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tv   WYFF News 4 6am  NBC  January 22, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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people look like rain, the deceiving part, and into the evening hours, snow begins to move on and we could see heaviest on the back end of this if we don't use all of our available moisture with ice. we will seek snow showers until midnight for the upstate and for the mountains until tomorrow morning. in spartanburg, snow on the ground. a wintry mess up in the asheville area. from anderson, rain right now. temperatures about three to four degrees to warm. everything still on track with our forecast. we have a bubble, a little area toward the south in the southern part of the upstate from greenwood to anderson, you are on the bubble. you could see all or nothing. the line will try to migrate south and north and south and north, so do not let your guard down. from greene northbound, one
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that will be a problem because of the wind will pick up and we could have downed trees with this ice and snow, five to plus inches. allyson: thank you. we have team coverage this morning. north carolina is under a state of emergency right now. geoff: corey davis has been checking on the conditions there were we have seen some of the worst. corey: right now, the wind continues to hammer us pretty well in asheville as the snow continues to come down. this note is still about two inches to three inches deep. earlier, you could see a foot print down in the snow. it is pretty hard to see where the sidewalk let's off to the road. like right here, you can see just how deep some of the snow is in the area. of plow just came through to clear the roads, but they are working around the clock as they continue to do that and the snow
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areas they cleared. they are putting down salt solution to make it as safe as possible. road crews are encouraging new not to travel on the roads -- are not encouraging you to travel -- are encouraging you not to travel on the road. they are clearing abandoned cars on the roads because they are saying they could pose a risk. it is cold and the wind is picking up. we will bring you updates on what is happening as families start to wake up and they get out and about, starting to slip and have fun since they are out of school, in asheville, wyff news 4 corey davis. geoff: thank you. you could see the intermittent in picking up of the wind. i saw that thee of minunus ago. the skycam pretty much says it all, nasty out there.
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allyson: road conditions are not that good, especially spartanburg county. mike mccormick joins us live now. like: -- mike: a lot of rain coming down on the west side of the spartanburg and then mixed in with that is sleep. i want to show you w oh ezell boulevard, the accumulation we have had is kind of getting washed up and turned in this flesh by the rain -- by the slush and the rain. he used to be able to kind of find your groove in the road, and now it is harder because all of the rain is turning everything into slush. if you look at the sidewalk here, allllorning long, the sidewalk was nice and fluffy white from the flakes. now it is turning into ice and almost slush. my concern is that the temperature continues to drop
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skating rink out here. if you do not have to leave your house or if you do have to leave later on today, you will want to think of another plan because it will only get worse. we continue to see -- i see one now -- a plow going across the i-26 overpass and another treatment truck following it in the distance. they are continuing to treat i-26 in spartanburg county. as far as the city roads, the pretreatment looks to have worked that they put down yesterday, but i can feel it picking up sleet. it is making a mess. lots of slush and cars going faster than they should. we have seen people spending out , trying to get traction, so it is a mess this morning. allyson: thank you. behind us, a live look in anderson. that is on clemson boulevard.
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geoff: we have only seen it rain in clemson since aly myles was on at 4:00. let's get an update. aly: good morning. i have to say i am feeling a little killed the.i am hearing what my fellow reporters have to go through and they're dealing with a sticky situation, but by no stretch of the imagination is it nice right now. it is very, very cold, 36 degrees in downtown clemson. you are seeing folks driving pretty much had a normal pace right now. there he is hydroplaning going on, wet roads, and like chris was saying, if and when the storm gets below freezing, we will see tricky spots because the roads are so wet right now and that is when you run into danger of black ice. as of right now, no freezing or sticking to the roads, windshields or trees.
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right now, especially compared to what other folks are dealing with in the carolinas. i will let you hear from them. aly myles wyff news 4 climbing clemson. allyson: taking a look at the roads, i-85 starting to turn into a rainy and icy mix but not good conditions on the roadways. this is highway 290 that had six accidents earlier. you want to watch out for that. accidents have cleared. anderson county at i-85 at mile marker 29 in the northbound lanes, accident blocking the lanes. downed trees and pickens county and anderson county. also, want to take you through some stranded cars on i-26. that is near highway 64. roadway conditions in asheville are not good. hendersonville, to stranded cars on i-26 in the flat rock exit and when you're the biltmore
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if you do not have to get on the roadways, stay at home. if you do, drive safe and give yourself extra time. geoff: thank you. in the weather center with chris, and we have seen this storm change are magically. chris: -- storms change dramatically. chris: it has been, and it will pile up. as you move from rutherfordton, three .2 inches, blackrock at three .8 inches. for them greenville at about .5 of one inch and travelers rest at three inches. that is more than greenville city. live super doppler 4 hd showing us that rain and snow line going back-and-forth. cold air brushing up from the northe in as it moves from the northeast and transition as the snow for longer. it will eventually go to freezing rain. that line is moving north and getting rid of the snow in spartanburg and greenville counties.
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you can see the white change the pink and that is a concern, a major ice storm for the i-80 five corridor northbound. they can often times look wet, but it will not be long before ice. pickens seen snow and sleet for the anderson area. back toward waynesville, and back toward bryson city. 33 in greenville, 32 in spartanburg, 31 in charlotte. temperature for the day with cold air from the northeast. it will move from charlotte to spartanburg to greenville. here is the latest computer model doing a nice job depicting that rain and snow line. freezing rain takes over, just like the radar shows, by 9:00 a.m., freezing rain across spartanburg, greenville, pickens and oconee county. clemson in anderson on the bubble. this area in the southern part of the upstate is on the bubble.
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a couple of hours later, you might cap eyes, so be careful. you will have some problems on i-85 throughout the day. freezing rain continues off and on. by the afternoon, we will continue to see it happening, but cold air rushes in with a short break in the precipitation but it will not be done with more moisture wrapping around the low pressure system and we will see snow showers by the evening before it comes to an end before midnight. the north carolina mountains will see snow until tomorrow morning. the forecast has not changed. .25 2.5 inch of ice and that will do damage -- .25 of an inch to .5 of an inch of ice and that will do damage, especially along i-85 northbound. for asheville and hendersonville areas, lots of snow in this will be a mess for quite a while. >> anything to get them moving. they are also so curious.
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surprises. allyson: a live look in greenville. tim waller is alive and travelers rest with the
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announcer: you are watching live, local, breaking news with geoff ha
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allyson: conditions all over the upstate continue to change. geoff: tim waller joins us live from travelers rest with the latest. tim: about 90 minutes ago, i was showing you you default snow flakes and travelers rest and now we are seeing sleet coming down, rain and sleet, and it is conditions. let me show you this giant snow bolder on the side of the road. this is not natural. a snow plow has been faithfully highway 276, trying to keep roads clear. he is doing a great job, but that shows you how much snow they had falling in a short period of time in tr.
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covered roads turning into a wet slushy mess. as the morning goes on, we are seeing more and more people getting out this morning. never a good idea, will -- so we work. we checked the temperature gauge and 32 degrees right here in downtown tr with this stuff still coming down, hoping it does not drop lower end really start to form a good layer of ice. it seems that is what is happening right now. in travelers rest, tim waller wyff news 4. allyson: thank you. taking a look at this week's golden apple award winner, she started in banking. geoff: she did it for eight to become a teacher, and found a home at the school she attended. born to be wild. not exactly. >> i have just been riding for three years and wish i'd done it
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geoff: and much like riding a harley, angela burns is full of surprises in her classroom as well. >> she is by far the coolest teacher in the building. >> let's give everyone a twinkie. i hope we don't get letters with, don't give my children all that stuff. geoff: but no one's going to question her methods at a.r. lewis elementary. >> you cannot eat it yet. geoff: where she's created a love of reading for 16 years. >> i've learned a lot about keeping students engaged. are you most like a rock or a feather? geoff: critical to her class, thinking activities. >> why would you choose to be a rock? >> they're very strong and hard to break. >> it gives me insight into how they think. >> like he was trying to be the fastest kid in the school. geoff: she's creative in the ways she makes sure her students in understanding what they're
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as for the twinkie -- >> what is the giant in this book? >> janice avery. >> a bully. geoff: one who stole a twinkie from another student's lunch. >> open up your journals and let that. how do we deal with that in a rational way that's teaching them life skills. geoff: restraint is another skill they've learned. >> there's a lot of fun things you can do with reading and books. geoff: so much of what she does is a reading lesson in disguise. >> i'm so glad i'm your teacher. geoff: a teacher with a disguise of her own. >> if i could teach from the back of a motorcycle, i would. it's just that much fun. geoff: angela burns, burning up the roads on her harley, and putting her students on the path to success at a.r. lewis elementary. she is one cool teacher. you can nominate a teacher who you think deserves the golden apple award. allyson: just pick up an application from any ingles
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chris: take a look at our travelers rest l le cam. i think we have it available. we will come back to that, there it is. snow in travelers rest and heavy at times. trying to clear the roads as it transitions to freezing rain. geoff: we are taking a look at snow photos kentucky.
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>> now, your live super doppler 4 hd forecast. chris: have the snowfall continues across many in the upstate and western north carolina. we continue to get snowfall reports. heavy snow going on in the north the mountains and totaling that pretty quickly, especially in areas like jackson county, haywood county, buncombe county, near the asheville airport, and even some totals are going up in the northern part of the upstate like travelers rest seen three inches. we will keep those update is throughout thewe had heavy snowfall going on across the area and it continues in some areas like dickens and oconee county, greenville county. let me show you two things. we have a low level jet, a ton of rainfall.
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toward the south end it will try to move up our way with that jet moisture. as it meets cold air from the northeast, they are going to collide and provide a ton of moisture for us until around lunchtime from now. we get lighter stuff back toward the west and it will continue to be heavier between lunchtime. let me get you into some of.heavy rainfall in atlanta and cold air is mixing and. in spartanburg, pink is showing up and said up white and that tells me freezing is taking we expected this. testing from one inch to two inches of snow and then it transitions eyes. look at how the wind is eroding away the farther north. pickens county seen a ton of snowfall mixed in with ice. hendersonville to asheville see
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it will be snowing up there. cold air moves in from the northeast, 31 in charlotte, 32 in spartanburg. cold air will move in from the northeast to the southwest. let me show you the latest computer model. doing a great job pinpointing where that rain and snow line is. you can see that freezing rain line creeping further south into greenville county and that will contine afternoon. by 12:15, have ear stuff moves east. by 3:15, more freezing rain across the area and cold air rushing in. freezing rain will switch over to snowfall this afternoon and evening as we see one or two or more inches on top of that ice. it ends in the upstate around 7:00 to midnight tonight when the snow pushes out. we are expecting about one quarter of an inch of ice to
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to four inches of snow across the upstate. five to 12 plus inches of snowfall for the mountains. in spartanburg, snow there, in asheville, heavy snowfall. in anderson, temperatures still above freezing and looking ok in anderson for now. you are a bubble area that could see it later. a high of 32 today, not much melting going on tomorrow with a high of 37. allyson: taking a look at the roads. we have been telling you if you do not have to get out, to not. you can see the snow on the ground, icy conditions, this is i-85 near the high 20. we did have an accident in the north down lane but i am seeing normally this time of the day, three to four incidents, 18 on the highway patrol board this morning.
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on i-85 near the highway 290 exit, always icy in the area and the road is horace, soap standing water turns in to ice. six accident earlier in a three mile radius. also, stranded vehicles in hendersonville and asheville near the flat rock exit and the biltmore park exit. many stranded vehicles in the upstate as. either icy conditions or cars not ready for this weather. i-85 looking at slower moving traffic, especially in spartanburg county yet highway 221. if you are getting on the roads, move slower than the speed limit drive and give yourself extra time. three minutes from business 85 to i-26. let's see how you look at the 85. icy conditions. geoff: as we take a look from this deity camera, we continue to check conditions.
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and greenville, spartanburg and
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geoff: we are breaking new team coverage on this friday morning. allyson: corey davis is in asheville. but does it look like? corey: we are being hammered by the snow. the wind is really the big issue. it has been whipping around in the mountains. let me show you what is going on right now. several inches of snow. you can see where my footprints work and it is pretty deep. we measured about three inches earlier, but it is deeper than three inches, almost nearly five inches in that area. it is similar around the area. class of the coming through, but it has been covered up with the snow as it continues to come down. i know kids are definitely excited to be out o oschool, but i'm not sure they would want to be out in the wind in this really cold weather right now. i spoke to some kids earlier,
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are excited to go sledding so we will see what the conditions continue to be like and we will bring you up-to-date. corey davis wyff news 4. geoff: corey praising the elements, but quite a contrast in what he is saying to her aly myles is. we will take a look from our woodruff skycam on the conditions we see out there. a lot of cars on the roads. allyson: yes, and aly myles is in clemson. aly: happy friday. the very wet friday but happy one. take a look behind me. the rain continuing. we have been out here since about 4:00 a.m. and we have driven from greenville to clemson today. you can see those cars just cruising without a problem. there is a little hydroplaning,
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like chris was saying, he does expect the storm to move down, which means he could be dealing with black ice, frozen roads, and nothing sticking to the trees, and we kind of got lucky by being positioned in clemson this morning. i know our fellow reporters are not having as much luck, so over to them. aly myles wyff news 4 in downtown clemson. geoff: do your best to stay drive. chris: freezing rain taking over some areas. that will be the concern, a big ice storm on the way.
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allyson: taking a look outside and i wofford skycam. snow on the ground. geoff: conditions have been changing minute by minute in spartanburg. mike mccormick has the latest. mike: the rain is coming down on the west side of spartanburg. i want to show you the intersection of wo ezell boulevard in blackstock road. a lot of slu out here becausesh the rain is turning accumulation into that slush and almost melting what was there. there is puddling on the road
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temperature continues to drop, that will breeze. we did just see three city of artanburg plows come up w.o. e zell and turned down blackstock road, so they are out and about. a pretreated yesterday and started the rotating shifts at 2:00 this morning. we have seen the plows crossing the overpass on i-26 in the treatment is out there, but the roads are slushy, slick, and stay off than if you can. schools are closed in spartanburg, so that is good. spartanburg libraries are closed, we did watch a crew treat the front end of a busine here and put that down, so that the ice would melt or the slush would melt. not everything is closing, so keep an eye out you work to see if you have to go in. if you do, the careful. we have seen a lot of people sliding around for fun and that
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who have to be on the road. the careful out there. spartanburg.
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allyson: you are taking a live look in asheville, north carolina. geoff: a good bit of snow, but
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let's get more from chris. chris: we are talking this know and it is transitioning to rain. pay attention to her eye-85 is. if you work south of there, you will see a mix throughout the day. rain being part of that as well. if you are north of i-85, you might see a messy commute. it will be snow, sleet, everything. we have eight low-level jet. that is moisture right in here and moving from the south. as it does, at the same time, we have cold air diving down from charlotte. this 32 or below, so we have reached our high temperature for the day. as cold air rushes in, the moisture does, too. east of atlanta, it will be the
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send in a time of moisture that fall has freezing rain. we can deal with the snow but not freezing rain. look at the moisture that will fafa over the next two hours. the cold air is rushing in the same time. spartanburg seen fraying, as you go east, freezing rain. -- ceseeing rain, as you go east, freezing rain. as temperatures continue to cool, that will be a thing. pickens seeing a mixture. pour the mountains, all snow and a lot. nearly one foot will fall in some areas. looking at temperatures, currently 31 in rutherfordton, 31 in charlotte. cold air rushes in and we will see how far southwest it goes because itit stops in spartanburg county and we could have a shape like this, where anywhere
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this is going to be a now casting events, you can only forecast so much. our model is doing a good job. snow for the mountains, raising rain across the northern part of the upstate. by nine: 30, the freezing rain creeps south and we will see ice from aixa five northbound. the heaviest is between now and lunchtime and after that, spotty showers, freezing rain andriy may have a lull by around 3:30 to 5:00. on the backside of the system, it changes freezing rain over to snow. on top of the ice, a couple inches of snowfall later this evening. by midnight, it comes to an end across the upstate and coming to an end in the mountains, aleast the tennessee border counties by midday saturday. here is the way the forecast shapes up. .25 of an inch to .5 of an inch expected for the upstate, namely
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to time. five to 12 plus inches of snow mountains. soon. i have been watching the skycam. 32 in spartanburg, rain, time to time. degrees. in anderson, we have rain, three degrees above freezing, northern anderson seen frozen resuscitation. the four-day plus looks like this -- 32 degrees, we have hardly seen the high temperature. 37 tomorrow, so not much melting. it will be sunday before things look better thallyson: taking a look at the roads. you can tell behind me on i-85 getting to be an icy mess. there was snow on the ground in spartanburg.
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more of a slush now. in accident a couple miles ahead of this at mile marker 75. if you are headed out, a careful. i-85 is slick with icy spots near highway 290. multiple accidents reported there. 18 incidents over route from highway patrol. normally, i see three accidents or four. stranded equals in asheville and hendersonville. i-26 at the biltmore park exit, cars you do cannot go because of ice or the weather affecting the cars. give yourself extra time. slow-moving traffic on i-85. should be slow-moving traffic because of icy conditions. let's see how we loooo outside. asheville conditions here. i-26 highway 64.
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geoff: 6:43. a live look outside where the flag has been kicking up and it looks like freezing raiai let's check with tim waller in travelers rest. any freezing rain? tim: geoff, i am seeing freezing it is getting nasty.y. look at the american flags right down here. you can see the blustery wind. it appears to be freezing rain on the side of these flags. on the sidewalk in front of the whistle stop cafe, a very familiar landmark in downtown tr. you can feel the wind whipping down right now. my face is starting to freeze, so it is getting hard to talk. we have been out here this morning and have seen such a
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two hours ago, you to fall, light, fluffy snowflakes coming down in downtown travelers rest. now, it is wet and the rain is starting to o eeze on the bushes right down through here. what a change in the temperature. navigate highly 276. probably not a good idea, but i am guessing on friday morning, some people are headed to work. as we always say, if you do not have to be out here, stay at home and do not duplicate what i am doing right now. tim waller wyff news 4 live in downtown tr. geoff: thank you. a couple hours ago, a nice snowfall and now an ice ball. the football update and what the panthers expect field conditions to be like for the championship game. the crews are preparing the field right now for the game, and before the weather arrives today, tarps will be put down. panthers officials say the tarps
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sometime saturday afternoon, when they expect the weather to pass. with a look ahead to the game now, here's brad fralick. brad: i'm brad fralick. a couple injured panthers returned to practice today. -- practice on thursday. defensive end jared allen, who is still listed as doubtful with a broken bone in his foot, participated in limited workouts today, and running back jonathan stewart was back at practice. he was held out yesterday as more of a precautionary measure as he continues to recover from a foot injury. josh norman says he is ready t o play this game right now. norman is one of two greenwood high school grads that will play sunday. the other former gamecock dj , swearinger, who plays for the cardinals. norman always plays with a chip on his shoulder, always has something to prove, and says the hardest thing to do right now, is wait for kickoff. >> my emotions right now, even kee. -- keel. really i am just ready for this , game to start. we have been waiting and watiing, and its time to go, but
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couple more days yet to play. >> josh norman is a premier cornerback. there is a reason he is going to be the highest paid free agent in the offseason. whatever team he goes to, i hope it's in the afc, so we don't have to deal with him. he is playing at an extremely high level. brad: high praise from one of best receivers in this league. norman says he expects the cardinals to throw the football possibly 50 plus times sunday night, which he said hopefully gives him a chance to make a play or two. geoff: thanks, brad. don't forget to join us for a full hour dedicated to the panthers run to the nfc championship game against the cardinals. our specialists tomorrow night at 7:00 right here on wyff 4. our sports team offers some good features and a good bit of sun tomorrow night. allyson: you are taking a live look at conditions in asheville.
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allyson: power outages coming into the newsroom. akoni county in pickens county have over 500,000, -- over 500, and i am seeing some down power. geoff: that will cause problems.
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piles up, from our woodruff road skycam, you can see we have rain showing up right now. you can see that we have from our wofford skycam a different story. campus with everything covered in snow fall sleet mixed in. as you look in the asheville area, a different story. there is to 40. it. a matter of three degrees. that is all the temperature needs, right at freezing. there is more pink on the board. that is concerning part because the white has gone away. geoff: has anything surprised you in the few hours? chris: everything has happened as we expected on the models,
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three hours earlier, so we will continue to see freezing rain that have the snow. the pink is the concerning part of ice. chris: right. some areas are likely seen regular rain and we will continue to see cold air from charlotte, and that will change the rain to freezing rain. we w wl likely have a major ice storm across the corridor. spartanburg. allyson: i think we're going to anderson. geoff: excuse me. allyson: i mean asheville. corey davis is there. corey: it is absolutely brutal out here right now. horrible conditions. the wind is not helping at all. it just lead up a little bit, but it has been unforgiving. let me show you what it is like so far. it is deep over here. i would say about three inches to four inches or more than four
6:42 am
you can see how deep it is on my boots, but crews of the working around the clock to try to get this in the roads c cared out. also have been working really hard, but the snow keeps covering the ground out here. the work that they do has been covered back up by the snow. we have not seen very many cars. are moving slowly. we saw one person moving quicker then probably what they should be through the area, considering road crews are asking for people to stay off the roads and drive safely. he have some fluffy flakes coming down and we continue to bring you the latest on conditions in asheville. corey davis wyff news 4. allyson: thank you. crews have been watching the roads in greenville county closely, knowing conditions can vary from the northern the
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geoff: let's get you to spartanburg with mike mccormick. mike: the sleet and rain are spartanburg. it is getting colder and colder as we stand on the west side of the city with sirens behind me. we just stop by a truck passing and now we have an ambulance downtown spartanburg. we will try to check on that. more and more people are getting out on the roads. the roads are slushy, wet, slick and you can hear people struggling to get traction once they stop at the traffic light and hit the gas and start to go. you can hear that the to getting traction. we have seen plows out on the roads in spartanburg. we have seen the plows going back and forth on the i-26 overpass that crosses over the west side of spartanburg.
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i will -- it is definitely a mess out here. the ice is building up and a gleam from three limbs, creating a possible problem for power outages later in the day. we will keep you posted. back to you. allyson: speaking of power outages. i am seeing some downed trees that could cause more issues, mainly in pickens. geoff: just the way to the sleep. allyson: let's -- geoff: just the weight of the sleet. allyson: let's take a look at the roads. snowy conditions in spartanburg that are turning into an icy mess. we keep saying, but if you don't have to get out, do not. icy conditions and i-85, especially in the highway 290 area with multiple accidents been reported. normally, i see three to four incidents and i am seeing 18
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stranded vehicles on i 26 in asheville. many more accidents coming right now. mile marker 75 in spartanburg looking at an accident. let's take ak outside from our haywood road camera. maybe not come up there you go, hilton-greenville camera. now we are taking a look at power outage from blue ridge electric. they are working to get power back on for 47 people in greenwood county -- greenville county. 512 people in oconee county and utility reports 500 19 people without power in pickens county. if you need to report an outage, call 888-blue ridge. chris: happening right now, a concerning trend. more pink on the board than white. we had a quick dose of snow and sleet this morning in northern parts of the upstate. now more pink is taking over. i just confirmed that the
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seeing the same thing, freezing rain is taking over. colder air from charlotte and it is dry, notice just watches of missing precipitation. that cold and dry air moving in. we have a moisture train setting up. this moving in from the south with the low level jet streaming in the moisture into the cold air. areas like greenville, spartanburg, that have the precipitation freezing across the area, there we icy from spartanburg to greenville. nixon in with brain right now, but it will turn into freezing rain. -- nick seen in with rain right now, but it willurn into freezing rain. that is the concern because this will turn into a dangerous ice storm. anytime you get .25 of an inch to one inch of ice, which is what we expect, all of it will fall as ice on north i-85. it will be treacherous. geoff: it has been everything
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let's take a look from our woodruff road skycam.
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we are back with you this morning... the winter storm you are watching live, local,
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