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tv   WYFF News 4 5pm  NBC  January 21, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm EST

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john line is in hendersonville. patrick hussion is in greenville. john cessarich is in our weather system tracking the latest. let's go to you first. snow and ice? john: a bad combination. here is the way it has shaped up. today, we warmed up nicely into the 40's, even a few 50's. at 7:00, look what comes in. this is the precipitation. when it bumps into mountains, it's going to be cold enough that we cooled on the atmosphere from top to bottom. as we go through this evening, take a look, and you can see what i'm talking about. this is snow developing into the mountains of north carolina. some heavy rain and cold rain at that at midnight tonight. it may mix with some sleet from time to time. i think we are going to be ok with the roaa different story for the
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overnight is when we start to cool the temperatures down. 32 in greenville. 32 in spartanburg. rush-hour tomorrow, freezing rain mixed with sleet. it's going to accumulate through the mountains. look at the pink. it goes farther south. this is going to be freezing sleet, rain, and snow for the mountains. we will continue to undercut this moisture. cooling will continue to take place. our high temperature tomorrow morning, holding steady if not slowly dropping. as the storm system pulls away, snow across the area. see? the northern mountains, boom, a foot-plus, maybe more. five inches to a foot of snow through most of western north carolina, and through the
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and slide it farther. expecting a quarter of an inch to a half inch of ice. i'm thinking freezing rain in the upstate with one to four-plus inches. we could see sleet and snow as we go through the night late, but freezing rain tomorrow. then we change over to snow tomorrow. winter storm warning, significant snow and ice across most of the viewing area. now back to you. nigel: thank you very much. to western north carolina, crews in hendersonville getting ready. gabrielle: a live picture. right now, things are looking clear, but big changes ahead. we find john line live in hendersonville now. john: it is actually not bad in hendersonville. it's about 46 degrees, and the sun has just gone behind some
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they are walking their dogs. they are strolling up and down main street. they are closing their shops or stopping by a restaurant for a quick dinner. i saw one couple walking up and doof course, it was not melting. up in asheville, work crews have started salting and sanding the streets, and they are trsitioning to 12 on and 12 off work schedules. people in western north carolina are preparing for the wiest -- the worst, 4, 5, 6 inches of snow. aly myles was in asheville earlier today as public works were getting their tracks ready. aly: hundreds of tons of salt and sand, already to go as soon as the flakes start falling. >> the guys were checking the equipment to make sure there is no faulty stuff, checking the
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aly: the good news, this 32-degree weather and sun. >> anytime we get warm weather, it thaws te rhe roads, and then it ain't as bad if it stays in the teens or zeros. aly: these guys know it will be a long couple days. they have transitioned into 12-hour shifts, all hands on deck. there is sometetng you can do to help them out. >> the biggest problem we have is a lot of people parking on roads. they can use driveways to help speed up the time. aly: public works says it is preparing for the worsrs hoping for the bealy myles in asheville. john: people have been coming by, asking us the latest forecast, and they are watching the weather. they are interested in what is going on. as you can see behind me, there is no snow, but people behind me expect it to look completely
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nigel: thank you. all classes have been canceled tomorrow in buncombe county. that is the largest school district in western north carolina with thousands of employees. gabrielle: governor pat mccrory says the state is under a state of emergency with this wintry weather. corey davis shows us what conditions are like right now in asheville. corey: we are here in biltmore park in asheville. this is i-26. traffic is moving along smoothly. emergency officials are prepared for the snowfall to come down. the school district has taken precautions by canceling classes for tomorrow. more than 25,000 students will be at home and off the roads for their safety. shelters in the area have opened their doors in asheville for all the people who might become
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currently homeless to have a place to stay. we will continue to bring you the latest in buncombe county, corey davis, wyff news 4. gabrielle: now to the update where crews from the south carolina department of transportation are beginning to pretreat roads in greenville and spartanburg counties. officials tell us they are focusing on the area of i-85 to the northern parts of those counties, especially on mountain roads. crews will work 12-hour shifts, and they plan to send out salt spreaders tonight. nigel: now to spartanburg and a look at how the city is getting ready.mccormick is live and local off union street. what can you tell us? mike: you feel it's getting colder and colder. behind me, you can see the sand and the brine that the crews have been loading up all throughout the gate -- the day.
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they had pretreated the areas around a fire, police, and ambulance stations. we want to bring in doug bryson with spartanburg ememeency management. i know you have been in close contact with all of the offices. what do you want people to know at this point? mike: basically, schools a specially have closed. the seven public school districts. we antntipate a lot of businesses will close overnight, as well. if people don't have to be out, don't go out. mike: you guys are ready for shelters if the need arises. you guys have the emergency operation center. >> we are staying in close contact, conference calls with the national weather service, state emergency management division. we have shelters on standby based on where the need might bemike: doug bryson, we will have an author update -- another
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gabrielle: thank you very much. the threat of ice and power outages it could cause is a concern. patrick hutchens joins us with more on what utility companies are doing to get ready. patrick: for those of you at home, if you walk outside now and glance up, there's a good chance you will see these bunches of power lines meandering their way through the branches of the trees on your street, and we know what can happen if you add ice to the mix. as we have been talking about, that ice and freezing rain is on the way, and it's best to be prepared in case you are one of the thousands who could be left in the dark. as tree limbs and utility lines crisscross overhead, a frozen branch causing an outage is possible at any moment. duke energy has been working with a team of meteorologists and preparation for the storm, and throughout the carolinas, line technicians are at the ready. that's not all.
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with other utilities in the southeast through mutual aid agreement. they have started sending individuals north to assist us. they will be staging throughout the carolinas late todaypatrick: also, lawrence electric co-op has been trying to nip this problem in the bud, serving more than 54 thousand people, they are using a process of maintaining what they call "the utility lines right-of-way." >> that is the keeping of the line of way clear of tree limbs. we are constantly inspecting our substations and thousands of miles of our line. it's a very tough job. they do work in shifts. they train throughout the year to get ready for these types of situations. nigel: both utility companies i spoke with said they treat every storm as if it's going to be a big one. >> we are going to be on this
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patrick: you saw ryan mosher with duke energy, and he says it is best if you lose power to just turn off as many of the appliances and electronics as you can. that way, when the power is restored, there is less immediate demand on the power lines. sally: i am sally kidd in washington. new polls are out, and they are painting a different picture of the race in iowa. your update is just ahead. >> if it dumps the snow, we are happy. if it goes to ice like everyone is calling for, it's going to be ugly. gabrielle: we continue our storm coverage is our area braces for potential snow and ice. what is being done to keep the road safe? john: we want you to take a look at this picture. this is a live shot in hendersonville where john line is. 24 hours from now, i'm going to
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tomorrow, and it's going to be completely different. it will be whi gabrielle: here is a look at our winning midday numbers from the
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nigel: what about school tomorrow? that is the question students all over are asking. the greenville county school district, the largest in the state, says it is monitoring the storm. officials met this afternooto talk about possible plans. they tell me if the decision is not made this evening, crews will be out as early as 4:00 a.m., checking 800 square miles of roads all over the county. with the winter storm starting around 8:00 a.m., the district says it is a worst-case scenario. >> we would prefer to be able to make a call today, but beautiful blue skies now.
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nigel: with 73,000 students, the decision impacts an estimated 47,000 households in greenville county. we will update the latest on the school and business closings here on-air and online. gabrielle: we wanted to know, how do you like to enjoy a snowy day? you can vote in our poll on here is a look at the results. 39% of you like to ski. 21% stay-at-home. 15% like to go outside, and 25% like to go to the movies. nigel: here innigel: the upstate, the anderson, greenwood, and greenwood salvation army programs are asking for supplies. they are in need of electric heaters, regular blankets, as well. gabrielle: we have your forecast, interactive radar,
5:14 pm for school closings, check the bottom of the screen for the latest. nigel: turning to commitment 2016, new pulls out in iowa where the first voters for president -- votes for president will be cast one week from monday. gabrielle: sally kidd has more from our washingnewsr poll gives bernie sanders and eight-point from monday. lead over hillary clinton and iowa, but another poll out today give-po>>lead over hillary clinton and sick -- he suggested we invite iranian troops into syria. that is sking the arsonist clinton is highlighting
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senator bernie sande>> we in theory, there is a lot to like about some of his ideas, but in theory isn't enough. a president has to deliver in reality. sally: sanders, campaigning in new hampshire, is also talking about differences. >> i think it is too late for establishment politics and establishment economics given the crises we face today. sally: the latest poll shows sanders leading in the granite state. >> this is the campaign that has the energy, has the momentum, and can create a large voter turnout to bring us the victsally: glenn thrush says it is a classic tortoise and the hare dynamic. she has the organization. he has the enthusiasm. >> the question is going to become, if we keep seeing sanders pulling away in new hampshire, will we be hearing from the clinton people a sense that she is not going to compete
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sally: on the republican side, another iowa poll is out, trump and ted cruz is locked in a tie. 11-point lead over ted cruz in iowa, but when you count only previous caucus-goers, the race is now 10 at. sally kidd, wyff news 4. >> now your live super doppler four hd weather forecast. john: here we go. here comes our storm system. there's the leading edge. it is all liquid precipitation until it gets into our area, and it's quickly going to go from rain to snow. clouds streaming in quickly from the southwest ahead of the storm system. here is downtown greenville. this is mainly mid-level clouds, but precipitatiti will start to come in later on. take a look at temperatures across the area. we warmed up nicely. in the upstate, mid to upper
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44, asheville. you are going to see the heaviest of all the snow in boone. you could see as much as a foot to two feet of snow, a be sleet mixed in from time to time. 39 right now in greensboro. some of this cold air is going to slide southwestward as the edge starts to build and becomes strong tomorrow. high pressure to our northeast, here comes our storm system. look how fast the rain moves in, changes from rain quickly over to freezing rain and sleet. there is our ice tomorrow morning across most of the area, and the main coastal storm starts to form off of savannah. in the looking at more ice than snow. we are still going to see sleet and snow, more sleep than snow in the upstate. freezing rain is going to be thehe biggest problem through the
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quarter of an inch to half inch of ice. 1-4 inches of snow and sleet, a combination of both through this area. in the southern part of the upstate come into folks in greenville county's, you could see rain, but you could also see wet snow and sleet mixed in from time to time, along with freezing rain. in the mountains, it's going to be mainly snow, but at times, it could mix to freezing rain and sleet. mainly snow in the northern mountains of north carolina. this is for the total as we go through the entire system. total snowfall, it's going to be snowfall mixed with sleet. i really like e is model a lot. this is the rpm model your the american model has us with an incredible amount of snow and ice, which seems to be overdone. we will have to wait and see,
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good. greenville and spartanburg, 1-4 inches of snow. the mountains of south carolina, probably 3-6 inches of snow. also through the northern foothills of north carolina, a lot of snow. this is the total ending saturday morning. here is the winter storm warning that continues for the entire area, and we have advisories in the southern part for less amounts of snow and ice. tonight, rain gradually mixing with sleet and wet snow. rain changing quickly to snow and sleet in the mountains. 28 degrees for tomorrow. freezing rain at times may mix with sleet and snow. temperatures falling, breezy conditions in the northeast. snow may mix with sleet from time to time. highs only in the upper 20's, and precipitation gets heavier as we go into tomorrow night, and then snow showers across the
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morning in the upstate, all day off and on in the mountains. congratulations to helen williams from greenville. >> anything to get them reading, and they are always curious. nigel: how this week's golden apple award winner is full of
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marco rubio. he ran for senate saying he opposed amnesty... then he flipped, and worked with liberal chuck schumer to co-author the path to citizenship bill. he threatened to vote against it. and then voted for it. he supported his own dream act and then he abandoned it. marco rubio. just another washington politician you can't trust. jeb bush. he's a leader,
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right to rise usa
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nigel: this week's golden apple award winner started her career gabrielle: she did it for eight years and went back to school to beco teacher. as geoff hart shows us, she found a home at the school sheattended. geoff: born to be wild? not exactly. >> i have been writing for three years, and i wish i did it 20 years ago. geoff: much like riding a harley, angela byrd is full of surprises in her classroom, as well. >> she is the coolest teacher in this building. >> let's give everybody a twinkie. geoff: no one is going to question her methods at a are lewis elementaryshe has created a love of reading for 16 years. >> i've learned a lot about
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are you most like a rock or a feather? geoff: critical to her class, thinking activities. >> why would you choose to be a rock? >> they are very strong, and they are hard to break. >> it gives insight into how they think. >> he's trying to be the fastest kid in the school. geoff: she is creative in the ways she makes sure her students are understanding what they are reading. as for the twinkie -- >> she stole my twinkie! geoff: it's connected to the book they are reading. >> janice avery is what? >> a bully. geoff: one who stole a twinkie from another students lunch. >> tell me how you would handle the problem. how do we deal that in a way? teaching them life skills. geoff: restraint is another skill they have learned.
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books.geoff: so much of what miss bird disguise. >> i'm so glad on your teacher. geoff: a teacher with a disguise of her own. >> if i could teach from the back of a motorcycle, i would. it's that much fun. geoff: angela byrds, scorching up the roads on a harley and putting her students on a path
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john: live shot from up on top of paris mountain. there is downtown greenville. some mid-level clouds streaming in from the southwest. those clouds will lower. gabrielle: a big concern -- are the roads ready for that winter storm? nigel: before it gets too cold, make sure your pets are protected. some helpful tips on how to keep them safe and happy. >> live, local, breaking news with nigel robertson, gabrielle komorowski, and weather with chief meteorologist john cessarich, this is wyff news 4 at 5:00 in high definition. nigel: first, the snow. we take a look at this video captured in north carolina yesterday. it could be a taste of what is
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