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tv   WYFF News 4 430am  NBC  January 22, 2016 4:30am-5:00am EST

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announcer: you are watching live, local, breaking news with geoff hart, allyson powell, and gilbert. this is wyff news 4 today in hd. geoff: it is great to have you with us this friday morning. you can see corey davis there in asheville this morning.
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the conditions depend on where you live. there is rain in clemson. snow in asheville. somewhere in between they are getting sleet. chris: if you live north of i 85, now is the time to travel if you must. you have a window of another hour. moving down the mountain. that cold breeze is causing that south. spartanburg county is overtaken by snow right now. it will hang out along the i-85 just like we expected. and you go to greer, you can see it is right on the wade hampton boulevard moving through taylor's. as you go into greenville, very close to that line. it is trying to creep south, that would is northbound right now. we will get a couple of issues of snow in these areas before
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we will get snow and sleet now and it will change into freezing rain. freezing rain will be the worst part because it will give us a solid sheet of ice. over toward raven county they are seeing snow. asheville and hendersonville are getting pounded right now with heavy snowfall and you will likely see one foot of snow. we are waiting for the temperature to drop in greenville. that is the only place we are waiting on to drop below freezing. after that happens, the snow will transition over. allyson: thank you, chris. thousands of the students across our region are missing school today. look for the up-to-date list on the bottom of your screen. geoff: buncombe county is on that list of cancellations as well. it's the largest school district in western north carolina. allyson: right now, snow is coming down in some areas.
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corey: good morning. right now the snow continues to come down in downtown asheville. we have had some ice pellets 30 minutes ago, but now we have fluffy snowflakes. a truck just came down to put down some salt brine. a plow also came through and you can see the tracks on the road. it has been covered a little bit, but that truck came by five minutes ago two spray some salt solution. i just measured the snow and it is about two to three inches deep right now and it continues to come down. people spent a lot of time getting ready at the ingles collecting supplies that they might need for today. it was hard to find a open parking space out there. one man said it looks like black friday during the holiday
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>> i am hoping to find bread still on the shelf today and some milk. we will see. i have a few things on the list and we just want to get stocked up for a couple days. >> i think it's quite comical. i'm from the frozen tundra of greenbay, wisconsin and i look around and it looks like a nuclear war is going to happen. it might not be the end of the world, but the snow that fell on wednesday in western north carolina was enough to get everyone's attention in the area, as well as what is happening today. local law enforc are asking you t roads as much as possible when there is snow and ice. we will continue to bring you updates every 30 minutes here in asheville. allyson: geoff, a drastic difference somewhere corey is and what he is saying and what aly is seeing. geoff: let's go to aly myles in
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aly: it is a rainy morning hearing clemson. it is 36 degrees. you can see behind me that we are just dealing with rain right now. the worst part was driving from greer to the station in greenville. there was a lot of ice there. mike mccormick and tell you more about that in a few minutes. in clemson, our drive was relatively flawless. we had a little hydroplaning. cars are traveling at a normal speed right now. if it does get below freezing, couple minutes ago that we are expectg it to get worse, that is when you have to worry about black ice. the road is completely soaked right now and not taking in any more water. if you do go out and this mess, on the commute. geoff: thank you. we are taking a look at the conditions from wofford.
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mike mccormick for bring us pictures in spartanburg by way of twitter. he is showing some good shots of what the roads look like. allyson: mainly the highway 290 area and the i-85 area, be careful over there. that is known to ice over when he gets like this. we will watch the roads for you. geoff: let's get to mike mccormick. mike: we are at the corner of black stock on the west side of spartanburg. i want to get out of the way so you can take a look at the intersection. there is definitely accumulation on the road and you can see where cars and trucks have been out so far this morning. we have seen people sliding around. some accidentally. we have seen a lot of the daredevils out here. they are flying and doing 360's
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as you can imagine, that is not a brilliant thing to do. if you don't need to be on the road, i strongly suggest you don't come out here. it appears the pretreatment the city put down yesterday definitely helped, but the snow and sleet that came down, starting at 3:15 a.m., is accumulating. it has now switched over to rain and occasional s leet. we did see some plows move across the i-26 on the west side of spartanburg. the city crews in spartanburg are on 12 hour rotating shifts to take care of the roads. we do see traffic out here. people are taking it slow. we have already seen the daredevils out here flying in the slush. that is not a great idea because the roads are getting worse the colder a guess and it is definitely getting colder.
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back to you guys. geoff: thank you, mike. you can see the difference in conditions between the first time we got with mike and the second time there with the breeze picking up. he looked a lot colder than he did 30 minutes ago. allyson: this is our woodruff road skycam. we are seeing more of a rain to a freezing rain. tim waller is close by in travelers rest. geoff: chris has been talking can make. let's look at the latest conditions in travelers rest. tim: geoff and allyson, 30 minutes ago i was at the cherry dale shopping center and all it was able to show you was a rain and little bit of flush. we got in the vehicle and drove several miles north on highway
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check out downtown travelers rest right now. it is building up on the roads right now. if i walk over here to the grassy median area you can see a lot of the white stuff piling up a couple inches at least. here is the sidewalk. here is what we are talking about four people and travelers rest as they wake up this morning. hopefully, they will not get out to drive. we have seen a couple of cars on the road. we were following a pickup truck on the 276 a few minutes ago. the back and of that truck was moving back and forth. he was very light in the back of a truck and having a difficult time navigating on this couple of inches here. it is a little bit icy on the roads. the scdot has pretreated all of the primary and secondary roads in the area, but as we know, as the temperature begins to drop that will not do you much good.
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what a difference going from the greenville city limits to travelers rest has made. there is a lot of stuff building up right now. we will keep this toward going to show you this morning what is going on. geoff: thank you, tim. we are seeing so quickly how things are changing. allyson: chris just told us we have snow coming down outside our station. geoff: now we are seeing snow. chris: it is like a thunderstorm in the summertime. it is pouring rain, except it is pouring snow. when you get that switchover, it will pile up quickly. let's look at the live super doppler 4hd. temperatures are right at 33 degrees in greenville. you can have snow at 33 degrees and sleet.
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what will happen later today is it will drop to freezing at the surface, but higher up it will warm up. this snow and sleet we can deal with. unfortunately, this snow and sleet will change to freezing rain. that will continue between 7:00 a.m. and 10:00 a.m. that will continue all day long and it will coat everything in ice in the upstate. the northern part of the upstate will have snow the entire time and that will be nearly one foot of snow in some locations. you can see snow at wofford. asheville is a winter wonderland. anderson is receiving rain right now. let me show you the latest model. it is doing a very good job at estimating what is going to happen because this looks just like our radar does right now. it will continue to move south.
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see freezing rain by 7:45 and that will be heavy at times through 10:00, 11:00, and noon. it then slackens a little bit this afternoon. temperatures will then cool again. that freezing rain will then change back to snow and a couple more inches will be possible. it will come to an end around midnight. geoff: thank you, chris. we are right outside of our television station here. the snow is starting to fall in greenville. the conditions change minute by
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the difference is easy to absorb. a live look outside at travelers rest turning to this morning's headlines now. a crash took a life on howell road in spartanburg county last night. the wreck happened at 8 pm...
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allyson: stay with and the wyff 4mobile app. geoff: we have a deadly wreck in anderson. it happened around 9:30 last night. the driver was pronounced dead at the scene. another person was rushed to greenville memorial by and balance. -- memorial by ambulance. i weather watchers have been out in the snow. the bread aisle is clearededut at the neighborhood walmart in furman. we so often joke about getting bread and milk, but in this particular case it is real. chris: it is 33 degrees in greenville. you can have snow at 33 degrees. the concern is we will have freezing rain pretty soon. we will have more on that,
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announcer: now, your live super doppler 4 hd weather forecast. chris: major winter storms are taking shape right now. we have no major changes to the forecast right now. the i-85 northbound has heavy snow and sleet that will eventually change into freezing rain in the upstate. you can see rain south of their and heavy snowfall in the
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cherokee county has heavy snowfall right now. spartanburg county has heavy snow. self of their it is a little bit of a mix. -- south of their it is a little bit of a next. if you live in downtown greenville, you can now see snow and sleet. down south toward fountain in and simpsonville you will see that shortly. pagans has snow -- pickens has snow and sleet right now. it is snowing hard in the mountains right now. in some of these locations he will see one foot of snow or more. back toward bryson city and jackson county, it is a winter wonderland. temperatures are freezing from the i-85 northbound. 34 degrees and laurens. 36 degrees in anderson. a cold breeze continues to bring in cooler air.
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laurens, and then back toward the north. if you are north of the i-85, it will be a mess. here is a look at spartanburg. we have the snow coated ground and wofford. it is a wintry mix in asheville. anderson looking out toward the lake, we have some rain and that is about it. the model is doing a very nice job of showing where the freezing rain is. this is not the radar, but looks exactly like the radar. that tells me it is doing a good job at estimating what is going to happen. look at 7:45. ice. surface, but temperatures will warm higher up in the atmosphere. it will freeze on whatever snow has fallen and whatever kind of surface. all the way to anderson and the
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northern union county and northern laurens county. after that, the precipitation will slacken up and colder air comes in again and will change the freezing rain back to snow. by 7:00 tonight we will see heavy snowfall in the greenville area. that tapers off around midnight. it then continues for the north carolina mountains. here is that we are thinking as of right now. we are on track with .25-.50 inches of ice. we are getting an inch or two of snow right now. we will get .25 inches-.50 inches of ice on top of that.t. that is the concern right now. we could get another couple inches on top of the ice. you get the snow, you get the ice on top of that, and then you get the snow on top of that.
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we have 15 inches in the high country. it is 32 degrees today. not much melting is going on tomorrow with cloudy skies and morning snow showers. on sunday, that is when things will thaw out, but not completely. we will have a lot of black ice monday morning at a temperature of 25. it is going to be a mess for quite some time. geoff: speaking of a mess here, in asheville it looks like many cars are stranded. allyson: a couple of vehicles in the area are stuck. there is one year 33 and asheville. either these cars were not ready for this weather, or it is too -- it is too icy. nearly 30 million could see blizzard conditions.
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so-called epic storm. >> preparations include treating roadways and a stocking up on food and supplies. this walmart sold out of breath yesterday. hardware stores cannot keep shovels or rock salt on the shelves. thousands of flights have been canceled in anticipation of the storm. united airlines is suspending all flights at its washington airport hub and in other mid-atlantic airports beginning friday afternoon. american airlines is canceling all flights in charlotte friday and all operations in baltimore saturday. philadelphia also has cancellations. amtrak will be monitoring the washington metro system. still, some residents are trying to make the best of what could be a long and cold weekend. >> i have wine and beer.
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neighbors over and just have a great time. brad: i am brad fralick and we are a couple of days away from the championship game between the panthers and cardinals. they couple of injured panthers return to the field on practice. running back jonathan stewart returned to the field. he was held out for cautionary measures. josh says he is ready to play this game right now. he will play sunday. the other former gamecock plays for the cardinals. he always plays with a chip on his shoulder. he says the hardest thing to do right now is wait for kickoff. >> i am trying to be even keel, but really i am ready for this game to start. i have been waiting and waiting and it is time to go.
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to play. >> josh norman is a premier cornerback. there is a reason he is going to be the highest-paid free agent in the off-season. high level. brad: high praise from one of the league's best receivers. norman says he expects the cardinals to throw the football possibly 50 plus times sunday night. geoff: thank you, brad. don't forget to join us for a full hour dedicated to the panthers run to the nfc championship game against the cardinals. it starts at 7:00 p.m. saturday right here on wyff 4. our sports team offers some good features and some good fun saturday night. that is at 7:00. allyson: a live look outside at travelers rest. roads are dangerous. we will have an update when we
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announcer: live, local, breaking news. this is wyff news 4 today in hd. allyson: we have team coverage this morning from around the area. we are showing you the conditions outside. right now outside our station,
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