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tv   WYFF News 4 11pm  NBC  January 20, 2016 11:00pm-11:34pm EST

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michael: and we begin with a look at the snow, which we had today as just a taste. carol: in north carolina and asheville, the snow came down hard enough to stick to the ground, and some students were left off. michael: in some areas, the snow was changing the look of things, with a couple of inches of snow around 3500 feet. carroll: also at those high elevations, up to three inches of snow in and around the moon the area. michael: and check out sugar mountain. the ski resorts, plenty of skiers and snowboarders taking advantage, and a chief meteorologist john cessarich is here, working hard to get this next round will come in strong, right? john: right, much stronger, and i will talk about that in just a second. in the upper atmosphere, this is not extremely strong, but it did
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i will show you some storm reports in just a second. south of 85, mainly rain mixed with some sleek at times, and also some snow from time to time. in greer, some sleet mixed with snowflakes. northeastern georgia, a little bit of sleet, and 1.5 inches of snow in one area, especially in the mountains of north carolina, about one inch of snow. just a dusting in waynesville. those pictures, how about that? 3.5 inches of snow. 4.5 inches fell on top of mouth mitchell. there was a dusting and 2.5 inches or actually 1.5 inches in
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robbinsville, 1.5 inches. you can see for the most part, about an inch and a half, a dusting to a couple of inches of snow that feltoday. now, round two. a much more powerful system that starts tomorrow night ands through tomorrow night and into saturday. significant snow and i. i will talk more about this coming up, but your wake up whether because of the re-freezing of the roads, watch out for black ice. that to you. michael: crews have already started applying the salt brine, and they have already used about 150,000 gallons in anticipation of the storm to come. officials say the crews may reapply the salt brine, and they will go into active salting once the snow comes. by the way, they have about 300
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carol: and the elderly and the young are most at risk. doctors say they are expecting to see injuries from slips and falls, and they already have attributed about 20 people to the exposure to the cold, and doctors worry about hypothermia in the elderly. >> avoid it, making sure you are dressed appropriately, including your head and fingers and ears, and we do not want people to be cold and wet, so if they are outside, and they debt wet, there is a much higher risk if you are wet and cold. carroll: they say to bundle up while doing everyday things, such as working outside and waiting at bus stops. michael: airlines announcing today they will waive ticket change fees for those who want
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are all issuing waivers for those expecting cancellations, and they should know if certain flights soon are canceled. carole coleman we have your forecast, radar, and closings on and on the wyff app. you can also look at the bottom of the screen and stay up-to-date on all of your devices. it turned out to be an emotional night in the state of the state. michael: and some people got called out. nigel joins us now live. nigel? nigel: carol and michael, the state of the state lasted for about 40 minutes, and some of the people i talked to said it was one of the most emotional ones in years. this is the moment, when governor nikki haley broke down. >> these two women, and the precious one with them that
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angels living on earth. nigel: standing before her in the south carolina house and senate, two of the survivors at the emmanuel ame church. they stood and were recognized during the state of the state. what happened on the night of june 17, governor haley said, changed everything for the state. she called on lawmakers to work together, saying disagreement does not have to mean division. >> well, it was very moving, and it is just a constant reminder that while we debate tough issues here, there is nothing more precious than life. >> we have so many issues that i am hoping we can deal with. nigel: some big issues the governor protect -- talked about? protecting victims of domestic violence, and her stance on roads.
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differently about it now than when i felt this a year ago. not raising taxes in the first year or the fifth year. nigel: but she also used the spotlight of the state of the state to call out the senate and not passing and income disclosure bill, which the house did. governor haley: so i'm going to ask everyone who is for the income disclosures to please stand. nigel: the majority of their senators stayed in their seats. >> because we are standing for education, standing for roads and bridges, so i stand for that at this time, and that is our message to the governor, because that is what the people have access to. nigel cole at one of the few who did stand has been in support of the bill from the beginning.
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>> that was a very good, demonstrative act to show what i have been up against in the chamber. it is just where we are. nigel: so the governor also talked about a number of successes for the state of south carolina, saying unemployment is at 5.5 percent, the lowest it has been since 2001, and after the past years, tourism in the state has seen major upticks. nigel robertson, news four. michael: and from my sister, a democratic response. carol: they were talking with the lack of progress. michael: she also took some aim at the party and governor nikki haley. >> why do we not have a bill to improve our roads and bridges? i remember hearing my republican colleagues saying over a year ago that that was the most
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lately, you have heard governor haley to call for unity, and i agree. we need to start working together to get things done, but what she has not told you is that the fighting is within her own party. republicans in the senate actually filibustered their own road built last year, and it was dead for the year. while republicans are fighting among themselves, are citizens continue to suffer with tattered roads and dangerous bridges. michael: she went on to say that if the democrats were in charge, they would have a bill on the governor's desk in days. carol: south carolina taxpayers will have to wait longer for their refunds this year. the state department of revenue says they will withhold revenues until march 1 regardless of when or how someone files. they say they are reducing fraud, which they say has
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still, some that we spoke to say they are not happy with this delay. >> it is aggravating that you feel that you're paying taxes and that they should do their part, instead of them giving it to you whenever they feel like it. >> a lot of our people depend on it, whether they pay property tax bills or things like that. carol: there will be a press conference to further explain the delay. michael: two washington, d.c., now, where the senate voted to block the syrian refugee bill. the vote was 55 to 43 and needed 60 votes to pass. it was a measure that would have impacted thousands of refugees in the middle east, but the debate is heating up in south carolina. it would prevent state agencies from working with refugee programs until the federal government creates stricter security measures, and a second bill would require refugees to register with the department of social services.
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>> in some parts of the world, the mentality is the right thing to do is to kill christians and to kill americans, and some of these refugees are coming from some of those of the world. >> if you do not keep your people safe, your schools won't be safe get your roads will not be safe. these terrorists are taking any means. they aren't really concerned about human life, so we want to keep all of our people safe. michael: the general committee met today to discuss the bills and to hear more testimony. carol: the criner has identified a victim in a deadly house fire as 81-year-old kathleen bagwell. they say her body was found in the back of the home. michael: a crime involving a machete around 7:00 tonight. authorities were called for a
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they were reportedly confronted with that machete. the man was taken into custody and will be remanded into custody. carroll: today, a greenville county deputy who were shot in the head while on the job went home. fellow law enforcement officers up the deputy dave dempsey as he left the rehab hospital today after spending 41 days in the hospital. he was praising fellow deputies for his actions the night he was shot. >> he stayed in the game and a limited any further injury that could have occurred, easily occurred. his training took over, and he was good. carol: charles rosemond was shot to death after investigators say he fired at dempsey. deputies where responding to a robbery call at his apartment. john: the storm system will move
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marco rubio. he ran for senate saying he opposed amnesty... then he flipped, and worked with liberal chuck schumer to co-author the path to citizenship bill. he threatened to vote against it. and then voted for it. he supported his own dream act and then he abandoned it. marco rubio. just another washington politician you can't trust. jeb bush. he's a leader, so you always know where he stands. right to rise usa
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michael corbat ok, here we are, just days away from victory. and the weather has become part of the preparation. >> he has been on that stage, but cam newton did say that the seahawks bring out the best in him.
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cardinals, and it may not be ideal conditions to practice in, and that is why the head coach wants to have his team out as much as they can, just to get them acclimated. overall, the locker room, very jovial, very relaxed, very calm for this title game, and as was said on wednesday, there is no point in talking about being one step closer to the super bowl sympathy because they are not in that game yet and have to take care of business against the arizona cardinals, who are 7-1 on the road this year and who has been very successful playing away from arizona. our coverage continues on air and on our social media platform leading up to the game on sunday night. carol: thanks, ricardo. join us for a special report with brad fralick, will bring us
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getting you ready for the championship game as they take on the cardinals. you can watch it right here from 7:00 until 8:00 again on saturday night. announcer: now, your live super doppler 4 hd weather forecast. john: so you can see, here is your snow and sleet and rain, up to a couple of inches of snow in the mountainous areas, around mount mitchell, around four inches, and then about three and a half inches over here. it did not last very long. it was very fast-moving and now is pretty much out to sea, but as it made its way through the greenville area, take a look at these pictures. we have actually slo mo'd it. you can see the beautiful site. it is a beautiful site because it is gorgeous to look at. that is what you like about it
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the snowflakes were big, and the ground was still warm enough so it would melt on contact, even on the bridges and overpasses. but a different story tonight. the sleet on some of the roads has melted, and now it is beginning to re-freeze, so watch out for some black ice as we go through early tomorrow morning. downtown greenville, we still have cloudy skies outside. we could he some patchy fog form, and there could be some areas of black ice forming. mostly, it is confined to the mountains. these temperatures are above the freezing mark, and it will really be the bridges and overpasses and some of the side roads that are going to get below the freezing mark. also 32 in asheville. 29 in waynesville.
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everybody else has light wind, northwest at 24 in boone, a wind chill of about 12 degrees, so bitterly cold. currently 38 degrees in atlanta, and chilly even all of the way down into florida. 47 currently in orlando, cool 64 in miami. and to our north, it will settle into new england and drive that very cold, dry air down the mountains, setting a stage for a potential major ice storm as we get into friday, friday night, saturday morning, and a major snowstorm in some of the mountainous areas. it was slowly gained some strengths. tomorrow, we will have a lot of clouds. even some sun, especially the further you go. that is going to be nice. that is the call before the storm. going in tomorrow night, that
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freezing rain, sleet, maybe even some snow in the northern part of the upstate. and for the mountains, and then going into the day, the wind will kick in, and it will drive that cold, dry air under the moisture. there is either, and the temperature will slowly drop to around 32 degrees, and that is what we are going to see, the potential for an ice storm, and this is particularly into the foothills. it will be a rough ride for most of the area. the computer model, this is the american computer model. look how much snow it is printing out. if that is correct, it will be a mass. all of them have over a foot of snow, and that is pretty much a given, but then we have about three inches to six inches around the greenville area on that one, and then this is only about one inch to three inches,
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inch in the upstate, as the heaviest snow is in the mountains, so that is our biggest challenge. we could see up to a quarter inch of ice, the heaviest snow and sleet into the mountains of carolina, and that is why the weather service put out a watch all the way through saturday, with the potential for a lot of snow and a lot of ice. watch out for the black ice tomorrow, a slight chance of a shower late in the day, 45 degrees, mostly cloudy, and then here comes the mess. thurston it into friday and friday night into saturday. back to you -- thursday night into friday and friday night into saturday. anchor: the coaches and players do not really want to talk about being one game away because of a loss, and that never happened. the arizona cardinals carolina connection, and that is coming
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announcer: now, wyff news 4 sports. anchor: offensive player of the year today with at least 30 passing touchdowns in a single season. a trip to super bowl 50 on the line sunday night in charlotte, and before we can play, we must talk, and tonight, lots of talk going on. ricardo has more on the team and feeling lose despite being on stage for the title game. ricardo: the carolina panthers are just one game away from super bowl 50, and with the extra attention they are getting going into the game of the arizona cardinals, you would think they would be very uptight, but that is not the case in the locker room. the team is very loose, very relaxed, and still having fun leading up to this day, but still, they are very businesslike, and they know they cannot talk about super bowl 50 unless they win this game on sunday.
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is the most important thing, that we understand that this game is a big game. we understand it is an opportunity for us to move forward, but we have to win first, and that is what we have to focus on. >> at the and of the day, we have to be ourselves, and we have been successful because of that, and we will continue to be successful because of that. we have to stay focused on the process, and if we do that, we have to give ourselves a chance. that is all we can ask for. ricardo: it is actually snowing outside bank of america's medium, and the coach wants them to practice -- outside bank of america stadium, and the coach wants them to practice as much outside as possible. anchor: the weather has actually backed up our panthers special, and that was going to be saturday night.
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it up to saturday night for a look at the team as they prepare for the game. the cardinals finishing the regular season with just two losses, and one of five former tigers remembers the loss. palmer at the helm, and they say this is a different team. >> yes, we have carson this time around. we are following suit. you that. anchor: we will have much more on that carolina connection playoff special. and jumping to 22 in the rankings, the gamecocks with a
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clemson lost with 13th ranked virginia, and the cavaliers were never able to distance themselves from the tigers until the final few seconds. clemson drops to number 93. clemson is already listed as one of the teams that would be out if the tournament work today. and college hoops tonight, charleston southern on the road at presbyterian college. a one-point when, 73-72 the final score. and the synod down introduced their new head coach today, hired after mike houston was introduced yesterday. he has been an offense of coordinator for the past two years. they said it last night, and they made it official. get this. about 10 days away, national signing day. just under two weeks left.
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thanks for watching wyff news 4 john: tomorrow, the call before the storm, -- the calm before the storm, and it continues into friday night and into saturday. it will be difficult, especially by friday night. carol: thank you for watching. [captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its
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