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tv   Today  NBC  January 22, 2016 10:00am-11:00am EST

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i was out here, we had a good it was freezing rain. just a little bit of rain right now, but unlike before, there is a real bite in the air, much here. you can see the water just frozen right here on the leaves. that is what we are looking at, you get the crunch. it is cold answering to freeze over. as john and chris have been talking about, that is going to be the big issue from here. i will join you in just a moment. allyson: it may look like a little right now in some areas, but this is just the beginning. we have another bout coming in. john: the upper lobe remains to the west, but we have the surface. the ring on tons of moisture --
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he needs at least to have a cup of coffee. with a northeasterly wind you can see spartanburg. it is now in the upper 20's. it is 19 in boone him a upper 20's in the mountains. mainly stole from north carolina at times mixed with that. it is in the 30's to northeastern georgia, and holding steady at 32 in downtown greenville. we have light reports where mike is, it continues to sleet. it will get mixed with snow. as the heavier precipitation moves in, think about this area there was a lot of cold air driving in from the surface from the northeast, but so much cold air when that is invitation get
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heavier, it will drive this down. say you have rain or freezing weather, and the precipitation get heavier, it starts to change over to sleet and maybe wet snow. when it lightens up, it goes back to rain or freezing rain. the heaviest precipitation gives the cold air down, and it changes it to snow. it will only get worse as we go through the afternoon and also through tonight. i am really concerned with the i-95 corridor as far as a major ice storm taking shape really icing up the trees. there will be so much ice on the trees the branches will fall onto power lines. we will see isolated power outages becoming more scattered and maybe even numerous this afternoon and also tonight. it could be mainly a snow event in the mountains, it will continue to pile up and we will talk about places well over a
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throughout the afternoon. allyson: talking about the ice, over 2000 greenville residents without power. also, downed trees causing -- one of our viewers sending one in from cedar circle. look at the dot cameras, treacherous road conditions at i-85, icy conditions at highway 290 as well. do not leave your house if you do not have to. we will bring you the road conditions.let's look at aly myles, she was in clemson. aly: good morning. we are here, you are looking at death valley, not a whole lot going on in clemson. a little bit of drizzle, definitely a change on this morning when we were dealing with a lot of rain. you can still see part of that
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some big puddles throughout clemson. we've been taking you all around the city, not just the university, showing you what is going on here. temperatures around 34 degrees, so no signs of any freezing at this point, definitely a reprieve for folks in this area. it is not as good in other parts of south carolina or north carolina as corey has been showing us. we will head over to that way and so you what is going on over there and let you know if it changes around here . allyson: you heard me earlier talking about of you are sending us an e-mail with a tree down in his road. that was on cedar circle. we have a picture now. take a look at this. the ice is certainly heavy. we have seen quite a few on the roadways, continue to watch for downed trees and power lines. geoff: you know what that will mean over the next couple of weeks, getting all of that taken care of with insurance.
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geoff: given you a look at the winter approached skycam, you can see cars at moving smoothly. conditions not anything difference from what you might little rain.
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allyson: not so i see right yet, coming. chris: it is getting worse. windy and trees are crackling. concern. this is just getting startedjohn: and the railing outside in the park -- back parking lot is trying to ice up. secondary roads, bridges and overpasses that have not been treated will ice up and gradually it will be the main roads. chris: many are thinking it is not bad. it is going to get worse. that black ice is going to accumulate and freeze the roads over. john: and the worst part about it is once the main roads do ice up, it goes like that. it is not a slow process. once the temperature hits the 32 degrees, it turns to ice instantly. slipping. in hendersonville where we have
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28 degrees and a lot of it. -- a lot of snow. chris: look at asheville, moderate to heavy snow. this is from paris mountain, and greenville, our camera is inside the local house. look at the shot at spartanburg at wofford college am a 32 degrees with sleet and snow. chris: that is the concern, sleet and snow in heavy at times. everything is emily -- elevated above freezing, but once that happens, that will freeze down. this storm is maybe half over. look at all the precipitation, we still have nine him a 10 hours left. john: memphis is still getting light snow. usually when you have a service low that is moving through alabama right now, all of the
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to the coast. and this coastal storm will start to power up. we might not get a lull between continue to get precipitation. streaming from the gulf. that is hitting a wall of cold i-85. take a little closer look, because around i-85 has been where this has basically stopped . it is trying to lose like honey. -- ooze like honey. john: in the clinton, lawrence area you are getting some sleet and rain. chris: this bubble all the way down to greenwood may have a false sense of security. temperatures have been fine, but they will continue to drop. you are not out of the woods yet. john: wind at 35 miles an hour
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down to into lawrence, maybe even northeastern georgia. you can see it is the northeast georgia mountains, have her sham county, you are looking at sleet and snow. that could make its way into hart county, elbert county and also stevens county. chris: we will look at the latest models and have another update in just a minute. let's find out with duke energy is up against. most outages in greenville in the upstate with more than 4000. ryan, good morning to you. >> good morning. geoff: tell us what obstacles you are facing right now. >> as you can imagine, the precipitation taking many different forms across the upstate. greenville county, primarily in seen quite a bit of ice accumulation since this system
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geoff: talking about trees down? there are more than a thousand customers down with power in pickens county. what can you tell us? >> 20 cbs simulation of ice and snow, that weight can bring down trees, limbs, any lines. that is where you are seeing the predominance of the cause of the outages we are seeing right now across the carolinas . geoff: when you know the west -- worst is yet to come, how do you prepare? >> we have 2500 in our system, and reached out to utilities in the southwest to send us reinforcement. we have people ready in other states to respond. the situation develops
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day, we will look for otheopportunities. geoff: this is clearly a large effort for duke energy. we are talking into saturday as well. >> we have a team of meteorologists like you guys do on what to expect over the next few hours. we are following that closely. it is tricky to see that ice, snow, rain demarcation where you have damaged not too far away. we have got the guys in the field, we are going to be ready for whatever mother nature continues to throw at us. geoff: we want you to be safe. thank you for joining us. ryan from duke energy. allyson: as pyro -- power lines are down, we are looking at the dot camera. this is a 183. we will be back
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>> you are watching wyff for. allyson: 10:17 them a are looking at behind us at the winter weather. geoff: molly miles -- aly myles coverage from clemson. aly: happy friday. definitely a different view and clemson them what you are seeing from corey, tim, and mike.
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highway 76, passing the clemson municipal complex headed toward anderson. we have been dreading all around clemson this morning, we got here around 4:00. the rain has been going in and out the last few hours. it was very heavy for the last few hours. we got here around 4:00 a.m. today. the good news is we have seen temperatures above freezing for the last six hours, nothing to be concerned about as of right now. the temperature might not be dropping in the next couple of hours. we have seen a lot of rain, but for the most part traffic is pretty consistent with this be limits. something to keep in mind on the commute, definitely make sure to with the rain and temperature goes to freezing and the wind, it is definitely quite chilly. i cannot complain after seeing
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i will show you what is going on in that neck of the woods . geoff: conditions not too bad. they will get worse and spartanburg county. allyson: mike mccormick is still there. what do you see? michael: we are in spartanburg close to downtown, and i want to show you this limb. look at the ice buildup, i will try to hold the microphone and the branch. it has got a thick -- i can barely break through, there he goes, covering of ice on this branch. this branch, see the end of it? it just dusted off that big tree, came crashing down with such force that this sharp and -- and was in the ground, and you can see the ice crystal
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you can see there, the lenses fogged up because it is so cold because of the moisture in the air. it looks a little hazy, that is why. the big concern with power outages, this is the proof. we saw a caravan of power trucks heading out of spartanburg into the spartanburg area. this branch is heavy to begin with, but it hasn't so much ice a thick shell of ice that makes it even heavier. that is what made it cause it -- that is what caused it to fall off of that tree. the rain has been steady for a while, and it is so cold it is causing the ice buildup on just about everything. that is a concern here in spartanburg. the roads are slushy hitting slick. the police issued a warning telling everyone the city streets are getting slick and people should stay off of them unless it is absolutely
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you can see the flash, you can see the water buildup and the temperature. it is dropping. it is expected to, and that is a concern, the roads will ice over. again, they will make branches heavy and coat each branch of ice and start bringing down limbs. the fear is it will take down power lines as well. that is spartanburg. back to you. allyson: speaking of power lines we have new numbers for power outages. in spartanburg, over 800. 7600 greenville. geoff: the number changing quickly. it was 4000 a little earlier. pickens county around 800. allyson: only going to get worse from here. geoff: we are going to tim. rest. geoff: what is the latest there?
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rest were there is a is the scene on the residential street, if you look over there, you can see a couple of pine trees in the front yard of this house buckled under the weight of the snow. roof of the house. literally a few seconds ago, i talked to the homeowner. i did not catch her name, but she said the inside of the home is ok, but it just cause damage to the roof. her biggest concern was the fact that hurt 99-year-old woman -- mother was inside when it happened. it created a very scary situation, but everybody inside is ok. travelers rest police as well as firefighters are here on the scene. you can hear the chainsaws in the background. they are getting that mass off of the house, making sure everything is ok. this is one more example of what can happen in weather systems
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pine trees that have very shallow roots. they buckle over very easily under the weight of that no, and that is what happened here. geoff: that is what duke energy said, a number of trees down in travelers rest. allyson: in spartanburg, this is that john dodge road, all of trees down and power bill -- power lines down.
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travelers rest. tim waller was talking about happen. all too often. corey davis is in asheville. situation. corey: it has slowed up a little lot less than earlier. the winds have backed off. people coming out to the area, we are on college street new the courthouse a few blocks from the map monument. you can probably see a few people running around in the snow. they are behind those monuments. you can see the tire tracks, people are traveling. you can see the path they have been taking down the road. even up the mountain. there was a lot of snow on college street down there. hopefully those people are ok.
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there are icicles hanging down showing just how cold it is an freezing. the water freezing with all of the wind we have been having. we have been out here for several hours, and the asheville fire department, a station a few blocks from here, it has been busy. maybe two minutes we saw two fire trucks leave out for a call. we will ask them what kind of calls they have been responding to thomas a we have heard the sirens several times. we will bring you updates in asheville. geoff:allyson: thank you. we have a south carolina patrol trooper telling us about the roads. tony, good morning. >> good morning. allyson: if people are leaving their house, would you recommend -- we recommend they don't, but
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>> with the weather, it changes next. you got to do with driving. you've got to change your driving habits for the weather. like a normal day, rain, sleet, snow brings different things into the driving scenario. you need to slow down and make the distance further. be prepared for what is ahead of you. make sure you are ready for that. geoff: you are saying the biggest issue is drivers driving to close, not giving someone enough room in front of you in conditions like this when it is not a good idea. >> that is correct. also, slowing down. you've got the roadway even wet, it is not as easy to stop area when you are going at a slower speed, you can control the vehicle better at a slower speed. geoff: what are you seeing out
10:24 am
seeing? >> we are seeing a lot of trees. the wind has picked up a lot. i know in my area in greenville the wind has picked up, so we are seeing trees start to fall and limbs gross the road -- cross the road. /he i understand as we go upstate, still getting sleet, frozen rain in the upper part of the state. [indiscernible] geoff: got a lot more people working today? troopers? >> we have a plan in place, and that plan has been activated. we are monitoring the roadways. we have got guys on standby and ready to go. also guys activated to help with that. allyson: our weather guy is
10:25 am
get worse overnight area what are your suggestions for tomorrow? >> as always, the first thing i can tell you, if you do not have to go, do not go. that is the main thing. if you have to, as always, change the driving habits for when the weather changes. by slowing down, keeping a greater distance, and following distance. bridges, overpasses, they are going to freeze the first. shaded areas in the roadway. you know the path, you took rival it on a daily basis. you know where the sun doesn't get. make sure you are aware of that when you're traveling. geoff: thank you so much for all be safe out there. ice on the trees. the ice will be on the roads overnight.
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national races. we cover it all. everywhere you watch, everywhere you get news. >> we will be there giving youe facts.
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geoff: we are talking about seven hours of coverage.
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our studios. this is what chris and i have been talking about all this morning -- the ice on the limbs, the strong wind out of the northeast. the branches are starting to come down in certain areas, they lines and we will see more power right now. patrick rory. -- governor pat mccrory. >> we have cars coming out of virginia where there is a lot of snow, and they think when they get into north carolina because the roads are clear of snow, they think they are safe and they increase their speeds. that is just not the case. parts of i-95 are very dangerous when you come into north carolina. we are asking people to please be aware. just because there is not snow does my mean the roads are sick -- does not meananhat the roads are safe.
10:29 am
we are asking everyone to be careful and stay off the roads. if you do not need to be on the roads, and spend some time with your family. enjoy the time with your family. a brief weather update, as you can see by the screen to my right, we are having weather issues across the state from the mountains to the coast, in asheville and the triad areas. you're seeing a you-shaped pattern -- a u-shaped pattern to high point. we have serious snow accumulation, and we expect more snow accumulation during the next several hours, up until 1:00 a.m. tonight and early morning. as you see, in the charlotte region and the rural areas outside the charlotte region, we are having some snow accumulation. the dilemma there is we have a possibility of a half inch of ice, and that will be a major
10:30 am
that will be a concern along with difficult driving. the coastal counties along the coast, we are seeing some heavy rain. it does not look like we are going to have any major flooding, but we are probably going to have some beach erosion. we are concerned about the rain, and we are having some ice accumulation also in the greenville, elizabeth city area, and smaller towns in and around that facility. the only area that is exempt is the wilmington, southeastern part of our statand the morehead city area, where it is primarily rain. we hope it stays that way. the issue across the state is very strong, gusty wind, which could cause some power outages and, again, make it difficult for safety personnel. but very, strong gust wind during this is a primary concern, heavy ice primarily in the charlotte region.
10:31 am
of the ice accumulation in the mountains and also the greensboro triad area is also going to be some serious ice, but also some very heavy snow. we will be glad to answer more questions about that from the experts in those areas. -- we declared a state of during the last 24 hours to mobilize the necessary resources to respond to the storm. we have already had the federal emergency management agency liaison here at our emergency response team headquarters, and we will seek federal help if we need it when the time comes. i have also issued executive orders, which have been successful up to this point in time to waive the usual weight restrictions for truck drivers. this is important to the power restoration company's,
10:32 am
dominion and other compa the state. this is essential to agricultural operations, and it is very important for potential fuel supply issues. the power companies -- i want to thank them across the state. they have a big job on their hands. they, like our dot workers and our guard, have dispersed where the power outages will be. most of them at this point in time are the far west area new the tennessee border and in and around the charlotte region. right now the latest reports show about 6000 power outages across the state, again mostly in the mountains and the charlotte region. of course, we expect that number to fluctuate as we see high wind across t state, and also potential ice buildup tonight on the power lines, and that is a concern we have. i have asked our state human resource director, neil alexander, to implement the
10:33 am
state government employees, and i has continued to encourage the private sector to carefully consider the weather condition and follow the state's leads, and it looks like most of the private sector employees have done that, and i would like to thank them for doing this. fortunately, with technology and hopefully with no power outages, a lot of these people can do work from home. i want everyone to take their public safety first at this point in time. our state highway patrol is doing an outstanding job, and colonel gray will give a further report on the number of accidents that havwe are working on the quick clearance law that enables them in the traffic or block shoulders, preventing transportation crews from treating our roads. most of the road issues right now are on i-95 and also i-40, in the mountains between winston-salem and asheville, where i think it has gone down
10:34 am
we have some issues there which secretary tennyson will be reviewing those details. i am very pleased with our policy. as i mentioned yesterday, about checking abandoned vehicles. this is something we take very seriouwe do not want any individual stranded out on the roads. our highway patrol officers are checking every vehicle that is stranded to make sure there is no one in it. if there is someone in it, we want to do everything we can to help them. we are marking those cars to notify other future people traveling, that those cars have been checked for possible occupants. i think that has been an outstanding policy that was initiated in the past two years. i will like to thank colonel gray and his team for that effort. the national guard, under all general lusk -- under general lusk has employed soldiers and catch teams to help stranded motorists.
10:35 am
with men and women, the black and gray. the state highway patrol has responded to 571 calls for assistance, a very high number from yesterday. it has increased substantially. about 25 to 30 abandoned cars point in time. most of the school systems across the state are closed, i think over about 90% of the school systems are closed, and again, we are having significantly closure this morning on several routes. i-26, henderson, also asheville, and i-40 near black mountain. also as of 9:30, all lanes of i-95 your ken lay are closed due to a -- near ken lay -- we had a loss of life in an accident, tragically. i-95 has been a mess. early this morning i have been watching the "on roads
10:36 am
watching the video cameras on roads throughout north carolina. it looks like it is a safe road and people are speeding, because they assume it is safe because they do not see snow on the roads. right now. the weather conditions will continue to change. as nick might say, a concern we have right now is some of the mixtures are going from snow terrain, back to snow, terrain, to freezing ice. -- are going from snow to rain, back to snow, to rain, to freezing ice. the dott did a great job pre-treating. but when the snow comes down, it will not work. we have asked the media to clearly communicate that to the generathe white have more details on that. i am very proud. north carolina has the best emergency response team in the
10:37 am
with this.they are responding to the storm, poised to facilitate a quick recovery should there be a need, but we do not want to have to have that need, and that is why we continue to encourage people to stay off the roads. safety tips -- the most critical partners we have are the state emergency response team, our citizens, and our media. i want to thank the media for continuing to do an excellent job and communicate in across the state. we ask you to continue to be accurate and encourage safety over anything else. individuals and families, make sure they are prepared with the proper goods in their homes so they do not have to go out. i want to thank, again, the media for communicating that first and foremost. continue to watch the local weather forecast and stay safe. now is not the time to take unnecessary trips or risks.
10:38 am
possible. if you do get on the roads, do not speed. if you must travel, if anything, reduce your speed and leave plenty of room between you and other vehicles. a combination of the ice and outages. something my wife reminded me of last night that i did not mention, and that is make sure to check with your neighbors and make sure they are ok, especially with power outages. this is a time to help your neighbor, especially if they are in need of heat, light, and flashlights and other things. this is the time to check on everyone, and also my wife has reminded me in a very professional way to check your pets and the neighbors during this cold weather. we want to make sure they are safe also. i want to encourage all the
10:39 am
readync mobile app. it is a good app to give you up to date information. we want to ask the media to continue to let the public know about the readync app. i want to ask secretary perry to give an update on some of the centers we have in operation throughout the state. i want to thank him and his great team. thank you very much. >> thank you, governor. frank perry with public safety. three years ago, the governor said one word -- "collaboration." it is hard to imagine how we could have more collaboration during tim like this. we want to thank volunteer agencies, voad -- volunteer organizations activated during disasters. the american red cross. what they do is coordinate with
10:40 am
emergency response team, sert. it includes so many people, the governor emphasized, stranding -- checking on stranded motorists, checking on people who may be without power. the fbi is assisting as well as fema and other agencies. one agency that we often forget during these times is fully activated when the highway patrol and the guard are promoting public safety, the state fusion center. the fusion center is up and running, and they help monitor complaints about crime and people in distress either because of power failures or because of other episodes caused
10:41 am
so we want to thank the sbi for operating this fusion center, which is up and running with sert, emergency response team, as well as all the volunteers. d.o.t. is doing an absolutely outstandinin job. the drive-in was quite manageable, and we thank them, even though we have had the said fatalities that the governor mentioned. now secretary tennyson from d.o.t.. sec. tennyson: thank you, secretary perry. in keeping with the governor poste request, take time to consider whether they need to go out and see for themselves. we think you need to not go out and see for yourself. stay home. our crews have been working overnight, working on snow and ice across the state.
10:42 am
some people have asked about why you not see the blades down scraping all the time, and the situation is that you are not always able to remove what is there until it has been treated with salts, broken up, until there is enough to plow. so just because we have trucks out with plows on them does not mean they have to be scraping to do the job. they are placing sand and salt. we have put out nearly 2 million gallons of salt brine in anticipation of the event, which helps to keep ice from bonding to the roadway. we also have used more than 12,000 tons of salt and more than 5000 tons of the sand-salt mixture to treat roads across the state in specific areas. crews will continue to be out in force on the roadways, and we move crews around to deal with greater concentration of problem areas, and we will be doing that as we are able to identify those
10:43 am
crew shifted. the priority order for handling roadways -- we have 80,000 miles of state-maintained roads, and you have to have some priority. we start with the interstates and move from there to the primary routes, the major routes, and then to lower-volume roads. we cannot be everywhere all at once, but we're trying to make sure we have highest demand areas. repeating again, it is key to when you are dealing with these things, so stealing off the road will be helpful. we have been working in partnership with the highway patrol of the abandoned vehicles and have had to initiate -- allyson: that is north carolina governor pat mccrory saying there have been fatalities. geoff: the govererr is talking
10:44 am
too fast on i-95. there could be some beach erosion issues across the state. the biggest one is gusty winds, and most of the outages are in western north carolina and in the charlotte areas. speas -- allyson: over 10,000 now. geoff: close to 11,000, according to duke energy. we are about to step aside. when we come back -- be safe. hershey's miniatures. we pour 'em!
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we pick 'em! delicious fun for everyone.
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>> this winter storm coverage is far from over. we have a lot to talk about as we bring you into the 11:00 hour. >> good morning. i'm gabrielle komorowski.
10:47 am
it is cold, icy, snowy, and it is only going to get worse as the day goes on. >> that is the message we are bringing you right now. do not be fooled, this is far from over. we are sending you over to our meteorology center. what is the latest? >> good morning. we have been watching this thing since yesterday. chris: that is when it unfolded. john: you came into :00 in the nice job. -- in at 2:00 in the morning. this is a very dangerous situation. we have been watching the system and it is basically a major ice storm in the upstate, especially on the 95 corridor up against the mountains, and a very heavy snow event in the mountains. ris: this is early. john: asheville, downtown, nine inches of snow and it continues
10:48 am
we will have a live shot from corey. chris: all the way from buncombe county, transylvania county, six inches. we are concerned about a couple of things here. the snow line, freeze line is moving south, and it is moving in from atlanta. john: notice it is moving from south to north. the wind is well over 100 miles per hour. we are up there around 30,000, 40,000 feet. moving all this heat and moisture in quickly, on the surface we have the northeasterly wind driving in the cold air. that wind is also going to cause some problems. john: 34 degrees, it is 32 now. the line moving south, and really it is this area in here south of anderson, all the way down toward greenwood. fluctuate. john: absolutely, chris.
10:49 am
it almost like these peak shaded the temperatures continue to get colder and colder, dropping. already 32 with sleet, freezing rain, and rain in lawrence. chris: now we have a rating, ice line. snow and sleet, sinking further south, so you could get snow moved -- mixed in with the ice. this will be a big afternoon as we continue to see this moisture. it is nowhere near to be done yet. john: not even close. this will continue throughout the evening. look at this -- sustained wind, northeast at 21 in greenville right now. northeast at 21 with gusts. we have all the ice on the branches now. they are swinging back-and-forthwe will get power outages, and
10:50 am
chris: we are talking about 8:00 this evening, 50 mile-per-hour -- 50 mile-per-hour sustained wind. you want to prepare, have a meal that you can eat that you do not need power four. john: the trees are icing up right now. the rows are in good shape except f the bridges and overersses where the cold air gets underneath it. those freeze quicker. tonight we will see the roads freeze up for a quickly. nigel: john and chris, thank you very much. the north carolina governor's office has tweeted that the north carolina highway patrol has responded to 800 calls throughout the state and will continue to monitor road conditions. gabrielle: the big story is the snow. myra louise is in buncombe county. myra? >> we are along interstate 26 in
10:51 am
here is the situation happening right by the exit. there is a semi-that is stuck near the top of the ramp. in the past five minutes there have been four or five vehicles stuck behind that truck, and the second one with the red cab. they are trying to get off the exit as well, but because of the truck stuck at the top, they could not. when we were seeing our vehicles backing up onto the interstate. that is aa pretty carry a situation because the interstate is clear. traffic appears to be moving smoothly and at a relatively fast speed. what we were seeing were vehicles that did not want to be stuck by the truck, so theramp backing back onto the internet -- onto the interstate. traffic appears to be trucks destinations. clear. at least the stretch here. secondary roads look like they have been -- do not look like
10:52 am
the situation at exit 33 might be something playing out elsewhere along interstate 26. myra ruiz, live in asheville. nigel: take a look at this video behind us. one of o o executive producers shot this video on her way in. this is on state park road. gabrielle: that is in greenville county. look at this truck upside down, just a reminder of how treacherous these roads can be. we are still working to figure out more about what happened here. hopefully the driver of that vehicle is ok.we will work to get more information about what h hpened here for you.this is a reminder to please be careful, even if you have a larger vehicle like a truck there. it is still not safe out there on the roads. nigel: the roads are so wet. if there is kind of like a tunnel of air that will freeze part of the road, you may think hit a nice patch. when you just saw there can happen.
10:53 am
when i am going over the bridges, too, because you have that air that goes under the bridge. that is why the bridges oftentimes will ice over first before the roads. please be careful. the governor of north carolina telling people basically, if you do not have to be out on the roads, stay home, stay safe. we are showing you a live picture in greenville. you can tell in that last picture, the roads are pretty empty. but here -- gabrielle: you can see the trader joe's there. this is the woodruff road area. you can see there are still some vehicles on the road. there are folks who work in this newsroom who have to be at work, and certainly quite a few other businesses where people have no choice but to go to work. please do be careful. i want to give you this live look from skycam in asheville. the story in western north carolina is the snow, a lot of it.
10:54 am
that's no began early, early -- that snow began early, early this morning. in the upstate, we have been dealing with quite a bit of ice and sleet and water and rain falling from the sky, that water freezing over. it has made the north carolina area, tons of snow. south carolina, icy conditions. it is only going to continue to evolve as time goes on throughout the day. gabrielle: we want to send you now to greenville county, the travelers rest area. that is where tim waller is standing by this morning. jim: you talk about it -- tim: you talk about a perfect illustration when freezing rain puts weight on a tree in somebody's front yard. we have talked about what happens before. this is the result. check out joanne's house on
10:55 am
this happened about one hour ago.
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