less than 24-hours before sarah palin endorsed donald trump, her son, track, was arrested on domestic violence charges. according to the arrest report, track palin punched and kicked his girlfriend monday night, then held an assault rifle near his head as though he would shoot himself. the incident happened at sarah
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track was charged with domestic violence, assault on a female, interfering with a report and possession of a weapon while intoxicated. he was arraigned tuesday afternoon and released after posting $1500 bail. a georgia lawmaker says he has the perfect compromise for allowing guns on campus, let students carry stun guns. the new bill would apply to all college campuses in the state. right now, they're gun-free zones, but some lawmakers have proposed allowing students to carry handguns. legislation to allow college students to carry pistols on campus is still popular among some lawmakers. they're waiting for an opportunity to revive that bill. an iconic baseball field is getting a bit of a makeover this winter. -- nebraska lawmakers are one step closer to banning flying lanterns. the bill that would outlaw the flame-powered paper balloons advanced unanimously tuesday through first-round debate. if the bill gets final approval, it would hit violators with a $100 fine.
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lanterns are a fire hazard, especially in dry conditions. a new study by the university of michigan found young adults are not getting their driver's licenses. that's raising a red flag for automakers. just a little more than 76% of people ages 20 to 24 have a driver's license. a sharp decline from 1982, when more than 91% of adults in that age group had a license. the rise in ride sharing services like uber and lyft provide a reasonable alternative for many young people, especially in dense urban areas. an iconic baseball field is getting a bit of a makeover this winter. workers are building a 140 foot snow ramp at fenway park. you can see it's beuing built -- he built -- being built right on the field. when it's done, it will tower above the green monster. the ramp is for the polar-tec big air at fenway. the february event is expected
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skiers and snowboarders. time >> now, your live super doppler 4 hd forecast. dale: good afternoon. looking back toward the city of greenville. it is currently 36 and make it up to 38. about the best we see today. her mark asheville sky cam, son's break into the clouds. we had light precipitation earlier this morning. here is video, but the bulk of expected, across the tennessee border and affecting swain county, graham county, snow in cherokee county, northern haywood county, addison county, and more expected to work its way into the foothills in parts of the upstate with flurries of snow this afternoon. the heaviest of the snow seems to be confined to the mountains of south carolina and north carolina and northern georgia. we will see flurries of snow south of that line. as far as accumulation, about
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to two inches for the foothills of north carolina between 1:00 and 5:00, and heavier amounts of graham county and counties in northern georgia under a winter storm warning, which means three plus inches of snow. later on tonight, after the snow comes through, temperatures will freeze and get cold late tonight and early tomorrow and we could have patches of ice across the mountains. watch out. let's take the computer model and show you as the snow makes its way across the border and starting to impact the mountains of south carolina. by 1:45 to 2:00 and by the time the kids get out of school, 3:00 to three: 30, some of the snow flurries will reach seven greenville county. there will be excitement with the kids seem flurries of snow. accumulation expected just in the mountains and the foothills of western north carolina and northern georgia.
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morning. tomorrow afternoon and evening, rain will coco in and thursday night through friday, and other events which could bring us heavy rain in spots and where it is cold enough, freezing rain and even more snow in the mountains of north carolina late friday and early saturday. we are going to continue to watch this all the way through friday and into saturday as it develops. that will be the next round after today. 36 in greenville, 37 in anderson, 40 in abbeville, low 30's and asheville. with new snow, it will chill the temperatures back down. a quick look at the national map. the first event will impact us today and into tonight. we will have more rain starting to develop with the next system tomorrow afternoon and evening, and we watched to see what happens friday. we will keep you up-to-date should any of the information change. flurries of snow this afternoon,
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30's this evening. the outlook for the mountains of more snow to impact us to about 6:00 and we will have cold temperatures tonight. watch out for icy spots tomorrow. on thursday, low 40's for highs with a good chance of showers late afternoon and into the evening. rain likely on friday with a wintry mix and the mountains of north carolina into saturday morning. during up saturday for the upstate and back to normal on sunday with mid 40's to low 50's. -- clearing up saturday for the upstate and back to normal on
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turning to money matters now...
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geoff: turning to money matters on this wednesday afternoon. another big hit for the dow jones. 400 72 points right now, then aspect down 155 and s&p 500 down 65. -- the nasdaq down 155 and the s&p 500 down 65. well blue bell ice cream will , soon be available again in the southeast. beginning this week, the products will be delivered to the states seen on this map. alabama, georgia, kentucky, tennessee, virginia, and the carolinas. the company's products were pulled from stores last year after a listeria outbreak. everyone loves french fries and everyone loves chocolate. so, mcdonald's figured why not combine them? it's the mcchoco potato. it has two types of chocolate sauces, dark and white. don't get ready to run out and
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taking a look at the conditions in the city.
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dale: the major part of the snow we will see is working its way across the tennessee-north carolina border with a few flurries and oconee county and northern pickens county. or to come. a careful traveling this afternoon -- be careful traveling this afternoon. it is exciting when we get snow, but it will be the mountains that will see the bulk. geoff: really round one as to where more snow is expected later today. lights, camera, access. >> we love that ring. >> yes, the ring remains on. can the same be said for their engagement? i'm billy bush. as clues continue to come in, we can unveil the new man in selena's life. >> to the rescue. did jamie foxx fight through flames to pull a man from this
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