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tv   Today  NBC  January 23, 2016 8:00am-9:30am EST

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geoff: all right, thank you for being with us as we bring you the very latest on the winter a car has gotten all -- gone off the road now in spartan phil county. they are working with a pickup truck to pull it back onto the road. this is near westgate mall. right near blackstock road intersection. we were saying earlier, see all the people around. all these people trying to help. geoff: yes, it seems that even with tough conditions, it still brings out thethree different people in trucks have come by, trying to help this person get out of thelet us -- we will get to our reporters in just a moment. first, pamela, we are talking about some of those gusts that are picking up right now. pamela: yes, we will all be feeling those. take a look at this cold shot.our life cameras showing lake hartwell.
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i have not seen this before. good news, we are beginning to see some thinning of the cloudwe will take any sunshine we can get today. there will likely not be a lot of it, but things are improving across the area. it is just going to take a while for anything to melt. today is your day to really on the left, it is going to state quite cold, and enjoy what fell in your area. greenwood, a heavy dose over abbeville. county at this time. chickens county, you are getting it -- you have been getting it for the past several hours. several areas picking up another inch over the past couple of hours. snow will continue to come down. here is a pretty decent line through brevard county to transylvania county. the widespread snow still across the upstate.
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these shots this morning just showing how wintry it is across the areain greenville, we are in the upper 20's. we will get above freezing at around 11:00. we will see the snow begin to wrap up. the cold air has been perfect for the snow, as opposed to win the system -- to win the system started. we could have a little bit of sleeee makes later on -- sleet/snow mix later on today. white everywhere else with records note yesterday. that was in nashville, over 13 inches. that is a new record. look at the wind. that is what we are talking about. that is what is going to keep it bitterly cold. the snow will reduce visibility across the mountains. travel will not be great there over the day. we have some patchy fog across the upstate.
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all the excuses you need to make some hot chococote and stay put. it is cold, near 30 degrees. the mountains. eight winter weather advisory extended down into the midlands and even towards the coast this morning of south carolina. this system, this low-pressure around it. big batch of moisture. anytime i can show trusted on the map and snowflakes nearby, you just cannot resist it. here is your day in nashville. snow from the sky or already on the ground. strong. staying in the 20's for temperatures. in spartan phil, -- in spartan bill -- see you in a bit to show you the rest of the week. turning our attention now
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corey davisas been reported morning. allyson: corrie, you were showing us just a minute ago street. the other street is not yet? can you tete us a little bit more about that? corey: the cleared street is college street. you can see here, they have put down more than 30,000 tons. it is working. you can now see the crosswalk. the white paint here. along the road. the clouds have come through. this is spruce street right here.
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we have not yet seen the plows come down the street at all. this is a street that is not -- that has not been plowed at all. so this is a not -- nontreated street compared to the treated sheet -- treated street down in nashville. geoff: if you did not have your hoodie on, that cap would've come up for sure. i know you spoke of a sledding accident. a couple of people got hurt. what are you seeing out there this morning with people? or are you not seeing a whole lot of folks out this morning? corey: not a lot of people are out. he had seen a few minute walking by. -- there were a few men walking by earlier. i have seen some people on skis,
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stayed indoors. along college street. sticking to the roads, and not the sidewalk, because you cannot quite see where the sidewalk ends and the road d that is what most people have have seen them out. thank you. there.
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allyson: 8:09 this morning. we have been following this card that has gone off the road in
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help her it -- trying to help. allyson: yes, it is great. geoff: we have mike live on the scene. mike: we have been following the story of the car, but it is gone now. some good samaritans pulled over , tried to help get the car off the embankment, and they succeeded. what they ultimately had to do was pull the car down the and date -- the embankment, and a twisted it out sideways. they pulled it off the ground -- the grass, and onto the parking lot. the car has sent driven off, going to get gas. the driver, we introduced him earlier this morning, when he and his friend were out testing the roads in spartanburg. they told us they were slippery, and dangerous. the good news, everyone is ok.
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the car back on the road. the car was able to go. you can take a look at the roads though, it is not a good idea to be out here this morning. they are slick and dangerous. that to you. geoff: we did see that group there, and there was another car nearby that went on the gas and the tires started spinalalson: snapped power lines as well as downed trees were spotted. >> i was in -- i and in many of the greenville county neighborhoods that is without power this mornii will show you why this happened here at the desk at the subdivision. a snapped utility pole right there. it was holding a transformer, powering this entire fell over last night under the weight of the snow and ice.a lot of people are now without power here. i spoke with a homeowner a couple of minutes ago. he said it all happened at about
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right over there, that is what i was talking about an hour ago. you can see a tree in somebody's front yard, it pulled down some utility lines. this is on butler springs road. it is affecting the entire area. one homeowner i spoke to his pre-much upset. he said that pre-much every time there is a snow event, this happens.he has gone on to complain how long they have been without power. how many days in a row.he is hopeful that the duke energy cruise will get it fixed quickly -- crews will get it fixed quickly this time. they have told us that they are aware, and they are on it. they want to have power restored here by 3:00 p.m. geoff: all right, tim, thank you. allyson: what a beautiful sunrise coming up behind us.
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>> now your live super doppler weather hd forecast. pamela: good saturday morning to you.
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if you are still joining us this morning, maybe a fresh layer in your neighborhsome areas picking up another inch in the overnight hours. now, we are beginning to see some breaks in the clouds. a good sign there. our wind will be on the increase today. keeping things very cold across the area. this just screams cold in spartanburg. our live picture this morning. cloudy conditions, light snow off and on. in asheville, the wind continues to get the headlines. snow will be in and out throughout the day. not adding up to too much more. a north and new -- northwest wind howling through at 29 mouse per hour. making the temperatures in the 20's, feel like the single digithe winds are going to be especially gusty in the mountains. it will pick up for us in the
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falling trees and power lines could add to the problems later on today. we note crews have been out, and we had been talking to them all morning. the wind chill getting it at one of degrees in hendersonville. -- one degrees in hendersonville. the snow that has been coming through here, and came through earlier, look at it. now, stretching down to columbia. little batches working through, close to the low country this morning. it will not accumulate at all. it should get a lot of attention near somerville and trust in thisup towards even polly's island and myrtle beach this morning. you could see a few flakes.a huge system, a powerful system. one that is going to keep snow coming down. the totals are going to be impressive in the mountains. between north carolina and tennessee already, record
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seven to nine inches between mills river and hendersonville. we still have some light snow, going around tigerville and travelers rest. nothing heavy though. the more substantial around pickens. a good day to plan it. bundle up. it will continue to be cold. look at the influence of this low-pressure system. the counterclockwise rotation, not a whole lot of moisture to come to here. a few more flakes will continue to fly.this is the huge story across the country. from new york city to washington d c and everywhere in between, very gusty wind. rain is lashing the coast line. it is quickly turning to snow. harrisburg, wind gusts near 40 miles per hour. blizzard conditions with blinding snow. breezy and cold today with our morning snow showers. 37 degrees is it. however, it will not feel like it today. often on snow at the mountains.
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temperatures are in the 20's. the windchill will be in the teens. single digits for asheville and hendersonville. a brighter day tomorrow. we should get some rakes of sun -- some breaks of sun today. enjoy it. we are dry on monday across the area. the precipitation will come back when our characters are above freezing. allyson: thank you pamela. right now, many people are waking up without power. electric is reporting -- greenville 1900. 962 in pickens county. geoff: that number is down a good bit. power outages according to do energy, a little more than 9000. pretty consistent here throughout the morning.
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pickens county here, the state number there. i do not know if we have those mixed, but i do know that spartanburg county and pickens county is very close.allyson: the blizzard is turning out to be just what was promised for the mid-atlantic states. this is the national mall in washington, d.c.. the snow is expected to continue into tonight. leaving two feet or more in some spots.
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allyson: 8:22 now. welcome back. we have a shot here from vanderbilt campus. a state of emergency was declared there. the winter storm is expected to continue into this morning.geoff: came down hard there. here is what it looked like in north georgia. they were out clearing roads in henderson county. workers had to get off the route that the roads, more than 20 counties are in a state of emergency becaallyson: back in our area.
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we will have more of that in just a minute. geoff: check out this video here. if you can recognize stadium. like it's of snow there, but if you are a panthers fan, you recognize the stadium. the practice field is right next to the stadium. the panthers are one of the only teams that does not have an indoor facility.they have been had to sing but cam newton didn't seem to mind. the panthers are repairing for the nfc championship game against the arizona cardinals mount night. our playoff special will start tonight at 7:00. it should be a good one. again, that begins at 7:00 this evening. allyson: taking a live look outside right now. the roads are still icy. more accidents as people wake up and try to get out on the roadways. again, if you do not have to, do not go out.
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geoff: our winter storm coverage continues on this saturday morning could we still have some icy roads.stay tuned for the very latest here. this is a shot from our
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morning. it was actually beautiful out there this morning. conditions are still rough out there though. you want tlet us take a look at some of the pictures you have sent into u local. allyson: some like mowing the grass in the summer, but out here it is e snow. here is our area, she is making a snow angel on top of a trampoline. why not? geoff: this one entitled, a light in the snow. allyson: if you have winter wonderland xers, we would like to see them. you can upload them to our u local section on the mobile app or on what is it about the snow that brings out the best in all of us? this is thomas sweeney.
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out yesterday. you can see it on our twitter and facebook pages. of course, the sled is orange. >> here we go. this is the cherry of a winner right here. -- the charriot of a winner right here. geoff: dan nichols picked them up in a military style six wheeler. along with heavy machinery, it is safe to say they had no problem navigating the icetim waller has been reporting in many locations this morning.coming up in just a bit. allyson: just a reminder, dogs and cats can suffer from frostbite and hypothermia just like humans can. it is best to bring them inside. also, the cold can affect your pet's mood. they can become irritable and
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they recommend turning on indoor lights, and -- allowing them to combat winter blues. allyson: researchers have found that you should not eat snow at all. particles in the snow is very similar to the particles found in car exhaust fumes. geoff: we continue to monitor the roads here. there are a few cars on the road, but overall, not looking too bad.
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allyson: 8:32. the latatt outages numbers. roughly 3200 without powers. greenville county is close to 540. pickens county just over 1900.
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bit bigger, particular in greenville county. right around 850 in swain county right now. we have coverage here this morning as we continue to take you out the upstate and western north carolina. allyson: corey davis is in asheville. mike mccormick is in spartanburg. geoff: let's get the latest on the conditions outside with pamela: good morning. we are so lucky that the power numbers are as low as they hathe weather having a lot to do with that. we cold -- we cooled down fast enough that there was not an extended. of ice. snowing and slippery on the dock. our skycam show you what is going on.
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we have some news coming from that this morning finally, the snow is wrapping up. this is the last big batch coming through. and pickens county, and many other areas have received several inches. more snow and easily this morning. we been hearing from you on facebook as well about that.we will have these new totals throughout the day today at the numbers continue to come in. we watch a batch of snow now in polk county, in western oklahoma -- south carolina. the snow continues back down into columbia now. some welcome breaks in the clouds. bitterly cold. well, it is in the 20's, that is not so bad. the winds will continue to pick up across the upstate today.we will not even feel this warm in the afternoon. spartanburg, your wind has been light, and your snow has beenotice how quite it is out there
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and reflecting the light when the sun is out, we will not see much of it in asheville today. 21 to greece, gusty winds, especially strong across the mountains. with that, the reduced visibility because of snow. low clouds, and even a little bit of fog in parts of the upstate. look at these winds as they continue to pick up in the upstate. 15 to 20 miles per hour. that will surely put a chill in the air. it feels like zero degrees now in hendersrsville. two below and boone. asheville feels like three. you can warm up to 30 degrees in the upstate, compared to the a winter weather advisory extending through orangeburg, south carolina and over towards
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this big best -- this big batch of moisture is wrapping around, and even gettingnglose to thevery interesting this morning, watching the system. blowing snow and issue in -- an issue in western soccer lineup today. we could see some breaks of sun. temperatures staying in the upper 30's across the upstatewe want to show you the day ahead. thankfully, some melting will take place tomorrow. notemperatures barely getting into the 70's. we'll take any breaks in the clouds we can find. i will show you the week ahead, coming up. allyson: just into our newsroom.
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spartanburg airport. the airport says that the runway is open, and flights are leading. passengers should check directly with theit is open. geoff: all right, good news there. more on this winter weather here this morning as we go to asheville to get more from corey davis. corey, tell us exactly where you are again. you are seeing some conditions with the wind kicking up. it is doing a number on you right now. corey: yes, the wind is kicking up. i want to show you, as i walk across the street, you can get an idea of the wind coming to the area. this street, college street, has been treated with a lot of salt.i am stepping over the area now,
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this area has not been treated. you can see how deep the snow is on the ground. it is really deep. i will continue to walk across over here. show you this area over here. a lot of crews were working to push the snow off the roads. there are some sidewalks over here that have been cleared out for peop we have seen a lot of pedestrians in the area, making their way through in downtown ashevisome bikers as well. you can see this car about to come through. some people are having issue gaining traction even with the roads clear. that is one thing that the north carolina department of transportation is warning against. warning about black ice being an issue. as far as the weather goes, the wind has been our biggest enemy out here.
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his has -- it has letetup. we will continue to break and withstand the elements here am a live in asheville. -- here. live in asheville, corey davis. geoff: all right, corey davis, thank you. allyson: a car slid off the road earlier. mike is there, but i believe they removed it. mike: we are right near westgate mall. you can see -- you cannot actually see the actual surface of the road. it is covered with snow. you have the sleet compacted underneath that snow. we are in a parking lot, but you can get an idea of all the different layering we are dealing with. you have the snow, but
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getting this deep slush and ice buildup. there is several layers of it before youaway and get to the actual surface. that is what you are going to be dealing with on the road. that is the biggest issue. it may look like fluffy, light snow. underneath it is several layers of the slush and ice. it has been building up since early morning yesterdathat is why the roads have been such a problem. spartanburg police have told us that they have already worked u accidents is morning. and now, we are seeing more traffic on the road, the concern is t accidents will careful him a give yourself plenty of time, and take it carefully on the road. the roads are slick and very slippery. sending it back to you guys. geoff: that is what is going to catch people this morning. the snow, but then the ice underneath it.
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actually, going to aly myles on highway 56 in pickens counaly: good morning guys. there are just a teeny tiny flakes falling now. looking good and clemson. you cannot see it over here, but if i walk over here, i can show you. it is like seeing hope in the distance. some great clouds over this way though. for the most part, very good full conditions to start. a chance to get that snowman built or a snowball fight started. the roads, you will need to worry about. you can see that 76 is not looking too bad right now. they had been plowing it, try to keep it clear. it is going to be your secondary roads that are going to be slicker.
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if i could be inside right now, believe me, i would be. aly myles, wyff news, here in clemson. geoff: definitely good advice to stay indoors if you can. pamela: i am starting to see accidents pick up. i've seen more disabled vehicles, as well as a few more down trees and power lines. certainly a dangerous situation if you head out on the rowe do have disabled vehicles on i 40 and i 20. some cars stopped, simply because they cannot handle the again, if you do not have to get out, it is a good idea to stay inside. geoff: checking in with great -- checking in with tim waller now. can? -- tim? tim: happening right now.
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they are looking at a tree that has toppled over, and toward on some power lines. a has knocked down power to the heritage hill subdivision. this has been an issue since 9:30 last night. a lot of people living without power are very anxious to see it the good news is, as far as they are concerned, there are two duke energy trucks assessing the situation. work greenville county, we are talking about more than 9000 people in various places without power. we have had about three or four inches of snow since the whole system began. we are looking at outages right now in hendersonville subdivision. piedmont is another issue with sporadic outages. duke energy is on location, at
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the power turned back on. tim waller, live in greenville, wyff news. geoff: we spoke with ryan mosher of duke energy this morning. he said they are doing the best they can to get the power baallyson: in anderson county, we will keep you updated on the
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>> now your live super doppler hd weather forecast. pamela: give you a live look in asheville. the wind has picked up, and more snow is coming down fast and furiously. that is how it will be for you in the mountains, in and out snow. that is the chamber of commerce. that is where we have parked our camera in asheville. not exactly chamber of commerce weather, but it will be soon when thinks tom down.
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by 1:00 this afternoon, still in the 20's. biting cold, and temperatures in the single digits in western south carolina. you will be bundling up to go out and enjoy this note that has fallen across western south carolina. record snowfall in asheville. near nine inches from inc. recorded. waynesville is at 10 inches. all of these numbers will only go up, as far as storm totals go. that has been 28 hours since it began in asheville. here is our peace center skycam. peace is coming to all of us with things coming down.
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this is a day to stay home, if you can. we will not have much melting until tomorrow. so, let the cruise do what they do best. travelers rest is at three inches of snow. pickens your total is at two inches. i know that is going up since we have had more snow since midnight. we will update that throughout the day. gusty winds in the mountains. the breeze will pick up for us in the upstate as well. make it into the upper 30's, but it will never heal that warm in the upstate today. zero degrees is the windchill right now and hendersonvilleyou really need to bundle up to go out. the snow wrapped around, went through atlanta. flakes flying in columbia. folks in the lower counties going crazy over the snow. nothing going to add up to much
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not much in myrtle beach, but that has what has been happening this morning. this is a big system, certainly powerful. now, the real heart, the worst of it has been in the northeast. still, the snow is going to stay heavy in the mountains, believe north and tennessee. the reason that is still here, and henderson county, it is stretching back down into the northern mountains of south light, light snow on greenville and travelers rest. pickens finally picking up. till about lunchtime, we will see the snow flying around the upstate. it will continue to fly over the mountains, because of the wind. it will make visibility rather difficult. a good reason to skip travel for one more day until thingtit will take longer than that though in the northeast,
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the wind has been seeing us up near 50 miles per hour around atlantic city. some cold rain lashing the coast, and switching into snow. it will wrap around, and really add up in the northeast. washington dc is seeing wind gusts at 36 miles per hour. the storm system is winding down, but hour wind is going to wind up as the day goes on. it will be breezy, wind chills in the teens. that is a dangerously cold across the mountains. so, check on your neighbors and friends if you need to.we will see sunshine tomorrow, helping to dry as out. more precipitation as we look into the rest of the week.
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allyson: pamela, -- i was not sure what was going on there. geoff: take that to heart. ok, we are going to talk with a trooper about the latest highway conditions. allyson: tony, how do the roads look? >> they are still holding the moisture -- geoff: tony, can we stop you for a moment. you have a radio or a television on can you turn it off for step away for a moment? >> how about that? geoff: that is better. now what were you saying about the conditions? >> more snow -- [inaudible] geoff: all right, we are still hearing that feedback.
8:42 am
just step away. we've heard from a lot of our viewers that really want to know what is going e roads. they are wondering if they need to get -- if they need to get out there, if it is going to be safe. >> still this morning, we would tell you to stay home. stay off the roadways. give us time to get them cleared and check great -- checked. [no audio] you there? allyson: how long is it going to take to get them cleared? >> it takes a good bit of time to get around to all the roadways. [inaudible] allyson: all right, i think we are having some issues here. tony, thank you for all your help.
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storm coverage after are the latest outages numbers from blue ridge 1-888-blueridge
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geoff: 8:50 four now. joining us from the weather channel is jim kant tori. allyson: i believe he is in washington d c. >> this life-changing moment was supposed to take place at four: 30 tomorrow. that is when they planned to get married. then, along came the blizzard of 2016. >> it started all over. we had to figure out how to move everything from 4:30 tomorrow to 1:00 today. it required moving everybody, including changing all flights. >> the scrambling weather planter -- planner, went -- whitney frost. she was still scaling the pedals as the couple walked down the
8:45 am
wedding guests walked through the doors, but quite a few did not make it. jessica and brian did make it down the month -- the aisle, determined not to let a blizzard keep them from getting married. >> we had a wedding. we got married. that is what matters. >> they will have quite a story to tell on anniversaries t>> after all it was done, it still looked amazing. the stress will fall away, and we will only have good stories geoff: our apologies there. we do not know where that story came from. we were hoping we would get up with jim kant tori at the weather channel. but, hang with us as we continue to give you the latest o the conditions out there. allyson: we are taking look at the conditions at the clemson boulevard skycamthe roads not we'll be right back with an update on the roads and the
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>> live, local, breaking news. geoff: close to 9:00 on this saturday morning. you can see the conditions out there and that is why we are staying with you, bring you the latest on the roads.
8:47 am
we saw a car driving off the road. there are still issues out there . you may see snow think you have traction. there is that ice underneath and we have team coverage. allyson: the snow is looking beautiful. the ramps are icy. pamela: it depends where you are. the skycam in asheville showing wind. our clouds in greenville beginning to break up a little bit. that will be off and on throughout the day. our snow taking a break downtown at the moment. made in upper 30's across the upstate today. the wind now is less than three.
8:48 am
15 across the upstate. our wind chills will be dropping. more flakes are coming down. we have been checking in with corey this morning. temperatures in the 20's and feeling like the single digits. it is a different deal across western north carolina. literally -- bitterly cold with all of the snow. the wind has yet to pick up. coming up. allyson: thank you. that slid off the road. geoff: let's stay with mike. mall.
8:49 am
i am in the landscaping bed that is pretty covered with snow. then you have the sidewalk and the curb and the road. it is hard to see where one starts and one begins. the shoulders are covered in snow and you can see where people have been driving. you can see the median still has snow on. the fluffy snow is giving people some traction and maybe a false sense that it may be easy to drive on it. the layers have been accumulating since 3:00 yesterday. people have been fishtailing and flying around as they go. geoff: thank you and seeing a
8:50 am
more than 9000 people still without power. allyson: where are you now? tim: we are starting to see people come out of their homes in greenville right off east north street to see what caused their power to go out. that is the culprit, a snapped utility pole. a woman told me that it is cold inside their house. they say they are lucky to have a fireplace running because it is 50 degrees inside. very hopeful that duke energy will get that fixed as quick as they can. reporting live in greenville.
8:51 am
looking forward to get their power back. allyson: the wind chill, seven? we're taking a look in asheville with corey. corey: there are a lot of power outages right now in western north carolina. there are nearly 2000. the most isn't jackson county with nearly 1200 outages. a few minutes from the university area. those outages are long skyline drive. swain county, macon county also have several outages. one in duncan county were asheville is. you can see the snow being
8:52 am
it has been like this most of the morning. the wind has been very inconsistent so far downtown. geoff: the wind chill is seven degrees and it looks brutal. we can hear it. i assume you're not seeing too many people walking around. corey: we just saw two people walk by with their dog. apparently, my photographer saw another dog. people are getting out and about. there are some workers clearing sidewalks and putting salt and shoveling to get things cleared. this is near the asheville fire department. they are doing a lot of hard work. it is easy to shovel because it
8:53 am
there is not a lot of extra water. people are driving out on the roads as the sun has come up. reporting live in asheville. allyson: thank you. grateful for people clearing the sidewalks. aly myles is off highway 76. aly: good morning. we are here off of 76 in downtown clemson. eighth snowflake every few seconds or so. it is the snow that is here is on the ground and on sidewalks and grass and it will be sticking around later today. these primary routes look great right now. they have enabled to keep them clear.
8:54 am
and going too fast. give jodhpurs a pretty big amount of space in case there are any slick spots. we did see rain yesterday. there are outages. about 1900 here in pickens county. they are working on that. a lot of the poles are broken and that is slowing them down. make sure to report those outages if you can. we are live here in clemson. geoff: looks like more people getting out and about. let's get the latest on the outages. that number has been consistent. power lines in greenville county were down and a lot of people
8:55 am
more than 9200 in there. pickens county, the same number as well. this is some of the latest numbers according to duke energy. allyson: a lot of those power issues because of downed trees and a lot of stranded vehicles on the roadways. 385. check out the road conditions. not a lot of people out on the roads. the interstates are not looking too bad. it is a little dangerous. a tree in the road, one of many. quite a few cars stranded motorists up towards the tennessee-north carolina line. the roads are still dangerous and a little icy.
8:56 am
geoff: overpasses, bridges can really be tough to do with on days like this. pickens county, the roads are
8:57 am
can see they are still wet. allyson: 9:10. it is pretty but still a little dangerous on the roadways. geoff: taking a look in raleigh and a lot of problems with falling trees. this is the five points area and there was a state of emergency. allyson: check out the streets of washington, d.c. many were forced off the roadways. they are expected to get as many as 30 inches. geoff: another shot of washington, d.c. the national mall. the snow piling up from yesterday's storm. allyson: kentucky having problems keeping the roads clear.
8:58 am
iced over. this is a 35 mile backup because of all of the snow and ice. one mother said that is too long when you have young kids. unclear whether the highway could reopen. police say no vacancies it nearby hotels. geoff: people having some fun in kentucky. people on sleds. that does look like fun. also a few wipeouts. allyson: what is it about wipeouts? geoff: whoa? allyson: what is it about these snow that brings out the kid in all of us? clemson football tweeted this yesterday. you can see it on our website
8:59 am
geoff: he is a big kid at heart. allyson: are we all? geoff: is particularly. he has been dancing in the locker room, with the tigers having a great season. allyson: it is little easier to relax when you are having a good season. geoff: people would say, do you have pressure? this is having a lot of fun. sledding. it happened yesterday. going over to pamela. pamela: extremely gusty winds. 13-plus inches came down and
9:00 am
down and blow around. reduced visibility because of this. temperatures in the 20's all day. it will not feel that warm. here is a look into greenville. some light snow still blowing around. spartanburg is covered. the day will eventually write up a little bit more. wind chills in the single digits. near 34 across much of the upstate. this snow is winding down. we will find rain for the week ahead. we will talk about the big lizard it just a bit. geoff: sky 4 is in the air this morning. allyson: we are giving you the
9:01 am
you can see quite a few cars on the interstate. the interstates are not too treacherous. geoff: you see the roads close to the highway. south carolina dot doing an excellent job of getting the snow and ice off the highways. allyson: to get over greenville and spartanburg to see the snow on the ground. geoff: some different areas. in our area, greenville county, the totals have been different. we saw 1-2 inches yesterday. asheville, 13 inches yesterday. we can stay with sky 4 and see different amounts of snow. allyson: they will continue to show us the road and the weather
9:02 am
morning and we will be geoff: you can see the interstate does not look too bad. not a lot of folks out there. best to stay off the roads if you can. there is that one spot in spartanburg county where the water comes up. aly: usually there is icing there. we are not having the issues other areas are having. 75 has reopened. stranded drivers for hours on the interstate. 85 not having those kind of
9:03 am
usually an icy spot and on the exit and entrance ramps. you have to be careful because they can still be icy. geoff: we talked about vehicles being stranded, whether they got stuck or had engine problems. we are not seeing disabled vehicles. aly: not on the 85 area. if we are having the ice issue on secondary roads and the downed trees, as well. geoff: it looks like they got a lot of salt and brine before the second snow came last night. we are not recommending you get out on the highways. aly: thousands of tons of salt. it looks like travel is better because of that.
9:04 am
the roads in asheville a little treacherous. geoff: it is really blustery. corey? corey: i have an update. just under 760 outages in western carolina. that number has gone down since an hour,. duke energy. it seems like crews are making progress restoring power for people in western south carolina. the asheville fire department and a fire truck is coming right now. they have been on a lot of calls in and out of the fire department. a spokesperson told me they were responding to the everyday calls like fire alarm activations, but
9:05 am
accident. some people who were older than 18, two of them crashed into a tree and one had broken ribs and the other had broken bones. that was the most severe called the have responded to so far. police officers are working hard, as well. geoff: great point there about the first responders. allyson: absolutely. aly myles has been in pickens. how to things look there? aly: we are here off highway 76. as far as outlook, i think we get pretty lucky today and yesterday. it got pretty messy just after 9:00 when the ice started coming down after hours upon hours of
9:06 am
now the snow finally stopped. it just continue until a couple of hours ago. as you can see they have done a great job plowing this area. the only bad news is that they are still dealing with a lot of outages and duke energy and blue ridge electric. about 1900, from a we heard in pickens county. if you're having issues, reach out to them and they are getting to everyone as fast as they can. geoff: thank you. we are going back to sky 4 in spartanburg county. as we saw, those roads were wet, and that will become an issue again this evening. allyson: ice will be an issue tomorrow morning.
9:07 am
still going to have power issues. a new action on 85 northbound, exit 78 spartanburg county. the left lane is closed. we are seeing some accidents on the interstate because there are some icy patches. geoff: it has been quite a winter storm. allyson: a beautiful shot and nice to see the first shots of the air. geoff: there is lot more snow on that road that we just saw. it all depended on where you live in regards to how much you got. a couple of inches at our house in downtown greenville and other places. we turned back over to pamela. we are starting to melt right now. later today it could become an issue again.
9:08 am
tonight. the wind is going to make us feel very cold throughout the day today and tonight. they will help dry off the roads. we may have a favorite with that. anything out there tonight is going to re-freeze. sometimes you get the wind on the other side and it helps to dry out quickly. a bit of good news. 30 degrees in greenville right now. beautiful in asheville. to the north watching more snow globe in. we have been watching poor corey blow around in the gusty wind. it feels like 5 in asheville. it will feel like the teens in
9:09 am
services. this is where most of the action is going to be. still some light snow showers over the upstate. the system is really fired up there. i want to show the extended outlook so we can look past the storm. bundle up and check on your neighbors. we will see rain by the middle of the weekend and the temperatures will be milder. geoff: talking about that accident. >> we have that one right here. it is off on the shoulder, 85 and the chesnee marker in the northbound lanes. look how slow these cars are moving. geoff: we turn to tin tim in greenville county.
9:10 am
tim: minutes ago i learned that duke energy is making some progress in getting the power turned on. many neighborhoods have been without power for a while. there is the reason. a snapped utility pole with a transformer on it. a greenville county, about 9100 customers without power. duke energy has downgraded to about 8900 customers. still a lot without electricity this morning, but a slight improvement over earlier today. people have been talking to us all morning long. it was about 10:00 yesterday morning when the utility pole snaps and they lost power. one-woman has a fire going in
9:11 am
about 50 degrees inside and they are anxious for the duke energy crews to take care of this subdivision. tim waller, live in greenville. allyson: thank you. beautiful shot from sky 4, our first look from above over westgate mall. let's look at the winter storm and it is gorgeous. geoff: one of the first we have seen. 9:27. mike mccormick in spartanburg county. mike? mike: sluky 4 video flying over us on the west side of spartanburg. the intersection is still very messy and still very slick. a lot of terrific right -- a lot
9:12 am
trees are still covered in thick sheets of ice. it is dangerous, slippery and slick. clean your windows before you go out. we're going to send you back to sky 4. back to you. geoff: thank you. what is the takeaway at this point? pamela: do not rush it. stay home and enjoy it if you can today. let the crews to what they are doing and let the wind dry out. allyson: tonight could be dangerous. pamela: it is going to be bitterly cold. across the upstate, looks like a four-leaf clover. it will feel about10 tonight. allyson: you can see live
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