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tv   WYFF News 4 530pm  NBC  January 22, 2016 5:30pm-6:00pm EST

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nigel: the roads continue to suffer tonight. this happened earlier this morning in greenville county. no word on if anyone was injured in that crash, but we are told that site was cleared. they have handled dozens of accidents since this started. gabrielle: let's give you a live look outside through the woodruff road skycam, and, yes, not looking nearly as busy as it would on a friday evening. we have team coverage all across the area and team coverage right here in the weather center with chief meteorologist john cessarich and meteorologist chris justus. john, let's go to you first. john: it was a solid band moving through, but now it is breaking up. it will produce some patchy sleet, some snowflakes and
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oconee and pickens county. chris: and this is moving through huntsville, alabama, and it may give them some snowfall in rush hour. john: yes, perfect time for them, and that will likely hit us around 9:00 or 10:00 tonight. chris: in our area, in pickens county and oconee, some impressive snow and sleet showing up. john: and also around clayton and dillard, and all of that precipitation is racing off very quickly. this is all moisture coming off of the gulf of mexico, moisture it will not stop, and then there is that northeasterly wind that is driving inlook at the high temperatures aftete midnight last night, and then it has been dropping all through the day. look at this, chris. most of us in the 20's right now.
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likely accumulate on the ground as the grounds has had time to cool, and we are continuing to see the temperatures drop. in north carolina, one area picking up 6.5 inches. john: half a foot. at the airport, about an inch and a half, but at the asheville airport, 10.6 inches, a record amount of snow on this date. we would take a look at the snow and the weekend, but first, back to you, nigel and gabrielle. nigel: hitting an incredible amount of snow. gabrielle: take a look at this picture sent in from earlier this afternoon. look at all of that snow and the tree limbs. an incredible storm.
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we find my marie's -- myra ruiz, live. myra: we can feel the temperature is starting to drop. the breeze is also starting to however, things are going slowly alononthe interest they. cars are moving, and we have even seen trucks passing each other. the interested is moving, as we just mentioned, but it is a different story where clouds have not been there. we had some travelers he decided to temporarily halt their trips north to ski resorts because they did not want to have to deal with secondary roads on the way to those destinations, so they are staying put, hoping tomorrow will bring better conditions. gabrielle: thank you. let's bring you to the upstate
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paris mountain skycam, where about how quickly these clouds are moving pictures here. you can see certainly on the ground also the snow that is covering the area now. to stephanie, live in spartanburg county. stn ystephanie: i am right on the line, and in the past few minutes, a very fine snow is starting to come down that i think my kids like to call literature -- litter snow. we had some close calls a couple of hours ago, and here, the accumulation on the roads, i'm going to estimate that it is between a quarter, maybe half an inch, but elsewhere, easily two inches of slop has gotten on the roads, and people were
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i want to show you what happened on i 85 northbound earlier. take a look at this. just befor 11:00, a pine tree came down and totally blocked in eastern most lane on the northbound side. this was south of pelham road. sean jackson was hauling 41,000 pounds of paper from alabama up to north carolina, going about 60 miles per hour down the road, when that tree almost came down on top of his 18 wheel>> scary, real scary. i thought it was going to take out my truck, my mirror and everything. stephanie: you can still see the fear in his eyes, how close it was, but the crews came out here to get that tree off of the road in nothing flat, and traffic
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dot has said that keeping 80 five clear has been their top priority today. we are going to continue on and show you one of the most dangerous intersections in greer, coming up in about half an hour. nigel: stephanie, thank you. take a look at this video out of easily earlier today. this tree landed on a power line, which ended up knocking out power to multiple neighborhoods in the area. now, let's go to pickens county, where mandy gaither is live, bringing us an update on the conditions there. mandy: it is wet and slushy, and it is only going to get worse as the temperatures continue to do it. it started around noon in pickens county and oconee county , and we have seen the roadways covered in/, a dangerous situation, and we saw many drivers going slow, others not,
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road. there was one person out before the wintry mix started coming >> it was pretty slushy. there were about 10 cars that were pulled up or slid off the road. mandy: as you heard, it caused some major issues in pickens county around easily high school. my friend sent me a video of the aftermath of a tree coming down on the power live there, and they tell me there were sparks coming from that area when the tree hit the power line. power was out for him and many of his neighbors for a little more than an hour, but he says it is now back on. live in clemson. gabrielle: mandy, thank you. power outages are being reported. nigel: there are outages in
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12,000, spartanburg 250, pickens county 1800, anderson county, 490. that is the latest from duke energy. gabrielle: from blue ridge electric, 696 in greenville county, 3738 in pickens county, and these numbers appeared to have gone down since we previously reported those numbers earlier on these newscast, so that is good news, and don't forget, we have your forecasts, closings, and interactive radar on our website and our mobile app. for closings, just check the bottom of the screen, and you can also check the live wire, and you will find that at the top of the screen on and also on the mobile app.
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in washington. john: a record amount of snow at
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now to spartanburg... wyff news 4's patrick hussion is
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latest...patrick? gabby.. nigel.. here in nigel: continuing our live team coverage in spagabrielle: patrick is life. hat trick: nigel and gabrielle, here in downtown spartanburg, it has become pretty much a ghost town, and more than likely enjoying the power and the electricity at their home, because as far as power outages go, according to duke energy, there are no power outages in the city limits, but as you work your way west and northwest north of inman, 300 had been out of power for most of the day. as we have come to this part of the day, according to duke energy, there are 240 one people without power. again, that is according to duke energy, and that is focused
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making sure people do have power, the brine and salt trucks have been out in full force, and this was down in the public works office, and he went into everything that he hadeedoing all night last night and into tonight as they are working 12-hour shifts to make sure that this ice hopefully melts with the amount of salt and sand they are putting on the roads, so we will keep you updated with that. life in spartanburg, wyff news 4. gabrielle: we certainly appreciate the people working to keep the roads safe. still up, the weather did not prevent the panthers from going to practice today. taking a big hit from this storm. john: a big shot of energy moving in. around toccoa, a little bit of
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gabrielle: covering the nation now, the same system bringing a blast of winter weather to the coast, including our area,
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weather near mississippi, and severe weather was reported across the southern portion of the trees came down, blocking responders being able to get to some of the areas, and there were even reports of tornadoes touching down and mobile homes destroyed. the weather pattern is moving northeast. nigel: snow and freezing rain moved into parts of south carolina with snow,/, and ice, and officials say there is more winter weather on the way in the next 24 hours, and many schools have been closed as well as many agencies pay the airport is open with a limited operation, and hundreds of lights, including all american airline flights, have been canceled. and a blanket of snow is covering bank of america stadium.
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video today earlier, showing them working out despite the cold and snow, and they say do not worry, the field will be ready for the championship game against the arizona cardinals. the storm system is expected to be out of the area by sunday. gabrielle: the weather is making some history at the hartwell dam. they are opening the floodgates to release the water levels, only the third time this has happened. the last time was back in 2013, and before that, you have to go back to the year 1960 four. the army court made that announcement. this will allow 13,400 cubic feet of water per second to pass through. the water level is five feet above where the engineers wanted, but it is not reaching the dam. it is to prevent levels from ever getting high enough to do that, the goal. announcer: now, your super
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john: this storm is winding down a little bit, but not all of it, because we still have some more rounds coming in. chris: in haywood, looking ok. john cole at the traffic is slowing down. that is good. chris: we have these cameras strategically placed, because our radar can see it, but this verified it. john: in hendersonville, six or seven inches of snow since midnight last night, and asheville, 10.6 inches of snow at the airport, a record amount of snow on this date, and the record, i believe, was a .8 inches back in 1987. chris: and paris mountain, look at this. this tells me that you can see. dry air in the column, and this
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john: exactly, because we have not seen this before. this morning, we kept showing you the paris mountain skycam. this is the snow and sleet and freezing rain. you can see this, as you mentioned. chris: and whatever falls here will likely freeze because we are freezing in the upper part hewe have got snow on the street, and another round possibly moving in after this one. here is downtown greenville looking probably back towards thjohn: yes, and speaking of the southwest, look at what is coming in, chris. we even had some lightning strikes in the southern suburbs, physically a long interstate 20 war between atlanta and augusta, and that same storm system. this powerful storm system. we had the severe weather, the tornadoes in parts of the mississippi river valley, and we had the snow for us and heavy rain moving up the eastern
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chris: this will be arriving sometime between 7:00 and 10:00, this scattered stuff. this is moving right now with some pretty heavy moisture with it. john: it certainly is, chris. northeastern georgia, and then through atlanta. here it comes. this monitor is a little fickle. i think it does not like cold weather. we did, we did, we abused this thing during the day today, but take a look at this pickens, you are probably looking at a little bit of light snow was possibly a little sleet mixed in, especially through calling county -- through oconee county. chris: also coming in, greenwood sitting in some freezing rain. they have not seen it, so that could catch a few people off
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john: there is ice, and the sun is going down, and that is whenwe lose the radiation from the sun, and that radiation works its way through the clouds and keeps the ground warm enough, but now in the 20's and even low 30's, everything on the road is going to start to re-freeze, so watch out for black ice as we go through the evening. chris: this is doing a good job. let's see what is going to go because it is doing a nice job. right through spartanburg and into cherokee. john: yes, you guys watch out for some more. as you go through the overnight hours, and northwesterly flow starts to kick off, moves across towards the tennessee line. maybe a little sun tomorrow afternoon, but do not count on a whole lot because of the evaporation. chris: another system. john: exactly.
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capital, long island, new york, they are going to get hammered by snow and blowing snow. icy conditions, maybe one to four inches of snow. tomorrow, we can expect scattered snow showers, breezy and cool, only upper 20's in the mountains with blowing and drifting snow, and then finally some good news, chris. look at that sunday. chris: you panthers are playing at bank of america stadium on the nahow is it looking bear? john: it will be chilly but dry. finally some good news to talk about.
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then he flipped, and worked with liberal chuck schumer to co-author the path to citizenship bill. he threatened to vote against it. and then voted for it. he supported his own dream act and then he abandoned it. marco rubio. just another washington politician you can't trust. jeb bush. he's a leader, so you always know where he stands. right to rise usa
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nation's capital, in what could nigel: right now, snow is which gabrielle: aixa diaz has the story. aixa: forecasters say we could hours.
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aixa: it could be up to two feet of snow, with strong wind. >> i have activated 500 national guardsmen and women. aixa: 650,000 tons of salt. >> we are having issues in the mountains all of the way to the aixa: north carolina with snow, ice, and freezing rain, and in nearby tennessee, treacherous road conditions. >> if you stay home, that will allow them to get our roads clear. >> the expectation right now is between 12 inches and 18 inches, so you have seen that number go up. aixa: coastal flooding along the
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problem, and it could cost up to $1 billion in washington -- in damage. nigel: thank you for joining us at 5:00. gabrielle: wyff news 4 with carol and michael starts right now. and now to: this is wyff news 4 at 6:00 in high definition. carol: helping drivers get out of tough situations. michael: prompting this person to ski along the avenue. yes, that is asheville. carol: and snow across the upstate, it is a beautiful view, and a look now from our asheville sky cam. let's take a look. we see some clouds over the mountains in the distance, and a lot of snow on the ground. michael: they say they have a lot of snow. a little bit of everything on
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carol: so let's check in with chief meteorologist john cessarich and meteorologist chris justus, our go to guys. you have been tracking this weather for quite a while. john: we just got a little update. i think they were talking about a .5 inches in brevard. chris: that is one of the top spots. john: that is incredible. this was set back in 1987, 1987, 19 88. chris: some spotty snow showers, but this batch back towards the west, that will be our last rock -- our last hurrah. john: at the latest, a level :00, and then we will start
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