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this is wyff news 4 today in hd. >> this has been a difficult and different kind of year for south carolina. a year that warrants a different kind of speech. allyson: an emotional night for governor night for nikki haley. reflecting on the year that has passed and looking forward to the future. the key points of her state of the state address. allyson: this is video of the snow yesterday. today we have a warning. this morning you should be on alert for black ice. myra: good morning, i am myra ruiz. allyson: i'm allyson powell. we have chrhr in today. chris: we have a significant storm late tonight into tomorrow. right now, we have a winter weather advisory in effect for the northern part of the upstate into the north carolina mountains. you can see the moon right there. it is a clear and cold start to the day with temperatures below freezing.
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that made the roads wet have a frozen to a little bit of black ice. it is 30 degrees in asheville. everyone in hendersonville. 28 in -- 38 in hendersonville and 28 in spartanburg. we will see a high in the lower 40's. in asheville, we start in the 20's and reach the lower 40's. we see clouds increasing today and rain will move in late this evening. as that falls, it will cool the column of air and transition to the rain into a freezing rain north of the i-85 and greenville and spartanburg. as you are waking up tomorrow morning, we will have already had some sleet and freezing rain. more continues to move in throughout the day. it will be heavy at times. it picks up by lunchtime.
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that ice will change over to snowfall. we could have one to two inches of snow on top of the eyes. here is our forecast. 1-3 inches of snow. that could be conservative. the latest models i have seen show a little bit more ice than that. 8-12 inches are possible in the high country. the gfs, the nam show over .05 inches of ice. as far as snow is concerned, the gfs is showing nine inches of snow. i think that is a little bit hit. the nam and euro show anywhere between three and six inches.
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we have significant snow up in the mountains. it will be mainly a snow event in asheville and hendersonville. there will always be nine inches of snow -- there will at least be nine inches of snow. tonight. throughout the day friday we will have high to extreme impacts across the area. allyson: thank you, chris. black ice is definitely a mountains. myra: officials say they applied 150,000 gallons of saltrines. crews may reapply salt brine today. they will also go once the snoww comes. here is video from asheville yesterday. it was definitely enough to stick on the ground in buncombe county. some of students were let out of school early. in higher elevations, the snow
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sugar mountain. plenty of skiers and snow boarders took advantage of the snow yesterday. again, one of the biggest concerns today will be black ice. so, just make sure to travel safely. allyson: other concerns lie e th air travel. some major airlines are looking ahead to the weather and appeasing travelers in advance. american, southwest, and delta airlines will waive ticket change fees and fare differences for customers who want to postpone their trips. travel waivers to customers who are expecting delays and cancellations. myra: and other winter weather concerns include snow injuries. local doctors are warning the elderly and young are most at risk with this wintry weather on the way. doctors at greenville memorial hospital say they're expecting to see people with injuries caused by slips and falls , flooding, and frostbite. doctors say they're most worried about hypothermia among the elderly. doctors say make sure you bundled up during everyday things like working outside and waiting at bus stops. allyson: continue to check our
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we will have the full forecast, the interactive radar, and the latest alerts. myra: governor nikki haley gave her state of the state address last night. allyson: there were tears, celebrations of successes, and there were some called out directly. fixing state roads and bridges will be a big issue lawmakers say they have to face this year. last year they could not come up with an agreement to pay for fixing the state's crumbling roads, bridges and highways. lawmakers say a compromise is a must this year. but the governor was firm on her stance. >> i think no differently of our roads situation than when i stood before you one year ago i . i will not sign any piece of legislation that raises taxes. not year one, not year 5, and not year 10. allyson: the governor also broke down when she honored two of the three survivors of the charleston shooting at the emanuel ame church. in fact, the entire legislature
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allyson: following the governor's speech, mandy norrell of lancaster gave the democratic response. allyson: the state representative spoke of the lack of progress made under the republican party leadership specifically in public education health care and economic growth. she also took aim at the party and governor nikki haley. >> and speaking off safe roadways. why haven't we passed a bill to improve our roads and bridges. i remember hearing my republican colleagues say over a year ago that that was at the most important thing. lately, you have heard governor haley call for unity and i agree. we need to start working together to get things done. but what she has not told you is the fighting is within her own party. republicans in the senate actually fillbustered their own roads bill last summer until it was dead for the year. and while the republicans are fighting amongst of themselves, our citizens continue to suffer
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dangerous bridges. myra: norell went on to say that if democrats were in control of the legislature they would have a bill on governor haley's desk within days. if you missed governor haley's state of the state,we have the entire speech on allyson: chris joins us again. chris, we are talking about what will happen tomorrow. chris: the winter storm watch has been upgraded to a winter storm warning. we have concerns this morning for black ice. what fell yesterday made the roads wet and that froze over. we have a winter weather advisory in the mountains, down to where the northern part of the upstate. other than that, we have a smooth sailing. we will have cloudy skies by the end of the day and then things go downhill overnight tonight. 30 degrees in greenville right now and asheville. it is a cold start to the day and we are watching the winter storm.
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clouds will increase and late this evening we will see regular rainfall. that is around 1:00 a.m. that rain will cool the arm is fair through evaporation will cooling and we get that rain changing into freezing rain, mainly north of the i-85. it will be hard to get this to mix in south from there. more rain will then move in and that will create some ice across the area. by age: 30 a.m. we will have widespread -- by 8:30 a.m. we will have widespread freezing rain. this will change over to snowfall as colder air begins to rush in tomorrow evening. we could see s sw pile in on top of that ice. here is a look at the latest computer model. right now, the issa cumulation is troubling. look at the latest nam model.
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if you go look at the gfs, it is showing 3/10 of one inch. how much snow? the latest model, the nam shows three inches on top of the ice. the european model shows six inches and then the gsf is on medium side, showing nine inches. we will see some snow on top of the ice. the mountains will primarily have a snow event. the asheville-hendersonville area could receive 9-12 inches. we will see ice across the i-85 corridor. later on tonight through friday and ending late friday into saturday morning. from asheville northbound we will see four to six inches of snow and that will continue throughout the day saturday.
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especially for the tennessee border areas. they could pick over one foot of snow. some areas will see 20 inches and that will keep temperatures cold saturday. roads will be treacherous all weekend. myra: thank you, chris. south carolina taxpayers will have to wait longer this year to receive any refunds they have coming. the reason for the delay. allyson: a greenville county deputy is entered on theheob and is finally home. the reaction to the support he has received. in fish oil differ from megared krill oil. unlike fish oil, megared is easily absorbed by your body. megared.
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over 3 million people have silky smooth feet
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that you can't help but touch. the new amopefoot file with diamond crystals and extra coarse roller head removes callouses effortlessly. feel it yourself! amope pedi perfect. myra: a greenville county deputy who was shot in the head while on the job is home. fellow law enforcement officers applauded deputy dave dempsey as he left the roger c. peace hospital yesterday. dempsey spent 41 days in the hospital. he's expected to make a full recovery with therapy. dempsey praised a fellow deputy for his actions the night he was shot. >> he stayed in the game and eliminated any further injury that could have occurred easily occurred. >> his training took over and he was good. myra: charles rosemond was shot to death after investigators say he fired at dempsey. deputies were responding to a
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myra: in hard county, georgia a shooting involving an officer and a man with a machete took place. deputies say this happened on old creek road around 7:00 last night. authorities were called there for a domestic complaint. deputies shot a man,after he reportedly confronted them with a machete. that man was taken to the hospital. he will be released into the custody of the sheriff's office. no deputies were injured. myra: a proposal is in a place to close an upstate elementary school. chris: looking at the live super doppler 4 hd, nothing is showing up now, but snow moves in
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announcer: now, your live super doppler 4 hd weather forecast. chris: good morning, everybody. chris justus with you here. the live super doppler 4hd is clear right now. what already fell yesterday is what is concerning me. that made the roads wet and that has frozen over. the northern part of greenville, higgins, and akoni county have a winter weather advisory. now to the next system. we have a winter storm warning in effect for most of the
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that is greenville, spartanburg, union, cherokee, and haversham counties. these areas will see a storm tonight and through the day friday. the 53 85 -- of the 385 is it a beautiful shot there. clemson right now has poor visibility with some fog. currently, it is cold in spartanburg at 28 degrees. abbeville, 38 degrees. greenwood is 35 degrees. throughout the day today we will reach of the lower 40's today with increasing clouds. we may see some sunshine later this morning. it is the winter storm we are concerned about. we will see rain move in overnight tonight. that will cool the column of air and that will make evaporation
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will cooling. that will continue to pull the area. we will have freezing rain and sleet mixed in with snow in the mountains and northern pararof the upstate. that will continue into the morning hours. by 7:00 or 8:00 tomorrow morning is when the winter storm ramps up. we will see ice accumulating north of the i-85 corridor. as temperatures cool friday night, this low moceves east and we could see snow develop on the backside of this. let me show you the latest computer models. this is what i am concerned about. the trend overnight is for more ice. it may start a little bit earlier than we anticipated. the nam is showing over half a foot of ice. the other model is showing 3/10. either way, we are looking at the low end of a significant ice
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storm and on the high end, a crippling ice storm. look at what the models are trying to show us as far as snow on top of that. the models oftentimes will weigh snowfall as ice. the nam is showing three inches of snow. the european is showing six inches and the gfs is showing nine inches. they bea -- if you take the average of that, we could at least see one inch, maybe three. we will see snow in the asheville-hendersonville area. behind end of the scale is showing one foot of snow. we will receive 1/4 inch of ice. from clemson back toward greenville and spartanburg we will receive 1-3 inches of snow on top of that. four to six inches or more in the asheville-hendersonville area. the high country in north
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carolina could receive one foot of snowfall. we will have rain throughout the day today late in the evening. that rain changes to ice overnight. by friday morning you need to be where you want to be because of things will not likely get better through the weekend. extreme impacts willl be across the area. we have a 20% chance of that rain today and a high of 32 tomorrow. that rain will be ice at times and we will see temperatures not budge much saturday. they will not be much melting. and on sunday, things will clear back out and warm up with temperatures in the 50's. that regular rain is next week will be no concern. allyson: thank you, chris. in washington, the senate has voted to block the syrian refugee bill. myra: that a vote was 5 5to 43. it needed 60 votes to pass. it was a measure that would have impacted thousands of refugees in the middle east. but the debate is heating up in south carolina. yesterday at the state house, several measures were discussed. including one that would prevent state agencies from working with refugees programs.
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this until the federal government creates stricter security measures. a second bill would require refugees to register with the department of social services. allyson: south carolina taxpayers will have to wait longer for their state tax refunds this year. the state department of revenue says it will re-hold -- it will hold refunds until march 1. this is regardless of when or how a person files. officials say the move is aimed at reducing tax refund fraud, which a spokesperson says has reached pandemic levels. still, some taxpayererwe talked to say they're not happy with the delay. myra: some of state parents will hold a meeting tonight to talk about the idea of closing in elementary school. district officials in pickens county say hagood elementary is operating at 48% capacity. there is a proposal to close it and send the 300 students to other pickens-area elementary schools, which are also under capacity. a pto meeting will be held tonight at 6:00 at cafe
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connections in downtown pickens. a trip to the super bowl is on the line in charlotte. the team is not talking super bowl just yet. recorder accompt has more from charlotte -- ricardo lecompte as more from charlotte. ricardo: this team is getting extra media attention leading up to the game. he would figure this team would be very uptight. the team is actually very loose and relaxed leading up to this game against the cardinals. but still, they are businesslike and they know they can't talk about super bowl 50 unless they win this game. >> doesn't do me any good to talk about the next game in less we can get there. the most important thing is we understand that this game is a big game. we understand this is an opportunity for us to move forward. you have to win first. >> at the end of the day, we
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have to be ourselves. that is why we have been successful all year long. we will continue to be successful because of that. we have to stay focused on the process. if we do that, we will give ourselves a chance. ricardo: weather may play a factor in the game. it is snowing right now outside the take of america stadium. the coach wants to make sure the team practices in this weather as much as they can. myra: meanwhile, the weather has backed up our panthers playoff special. we will now air that special at 7:00 saturday night. our sports team will have an in-depth look at the panthers as they get ready for their nfc championship against the cardinals.
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myra: in this morning's buzz. a new york town has come up with lot. watertown is trying to turn this lot into an outdoor ice rink. i think we may have some video of it there. the town's usual spot for skating, the fairground arena, is closed for renovations. department of parks and recreation were out at a local
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allyson: that is one way to freeze it. the water has frozen because of the cold temperatures. workers say it will take a few days to get the rink ready for skaters. i think we will have some ice of our own and we will not even have to try. myra: it is too bad they took down the downtown skating rink. allyson: a lot of fun. wyff news 4 today continues. announcer: live, local, breaking news. this is wyff news 4 today in hd. >> ladies and gentlemen, the state of our state is bent, but not broken. 0 governor nikki haley reflects on the past and looks forward to the future. myra: this is video of the snow from yesterday. today, a warning for you. you should be on the alert for black ice.
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us includes picrtures from all over the area. myra: we have school closings as well. you can also find those on our app and wyff first, let's get to chris. chris: it is the worst in the mountains and the areas in the upstate where the roads got wet yesterday. nothing is falling from the live super doppler 4 hd right now, but we do have a winter weather advisory. the roads are a little bit wet and that froze over yesterday. from asheville to hendersonville , to travelers rest, the roads could be slick. a winter storm warning has been upgraded from a watch to a warning and that means the threat is imminent. as we go into the overnight hours, ice and snow will begin to fall. it looks like an earlier start than previously expected. there is the moon right now. it is 34 degrees with north
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