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tv   WYFF News 4 5pm  NBC  January 20, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm EST

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there were a couple inches of snow, where the advisory still continues, and we have no advisory in the upstate, but we have a click desk burst, and the snowflakes melted on contact, so we saw just a trace. once the precipitation started, the temperature started to drop rather quickly, so that will be the case. some areas will be slick, especially in the mountain areas, 31 in asheville, also hendersonville, and the winter weather advisory continues until about 7:00 tomorrow morning, mainly due to black ice. it will dry out from west to east across the entire area. this is round one. and then, around two. we are talking about a major winter storm force, heavy snow and sleet in the mountainous
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about a major significant ice storm in the upstate. this is going to be one big storm system. we have been talking about it and advertising it. we will have to watch it closely. i will go over to the weather center and join my buddy, chris. it will continue to get stronger. most of the computer models are starting to come together, unfortunately. chris: let me show you guys this, because this has been interesting. all of our computer models are coming into agreement, up to a quarter inch of ice. that is going to be the big concern, but what is interesting is all over our snowfall models are in agreement. over four inches. all three models showing accumulated snowfall across the area friday evening come into friday night. for the asheville/hendersonville area, all of the models showing
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so some of that moisture shown in the models will be wasted as ice. these totals will likely be cut down just a bit, but nonetheless, this will be a very impactful system. when are we going to see this? thursday evening into the overnight, that is looking ok, but that is when it starts to look back. this will last throughout the day on friday, and really, you need to be where you need to be by friday at lunchtime come because things will get a lot worse, and in the mountains, you will be in the sick of it thursday, thursday that, and friday. it will be an long haul as the roads will likely be affected through saturday. carol: chris, thank you. we are taking another live look at asheville with our cameras there, and it looks like for the there are clear. earlier today, most of the morning snow blew away, but it
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aly myles talked to folks enjoying the winter weather. aly: hard work for some, smiles from others it is just beautiful. you cannot ask for a more beautiful day. aly: when you live in the mountains, you expect snow. >> i have looked for it all year. i do not know what happened to our weather in december, i am really excited it it is snowing. it is great. aly: when you're used to seeing huge mounds of it. i grew up in connecticut, so i love snow. >> i like winter is exciting and the world a little bad this morning, coming from madison county, but i am excited. aly: and it will not stop them from having a little fun after work either. ask i have two little kids, so i
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carol: the snow is not quite at snowman level yet, but like chris and john were saying, that could change. michael: and officials are asking us not to drive in snow and ice unless we have to, and in the mountains, a little elevation can make a world of difference. we should be especially safe these next few days, and let's go to corey davis, who is live in asheville. corey: the spell has been coming down all afternoon, but it has not come down hard enough to stick to the ground. there are patches of snow, but you can see it is really packed in, and the north carolina department of public safety says drivers still need to be extra careful out there on the roads. state troopers are asking everyone to slow down out there,
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gas tank is full, especially before the weather gets worse. do not be in a rush to get to your destination. be sure to leave room and to give yourself time to stop. you also want to be extra careful on bridges and overpasses, just in case there is some ice. we spoke to a driver who says she has seen it all out there on the roads. >> i try to keep my distance from others and to check the roads and be considerate about other drivers. corey: before you go out, you want to make sure you a flashlight, scrapers, blankets, and more in your car. a school bus actually slid off the cousin of the slick areas, so we are talking to school officials about what they are planning on doing, and we will have that for you tonight at 6:00.
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carol: right now, doctors are warning that the elderly and the young are at risk, and doctors say the elderly are at high risk of hypothermia. that is when your body temperature drops dangerously low. they are expecting to see more people with injuries caused by slips and falls, letting, and frostbite. >> avoid it by making sure you are dressed appropriately, and your ears. if children are outside, or a dog are outside, and their mittens get wet, that puts them at a higher risk. carol: and have been some treated for exposure to cold. don't forget, we have your interactive radar, closings, and delays on and on our
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michael: governor nikki haley has an address tonight, and it is after an emotional year. carol: nigel, what can we expect to hear from the governor tonight? nigel: well, carol, michael, we will hear a lot. women were, what happened june 17 last year, the night nine people were to gradually killed at the church in charleston. that, the governor has told me many times, changed everything. the governor says a changed her get it change the state, and tonight, she is going to lay out why she hopes that changes what takes place in that building behind me. the governor says she hopes what happened that night reminds lawmakers that disagreement does not have to mean division and that lawmakers need to make a point to get to know the people behind the policies, saying we are all in this together. that is going to be part of her focus tonight. the governor is also going to
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bringing down those numbers in south carolina. south carolina continues to rank high in the number of cases of people being abused by their loved ones. the governor hopes to change that. she is going to lay out a plan to bring healing to those survivors and actually lay out a plan to change the way things happen in the courtroom, and much more on that throughout the night. the governor's state of the state against at 7:00 tonight. we will be carrying it live and will have reaction to it tonight on air and online. back to you in the studio. carol: thank you, nigel. the coast guard has stop its search for 12 marines missing off the coast of hawaii it that includes one marine from upstate, 22-year-old sergeant jeffrey sempler. four life rafts were found earlier this week, but no one is
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the cause of the crash is not known. michael: this year, the state will not issue any tax refunds until after march 1 and tim is here. tim: we are told this is a way to fight tax refund fraud, which officials say has reached endemic levels. for the first time ever, south carolina tax refunds will be held until march as a way to reduce fraud. >> people are not going to like it. tim: they may not like it, but taxman bob augustine says of his customers felt the team to tax fraud last year. it is never good because they are expecting a refund, and now we have to tell them it might take six months to get it settled. them: the state department of revenue says that by delaying tax refunds until march 1, few were thieves will be able to
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had a chance to file. the want to make sure refunds and up in the right pocket. >> it is aggravating. you feel if you're paying taxes so they should do their part instead of them being able to do it whenever they feel like it. tim: the state department of revenue plans to outline steps to cut down on tax refund fraud. michael: coming up on news 4, president obama's executive order on guns. carol: plus, donald trump and ted cruz continued to great barbs, while hillary clinton looks to gain an edge for the primary. john: still a few ice pellets, better known as sleep. the heaviest precipitation has now shifted off to the east. a big system is on the way.
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now to our panthers coverage carol: now to our panthers coverage come the championship just days away. the panthers will face off against the arizona cardinals. michael: brat is right here in a busy afternoon. brad: absolutely, and the panthers are taking to the podium, cam newton name to be most valuable player. he is at the podium right now. let's listen in. >> he had pretty good hands
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like a tight end, so when we got him, i figured -- and then when i really dug down and found that who he was, i was extremely excited, because we needed that type of dynamic player. reporter: staying on that, luke and thomas davis, similar but with different personalities. what is your take on them? >> i think t.d. is more consistent personality wise on the field and off the field because he has that aura. when he walks into a room, he is so social. he brings everybody with him. luke on the other hand, he leaves in a different way. he is so friendly, extremely
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you know what i am saying? he is always aware of the surroundings, and you would never think that a guide like cam, the way he looks on everyday life is one of the if not the best defensive player in national football league. he has this alter ego. brad: you get a sense of cam newton's personality right there, just talking about his teammates. we have more on the news at 6:00. the panthers are live at the podium ahead of that championship game. carol: brad, thank you. and we have the live wire, and you can go to our wyff 4 app or on look at the right now bar.
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that killed a staffer for the ben carson camp and it it happened on an icy road. the van was hit by another car. the other people in the van were treated at a hospital. and sarah palin blast of the obama administration. carol: this as new polls show bernie sanders gaining support. read bill: in oklahoma today, sarah palin stressed donald trump's antiestablishment campaign. ms. palin: you deserve a commander-in-chief who understands what our forces go through in who will never leave them behind.
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trump win, once again attacking ted crews for being born in canada and for failing to disclose two low-interest bank loans. mr. trump: because he did not want you to see that, ok? that is a problem. i think you go to caucus, you should think about that problem. read article and ted crews highlighted how he would fix the presidency by following the law. reporter: hillary clinton let her husband do the talking. mr. clinton: and three weeks is an eternity in politics. reporter: and running ads to make her look residential. ask to do everything it takes to
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-- to make her look presidential. ask to do everything it takes to do every part of the job. john: a batch of snow moving through, a fast-moving system, and now south of 85, some rain mixed with a little sleet and even some snowflakes, but right now, most of the snow is tapering off and moving to the east, even to the charlotte area. a couple of flurries are possible into the mountains, but the bulk of the precipitation is now long gone for you folks in through western north carolina. just outside our studios in greenville, those big snowflakes started to come down. we have the video of the snowflakes, i believe, right now for you. take a look at this. i will have that for you at 5:30. that is a tease. this was the snow coming down
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they ended up with about three inches of snow in the mountains of north carolina, especially in the ski resort areas, maybe even four to five inches of snow, and they will see some natural snow. maybe one foot of snow, maybe more than that, and i will talk about that. the system moving through, and maybe a few snowflakes coming down mixed with a little bit of sleet and some rain, but for the most part, it is just rain south of i-85, and most of the precipitation as far as the first precipitation is over with. the winter weather advisory, even though it continues until 7:00, it is really for black ice forming. the roads may freeze as we go through the night tonight.
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the national weather service has issued a storm watch, and we are talking about a major ice storm, particularly in the upstate and these areas. this goes into effect tomorrow night and goes through saturday. we will be talking about a lot of snow in sleet in north carolina, and even part of the foothills, a lot of snow and sleet mixed with freezing rain. gusting maybe of 230 miles per hour -- maybe up to 30 miles hour. we could be talking about a lot of ice, maybe as much as one quarter inch comment maybe more than that, maybe four tense -- tenths of ice. we'll be talking about that at the top. we have snow coming down with
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it was beautiful to see, and it did not stick to the roads. which is good. now, 32 in toccoa. 48 in columbia. 51 right now in a gust of. so the system today is out to sea. here is the one we will focus on. this will be our major storm system. we still have the arctic high in the northeast that will undercut all of this precipitation coming in, so we might see some rain tomorrow, especially northeastern georgia, but look what happens. it spreads across the area. old enough for the slow -- cold enough for the snow. this is 7:00 in the morning on friday, and it is only going to get worse. look at this pink shaded area. heavy snow in the mountains of north carolina.
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over savannah. this will be a big nor'easter that will move up the eastern seaboard, producing as much as two feet of snow for the mid-atlantic states, the nation's capital, maybe even baltimore. even some in the higher elevations in the north carolina mountains. we could see one to three inches of snow in the upstate as we get some wrap around for the storm system as it has up the seaboard. saturday with the wind and the snow, it is definitely a major system, and it will close down some traffic, so we will keep you updated. snow, sleet, rain, overnight low around 30, so watch out for black ice. watch out for some freezing rain. a few flurries. that is about it. for tomorrow, some cloudy skies, maybe some rain, likely late in the evening.
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this is the low --l lull before the big system. rain, developing into freezing rain, with a winter mix in the mountains, continuing on friday. 34 degrees, temperatures probably dropping into the 30's, and that will continue. friday night, rain, freezing rain, sleet, changes over to all snow, and it continues into saturday morning. and then milder temperatures next week. and congratulations to karen. michael: john, thanks. words from a deputy who was shot in the head while responding to a robbery. eight preview now. >> and i appreciated everybody, everybody visiting. it was great. michael: he spent 41 days in the hospital, and today, his
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health, parents and teenagers do not always see eye to eye, the teens themselves saying they had no limits. among parents who rated their teenagers driving as above average, nearly two thirds said they still set limits. and you study shows the mental health of expectant fathers is important. researchers in sweden look at parental depression in more than 350 thousand parts. they found mothers with recurring or newly diagnosed depression were 30% to 40% more likely to have a premature birth. experts say this may be because depression of a partner could cause significant stress for an expectant mom. and drive around pickens, and you will see signs like this all over. tonight, a fight over the proposal to close an elementary school. john: cloudy skies with a few patches of light rain area currently 33 degrees.
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snow move across the area very quickly, but that is a small
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