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tv   WYFF News 4 530pm  NBC  January 20, 2016 5:30pm-6:00pm EST

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michael: a proposal that would close in elementary school. sums that school will not go down without a fight. carol: and more of what to expect in governor nikki haley's
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our own nigel robertson is live in columbia with more just ahead. michael: and just days away from the nfc championship. announcer: you are watching wyff. this is wyff news 4 at 5:00 in high definition. carol: take a look at this. it looks like a winter wonderland up there. this is from our michael: something much greater is to come, and our experts say this is only a preview. carol: john cessarich and chris justus are here in the studio. john, let's start with you first what should people be prepared for for the rest of the week? john: it is very complicated, and john will talk more about it, but we are talking about a
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we are talking about a lot of snow along with some sleet and freezing rain, and this has got potential to have a lot of ice that could paralyze our area. we will talk about that in detail in just a second. first, round one. a couple of inches of snow in the mountains, and this is the kind of snow that you like in the upstate. big snowflakes coming down, beautiful, and that it melted on contact, so you do not have to worry about the roads, but a winter weather advisory still continues as we go through tonight and into tomorrow morning because of black ice, so watch out for that. hendersonville. already 24 degrees in boone. 29 in franklin, 34 in spartanburg. before currently in anderson. that is round one. this is rounded two.
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maybe well over a foot of snow as we go through the weekend, four to six plus inches of snow expected in the mountainous areas, and then that northeast wind kicks into gear. during the day on friday, expect temperatures to start dropping into the 30's, and from hickory all of the way over to charlotte, gaffney, that would change over into freezing rain, and that will go all of the way down the i-85 corridor. we could see as much as one quarter of an inch of ice possible and up to one to three inches of snow. the snow will be friday night and into saturday morning. this is one heck of a storm system, unfortunately, chris, that is going to develop. we will head over to the weather center. do you see, chris, all of the models are coming together?
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european and american models, and you can see the latest models are showing this, one upwards of of your inches, and the flu is the european model, and then -- the blue is the european model, and then all of them are showing some sort of snowfall across the area. some of this will be eyes, so this numbers will likely be lower. most of the model showing over nine inches, which some of that upwards of one foot, which is certainly possible, so when will things go downhill? thursday evening, mainly rain. overnight thursday into friday morning is what it really starts to go downhill as rain changes to ice and no. friday will be pretty much treacherous. this is mainly north of 85, and that friday night, extreme impacts across the area as we the snowfall on top of whatever
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low to moderate impact with whatever we had today, and that could lead to some slippery spots, and snow roles and thursday evening and sticks around until friday. on saturday, the snow finally moves on out of here. john will time out forecast for you hour-by-hour, and we will have that for you. carol: we are just a few hours away from governor nikki haley's state of the state address tonight. michael: nigel, what do we expect she will be tackling in her speech tonight? nigel: nevertheless, tonight is the state of the state. the governor is going to talk about a number of issues, but one issue that will come up is how to fix south carolina's crumbling infrastructure. the roads, the bridges, the highways that need to be redone.
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this was a big issue last year. the house came up with a planned. the senate came up with their plan, and the two sides could not agree, and nothing was really done, and then, as you will remember, came all of that heavy rain, historic flooding, and my colleague myra ruiz was here when the legislative session opened, and the lawmakers try to tell us that fixing the state's crumbling infrastructure is key to this year's legislative plan. the governor is expected to talk about that and a number of other issues tonight. as i mentioned earlier, 7:00, the state of the state will begin. i will be here live. we will cover it all for you and get reaction afterwards and have much for you online and on the air. for now, we will toss it back to you in the studio. carol: nigel, thank you. a proposal to close an upstate
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lot of heat from some concerned parents. mandy gaither has more in pickens county. mandy: some parents putting up a fight against a proposal to close the elementary school. at hagood elementary, round 300 students fill the hallways and classrooms, the district officials say the school is less than half full, operating at 48% capacity. newman says that small school feel is exactly why she likes it. >> i have a little boy used to cry going to school, and when we moved there, my children jump out of the car to go to school. mandy: there are other schools also under capacity. newman and other members of the pto are also concerned about
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john eby says that will not happen. he says it will stay the same. >> essentially, the students -- the teachers would follow the students. we are not looking at any reduction in the number of teachers. you are just looking at what physical building the kids would be educated in. mandy: eby says the decision will solely be up to the board of trustees. >> the school board just spent $2.5 million to renovate that school. we added more classrooms. it is the newest elementary school in my district. now they went to renovate it to make it a district office put it. i mean, why would you want to do that? mandy: tomorrow night at 6:00 p.m., the pto plans to have a meeting at cafe connections in downtown pickens to talk about this matter. summing up tonight at 6:00, i
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carol: coming up, and hear how after jimmie foxx flew into action after seeing a fiery
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continuing coverage tonight...
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michael: all right, our continuing coverage tonight, our own carolina panthers are taking on the air's own a cardinals this sunday for the nfc championship. carol: ricardo, what can you tell us? ricardo: they press conference is winding up, and of course, cam newton. all of this press conference is just getting wrapped up, and you would figure as they are about to host their first championship game here at the bank of america stadium, their first-ever came here, you would figure the players be a little uptight, maybe nervous about the game, but it is business as usual. in fact, a very relaxed atmosphere, very playful in the locker room, and check this out, even the greenwood native josh had a sign on his locker room that said muscle over media.
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he usually likes to talk to the media on thursdays, so he had a little fun with us. staying calm and playful has helped all year long for this team. >> we have been successful all year long because of that, and we will continue to be successful because of that, and we just have to stay focused on the process, doing the things that got us where we are. that is all we can ask for. ricardo: of course, one of the other guys on the team who has no problems being loose and playful, cam newton. we will hear from him coming up. he was just named as m.v.p. and player of the year, and we will hear from him coming up at 6:00. michael: some comedy up there. ricardo, thank you. he is an upstate deputy that survived a gunshot to the head.
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coming up on news 4 at 6:00. >> it could have been worse. i thank the lord it did not happen that way. michael: he was shot in december responding to a call. now, he is out of the hospital and talking about what happened and his recovery. when it comes to connecting to the world online, people have different needs.
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the attorney general says
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constitut carol: the u.s. attorney general said the president was well within his rights within his executive power to curb gun violence. others say he is overreaching his authority and infringing on people's constitutional rights to own guns. >> it is clear to me that the american people are fearful that president obama is eager to strip them of their rights. >> with background checks, we will be better prepared to keep guns out of the hands of them in the first place. carol: lynch also brought up the department of health and human services, saying that the new preventions will help prevent
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michael: less than 24 hours before sarah palin endorsed donald trump, her son track was arrested on domestic violence charges. according to the arrest report, and he should kick to his girlfriend monday night and then held an assault rifle near his head as though he would shoot himself in he was charged with domestic violence assault on a female, interfering with the report, and mission of a weapon while intoxicated. he was arraigned tuesday afternoon and released after $1500 bail. carol: a statue talking about standing on a corner in winslow, arizona. the town was almost forgotten when the interstate came through. they capitalized on the lyric's with annual festival and park. announcer: now, your weather
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john: the snow and sleet that moved through with rain, cleanly south of i, especially back into metro atlanta, but even in this northern suburbs and in the northeastern parts in the northeastern part of atlanta, a little bit of sleet mixed with rain. this is moving off to the east. we are starting to dry off. what a beautiful snow. big, huge snowflakes came down right outside our studios in downtown greenville. it then changed over to a little bit of sleet, snow accumulation, and then it became a little bit of rain, and then it ended. we are looking for things to dry out, some rain moving through lawrence county and heading into newberry. a light, freezing drizzle possible. the roads will become very
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advisory still in effect, not really for precipitation falling from the clouds but from the precipitation already falling. the weather advisory goes overnight until 7:00 tomorrow morning with the light will shaded area, including this airy with the mountains, and that is because of black ice. we will see some of the roads re-freeze, especially some of the bridges and overpasses, so watch out. then we look ahead. a winter storm watch for significant snow and ice. a significant system that starts thursday the and runs all of the way through friday night and into saturday. this is mainly for the mountains of north carolina with a northwesterly flow that will move up the eastern seaboard. it will probably don't one foot,
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probably don't -- dump one foot or two feet of snow. we will keep on cruising and see if we can keep going. it just jammed up. here we go. how about temperatures? 33 degrees in anderson, above the freezing mark. 31 in asheville and also hendersonville, but 23 degrees in boone. northeastern georgia, 32 degrees in toccoa. pretty cold temperatures outside, but i think for the most part, temperatures will stay above the freezing mark in the upstate until we draw out the roads, and then we will start to get down. here is the next storm system. this will be want to bring us a major winter storm, round two. notice there is no precipitation, maybe a little fun, and then this brings in dry air. it rolls away the clouds,
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part of our viewing area, but most of that cold air with freezing rain developed snow and sleet in the mountains, and then as we go through the day on friday, a major snowstorm expected in the foothills and piedmont with freezing rain, sleet, and snow in the mountains, especially friday night. all right, tonight, the snow, sleet, and rain ending early. most of it is over. tomorrow is kind of a break between the two systems. maybe some rain light in the day. a little sun in the afternoon, and high temperature of 43 degrees. clouds increase, and more precipitation develops. freezing rain, and then sunshine on sunday. back to you, carol and michael. michael: thank you. a new study out of the university of michigan shows that many young people are not getting their driver's license is, and that is raising some red
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just a little more than 76% of people aged 20 to 24 have a driver's license now. the reason? the rise in ridesharing services providing an alternative, especially in the dense, urban areas. carol: everyone loves french fries, right? and chocolate, so mcdonald's thought why not combine them? it has two types of sauces, dark and white. do not run out to get them, the mcchoco potato, as they are available only in japan it michael pullen park at this is the detroit center.
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michael: this is in detroit. this is a permanent display when a legoland discovery center opens. coming up, actor jamie foxx jumps into action, helping a man escape burning wreckage after a
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michael corbat late monday night, there was a bit of a real life drama for jamie foxx. carol: we have the details. reporter: a horrific accident, just outside the home of a familiar face. >> i called 911, and when i get here, the truck is over on its side. >> someone is trapped? reporter: driving under the influence in his take up truck, he went into a drainage ditch, and it flipped, bursting into flames. actor jamie foxx, along with
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>> he had emt scissors, and i try to get at his seatbelt, but he was hovered over. reporter: all the while, the flames getting more intense. >> as we put him out, the truck goes up. we are over here in the grass, celebrating. reporter: the tears of a grateful father. son. as far as i am concerned, he saved his life, based on the video. reporter: he shared his thoughts. >> i said you have angels around, angels around. carol: wow.
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announcer: live, local, breaking news. this is wyff news 4 at 6:00. carol: some asheville folks celebrate a burst of snow. michael: and a few flakes, enough to cancel wednesday night activities at greenville county schools. and team coverage tonight on this wintry weather, and meteorologist john cessarich and chris justus are tracking things. carol: and some light snow today, but we have more for this weekend. michael: so, john, we are talking about the real thing, aren't we? john: yes, and i will talk more about that in just a second. here is our round one. beautiful snow. especially in the upstate. the best thing about it is it
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the ground was too warm, even
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